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    thank you guys for worrying and your thoughts, even though they're obviously not for me, her friend posted on instagram 30 mins ago that they're fine and they're in the hostel, they're nowhere near it. obviously still a tragedy with all this shit that's occuring, but i'm fucking relieved
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    I love ARTPOP. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It's probably my favorite Gaga album along with TFM, although so is BTW they change all the time, but ARTPOP is definitely the one that means the most to me. I'm happy that even though things went bad, Gaga is still proud of the album
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    1. Mariah as Christmas swiftly approaches, none can stand in her way. 2. The Rest
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    I'll seriously never understand why people feel the need to do terrible things like this. what did they possibly have to gain by killing dozens of innocent people?
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    its actually been all over twitter and tumblr for the last couple of months, and it even made it's way to well known news sites. im not even a fan of kesha, but based on that I'd say people are at least somewhat concerned for ha.
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    I'm rooting so hard for her to get through all of this
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    umm.. after this all is over. Her Career will actually skyrocket--Tell-All Books, Sit down with Oprah, a new album celebrating her freedom.... Kesha ain't done yet
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    when u find a nice sugar daddy on grindr and meet him in public for the first time
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    i cant believe we finally have the telephone continuation <3
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    Gaga = art teacher whose always high Beyonce = sassy dance instructor / gym teacher Taylor = economics Rihanna = she can coach the track team since she's so good at running from ha album Madonna = history from first hand experience
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    Lotus was certainly a selective affair with that 56 score on Metacritic and it's not-even-gold certification. Whew.
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    This is so terrifying. I can't even process what reason there could be to kill innocent people that were just casually out for dinner or at the theatre, spending time with their friends or family, having no idea they would end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time This is so incredibly sad and I'm praying that most of the hostages will make it out alive.
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    According to the injunction request Kesha herself filed with a court two weeks ago, she has 3 more albums to record. Also according to that injunction request, when Luke sued Kesha for breach of contract he legally voided his contracts with her. Her lawyers are saying she'll likely win on the claim that the contracts were broken by Luke when the case goes to trial. I think her mom needs to try to stay calm until the judge makes a ruling on the injunction.
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    ...I was secretly waiting for her to snatch out that Countess glove and slit someone's throat.....AHS side effects
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    Gaga would teach Art History or Art, but the class would be called something like ArtHäus : A Retrospective of the Visual Aesthetics of Commercial and Representative Art
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    because hate is a strong word
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    Attention for their fucked up little cause. As such, none should be afforded to them. The attackers' identities should be kept out of the media to keep them from becoming martyrs. Though I doubt it'll happen, I hope it's the case.
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    She needs to come back. Please work with Tay and Gaga and Lana for the (if not lead) 2nd single.
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    and yet it failed to outpeak DWUW so lets not
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    Counting Stars by One Republic and Wake Me Up by Avicii were huge but Kesha had done that sound earlier on Last Goodbye. Luke was so determined to portray her as nothing more than a shallow party girl he refused to release Last Goodbye and she missed out on that whole trend when it became huge.
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    Kesha has had 10 top 10 hits and a dozen top 40 hits. Her Cannibal EP has a Metacritic score of 73 and Warrior has a score of 71. So she's been successful both on the charts and with critics. Carly Rae Jepsen had one major hit and one minor hit three years ago. Yet when she released her latest lead single I Really Like You radio picked it up and was playing it. Radio only dropped the song because it had atrocious callout scores. If radio gave Carly a chance after 3 years with only two hits, they'll definitely give Kesha who's had a dozen hits a chance. If the public reacts well to her next lead single, she'll easily come back. Her last 3 lead singles were hugely successful (two #1's and a #2 on the Hot 100) and she had a #1 hit just last year. She's in a good place if she can release in 2016. If the judge grants her injunction in January she'll be able to release a new song early next year. If this drags into 2017, it will get harder for her but it won't be impossible with the right song.
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    Have you even gone through her discography? The generic shit you say is because Luke doesn't allow her to make anything else Warrior was going to be folk/rock inspired if I'm not wrong She had visions of alternative being big even before it started to grow [in 2013]
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    Didn't Kylie also face problems during the beginning of her career too? Didn't people drag her down? Look where she is now Kesha is going through problems too now She may not have commercial success in future But what she will make will come from her heart
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    she should just record interludes and unreleased material from her last albums and drop 8 new mixtapes before the end of the year tbh.
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    we need him just in case if LG5 flops.. he can save her again
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    ANTi's gonna flop anyway so now at least we have an excuse "It was released on Tidal, of course it flopped" or something like that.
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    iirc Realiti was recorded in early 2013 or sth Also,the realiTEA is that Grimes' song is flawless while Ariana's is meh
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    I'm glad JB is also at #1 in my country. Guess he took the 1D song 'Drag Me Down' a bit literally.
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    It's spelled bae, but thanks luv U2 bae.
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    My delusional self will now proceed to infiltrate the thread with this AcousTay performance
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    Watch out. Some people will start saying 'seems like acting is the thing'. I am here to see more acting Katy, but I need KP4 first But I would settle for a delay if she release an full winter ep or release Slayevery Like A Holiday on iTunes this Friday, aka tomorrow.
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    It's billboard. not GaGaDaily. they're based on FACTS, so they're not likely to place some artist above another just because they feel like it. makes sense doesn't it?
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    The Xtine one has me CRYYYYYYIng
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    Why are y'all such hatin' ass bitches? At least it's coming...
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    Honestly wanted to hate this but she looks so good jesus christ and she sounds good slay my jazz queen
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    It reached T10 on Radio in 4 weeks Memoirs is considered the weakest from her discography amongst her stans
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    The Brazilians sure did #1 for 27 weeks straight All time record there When will others in their flop era
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    if Gaga created something like Queen Of The Clouds, I would die I think she could pull it off
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    oh my god you really want another Dirty Love incident happening I love that video, but it was sad that it wasn't ever a true single.