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    Who needs a college education? Going back to bed tbh
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    thank fuck Bey doesn't do any promo and we only have messy BG threads once every 6 months
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    I'm having so many Britney emotions tonight. I'm just... so proud of this woman. She inspires me to keep going, to not give up on myself, and that the darkest part of your life doesn't have to be the end of your life. Thank you Britney for inspiring me. I hope one day I can give you a hug in real life when I become a millionaire or something. ?
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    Not my mum laughing at me for buying fruit like its the most absurd thing ever
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    when I saw Goosey on Gagadaily
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    Not your jury service taylor set
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    i have the worst headache of my life i think im ready to die
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    Me every time I rewatch Bey's performance from last night
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    I go to the homepage and I see this wonderful self-promo. I really love your new set.
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    Everyone, remember the Poopfection clique when sending the list of your Razzies nominees!
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    Work it, work it, boy watch me work it Slide down my pole, watch me spin it and twerk it
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    Ugh I'm exhausted I've had 4 job interviews since last Wednesday Someone hire me bc I s good d
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    You guys please vote for Bastille in the What's Hot poll for September I'm shook to death over their album there will be tons of great things to post in there I'll make it the greatest WH section since Ariana help make FOTP great again give Bastille their section and make Quinn the happiest FOTPer thank for your time xoxo
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    Is it me or music videos nowadays are pure garbage? Every female wants to look like Beyoncé and put simple boring & uninspired vids. Why?
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    Britney lip synced on VMA and everyone's like how could she do this Beyonce lip synced on VMA and everyone's like she sings amazing,she slayed those vocals,best vocalist...
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    Is Taylor in prison in your set
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    Can't wait for y'all to see this new messy ass New York gif
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    Also tomorrow my order of Glory will finally arrive!!! I'm super excited!
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    wow college is ramming me in the ass and then some.
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    Never thought I'd be YouTube live streaming a police investigation at Chris Brown's house
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    M.I.A will slay my life with her new album!! Bird Song, Go Off, Borders OMG, everything is so perfect for now . Slaying all our faves!!!
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    I seriously hate people. I wanna throw them out.
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    YESSS GLORY IS IN MY HANDS. I'M SO HAPPY. (but my grammar self wants to attack whoever approved "includes hits songs" on the sticker...)
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    I'm just goin to tha store to tha store I'm just goin to tha store You might not see me anymore anymore I'm just goin to tha store
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    if there's ever some non-album single bonus track version of Glory like Dangerous Woman w/ Focus,,,, I hope they use Tom's Diner instead of Pretty Girls
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    Glory is a masterpiece but I wish Brit had writing credits on all of the songs. It's really embarrassing when she has no idea what to say when asked what she's singing about, i.e. Oops! on Carpool Karaoke
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    I think Born This Way might be better than TFM
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    I'm gonna change my username should I pick Music or #Music?
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    I think B was trying to tell me something
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    @Juinae always removes my poor scalp whenever I log in. His Upvotes are plentiful, and I give him my crown, as the "Upvoter of Nazareth". Sincerely, WinnieThePooh❤️??