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    I don't know if this is weird, but sometimes I really want to know who/what I will be in my next life, so at times I wish I could fast track this life and see. I just hope I'm not an ant or something really stupid....
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    Thought this thread was gonna be about Katy's music videos.
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    Okay, as you all know, there's an ongoing war between Mariah and Ariana stans . They all hate each other but there are others who are neutral and love both artists (aka me) Arianators shade Mariah, Lambs shade Ariana, Arianators shade lambs and vice versa .First of all: Mariah and Ariana are two talented women . Mariah is a legend and Ariana is a rising star Instead of shading each other 24/7, Arianators and Lambs should be happy that they stan two amazing women. Ariantors should be happy that their idol is inspired by one of the best vocalists of all time That their idol is lucky to be compared to a living legend Arianators need to stop coming for Mariah just because she's had a few bad moments . May I remind them that when Mariah was Ariana's age, she already had #1s and Grammys. She was a much better vocalist than Ariana and she wrote much better songs . Lambs should be happy that Mariah's been able to inspire lots of young women like Ariana. They should also be happy that Mariah didn't work in vain and that she will always be remembered thanks to talented young women like Ariana Lambs need to stop discrediting Ariana's achievements . They should be happy that Mariah was able to inspire a very talented young woman to pursue her dreams and become a successful singer The day Mariah retires, they should know that she didn't leave the music industry without any talent They should also at least admit that Ariana has done nothing but praise Mariah every time someone's asked about her. She has never shaded her or insulted Mariah. Ariana has even said that she'd be stupid to compare herself to Mariah To be honest, there is actually no beef between Ariana and Mariah. It's just the media. Especially that stupid site Buzzfeed So do you think this war will ever end? Are you for it or are you against it? While you think of that listen to this beautiful mashup of Ariana and Mariah Also I took this from other topics since i'd like to hear every opinion from Mariah and Ariana stans. If you didn't want to be mentioned, sorry
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    When he fuck me good I take his ass to RED LOBSTER ... Woo that part goes off hard
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    I wanna dance oooh And love ooh And dance oooh Again oooooh
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    Guess who's drunk on a monday
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    !!!!! this And actually Ariana's songwriting credits have gone from Yours Truly: 5 > My Everything: 4 > Dangerous Woman: 8 (I think all this is correct ) so I think she might become more involved.
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    She's gotta be concocting something. Maybe a collab album with producer/s where she's just uncredited? who knows, but I can dream right?
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    Leaks happen for a reason Ha mixtape is coming, please be patient
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    I'm happy, but unhappy THAT WE MAY NEVER GET TO HEAR IT FOR 1000000000000000 YEARS
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    what are you talking about, Papercut and G.U.Y. slay lives
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    im actually listening ANTI and what a reverse warholian shit im LOVING IT I saw the lighT ANTI >> KOOL AID