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    Xtina Beyonce Katy Britney
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    I agree with a lot of what you said. It's all about the "monkey sphere" in a lot of ways. For a lot of us, there needs to be an effect on something recognisable or on people we feel kinship with before attention/empathy kicks in. It totally sucks and it's really unfortunate. You'll notice that with Syria etc, lots of people write them off as "muslims", and since the "bad guys" are "muslims" as well, there's an odd justification in their brains to switch off from the whole thing, like it's a foreign problem that they need to sort out themselves, or something that was inevitably going to happen and therefore no point worrying about it. But France? We know France. They're white people like us! Lots of us have probably been there. It's scary, we see them have the same city infrastructure as us - concerts, restaurants, modern streets, stadiums. It actually hits home that it could happen to us, and people like us. And suddenly, the western world cares. This is why I really wish America and other places would push for geography lessons outside of their own country, and beyond the "staple" countries which are usually other western ones as well. Teach kids about all the differences within the Middle East, so they can't just mentally store it as "muslims and terrorists" and switch off. Teach them about all the different parts of Africa and how substantially they differ. Etc etc. This is one of the big benefits of multi-culturalism - actually knowing people of foreign countries lets you actually categorise them as complex people with the same drives and feelings as you, instead of an "other".
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    ariana kesha halsey http://lanadelrey.shop.bravadousa.com/
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    How bout you cook a fucking album next time
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    can we just discuss the shameless jojo plugging jojo's management, dat you?
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    This is selena due to the poor quality of selenas vocals she is forced to sing incredibly basic songs. As a result she hasn't been able to sell albums and therefore cannot afford the necessary singing lessons for the survival of her and her stan base. £1 from you can buy a single track from selena, for just £6 you can buy a whole album. £15 can buy her one singing lesson and £20 can buy a ticket. There are hundreds of singers like selena out there and in this day and age it should stop. full stop. call to donate
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    Is she the best performer out there? No, but she's got a great personality, she's extremely likable, a good actress, and has some really good pop songs. She's not a try hard, she's Selena Gomez. But keep hating, she's here to stay
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    done a really job of getting people to donate - to her singing lessons
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    I just came to say that I want to put my face in your avis crotch Ok bye
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    Beyoncé's. Person 1: "Hm, I'm not huge on Single Ladies but it's an okay song." Person 2 (Hive): "LMAO YOU'RE SO PRESSED ALWAYS BRINGING BEYONCÉ UP IN THESE THREADS! HA GRAMMYS AND SELF TITLED DIGITAL DROP GOT Y'ALL SHAKING! *more inane mumbling about how every pop forum user drags her and how she's more talented than our flop faves* #TIDAL #7/11"
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    Pawn shop blues i also listened to a lot when i was 16 and i think i cried when i first listened to it, feeling very sentimental now actually this is so khbckzlkjh';dhrbkfhkh think i like this as much as btd
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    Tbh, who the hell cares if he has it? Why does he feel the need to make this huge announcement, he's had a long life of drugs, whores, and partying. No one will be surprised and its not like he's been so careful. He's been an asshole his whole career, he wants sympathy now?
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    Close this thread Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - the Re-Up is the album of a generation
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    it's much more important though when she has double the reviews. And she wrote Froot all by herself. Can't say the same about the trash you stan :)
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    Not when you stan Garbaj and Selena tho
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    even Britney was a better singer than that trash. And she was an amazing performer. Selena has no reason to be in the music industry .She represents everything wrong with it
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    Reminds me of the times I record myself to see how I sound
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    WHAT IS THAT? I paused World Princess part 2 for that shit? She's so fucking bad. She can't sing,can't dance, she has 0 stage presence or songwriting abilities. I can't believe people stan that trash. DISGUSTING
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    I literally just want the context of this tweet i love how her version of messy is that of a problematic 15 year old
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    I can rest easy now knowing that TiTi loves TayTay!
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    Her current make up artist is amazing
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    I'll always stand by Gaga. She's my main fave, nothing's gonna change that. She has not released a bad album. I may not listen to it as much but I still love ARTPOP.
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    yaaas, hope it was slow and painful. let me twerk on their ashes
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    christina aguilera is still alive
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    Pretty much just looks like exactly what she's saying it is. They're just news images that are orange and black... Theres a pic of some random gothic girl, another of Maleficent, and one of some girl in a black shirt. Pretty sure M.I.A isn't trying to compare Gaga to Isis fools.
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    Lotus was certainly a selective affair with that 56 score on Metacritic and it's not-even-gold certification. Whew.
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    FUCKING TELL THEM! MOST ARTPOPISH ALBUM OF THE DECADE (SO FAR)! HA RAY OF LIGHT! I MADE A DOUBLE-EP FOR IT AND IT SLAYS! SIDE A: Party, Sex, Drugs, Love - High Dooo It! Bang Me Box Milky Milky Milk - Part I Slab of Putter (Scorpion) - Part II I Forgive Yiew - Part III Fucking Fucked Up - Interlude BB Talk I Get So Scared Lighter Fweaky Space Boots SIDE B: Heartbreak, Death, Regret, Enlightenment - Low Something About Space Dude The Floyd Song (Sunrise) Karen, Don't Be Sad I'm So Drunk - Interlude Tangerine Cyrus Skies Tiger Dreams Evil is But a Shadow 1 Sun Miley Tibetan Bowlzzz - Interlude Pablow the Blowfish Twinkle Song
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    She's really pointless, isn't she?
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    right, not like they are personal to her or even her 'style'. she has no style. she's the equivalent of those generic female voices you hear in disney films.
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    Looking at this now this topic is really stupid. You can't just decide on how delusional fans are from a stan world/forum point of view.. some people forget that there are hardcore stans that dont feel like expressing their love for certain artist on the internet 100% of the time. The lana stans arent any better than any of the hive or marina stans even. And you cant just call out gaga stans for being embarassing when the madonna stans are just as butthurt and awful. The thing is all of our views on which stan base is worse is completely due to selective attention, bias and subjectivity. If certain people are defending every move or album their fave is willing to make then dont generalise stans as a whole. Imagine what would people think of katycats if we had like 10 benj*s. Which is also why I dont like to categorize myself as a 'stan'. Pop disappoints me too much.
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    Technically speaking Ms. Kachingwe, you're not even the Westside kween you promote yourself to be You were born in Lexington Kentucky and went on to be a bubblegum pop girl how long would it be before Schoolboy Q revoked all your rights to 2 On if he heard about this Questions you should ask before you come for pre-pre-Taylor Nation
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    Why is your fave always on the ledge of a universal Iggy kind of hatred I mean I don't like her at all but geez
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    I think she's talking about the fact that Taylor had picked up her "country twang" in Nashville and was therefore not as "authentic" sounding as other country singers. That was the thing Tay used to get hated for in like 2009, in 2011 it was her surprised RIHaction when winning awards, in 2013 it was her apparently dating too many men and now it's her being a lawsuit-obsessed sociopath or something Oh well, at least Tinashe seems to like her a bit now!
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    The bleach hive, the graveyard keepers, and the little demons
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    Didn't her last album bring in over $115 million dollars for her child...
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    I get what you're saying and I 100% agree. But there is a reason why the western world feels more of an allegiance to France. A lot of us have been to France, lived in France, have friends and family in France. We are more like French people and it is easier to put ourselves in their shoes and feel their pain. That doesn't mean we don't care about people dying in Lebanon. Because it's absolutely horrible too. But things like this happening in the middle east is not uncommon. However, 140 people being shot in cold blood in a 1st world secular country is not commonplace and that is why the reaction has been so strong. Just let people mourn how they want to mourn. I'd like to guess that in places like Qatar and Egypt etc, they feel a lot stronger for the people of Beirut.
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    The message is clearly "Fuck you ISIS", not "Fuck you Paris", lol but her PR team should've known this could backfire
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    hello my wig i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet my scalp its dry
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    She was answering a question when someone asked if she thought global warming was good tho