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    Fixed a bug where sometimes the awards manager page wouldn't display your awards properly
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    I love it when people get SO MAD about other BG threads, that they have to create new ones to try and somehow make their failed point that flopped in the last thread.
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    see you Miss Bank$ take care
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    Been out and about around London since 9am today, handing in my CV (Resume) to theatres! Handed in 12, so I hope to hear back from a few, especially Aladdin or Dreamgirls!
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    Isn't her song about hating getting hit on? Now she is asking guys to hit on her?
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    She already has a section: It's called the Katy Perry section.
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    That time Ramses tortured Courage and his fam with an 80's gay club song
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    I feel them, this is like the same thing with Avatar: The Last Airbender where they casted this Caucasian kid that is supposed to be an Asian. Pls, Hollywood, don't do it, be authentic for once.
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    No. No. No. Britney & Xtina have a flawless discography!
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    Poor Warhol Poor Koons Poor Selena Gomez
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    Fun fact: Lady Gaga has confirmed several times that the enitre ARTPOP era was actually completely inspired by this gif:
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    Hot guy in front of me is bending over, I'm hyperventilating
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    okay but can we talk about how her head is literally twice the size of her body on that cover
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    http://time.com/4292589/bernie-sanders-time-100-poll-winner/ She was 6th overall with 1,8% > http://time.com/4264934/2016-time-100-poll-results/ Above Taylor () The voting paid off
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    Katy Perry, currently the most viewed female artist on youtube EVER, the first woman EVER to have two diamond certified singles, the only living musician to have 5 number 1 hits from one album, the artist who currently holds the record for most watched television event in HISTORY, is definitely a legend.
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    hello! I will be getting my ever lasting life
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    Another flop coming, lowkey here for these films flopping because the whitewashing, they gotta learn sometime right.
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    sis, you have the next 24 hours to come online or i'm calling GhostBottombusters.
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    P!nk's Alice song is not excellent
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    Ive learned not to get my hopes up for these situations but i can't help it LG5's suprise release is coming y'all
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    what's your fave Mimi song?
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    Melanie Martinez EDIT: LOL THE SOURCE
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    Welcome Hope you enjoy it here
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    Omg they only have one asian doing the main role they did this for gods of egypt and it flopped immensely. Still gonna watch it tho cause Scarlett is an amazing actress.
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    Beyonce has some great songs but when I try to listen to her whole albums I practically fall asleep. Also Lana although I kinda like Born to die
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    A source has told TMZ that Beyonce and Mariah Carey's duet album is set for a surprise release on April 31st with a movie-length video planned to include all songs on the album and guest appearances from superstars such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Melanie Martinez. A Deluxe Edition featuring 5 additional songs and an extended version of the video is planned for surprise release exclusively at Target and Tidal 2 weeks afterwards. A Super Duper Ultra Platinum Edition is also rumoured for a surprise summer release. There will be a dual lead single release with "LoverLadies (Put a Remix on It)" being promoted on packaging for LSD and Cannabis while "I Stay in Heaven" will be promoted on the back of condom packaging for multiple different companies. The release schedule is set to be intense with promotion being placed across the globe and multiple singles being released in different countries. The source claimed that it was a "genre-defying journey that will be remembered in years to come and will change the music industry forever". The CD version of the album will be packaged in a fish bowl with the disc being made of pink polycarbonate recyclable glitter. The disc will only play 5 times before breaking and requiring the user to buy a re-release edition of the album. Source: X
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    Ugh I hate her father. Let her do what she wants and stop cutting her wings.
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    Overall, Mariah. She has a lot of amazing songs that stand out, but as a whole her discography is quite repetitive and samey. Having said that, Can't Let Go is honestly one of my favourite songs of all time
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    I am a fan, but I am so close to reaching the end of my tether. Is she for real? I have never ever seen an artist be as LAZY as this ever before. If an artist doesn't put anything out, it's usually because they don't have the opportunity to do so. Christina has every fucking opportunity. She is on a TV show that is still running fairly strong, despite it being overrun for the past five years, and she is on a network where she has multiple opportunities to promote her work. She does none of this. Meanwhile, all her competitors have outrun her a LONG time ago because they actually know how to market themselves and work with whatever material they are putting out. People say, "Xtina has earned her place in the pop kingdom; she doesn't need to do any more" and I say: BULL.SHIT. Christina is a big force in the industry, yes, but good results do not come from complacency. We CANNOT STILL be riding on the sales and certifications of her last successful album with was TEN YEARS AGO. We CANNOT be talking about how she was the 'second biggest Singles artist of the last decade' because it was 6 years ago. Like it or not, this is a vicious pop climate and people will trade in their stan cards quicker than you can say 'anal douching'. I do not care if Xtina is earning $15m from sitting on a fucking chair every week. That is not what a popstar does. That is a LAZY way of being a popstar. I am pissed off because I know Christina has SO much more potential to be a megastar, but she is using NONE of it. She surpasses every single opportunity and has done since 2010. Okay, I understand her divorce and weight issues were very damaging to her career back then but she has had numerous chances to get her place on the throne again and she has just stopped trying. Personally, I think she is deluded if she thinks she can expect her fans to be there whenever she decides to put out her next album or even promote it or, dare I say, go on a fucking tour. That is not how music works. At the end of the day, she has shown that she can do very well when she puts it out there: Say Something is a perfect example of her moulding something in her own name and it being a mega success. Where is the same charisma and drive for her own solo career? Get your fucking act together Xtina. Lots of love, a fan.
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    Everyone's just gonna blindly hate on anything she does just because she's her. I mean how many of these gays must be bopping to "No" but never admit it?
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    Y'all are gonna continue to crucify her for talking about her love life like anyone else, but that's none of my business.
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    I feel like everyone is gonna come in this thread and post Focus. Yes, Focus didn't do as well as expected, but it was mainly because her old team did not know how to promote properly. It also, in my opinion, partially has to do with her releasing this track around the same time as Justin was preparing to release Purpose, and Scooter was much more concerned with raising him up instead of helping Ariana. I think after Dangerous Woman is released, her reputation could go up and she will possibly be back on track to becoming a very well-respected artist.
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    This cute video of @WinnieThePoohand me riffing
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    Easy: People basically used all these Disney leftovers and Taylor as replacement until the main pop girls come back. Rihallah is slaying with Work and ain't nobody got time for the others.