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    i'm tired of the same deluded fucks opening this kind of shitty nasty threads you don't see ANY of the hive here coming for any of your punk ass faves nor asking why you're into certain (lessor) artists. RESPECT everyone's personal tastes, it is not that hard.
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    Taylor left this for that ugly old man omg what a mess
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    Katy has some great videos though, I'm not a fan of hers, but during OOTB and TD she made some great music videos. So I think she could have a chance too.
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    *and Madonna both of them. It's honestly a little disrespectful.
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    i have the worst headache of my life i think im ready to die
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    Ugh I'm exhausted I've had 4 job interviews since last Wednesday Someone hire me bc I s good d
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    who was allowed to leave the 2016 VMAs award show with their weave still sewn into their scalp?
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    Also tomorrow my order of Glory will finally arrive!!! I'm super excited!
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    mtv is a joke nowadays anyway
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    Maybe he needs some d to see the light.
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    Never thought I'd be YouTube live streaming a police investigation at Chris Brown's house
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    YESSS GLORY IS IN MY HANDS. I'M SO HAPPY. (but my grammar self wants to attack whoever approved "includes hits songs" on the sticker...)
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    i think they pick artists who spent 10+ years in biz, so she can be one of the picks..... IDK.
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    now I'm my own person
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    I try. Loving everyone's sets.
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    Katy can't sing that well live let's calm down here
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    idk why im kinda hyped tonight but Everyday came on and im literally trying not to scream omg queen ariana run pop
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    @TattooedHeart @LadyGootgoot
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    just spaming to make sure your thread doesn't flop you can thank me later
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    I'm just goin to tha store to tha store I'm just goin to tha store You might not see me anymore anymore I'm just goin to tha store
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    She had stage presence at the Super Bowl Katy isn't a Beyonce but she can have entertaining performances
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    The snake in I'm A Slave 4 U performance is more iconic than most of the current generation of pop stars. Out of those options the Britney one. All in all, it has to be Madonna 'Like a Virgin'.
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    Why are you asking dumb questions? She's been stomping your fave on stage for 15 years and you're still confused.
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    HELP: Does anyone have the VMAs in higher quality than what's on MTV's YouTube? Mostly needing sound for something i am working on. The one on youtube is in mono mixed to stereo and sounds completely different from how i heard it live.
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    I'm gonna change my username should I pick Music or #Music?
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    Tbh if that VMA performance made you feel like how I felt about Xtina when she dropped "Change" then who am I to judge If you felt shook and emotionally owned by ur fave's VMA appearance then chart success shouldn't matter. At least that's how I felt about my faves lil song.
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    Ur absolutely right. Even tho ur fave is still flopping I'm not going to attack her, because it seems like she's at least trying, so I commend her for that I give her props for facing her biggest fears in 9 years and gracing that VMA stage even though she's not even 50% of what she used to be. Good for her, even if it is too little too late. At least she did it. Even tho in my opinion she's the least talented female of past, present and future, this Glory album is a good effort from her team. Don't get me wrong, she's still outdated and dusty, but you won't find me criticizing her like I did during the Femme Fatality and Brittle Joan eras. Instead of phoning it now she's facetiming it in, which is major progress and probably the best of what you'll ever get from here on out. Plus, Make Me has kind of grown on me. Too bad it's a flop.
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    True The impact. The stage presence. The originality The genius.
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    debating whether VIP is worth the purchase
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    You can see it here, as #2 best performance in VMA history http://www.billboard.com/articles/photos/live/467799/mtv-vmas-15-best-performances-ever-poll-results
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    i mean she already doesnt sing or have charisma so mediocre to average dancing is the least you could ask for
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    Personally my brain first flashed to Miley and Robin's performance, but that works too.