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    My thoughts go out to the Muslim community, cause you know people will be playing the blame game on them in public i.e. at work, school etc
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    christina aguilera is still alive
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    Also the fact that Britney wrote Everytime!
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    Absolutely. Everyone has to care about something, it's the way life works. We love, we care, we die. It's a full fucking circle babe and we're all in this together. Have a fucking heart you cow.
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    Islam is an Abrahamic religion; it springs from the same roots as Christianity and Judaism. Most of these claims you've made are from parts of the Qu'ran that nearly all modern muslims denounce entirely or aren't even in the Qu'ran at all. These terrorists are essentially the Westboro Baptist Church conflated with Islam, in that they add a lot of their own sentiments to the mix of teachings. Spreading information like this is harmful to all muslims who weren't indoctrinated to Wahhabism.
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    It's now confirmed that all the attacks were organized by five attackers. All five are now dead.
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    Their metacritic scores, the amount of #1s they have, tour gross, all these things that don't matter in real life, etc.
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    Bottom line: Religious fundamentalism is disgusting, no matter what religion it's coming from.
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    Praying for you, Paris Our hearts go out to you.
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    May this sad day be gone and a new day to begin again
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    Hopefully every Taylor fan and everyone else in Paris stays safe
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    Fuck the American media, honestly. Bunch of fearmongering bullshit for ratings. Unbelievable.
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    Guys, read the whole article. They evacuated it as a precautionary measure as they search the nearby hotel for the alleged 'gang' responsible for this. This is a good move in light of what happened yesterday. Don't let the moves that the military and government are taking to protect people in this aftermath scare you further. It's going to be okay. <3
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    ISIS literally always tries to claim every single attack. Like the definition of pressed and obsessed.
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    She never disappoints. A true professional in her line of work. Rest those legs Tay
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    I know the answer!!! ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH I think it's logical that she doesn't want to remember it cause she sang that song with her ex Nathan Sykes.
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    I don't even want to read anymore more about it cause it's making me so sad May they all rest in peace Justice will be served sooner or later #PrayforParis
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    Literally don't be scared. The reason that the United States has remained relatively safe since 2001 is because of it's massive intelligence networks. 98% percent of all terrorist chatter is monitored by the NSA and the CIA - and any credible thread to the domestic United States is singled out and crushed ruthlessly. And that two percent (the boston bombing etc...) is met with an overwhelming manhunt and a relief force. And I'm not even going to start on an open attack on the United States, there is no country on this planet that has the ability to attack the domestic United States and not have their asses destroyed.
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    this breaks my heart and it sucks because they got what they wanted, they want people to fear them, they want people to fear going out, like you can't do anything anymore, can't go to a game? can't go to a bar? can't go see live music???? its such a sad,scary time in this world, I hate this
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    Hollande made a speech to media at one of the attack sites, in which he claimed he'll be fighting a "pitiless war" against any and all people who threaten French security.
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    Oh yeah for sure. All of these problems happening will amount to something bigger eventually. When it does happen it'll just be mass destruction and population wipe outs because weapons have advanced so much
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    I think France's reaction in the next few days is going to decide a lot about the future. Their borders are likely going to remain closed for at least a few days.
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    also does she realize terrorism has no religion and literally ANYONE including white people can practice Islam dead4
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    I'm still listening because I'm not home and don't have any other news source at the moment, but this news program is making me want to actually rage.
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    that is so terrifying to read it's so terrifying that anyone would have to live in fear or anticipation of this kind of event in order for it to not happen...especially in a great capital of the world like Paris. Absolutely terrifying.
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    I am in tears about this. Paris will remain in my prayers. People forget that terrorism is still a huge issue for Europe and the US. I just hope all these attacks are over.
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    Didn't Kylie also face problems during the beginning of her career too? Didn't people drag her down? Look where she is now Kesha is going through problems too now She may not have commercial success in future But what she will make will come from her heart
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    Lotus was certainly a selective affair with that 56 score on Metacritic and it's not-even-gold certification. Whew.
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    Yes... but that doesn't mean we should write this off? There was a post on the biggest video game forum in France on the 5th November saying "in a week, there'll be bombings in paris, over a hundred dead" and look what happened when no one took it seriously? It's most likely all talk but they need to be vigilant. If they were smart they would let us get our guard down and then strike because "it's probably not going to happen again for a while".
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    I heard that they're going to attack Rome, Washington DC and also London
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    Praying for them and Paris too. Considering Japan isn't located in the US, Europe or Australia no where near the amount of attention will be paid by the media.
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    good LORD time and a place for immigration reform discussion you do NOT use a time needed for grieving, search for loved ones and mourning for those lost as a basis for a political rant what the fuck is she thinking
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    I would have assumed Germany, not because I think that the refugees are involved with this anyway, but the fact that Germany took the most refugees would have made itself a target for ISIS out of hate/anger.
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