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    It's mostly done by now. The few stans that are left that still compare them are taken as jokes by both of the fandoms. Personally, as a lamb, I can say that I like Ariana, and that her music has been serving.
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    Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess
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    And yet she's not actually a fave. Beyonce could be confirmed as the second coming of Christ and people still wouldn't care enough to keep her section open here.
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    I don't know if this is weird, but sometimes I really want to know who/what I will be in my next life, so at times I wish I could fast track this life and see. I just hope I'm not an ant or something really stupid....
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    Well it is stupid to have a fan war between an older and younger artist Because obviously the older artist has accomplished more so you can't expect the younger artist to be on the same level It's like with the Madonna vs. Gaga fan war (although that one seems worse compared to this one).
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    I love both of them I'll pop this bussy hard while listening to "Let Me Love You" then turn right around and get my life from "Heartbreaker". Idgaf.... a bop is a bop
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    STOP GIVING THIS BITCH A PLATFORM it's the same ol' shit at this point WE DON'T KNOW OR CARE FOR her
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    Of course I do. You're lying if you don't!
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    Thought this thread was gonna be about Katy's music videos.
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    @Saiga @Ultra Blue @Nocturn @Vertigo-go @Mint @Li'l Sebastian @Liam @Kesha Rose Sebert @TaylorNation™ @Aion @Joanna @Adriano @Aion @Rebel Bitch @Joan of Arc @soapsnstuds( ) @Goldie
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    Not her boxing Madonna OUT! Now all the good sis has left these days is touring and Bey will probably snatch that wig too!
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    I read a tweet on Twitter that goes along the lines of "Bey's been at protests, visited the parents of police brutality victims like Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, and donated to BLM. Azealia's been on twitter." I like her music, but her opinions are trash, confusing, contradicting and borderline hypocritical.
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    The fact that you have a reason to celebrate and be happy for your faves achievement but you're thinking about Rihanna and ANTi
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    Stevie Wonder is blind. He's making a pun about the fact that Beyoncé put out a visual album right after Prince's death, so naturally she'd put out a blind one after Stevie Wonder passes. It's not funny, but that's the gist of it.
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    To be honest this is probably your best thread in a while (which isn't a compliment)
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    Okay, as you all know, there's an ongoing war between Mariah and Ariana stans . They all hate each other but there are others who are neutral and love both artists (aka me) Arianators shade Mariah, Lambs shade Ariana, Arianators shade lambs and vice versa .First of all: Mariah and Ariana are two talented women . Mariah is a legend and Ariana is a rising star Instead of shading each other 24/7, Arianators and Lambs should be happy that they stan two amazing women. Ariantors should be happy that their idol is inspired by one of the best vocalists of all time That their idol is lucky to be compared to a living legend Arianators need to stop coming for Mariah just because she's had a few bad moments . May I remind them that when Mariah was Ariana's age, she already had #1s and Grammys. She was a much better vocalist than Ariana and she wrote much better songs . Lambs should be happy that Mariah's been able to inspire lots of young women like Ariana. They should also be happy that Mariah didn't work in vain and that she will always be remembered thanks to talented young women like Ariana Lambs need to stop discrediting Ariana's achievements . They should be happy that Mariah was able to inspire a very talented young woman to pursue her dreams and become a successful singer The day Mariah retires, they should know that she didn't leave the music industry without any talent They should also at least admit that Ariana has done nothing but praise Mariah every time someone's asked about her. She has never shaded her or insulted Mariah. Ariana has even said that she'd be stupid to compare herself to Mariah To be honest, there is actually no beef between Ariana and Mariah. It's just the media. Especially that stupid site Buzzfeed So do you think this war will ever end? Are you for it or are you against it? While you think of that listen to this beautiful mashup of Ariana and Mariah Also I took this from other topics since i'd like to hear every opinion from Mariah and Ariana stans. If you didn't want to be mentioned, sorry
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    She's that celebrity who always loses in those magazine things 'Who wore it best'
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    Literally no one will ever have to pay for Tidal with the amount of free trials they give out
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    I might get your song played on the radio station
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    When he fuck me good I take his ass to RED LOBSTER ... Woo that part goes off hard
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    like wtf I was just listening deluxe tracks and actually payed attention to lyrics on Best Friend for the first time Best Friend and I fucked Up have some of her most honest lyrics You know, when i listen this album i don't pay attention to lyrics because 'it's EDM, it's mindless, it's bop, this and that etc.', but most of the album actually has great lyrics and really shows that she was actually hurt by divorce more than she admitted first on I Don't Give a and Love Spent. I think that's the reason she placed those 2 on deluxe. It's just few tracks that ruined this project. Actually singles + Superstar and Some Girls. Best Friend I miss your brain, the way you think But I don't miss the way you used to drink I miss our talks, the Universal Law You had a way of seeing through my thoughts It's so confusing I thought i met my match An intellectual would telling for a catch You always said we be better off as friends It was inevitable that it would end Your picture's off my wall But I'm still waiting for that call And every man that walks through that door Will be compared to you forever more Still I have no regret Cuz I survived the biggest test I cannot lie and I won't pretend But I feel like I lost my very best friend I miss the country side where we used to lay The smell of roses on a lovely summer day You made me laugh, you had a clever wit I miss the good times, I don't miss all of it You wrote me poetry, you had a way with words You said you wanted more than just a pretty girl Maybe I challenged you a little bit too much We couldn't have two drivers on the clutch It's so sad that had to end, I lost my very best friend Not gonna candy coat it, and I don't want to pretend I put away your letter, saved the best ones that I have It wasn't always perfect, but it wasn't always bad It's so sad that it had to end I Fucked Up I fucked up, I made a mistake Nobody does it better than myself I’m sorry, I’m not afraid to say I wish I could take it back, but I can’t I’m so ashamed, you’re in so much pain I blamed you when things didn’t go my way If I didn’t, you’d be here If I didn’t fight back I’d have no fear If I took another path Things would be so different, but they’re not I could have just kept my big mouth closed I could have just done what I was told Maybe I should have turned silver into gold But in front of you I was cold I thought we had it all You brought out the best in me But somehow I destroyed the perfect dream I thought we were indestructible I never imagined we could fall You wanna know how to make God laugh Tell him your plans... We could've bought a house with a swimming pool, Filled it up with warmers, It would be so cool, Could've gone riding stallions in the country side, With a pack of RingDings, we sing eye to eye We could've toured the world in a private jet Run naked on the beach, all soaking wet We could've climbed a mountain, seen a perfect sun rise, Written our names across the sky We could've gotten drunk and driven on the autobahn We could've got ourselves arrested and sober up We could've lived life crazy 'til the day we die Instead I made you cry.. I fucked up, I made a mistake Nobody does it better than myself I'm sorry, I’m not ashamed to say I wish I could have it back maybe one day Or not. The reason I think both MDNA and RH turned out to be less than they could've been are her kids. She's listening them way too much, she said many times during RH that they inspire her for sounds, Diplo, EDM, they want her to be 'cool' etc. I'm so mad right now
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    Except Rihanna ALREADY released one, the vile attempt at kiis was there though!
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    I wanna dance oooh And love ooh And dance oooh Again oooooh
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    Guess who's drunk on a monday
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    Two nights ago, I got in my car and turned it on. Formation was on the radio and I just found myself bopping at 12am. Well I got too into it and ended up killing my battery before I could turn the engine on so I had to call my breakdown cover company to jumpstart my car
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    You know you dat bitch when you cause all this conversation from @Aguagaga
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    !!!!! this And actually Ariana's songwriting credits have gone from Yours Truly: 5 > My Everything: 4 > Dangerous Woman: 8 (I think all this is correct ) so I think she might become more involved.
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    She's gotta be concocting something. Maybe a collab album with producer/s where she's just uncredited? who knows, but I can dream right?
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    Leaks happen for a reason Ha mixtape is coming, please be patient
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    I'm happy, but unhappy THAT WE MAY NEVER GET TO HEAR IT FOR 1000000000000000 YEARS
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    well,the thing is that this kind of stan war reminds me of the Lady Gaga-Madonna feud where Madonna is Mariah and then Gaga is like Ariana.I think people will get over it just like they did with Gaga and Madonna,it's a matter of time I love both btw