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    Too bad Moo or the rest of the world won't notice the shade or the song
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    Jamie Foxxx is also emulating Moo's recent vocal abilities during the chorus.
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    why do medonsters always do this? you know the music industry was a much different place then so how can you even compare? log off
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    There's dragging, and there's dragging yourself. I think you're doing the latter.
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    That's awesome! I love this gif too much where is it from???
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    Sis when did you and Agugaga switch accounts
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    I just realized this but if you pay enough attention to the song you hear cowbells. Ariana is taunting Moo as we speak Clever Bitch.
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    Because she seemingly came out of nowhere and completely took over the industry with brilliant videos and iconic performances at a time when no one else was doing so. She almost single handedly revived real and entertaining pop music (like how it was in the 80's), and it's also better because she's known for starting from nothing and doing it all herself by writing her own songs, coming up with her own concepts, etc. She's also musically far ahead of most of her contemporaries by being an exceptional vocalist, pianist, and songwriter. There's just something about Gaga that intrigues people, and she will always have that innate star quality.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/YahooCelebUK/status/666930609034498048?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw https://mobile.twitter.com/YahooCelebUK/status/666938979229507585?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw It's in 1 hour Still don't know how to put Twitter posts in here
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    As a Lana stan, I can admit her current one is shit and all of the other ones proposed/all the LB ones are also shit #HuntyCONFIRMS
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    starts at the 1:44 mark!
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    THE QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS IS BACK WITH A NEW CHRISTMAS THEMED MOVIE A CHRISTMAS MELODY Here's the trailer for the movie starring Lacey Chabert, Kevin Chamberlin and Carey herself, who also directed the Hallmark Movie. The movie will air on Dec 19 on the Hallmark Channel Will you be watching?
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    This is the worst thing I've heard/seen in my entire life ty Did she really say "she's so anal, a control freak"?
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    Bad Blood sequel? Bad Blood outtakes? New Romantics video? OOTW video? New photoshoot with the squad? AMA RIHearsals? So many possibiliTAYs!
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    New Americana sounds exactly like God's Anthem, no wonder its one of three tolerable tracks from Shitlands
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    Are you serious rn? Mariah Classics like Hero, Vision of Love, Fantasy, Honey, We Belong Together, Touch My Body etc etc are STILL TALKED ABOUT TODAY She has 2 song of the Decades (1990s, 2000s), has 18 #1s, sold over 200 Million Records. Mariah invented the singing style all these young girls are singing today...her impact is legendary And no ones snatching her Christmas crown. She is Mother Christmas.
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    This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard on this forum, it's like I want to think ur joking but idk. You kids these days are so musically challenged for being "music lovers".
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    Acclaim obviously. Sales don't mean shit, I can find you hundreds of amazing releases that sold fucking nothing compared to big names and also hundreds of commercially successful releases that are horrible.
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    Most likely not But then again, he's a Madge Stan, so hating Mariah is almost to be expected.
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    right X and Gwen are good friends if I remember correctly they have or had play dates with their kids
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    when will others sans T Squad
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    When someone you already hate is listening to halsey in the library
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    Please go back to the long/half-straight hair style circa de RED era. but she's been on POINT this era.
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    Hair, makeup, scarf, jacket, shoes - eveRIHthing on point
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    And yet ya'll claimed the Lana stains were just pressed What's good?
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    Of course it's sad that the other incidents were overlooked, but it's still disrespectful, no matter what the moment of silence was for.
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    Ok, these are my 2016 pop music predictions overall, not just chart-wise, but critic/image/music-wise too: Gaga will make a big comeback. Her album will score somewhere in the 70's on metacritic and the album will be a success. Not as big as The Fame or Born This Way, but bigger than Artpop. I can't see another number one single though. Sonically the album will be influenced by either jazz or disco, maybe both. Image-wise it'll be a combination of The Fame and Cheek To Cheek. Gwen Stefani will release her album, however it won't produce any hit singles and its success will be very underwhelming. Her fans will be pleased with the final product though. Kinda like the situation with Breathe In Breathe Out, only the music will be good. Rihanna will release one or two more singles next year (Maybe late November/December) before dropping ANTi next year. The rest of the era will play out the same way it has so far. The album will be very urban influenced, taking inspiration from genres like trap, hip-hop, electronic, and alternative R&B. There might be a few ballads/pop song here and there, but urban will dominate. No number ones. Katy will move further into the direction that she took with PRISM. KP4 will contain more ballads and lyrics referring to religion, heartbreak, love, and happiness. The era will be a lot more stripped down. It'll be a big success overall, but not as big as her last few eras. I can see her scoring at least another number one. Bruno Mars will make a huge comeback with a massive lead single that the GP will totally eat up. I know we have no info on him making a comeback, but it's going to happen. I just know it. P!nk will come back and shit on everyone and everything. Huge success, critically acclaimed, big tour, ect. Queen of the kangaroos/lesbians/soccer mums will absolutely slay once again. Iggy will flop harder than an igloo in Australia with her digital distortion album or whatever. So will Brit & X. Adele will continue to slay. That's all for now
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    Mariah's songs are more remembered than your faves and they were released decades ago. Fantasy, Vision of love, Always Be My Baby, Obsessed, One Sweet Day, Without You, We Belong Together, Touch My Body, Don't forget about us. Are all remembered songs boo. Just because you have flop taste doesn't mean the GP does. As far as her being a one hit wonder she is one of the artist with the most 1's. Not to mention she obtained them when it was harder to get number 1's and people had to go actually buy music. So it was rightfully earned. All of the songs were written and composed by her down to the melodies and she's far more talented then your fave. Who is struggling to maintain relevancy whilst Mariah has done so for over a decade. Bow down to a real queen when you see one and she's contributed more to music then outrageous outfits and try hard attempts to be oh so different. Mariah's resume and your faves resume can't even be compared. your fave aint shit
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    so basically what you are saying is, that the GP has no interest in her at all besides cute lil quick mainstream singles?