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    There's dragging, and there's dragging yourself. I think you're doing the latter.
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    now he's really trying hard to snatch the gays i see. what's next, born this way is his anthem?
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    The audio glitch in Alien is a personal cry from Britney needing someone to update her iOS.
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    Prism mature................. you're sounding like the people that actually believe Britney Jean is personal
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    Nicki Minaj Barbie Diva Posts: 6708 Re: Which Artist Has The Most Successful Stans? « Reply #14 on: November 27, 2011, 03:12:28 PM » My stanbase may not make lot of money but they are very unified. Report to moderator Logged November 27, 2011, 03:12:28 PM Beyoncé Iconic Creole Posts: 121484 Re: Which Artist Has The Most Successful Stans? « Reply #14 on: November 27, 2011, 03:12:28 PM » Quote from: Nicki Minaj on November 27, 2011, 02:33:27 PM My stanbase may not make lot of money but they are very unified. That's because they all live in the same studio apartment. this site is gold
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    November 2016 Rihanna tweets "#ANTi is coming soon!" and still nothing happens
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    What's up with all of these random ass accounts that seem to arbitrarily pop up out of nowhere every once in a while just to drag the crap out of Gaga/anything that she's associated with?
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    Just because her record label does have somewhat of a say in what she releases (such is the case with almost every other major pop artist in history), doesn't mean she doesn't write every song she's ever released completely from her own viewpoint and vision. She still an artist that creates everything she does from scratch, speaks openly about her distaste with the music industry, and rebels from what her labels want to see from her. That in itself puts her ahead of at least 80% of today's pop music industry in terms of creative autonomy. Idk, to me it makes sense that she's known for having creative freedom, even if her record label does interfere with her work sometimes.
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    Thanks for your input. We value and care deeply about everybody's feedback. We'll definitely be taking this on board
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    True. I have spent my whole life driving in cars with boys and fucking record executives.
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    even Lanasters can agree that Honeymoon is far from AOTY
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    so basically what you are saying is, that the GP has no interest in her at all besides cute lil quick mainstream singles?
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    I did The Fame Monster. I tried. I got a little carried away. Alejandro loved to take long walks in the park at night. It was his way of clearing his mind and think about his bad romance with his wife. One night, he was walking as usual when a huge black dog blocked his way. The dog started to growl and showed its teeth. Alejandro stood still in shock, unable to move. He couldn't see clearly as it was dark and thought it was a monster. The dog looked straight into his eyes, hypnotizing Alejandro with his devilish red stare. Alejandro began to dance in the dark, unknowing that he was put under a spell by the devilish dog. He danced and danced through the park while the dog followed him. Suddenly he tripped over a rock and came to his senses. He stood up, confused that he was at the other end of the park. He turned around to begin his walk home when he saw the dog again. Standing. Staring at him. Growling. Alejandro slowly walked past the dog and began to ran. He ran as fast as he could. He entered his home and found his wife on the telephone talking to the police. "Where have you been?! You've been gone for HOURS! I thought something happened to you!", she yelled at him and then quickly ran to him to give him a big hug. "Are you okay?", she asked but got no response. Alejandro was speechless. *I'm Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves play* Click. Alejandro turned off his alarm clock in his phone as it was time for him to get up and go to work. He was sweaty and he was shivering. He turned to his wife who was already awake "Honey, I had that nightmare again", he said. "It's okay, love. We'll get through this.", she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Those dreams don't mean anything. I love you very, very much. I'm very happy with you. So, so happy I could die." Blinded by the park light, Alejandro stood up, bruised and confused. He heard growling. Again. But this time it was real. It was very much real. In fact, Alejandro quickly realized ALL of it was very, very real. He turned around and saw a trail of blood leading to the bushes. Horrified, but curious he went to look. The growling became louder and louder. "GASP!" There she was. Lying in a pool of blood. Motionless. Looking into the sky with her dead eyes. It was his loving wife of 20 years. Before he even realized what happened out of the bushes it came. It was a monster. It was the devil himself. "Hahahaha!", he laughed. "I love the pain. I feed off of it." Tears rolled down Alejandro's cheeks, as he was unable to speak or move. "She said she was so happy she could die. So I made it come true."
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    Warriors were ready, they will be the ones who live or Die Young after this war. "C'Mon! Let's kill them!" their leader shouted. The war started. His wife remembered when he said "I'll be Thinking of You and our kids. I'll come back, I promise." while they were walking on their way to a safer city. Their Crazy Kids were running around her. "I will find you Wherever You Are my Dirty Love, we'll win this and go back to our Wonderland, I Only Wanna Dance with You there..." Their enemy had some Supernatural powers, but they believed they could win this war and All That Matters was to protect their land and people. People were sending Love into the Light praying for it not to be their Last Goodbye with their soldiers. Then a Gold Trans Am appeared in the sky bombing the field, they thought no one would make it Out Alive He woke up and thought maybe that was one of his Past Lives I didn't read the OP properly.
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    I need music more than dope
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    Rih being the first popstar to get into the pot industry, naturally
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    God, all that pseudo-intellectual bullshit....I thought he said his Twitter account was a parody.
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    If you go to the E.T. video, one of the most popular comments is: "Who else looked up this video because of the "Angry Christian Lady" rant?"
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    Here for this Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz stanning
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    lights camera accion you can be my daddy 25/10 lana del ray is addressing me everyone
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    sure, her last couple of singles didn't smash like her previous hits, but that's ONLY because they weren't obvious/safe hits. I mean, FourFiveSeconds/BBHM/AO do not have shit on Diamons/Stay/WFL in terms of commercial appeal. Rihanna is still VERY relevant tho and all she needs is a commercial single (like all of her other hits) to smash the charts
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    No you said it wasn't commercial friendly which it is. You also tried to state that it wasn't top 40 material because it wasn't pop as if pop music is the only genre of music that slays on the chart. You are a mess and resorting to calling me names and being rude is only making you look dumb and pressed.
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    Fixed But in all seriousness hope try staying calm, its a scary situation but hopefully nothing else happens. Stay safe ur in my prayers.
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    Omg omg OMG I loved this. The suspense. The eery vibes. flawless horror short story I'm loving this idea of making a story out of an album so I changed the OP and I'll make a thread for the original idea later. This is a genius idea.
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    Me as a parent when my son turns out straight and I'm stalking Nickleback to blame him
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    So, basically she's mad about her son being gay and now stalks his fave's parents to blame them. Slay.
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    Thanks, will watch this one later on.
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    It's such a turn off tbh.. ---- Btw we know the new music is coming, this make-up artist implied that too
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    Every Day is a Holiday lyrics [Verse 1] Fires and cold nights Brightest of all lights You are my home Wherever we go, oh whoa whoa [Pre-Chorus] Don't need a thing Under the tree You're giving me All I need, yeayaaaa [Chorus] Every day is a holiday (holiday) When you're the reason to celebrate Every day is a holiday When you're the reason, ohhh Every day is a holiday When you're the reason to celebrate (the reason) Every day is a holiday When you're the reason, you are the reason (Reason, reason, reason) [Pre-Chorus] You give me Yeah, all I need [Chorus] Every day is a holiday (every day now) When you're the reason to celebrate (you're the reason, baby) Every day is a holiday (ohh) When you're the reason, when you're the reason (whoo!) Every day is a holiday (holiday) When you're the reason to celebrate (you're the reason, baby) Every day is a holiday When you're the reason
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    That Kids Cavern store looks ao fun though
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    Of all of them, the Gaga one isn't really shade. The others are wig-snatching though, damn.
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    Katy section has passed 200k posts!!!
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    well leaking his own nudes surely did work for him! not to meantion releasing 100 videos to get streaming points and promoting this trash everywhere and using cheap tactics to get sales
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    yes! i'm glad though, bring more attention to this! get this everywhere, i'm glad its on care2.com,
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    nice to see all those cheap promotions he's doing paid off, i mean using 1-800-flowers as a promo using lytf 5$, 22$ for a ticket to a concert which includes the album he was scared of 1D and it shows with all these cheap ways to promote a record and crying on stage, i'm glad 1D is showing improvement number wise from their last record without having to do much of anything
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    How is this shade It's no secret that Rihanna is barely involved in the songwriting process
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    I just came to say that I want to put my face in your avis crotch Ok bye
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    lemme throw my aloe plant at ha too!!!