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    christina aguilera is still alive
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    yaaas, hope it was slow and painful. let me twerk on their ashes
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    Also the fact that Britney wrote Everytime!
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    What a queen. Y'all calling her a racist, slut and prostitute when all she does is fighting for freedom and acceptance amongst everyone. This speech and Performance Show Madonna, the vulnerable and loving human being that she is. Fuck #prayforparis! This is the TEA. It's not about going to war (although it's probably inevitable at this point), it's about learning to love each other and accepting the diversity of humanity! Madonna, keep preaching and educate these ignorant motherfuckers! I'm not sure if LAP was an appropriate song choice from a purely lyrical Point of view but damn...this gave me goosebumps. It's just such an anthem...
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    I don't like wishing death on people, but this is good. They need to go.
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    LMAO at all y'all coming for Beyonce because she's the only one that has lasted this long out of all of our faves not to mention she can also outsing, outperform, and outgrammy 90% of our faves, i mean come on and i CANT at yall clinging to receipts that Britney had 20 years ago as if Bey is somehow bothered by them like pls, lets compare Britney 2013 (after 14 years) and Beyonce 2013 (after 16 years of being in the industry) and see how y'alls feelings get hurt but Keep breaking your keyboards trying to come for KING Bey tho, I can post one performance by her for each of y'all that will completely shut you, your fave, and this entire thread DOWN so you can all go home and stop wasting our time seething at Legendyonce, ha power and relevance
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    SelfTitled outsold 4 SelfTitled outsold Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean
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    Considering her last single became a hit: sales+radio+streams+viral without any promo.
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    beyonce is a legend, her work is always so powerful and fantastically done. her performances are a godsend. i really hate how the Army doesn't seem able to support her, Britney likes Beyonce so why can't the fans?
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    Yet Beyonce's longevity makes her more iconic and legendary while Britney is doing Vegas for 5k people, Beyonce's last two tours grossed over 100m, and her last album outsold FF + BJ combined Beyonce is neck to neck with Botney with total record sales, and in close future will outsell her overall.
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    Except it hasn't. Britney's debut album sold 25 million Britney's second album sold 22 million Beyonce's albums sold over 30 million, anyways. Ever since Beyonce went solo, she has been outselling every Britney album released at the same or similar period of time. Beyonce also sold more singles, bigger tour gross, and if not (but soon) will pass Britney in total sales. And let's NOT talk about accolades. Don't try me hunty.
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    Hm no. RH sold more. Check your facts RH 116,000 Empire 110,000
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    I really don't care, id rather have her than the pathetic girls out right now.
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    Perhaps she should shove another beach ball up her dress or something.
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    Thank you, BritneyBitches for this delicious tea. Anyway, as we all know the GP bandwaggons her bc of her manipulating everyone's brains. I don't think she'll lose her fake-legend status anytime soon, unfortunately.
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    what is really surprising for me is how well its doing on itunes, top 5 and #2 video, im rooting for her i always liked missy
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    hello my wig i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet my scalp its dry
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    Example: focus is out on itunes What are some things the GP would never know about the faves but is common knowledge to us?
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    That is quite a lot of people for ISIS. Hopefully all of their members are ridden from this world
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    platinum, #13, viral, everyone bopping to it. Certanly feels bigger than any single off of ARTPOP I mean, VEVO views don't lie
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    That Winnie The Pooh is the best selling anthropomorphic character of the Sound-Scan Era.
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    Anyone is Chanel when compared to Halsey though
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    You're right. I LOVE Diane Warren as a big songwriter she is. I think songwriting is a good additive to a singer. You know, they are more connected to what they sing because they talk about their feelings in a pure way. But no every singer is able to have that ability, and that don't make them bad singers.
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    I think if she cared more and did more promo, then she'll be fine. She's bigger than she's ever been imo, and the world is ready for her next move. In terms of a singles campaign, her last two eras were messy. She didnt release songs to itunes until a month later for self-titled; and during 4 she would release videos for certain songs and then perform a different track, confusing the gp. Idc too much tho. She's already an icon anyway.
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    I really hope Kesha will get through this whole situation and come back stronger than ever
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    can't tell if the OP is serious or trolling
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    yess! And I also really love santa & the easter rabbit. But of course the tooth fairy & sandman are really cute too.
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    It is Jack looks so awsome
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    she should've done this instead tbh
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    My fucking grandmother could snatch Piggy's wig.
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    @Goldie This is your fault Scratch that, @Robert. It's because of you
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    May this sad day be gone and a new day to begin again
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    Hopefully every Taylor fan and everyone else in Paris stays safe
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    Typical Taylor. She has done two full concerts while having laryngitis, performed a full show in the pouring rain and now this
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    Still, she should be careful. One nasty trip or something like that and things could go from bad to worse..
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    she better release new romantics as the last single
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    Lotus was certainly a selective affair with that 56 score on Metacritic and it's not-even-gold certification. Whew.
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    Straightlonghairwithaslightwavelor is the best
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    It's weird that she RIHfused to have her hair straightened for that shoot considering she has actually straightened her hair herself during middle school and freshman year as well as for the "Our Song" music video and parts of the "Fearless" and "Speak Now" eras i know this is an unpopular opinion and I'm aware that it causes damage to her hair but I always pRIHfered straight hair with slight waves on Taylor as opposed to her classic "spaghetti" hairstyle