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    Well, I finally came out to everyone in my family it only took me two frickin years
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    Her chuck e cheese manager apologised for firing her and shes going back there full time
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    ...... How do you just whip up a golden bus in a spur of the moment???? "Gaga just announced her album... somebody make a bus for me stat!!!!" ?????????? Let's be real here... Katy had everything mastered and ready months before that album came out and she did it so she wouldn't fade... Gaga didn't even have a track list until the last minute.... I really doubt that Katy doesn't support other women when she literally has tweeted all the pop girls support when she didn't have to and has always supported them in public... I've never seen her publicly attack anyone..... Your fav Christina is literally the complete opposite so I don't know how you have a say in this? (I like some of Xtina's stuff I'm not shading her it's just????? Argument invalid???) and fun fact: Katy met with Ariana before Yours Truly was out secretly and listened to the album before it was out and told her that she would always be there for her and that she was incredibly talented and knew that she'd become popular so she wanted to warn her what was about to happen. Really doubt she's trying to drag other women down but OK... it's definitely a reach lmao
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    Saint Slay-Z has had an epiphany! The emancipation of Zizi!
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    can't believe i'm saying this but... if kylie wants to break into the US market she has to collab with.. meghan trainor
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    that new ariana song bangs
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    Piano music while studying
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    Well I say you you should get into it by listening to it at least once a day until you see the light and then start praying to Allah for forgiveness for going over a year sinning by not completing your daily listening ritual. but yeah, start by giving it a full listen.
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    cuz she's a one era wonder
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    Serving...... something aquatic at least!
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    I think I'd mostly go for her hidden and most sensual smooth gems 1. Breathe on Me 2. Inside Out 3. Heaven on Earth 4. Phonography 5. Unusual You 6. Early Mornin' 7. Lace & Leather 8. Ooh Ooh Baby 9. Tik Tik Boom 10. Touch of my Hand 11. And Then We Kiss 12. Perfect Lover Bonus tracks 13. My Baby 14. Radar EDIT: How could I forget ATWKsus?
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    I love this She should sue Katy for stealing Bianca's idea though!
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    agreed. she also coulda had a dark emo era Katy is a lamb so she could have been inspired by mimi to name ha album prism
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    WTF IS THAT CONTOURING SHE LOOKS LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON SOMEONE FIRE HER MAKEUP ARTIST but yasss gimme rainbow era throwback biblebreaker part 2 is coming! telephone continuation who?
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    Fuck me three of my favorite humans in the same proximity
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    Nnnnn. I don't think this would be the first time she'd ever had a joint, tbh..
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    Taylor Swift is Chloe Jasmine's doppelgänger
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    So an empowering anthem means it is based on a song from your fave? Sis your delusion is bigger than the majority of FOTP's delusion
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    She looked so happy to be there her vocals where phenomenal truly a queen
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    I'm actually pretty hyped for this album. I hope she brings it
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    OMG Kesha slayed at Coachella THOSE VOCALS
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    And people said her and Gaga aren't friends.
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    How many times are you all gonna reenact the civil war?
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    ngl i quite like the bleach hair now it should look even more fantastic as more photoshoots come through now all i need is ha slutty era to come and SMASH my queer heart
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    IKR, I wish we knew about about how they came to this concept, whos idea was that...
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    It's obviously not a glitch, it's on purpose. There's multiple scenes like that in the video.
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    Don't think its an error if so many things are changed yet the background and her hair remain perfectly normal
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    The Life of Pablo earns the largest 2nd-week percentage sales drop for #1-debuting albums (95%) - from 28k to 1k
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    I kind of like her new hair, but she'd still be beautiful even with a cow dung on her head.
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    With the 1st one being E=MC2 yasss
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    1970's 1980's 1990's
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    So much delusion in this thread
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    All you ladies pop yo pussies like this Shake yo body don't stop don't miss