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    Tonight I want to dedicate this song to everybody that I know here @Blue Riding Hood @Sylkmonster @fab @The Bride Of Satan @Queen Of Suburbia @My Chemical Romance @Mint @Skyline @Skywalker @Americunt @Onika @Tasso @Jony Ive @Hylia (sorry if I forgot someone) This song talks about unconditional love. I feel so happy for having such a place to talk about music with people that love music as much as me! We use to fight everytime defending our faves but at the end of the day we're just people who want to disconnect from the world and have a good time talking about music, listening to music and discovering new music too! I learned a lot of things about music here and I'm sure you too! I just wanted to say that, so goodnight to you all. I don't know you at all but I know that behind your accounts are good, tolerant and nice people that deserve to be happy.
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    Does she have any type of security? How is Halsey getting in and out this easily?
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    When will you though? Clinging to the corpse of Xtina's career, rocking back and forth saying "It's okay Godtina! You're still relevant! You have The Voice! You had a hit* a few years ago! You'll destroy everyone with your comeback!" * - Not solo It's just sad at this point.
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    shut the fuck up and bow to the WOMAN OF THE YEAR
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    But Bey is a good wri- .... But Selena can si- ....
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    like the isis of the xtina community we dont want you to represent us
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    Not pressedT Kaka fans coming for me and my rep Weren't YOU the ones complaining about other fanbases ganging up to downvote members? And now you bitches are FUMING because your fav is getting dragged for her bought award which literally isn't even an important one. Probably didn't even cost that much. Just in case you are wondering why I'm hating: I don't like what Gaga has been doing since 2013. It's SOOOO far away from everything she used to stand for and as @BJORK has already pointed out: It's nothing worth the praise. Not when she has done so many more deserving things in the past that just went by unrecognized or flopping. NO. I'm not here for her basic ass Jazz shit, I'm not here for her doing Opera or a TV show that literally used her to get a BIT more views after flopping for two seasons. Now, stop being so fucking deluded and admit that she had years in which she ACTUALLY deserved this award, while this year surely isn't the one.
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    Gaga is having such an amazing year tbh. Yes, other pop girls had more commercial success. She still deserves the WOTY award because her 2015 projects are way more iconic than what the other pop girls did and will still be remembered and praised in the years to come. Albums by Selena, Ariana, Demi, Ellie, Meghan etc. will be forgotten in a couple of years (some of them are already tbh), but Gaga's legacy will last. Such an exciting time to be a Gaga stan
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    i'd rather remain an objective listener
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    I forgot to put "Creative process" like this I love Rih but she rly doesn't care for her music She just sing her hits, she doesn't caaaaareeeeeeee And this
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    Revival is horrible Good For You is great but everything else is so basic and boring.
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    Is it bad that I've just given up hope. Fuck the diary, give me the album bitch. This would have been fun a year ago, or if the rooms were daily
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    on another note, next year marks the 10th anniversary of Xtinctas last solo hit.
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    If Britney managed to use Ariana to knock out a number of the other faves, she would probably have a few ligaments broken and she would be bruised and injured with ha hair about to detach from ha scalp, then Hulkney would either: 1) grab ha by the hair again and swing her around in circles really fast like nunchuk and then just launch her into the sky and she disappears and at the end and twinkles like a star in the sky like this 2) crunch her up into a ball and then just kick her into the sky (same ending as above) 3) grab Ariana by the wrists and ankles and stretch her stiff like a plank and then just use her knee to snap her in half so even if Ariana makes it to the end, Hulkney still destroys ha
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    she sounds so level headed and wise here i cant wait for her to serve some intelligent, nature inspired bops in 2016. Gaga her Homogenic, her Vespertine, her Vulnicura is coming sistrens.
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    I know this is probably old news to some of you but this early draft of the tracklist appeared on the internet at somepoint. It's 100% M's handwriting and it comes from quite a reliable source. It took me ages to dig this out from the depths of the web because for some reason it was nowhere to be found. Let's discuss this a bit. "Girlie Show" - Deeper & Deeper - 1. Bad Girl - 2. Rain - 3. Bye Bye Baby (?) - 4. In This Life 5. It's a Shame (?) You Are the One Betty Boo - 6. Don't Break My Heart = Waiting 7. Goodbye to Innocence (?) 8. Words (?) - 9. Erotica - 10. ??????? Why's It So Hard to Love - 11. Secret Garden - 12. Thief of Hearts 13. Dear Father 14. Dear Father 15. Where Life Begins 16. This Used to Be My Playground Love Hurts
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    Monsters did same thing in thread dedicated to Madonna's acclaim coming from RS in Battlegrounds today, what's good?
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    Someone suggested this a riddle and two answers so far are possibly "sand" or "tides". I swear if the latter means TIDAL...
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    How or why are we pressed? Also I might suggest tagging?
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    Your drags are so boring it hurts. You must be like 12 or something.
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    I love the hunty bear formula for posts
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    CTC was released in September last year, (not in 2015!) and one Oscar performance doesn't get you WOTY award
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    you don't sell over a million copies of a jazz album without GP support. Her Oscar performance went viral and was PRAISED by both critics and the GP. The GP knows whats up. You're just a fucking hater.
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    Gaga definitely has the best shot of having longevity because is by far the most versatile artist out of all the pop girls.
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    IM HYPED New single dropping January 1st 2016, this basically confirms it!!!
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    not him hashtagging #winning when the only thing he's winning is a ticket to the mental institution
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    perhaps she was there but she couldn't see because of her wigs and masks so she can have several seats and keep delivering bops
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    Gaga is recently slaying me with her early performances of Poker Face, Just Dance and other TF hits I love this performance so much, it screams FameGa The energy in this one is amazing, she absolutely owned the arena What is your favourite performance? Please post some YT links, I'm so thirsty for FameGa tonight
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    The Fame is just so classy sounding and perfectly described the meaning and aesthetic of that album in a simple, catchy and mainstream way. its one of her most underatted bops.
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    Also the first time(s) the world ever saw Mariah dance
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    Listen here bitches, I want Disco, I want Funk, and I want Sex. DELIVER
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    Let's all be real here, it would be Britney, she might not be physically strong, but she probably has something akin to a psychotic rage brewing underneath her haze of tranquilizers.
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    Aaliyah did it first. Aaliyah died the 25th of August and VMAs were the 6th of September. I truly think Britney's performance was a tribute to Aaliyah...
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    I'm really glad that she's taking some time off and spending a couple of days with her family in NZ. She seemed a bit exhausted recently, not from performing but from constant media attention / criticism. I have a feeling that she would actually prefer to just wrap the era now, she's so overexposed and she's sick of it. Lets hope she can withdraw from the public for some time once this is over, she deserves it
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    Poor that but really y'all this xtina Brit thing y'all gotta let it go they both flops and on the same level now waahed up 90s teen relics ones a lazy ass on a chair the other being a lazy bitch in Vegas lazy ass flop bitches is who we Stan for get over it and accept it and move on its all about Adele and Taylor now
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    Inb4 LG5 turns into another ANTi situation. - But seriously, I hope it comes after AHS ends. Announce it at the end of January and release it February 12 and perform it at the Grammys on February 15. Then she can perform it at the Brits, Oscars, etc. (she won't perform it at the Brits and if she performs at the Oscars it won't be that but let me dream). She needs good promo spots like Jimmy Fallon, SNL when the album drops, and other talk shows and maybe some interviews like Adele did that are pre-recorded. I just can't wait for it. So basically, lead single entitled "Gossip" coming February 12, followed by the album (Explicit Beauty) release on March 11, followed by the 2nd single "Private In Public" ft. (Beyonce)!
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    We're talking about Gaga, not Tony