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    the humble queen of pop didnt want to outshine beyonce thats why she turned it off it just wouldnt be fair for the other performers - cos she would get all the attention queen always caring about others first
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    The handheld for MM&I I suppose? How could they just forget Maybe the soundguy is a stan and is used to her having it off
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    stop trying to make Katy's vocals happen
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    Because she always delivers. Her music has been getting better and better (well since after IAMSF), she has grown a lot artistically, she doesn't give up and always strives for more, even though she's been in the game for decades and she could just give up and release mediocre shit while enjoying her fab life with her millions. Take off the stan goggles, listen to 4, ST & Lemonade and pretend they're not by Beyoncé. If you still can't witness how good they are then It's Not Her, It's You
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    Wow what an achievement. Such an upgrade Not many people can go from being a shitty live performer to a mediocre one in just 8 years Queen Katy
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    something about Kim K mentioning the word "snake" when she introduced Britney made me screech
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    at least they still know who britney is though, if you mentioned xtina he would probably spit at you and think you were trying to put a hex on him or something
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    Samsung & Kelly Clarkson Ads Placed On Billboards Worldwide. Worldwide
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    Ok I posted this in the BB2 Archive but idk if y'all got the notification for it or not so I'll just post it here too Allies And Rivals: @Saiga chose @Jony & @winniedeng as allies and @Sylk & @WinnieThePooh as rivals. @Hylia chose @Rico & @LadyGootgoot as allies and @Sylk & @winniedeng as rivals. @Royalty chose @TattooedHeart & @QUINN as allies and @barbiej33p & @Hyun. as rivals. @Rico chose @Cortez & @Hylia as allies and @winniedeng & @WinnieThePooh as rivals. @Skyline chose @LadyGootgoot & @Saiga as allies and @Sylk & @ChooseyLover as rivals. @Sylk chose @winniedeng & @barbiej33p as allies and @TattooedHeart & @Saiga as rivals. @Dr. Slay chose @LadyGootgoot & @Rachel Berry as allies and @Sylk & @barbiej33p as rivals. @Hyun. chose @Cortez & @Dr. Slay as allies and @Sylk & @Babydoll. as rivals. @QUINN chose @Cortez & @ChooseyLover as allies and @winniedeng & @WinnieThePooh as rivals. @TattooedHeart chose @Rachel Berry & @Saiga as allies and @WinnieThePooh & @Jae as rivals. @LadyGootgoot chose @Hylia & @TattooedHeart as allies and @Jae & @Saiga as rivals. @barbiej33p chose @LadyGootgoot & @Dr. Slay as allies and @Sylk & @Hylia as rivals. @Lachlan chose @Hyun. & @Jony as allies and @QUINN & @Babydoll. as rivals. @Cortez chose @QUINN & @Rico as allies and @Sylk & @Babydoll. as rivals. @Chris Pratt chose @blankdreams. & @Hyun. as allies and @ChooseyLover & @Babydoll. as rivals. @blankdreams. chose @M3LL155X & @Chris Pratt as allies and @Babydoll. & @Hyun. as rivals. @ChooseyLover chose @QUINN & @Sylk as allies and @M3LL155X & @Babydoll. as rivals. @Jony chose @QUINN & @Saiga as allies and @Babydoll. & @barbiej33p as rivals. @Jae chose @Saiga & @blankdreams. as allies and @Dr. Slay & @Lachlan as rivals. @Babydoll. chose @Dr. Slay & @Hyun. as allies and @Lachlan & @Sylk as rivals. @Rachel Berry chose @QUINN & @blankdreams. as allies and @WinnieThePooh & @Sylk as rivals.
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    Her son saying that shouldn't have been her first single. I wonder if he's secretly a member here.
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    I mean it can't be a coincidence that the last time it had high ratings was when Gaga performed, can it?
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    Welcome to the club
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    i'm tired of the same deluded fucks opening this kind of shitty nasty threads you don't see ANY of the hive here coming for any of your punk ass faves nor asking why you're into certain (lessor) artists. RESPECT everyone's personal tastes, it is not that hard.
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    The video starts with a taxi rolling up to Christina Milian’s house, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. Milian would be wearing a very business-like ensemble. She would wear a women’s suit, with a sleek black-and-white classic look. Instead of black being the predominant color though, white was. She had a very small clutch where she popped out a portable hookah pen real quick, got a smoke, and then placed it back in her clutch. Her mother would walk down with Christina to the taxi. “Ahora, tienes que decis ‘Hola’ a Maria y Vienna para mí,” she would instruct her daughter. “Yes mom, I know - I know, I’ll let ‘em all know, ok,” Christina would reply back. She had jet black sunglasses, which she placed over her eyes, as she opened the taxi door and got in. “Where are we headed to, Miss Milian,” the taxi driver would ask. “Jersey City, New Jersey. Here’s the address,” she would hand him a piece of napkin with scribble-like penmanship on it with a Sharpie. “Um, you mean across the country? What’d you call a taxi for? Wouldn’t you just hop on a plane, or at least get a limo?” Christina slid down her sunglasses to her nose, revealing her sincere eyes. “Not where i’m from.” And thus, the taxi begins its journey, as the screen fades out, watching the taxi drive into the distance. “Miss Milian! We have arrived!” the taxi driver calls, as he pulls up to a street by the waterfronts, where you can see Manhattan, however Milian stands on the distant side of the Hudson River. Her smash signature single, “Dip It Low” is playing on the radio, as suddenly, she wakes up in the backseat of the taxi, but looking completely different. All of a sudden she’s wearing a bra-like, old-school plaid top only covering her breast area, leaving her stomach exposed. She wore a plaid jacket-like article of clothing over the bra-like top, but with different colors and gradients on it. Her designer clutch suddenly became a simple white clutch, and she came through wearing completely rugged-ripped jeans and some funky-looking sneakers. As she steps out of the taxi, the taxi driver turns up the volume of his car radio + stereo where the radio host announces, “And now folks, you’re gonna like this anthem, it’s Christina Milian with her latest smash hit, “Hometown”, on 102.7FM.” Suddenly the song starts as Milian is seen walking from the waterfront into local roads as the hook plays and the heavy beat emerges. While clips of her walking to find one long, local road in particular, many different shots of how the community is living are shown — such as NJTransit buses, NJTransit light-rails, kids playing basketball in their local parks, people walking through traffic and much more. “Wassup? Y’all ready for this?” Milian is then standing right under the street warning sign that is featured on the artwork for the single. She is then wearing a completely different outfit, as she is now in a white one-piece clothing of article that is covering her entire body, with blue-like hooker boots. She had an ensemble of women of all shapes, sizes and color alongside her as they walked down the streets, causing people in cars to stop and back up, as all the women shut down the scene. The first verse goes hard as Milian is lipsyncing with a determined, fierce face, as she leads the march with all the women behind her are either holding boomboxes, having earplugs in their ears, holding portable CD players or holding megaphones. A particularly cool moment was when the camera showed the back of the girls all the way in the back of the movement, as they all had “201” on the back of their sports jersey-like tops, just as the lyric in the single suggests. When Milian mentions boys in the first verse, some men are shown staring at the women with their jaws gasped, as some women are shown oozing sex appeal, while still looking very rugged / sexual. A lot of men are also coming out of a bar, passing out bottles of beer like they’re refreshments / energy drinks at a marathon. Some kid hip-hop dancers are seen doing choreography on the street, and so Milian gives them her boombox, as she keeps marching on. The pre-chorus kicks in, as clips of people shopping at the local markets, getting their weaves in at the local salon and eating at the food trucks played — it gives the video a very homey, real vibe that Milian intended to bring with the song. The chorus kicks in and all of the women start doing some major choreography, dipping it low, whining it up and making it clap all over their bodies with very cool sequences and motions as the hook repeats itself. Clips are shown of graffiti artists spraying to make a really interesting design as the sky changes from daylight to nighttime. The second verse shows as Milian is seen wearing the same denim ensemble we saw her first step out of the taxi with. She seems to be going inside an apartment, located in a very sketchy, hood-like area of the city. The half-rusted door opens, and to the peoples’ inside surprise, she appears as they all jump from their couch as they were watching TV to greet her. They’re all yelling at her in Spanish — but yelling with joy — as they are greeting her, hugging her and kissing her from cheek to cheek. She says: “Mama dige ‘Hola’ o ustedes,” as they all celebrate. One of the women shouts, “Hold up, let me get you something to drink mi amor!" Christina says: “Wait. I said something else in mind. She goes by the staircase which leads down into the basement, and she suddenly pulls out a deck of cards from her hand: “Just like old times?” The men and women shout in celebration and follow Christina down to the basement, where they set up a game of poker. The music for the second verse doesn’t kick in until then. Throughout the second verse scenes of Christina all over the apartment, and even outside the apartment are shown, where she sits with two women as they all smoke hookah from a machine on the street. Money is also being thrown around the basement as they play poker — pesos, yen, euros and dollars. Christina is losing the game, although she looks like she doesn’t give a fuck as all of the people are clearly enjoying themselves. Clips of the peoples’ children running around the apartment are shown, as well as clips of Milian marching her girls down the street in the white-and-blue-boots outfit are shown too. Christina is now seen with a new outfit, which is pretty casual, cruising around random streets and different types of areas all over Jersey City, as the prechorus kicks in. A butterfly appears at one point, as she tries catching it and is successful, as she coos with it. Another look is introduced to the video too, as the graffiti has been complete on a new location, saying “JERSEY CITY” to celebrate hometown pride. However the more elaborate graffiti set is where the action begins, Christina shows up in a new outfit, looking fit as hell, along with a ton of other hip-hop dancers on the scene. They all start doing the choreography as the anthemic chorus kicks in. We see all the girls from Milian’s street marching pass out boomboxes and fill the place with them, as they’re seen to be blasting, though the actual single is the only thing audible in the video, appropriately. Lots of buckets are brought out where lots of people are beginning to light up matches and create pits of fire all over the place. Smoke begins to dawn all over the place too as nightfall emerges. Suddenly, all of the people celebrating face a problem. Cops arrive to this huge gathering, and they appear to look incredibly frustrated. “What the hell are you people thinking? The use of boomboxes is illegal in the city of Jersey City. All of you should know that by now. Do you not know how disruptive this can be to the community?” “Oh honey,” a woman emerges from the huge crowd — which looks to contain almost two hundred people overall. She continued talking, “We about a few miles away from any of the local roads, now Y’ALL should that,” she said with her sassy Latin accent. Another man stepped out, saying “Yeah, we’re not doing any harm, just tryna have fun. Lighten up, will ya?” Another cop emerges, saying “Are you being uncooperative? We are trying to give y’all a warning. But it seems like y’all don’t wanna follow through on that. There’s only one thing to do now-“ He begins to reach for his handcuffs to start making arrests, but an eight-year-old boy steps out from the crowd. “What are you gonna do? Arrest all of us? There’s like twelve million people in this place!” Every one of the civilians laughed at the kid being so cute, thinking two hundred plus people could equate to twelve million. The officers suddenly stood down, and laughed alongside with the boy. “You know, you’re right … I’m too tired for shit anyway. Yo, turn it up.” Suddenly though, a brand-new track begins to play in the video, as Milian and her crew are doing some completely different choreography. Everyone else is jumping, clapping, and screaming out the following lyrics. "Baíla! Baíla! Baíla! / Ahora, mis amores! / Baíla! Baíla! Baíla! / Nos tenemos, los controles.” Clips from all the scenes in the music video shown beforehand are played, with all of them either containing laughs, smiles, dancing, fierceness — it’s fun all around. Everyone in the huge abandoned lot with the graffiti is dancing, jumping and chatting like it’s the last night of their lives. Some thunder and lightning strikes, as rain begins to pour down on the two hundred plus people, but that doesn’t stop anyone from having a good time. The final hook plays as more clips of people at laundromats, driving from work in traffic, biking down busy roads, waving for taxis, swinging their children with swings in a park, playing soccer on a field, and a lot more daily-lifestyle things. The song ends, as everyone shouts in joy. A clip then shows Christina back at the waterfront where it all began from the moment she arrived back in town, as it’s now about three in the morning, and she’s overlooking the New York City skyline. Her phone rings, as she picks it up, and a clip of the taxi driver on the phone shows. “Miss Milian, are you ready to head on back? Did you have a nice day?” Christina then smiled and said, “Well you can call me Christina, Jorge. And yeah, let’s just say I had some unfinished business I took care of.” He then asked her one final question: “So where to now? Back home?” Christina smiled, as she replied, “If you mean L.A., then yeah. But technically… I am back home.” She closed her phone and gazed back at the Manhattan skyline, as the video fades out to an end.
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    Who needs a college education? Going back to bed tbh
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    My cock was supposed to be sucked yesterday but it didn't. sometimes people don't get what they want.
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    thank fuck Bey doesn't do any promo and we only have messy BG threads once every 6 months
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    Middle finger is too much...I mean,Michael made MTV famous...
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    I'm having so many Britney emotions tonight. I'm just... so proud of this woman. She inspires me to keep going, to not give up on myself, and that the darkest part of your life doesn't have to be the end of your life. Thank you Britney for inspiring me. I hope one day I can give you a hug in real life when I become a millionaire or something. ?
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    The positives: She looked FLAWLESS and FIERCE. I thought it was 2000 again. She had way more energy than I expected and she looked really into it and not dead at all. The MMI medley was actually a great idea. Loved the silhouette/shadow parts! So cool. The negatives: WHO LET HER FOLLOW BEYONCE. She should have been before, opened, or had Bey close the show. She lipped but hey what did you expect? At least they could have "fooled" us like they did at BBMAs this year More dancers Other than that, this is the first live performance by her that I've been impressed and slayed since 2004 prob.
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    Yeah, Britney is the wannabe Selena, not the other way around Thats why I'm never having kids.
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    Not my mum laughing at me for buying fruit like its the most absurd thing ever
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    the people who ask this are always the ones who know the answer
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    Gaga. She'll be in an era or had a big one by the 2017 VMAs and she is the most deserving to snatch one. She even has more VMA records than Rihanna, it only makes sense.
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    How many fucks does @PoisonCandy give?
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    when I saw Goosey on Gagadaily
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    You really don't know if a year off is enough for her? She's not receiving any more backlash than she was in 2013, yet she still released a year later and slayed all of our faves (minus Adele) and knowing her she'll probably find a way to exploit/capitalize off this and promote her album, she'll be fine sis!
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    Preston naming the album AND saying MM was the wrong single choice. That child is the future of music Also, "you cant get rid of me"
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    release them release 9 unreleased albums right now and then release 9 new ones
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    the hosts/MCs or whatever they are, were SHIT this year everyone was so overtop and yelling about tweets it was a complete mess. grown men trying to appeal to our generation are SO cringe-worthy.
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    I'm A Slave 4 U and anyone who denies this is delusional.
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    Not your jury service taylor set
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    *and Madonna both of them. It's honestly a little disrespectful.
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    Me every time I rewatch Bey's performance from last night
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    Flashback to I Am the Femme Fatale when she said she didnt know what she'd be doing in 5/10 years and that she might have retired by then. Flashforward to 2016 and we have her hopeful for the future: she wants 3 more kids and 9 more albums.