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    the humble queen of pop didnt want to outshine beyonce thats why she turned it off it just wouldnt be fair for the other performers - cos she would get all the attention queen always caring about others first
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    The handheld for MM&I I suppose? How could they just forget Maybe the soundguy is a stan and is used to her having it off
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    stop trying to make Katy's vocals happen
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    Because she always delivers. Her music has been getting better and better (well since after IAMSF), she has grown a lot artistically, she doesn't give up and always strives for more, even though she's been in the game for decades and she could just give up and release mediocre shit while enjoying her fab life with her millions. Take off the stan goggles, listen to 4, ST & Lemonade and pretend they're not by Beyoncé. If you still can't witness how good they are then It's Not Her, It's You
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    Wow what an achievement. Such an upgrade Not many people can go from being a shitty live performer to a mediocre one in just 8 years Queen Katy
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    something about Kim K mentioning the word "snake" when she introduced Britney made me screech
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    at least they still know who britney is though, if you mentioned xtina he would probably spit at you and think you were trying to put a hex on him or something
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    Ok I posted this in the BB2 Archive but idk if y'all got the notification for it or not so I'll just post it here too Allies And Rivals: @Saiga chose @Jony & @winniedeng as allies and @Sylk & @WinnieThePooh as rivals. @Hylia chose @Rico & @LadyGootgoot as allies and @Sylk & @winniedeng as rivals. @Royalty chose @TattooedHeart & @QUINN as allies and @barbiej33p & @Hyun. as rivals. @Rico chose @Cortez & @Hylia as allies and @winniedeng & @WinnieThePooh as rivals. @Skyline chose @LadyGootgoot & @Saiga as allies and @Sylk & @ChooseyLover as rivals. @Sylk chose @winniedeng & @barbiej33p as allies and @TattooedHeart & @Saiga as rivals. @Dr. Slay chose @LadyGootgoot & @Rachel Berry as allies and @Sylk & @barbiej33p as rivals. @Hyun. chose @Cortez & @Dr. Slay as allies and @Sylk & @Babydoll. as rivals. @QUINN chose @Cortez & @ChooseyLover as allies and @winniedeng & @WinnieThePooh as rivals. @TattooedHeart chose @Rachel Berry & @Saiga as allies and @WinnieThePooh & @Jae as rivals. @LadyGootgoot chose @Hylia & @TattooedHeart as allies and @Jae & @Saiga as rivals. @barbiej33p chose @LadyGootgoot & @Dr. Slay as allies and @Sylk & @Hylia as rivals. @Lachlan chose @Hyun. & @Jony as allies and @QUINN & @Babydoll. as rivals. @Cortez chose @QUINN & @Rico as allies and @Sylk & @Babydoll. as rivals. @Chris Pratt chose @blankdreams. & @Hyun. as allies and @ChooseyLover & @Babydoll. as rivals. @blankdreams. chose @M3LL155X & @Chris Pratt as allies and @Babydoll. & @Hyun. as rivals. @ChooseyLover chose @QUINN & @Sylk as allies and @M3LL155X & @Babydoll. as rivals. @Jony chose @QUINN & @Saiga as allies and @Babydoll. & @barbiej33p as rivals. @Jae chose @Saiga & @blankdreams. as allies and @Dr. Slay & @Lachlan as rivals. @Babydoll. chose @Dr. Slay & @Hyun. as allies and @Lachlan & @Sylk as rivals. @Rachel Berry chose @QUINN & @blankdreams. as allies and @WinnieThePooh & @Sylk as rivals.
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    Her son saying that shouldn't have been her first single. I wonder if he's secretly a member here.
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    I mean it can't be a coincidence that the last time it had high ratings was when Gaga performed, can it?
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    Welcome to the club
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    i'm tired of the same deluded fucks opening this kind of shitty nasty threads you don't see ANY of the hive here coming for any of your punk ass faves nor asking why you're into certain (lessor) artists. RESPECT everyone's personal tastes, it is not that hard.
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    Who needs a college education? Going back to bed tbh
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    My cock was supposed to be sucked yesterday but it didn't. sometimes people don't get what they want.
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    thank fuck Bey doesn't do any promo and we only have messy BG threads once every 6 months
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    Middle finger is too much...I mean,Michael made MTV famous...
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    I'm having so many Britney emotions tonight. I'm just... so proud of this woman. She inspires me to keep going, to not give up on myself, and that the darkest part of your life doesn't have to be the end of your life. Thank you Britney for inspiring me. I hope one day I can give you a hug in real life when I become a millionaire or something. ?
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    The positives: She looked FLAWLESS and FIERCE. I thought it was 2000 again. She had way more energy than I expected and she looked really into it and not dead at all. The MMI medley was actually a great idea. Loved the silhouette/shadow parts! So cool. The negatives: WHO LET HER FOLLOW BEYONCE. She should have been before, opened, or had Bey close the show. She lipped but hey what did you expect? At least they could have "fooled" us like they did at BBMAs this year More dancers Other than that, this is the first live performance by her that I've been impressed and slayed since 2004 prob.
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    Yeah, Britney is the wannabe Selena, not the other way around Thats why I'm never having kids.
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    Not my mum laughing at me for buying fruit like its the most absurd thing ever
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    the people who ask this are always the ones who know the answer
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    Gaga. She'll be in an era or had a big one by the 2017 VMAs and she is the most deserving to snatch one. She even has more VMA records than Rihanna, it only makes sense.
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    How many fucks does @PoisonCandy give?
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    when I saw Goosey on Gagadaily
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    You really don't know if a year off is enough for her? She's not receiving any more backlash than she was in 2013, yet she still released a year later and slayed all of our faves (minus Adele) and knowing her she'll probably find a way to exploit/capitalize off this and promote her album, she'll be fine sis!
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    Preston naming the album AND saying MM was the wrong single choice. That child is the future of music Also, "you cant get rid of me"
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    release them release 9 unreleased albums right now and then release 9 new ones
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    the hosts/MCs or whatever they are, were SHIT this year everyone was so overtop and yelling about tweets it was a complete mess. grown men trying to appeal to our generation are SO cringe-worthy.
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    Didn't Britney Get one the year Lady Gaga was dressed like a man? And Gaga is gonna get one, maybe not next year, but soon, bookmark me.
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    Not your jury service taylor set
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    Queen wearing it too, so I think it is.
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    Me every time I rewatch Bey's performance from last night
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    Yes because we thought she was going to do an album full of ballads or an album full of all uptempo stuff. This was obvious.
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    Flashback to I Am the Femme Fatale when she said she didnt know what she'd be doing in 5/10 years and that she might have retired by then. Flashforward to 2016 and we have her hopeful for the future: she wants 3 more kids and 9 more albums.