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    ive never heard this combination of words before, what is this witchcraft?
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    *Little medonster, part of cult that jokes about Gaga’s rape, refers to rape awareness song titled ‘Till It Happens To You’ as ‘the rape song’* *Little medonster, part of cult that includes old frail men, quotes back, speechless, with a gif referring to an accusation towards Gaga in which there are no receipts or proof to prove the accusation is true.* Who is surprised?
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    Why are you all acting like this is some scandal? Stuff like is very common nowadays among many singers and producers. Many pop songs have lots of songwriters because every single little thing that a person does earns them a credit. I'm not saying that this is right, but it's how things are done in the music business. Lana once said she wrote every single word on her 'Born to Die' album apart from a line from one of the songs, but yet every song had at least one co-writer because not only are people being credited for small things but also lyrics aren't the only things that get you credits, working on the instrumentation counts as well. So some of you here are clearly just desperate to find something to trash Gaga with because this is hardly unusual in the industry. Besides Gaga has given credit to Diane for the majority of the song, so its not as if she's stealing the entire song for herself, is it? The Monsters and the Medonsters really are the messiest fanbases on here. You all overreact over ANYTHING
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    Ugh if this ruins Gagas Oscar I will go to her house and operation #KILLTHEBITCH will be in full effect!!!
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    Didn't Madonna get first writer credit on Open Your Heart? Writer(s) Madonna Gardner Cole Peter Rafelson It was meant for Cyndi the song was already finished and Madonna added a few words, but got the 'first' writer credit if Madonna can get that, why can't Gaga?
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    ARTCOCK Oral Penis GUY (Girl Under Yoohoo) Shafttt Dreams Jewels & Dicks MANiCUM Do What U Wank Swollen ASSPOPPED (an alternative title track ) Dongatella Gash-on! Mary Jane Hardon Choke (stolen writing credits from @Alejandreaux ) Jizzy Applause (Ha Dick Deserves Some!)
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    one summer of 2008, I was waiting for Shak videos on tv and Just Dance came on and I was like "wtf is this bitch doing licking her own finger and humping a blow-up dolphin" then weeks later I saw Poker Face and starting stanning without realizing it was the same person It took me weeks to realize that Just Dance is her song..cause vevo didn't exist back so I was basically a wandering stan back then she was called Lady Ga Ga what kind of stan days
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    This Melody is arguably more important than lyrics anyway. If it was based solely on lyrics Beyonce wouldn't have a writing credit in her discography lbr now
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    Not her just innately having this effect over people throughout her entire life. Inb4 the doctors who delivered her at birth secretly hated her and called her a "flop" who will "never make it" when Cynthia wasn't looking
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    Here for Jony Mintlia Fag Hag Daily being an actual thing
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    omg yes. i started polaying it now because of you so we can do it together
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    Cant wait for the till it happens to you calvin harris remix featuring linda perry and them two african people that was upset about the meat dress a couple of years ago
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    No need when I'm already at the top school for my course in the world and I've secured internships at Google's advertising agency! McDonald's are hiring though, good luck :*
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    If Gaga doesn't win this Oscar I'll shove up her WOTY and Golden Globe up Linda's ass
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    We went up another space!!
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    Almost forgot, When You Are In Hell comes up and starts playing on shuffle
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    You're not the first on FOTP to do this and certainly won't be the last Definitely give Ellie's discography a listen. Her debut is amazing but pop whores won't love it as it has a few folk elements in there. Halcyon is her best pop album to date and is essentially Delirium and Lights merged together.
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    When I listened to the album for the first time the other day, on Apple Music ironically, I thought it was a bonus track or something until I looked at my phone. Its.... special. Fortunately the album doesn't follow suit after that song.
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    The only reason Im watching is for my sis Gaga, but otherwise I would boycott. We need more people of color, not just blacks. The problem with America is that only white history and white main characters sells. They only use black actors as slaves, civil right activists, or criminals.
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    Will she ever top Whistlesus? @Mint what do YOU think?
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    want you to hear my confession you're my obsession
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    can these tasteless stans of kylie leave if they are placing fever below #1. thank you.
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    It gets kinda boring after the title track it's my personal least favorite album of her's post Impossible Princess but everyone else seems to love it
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    This is the worst thing I've ever seen/heard
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    just made an album cover for Kesha and I like it I'm not sure if I should send it to coverlandia & post it here or keep it though
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