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    If you drag any artist, their stans would come for you and the majority of stans on this forum are Monsters. This shouldn't be that hard to understand.
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    I've been here all night, I've been here all day
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    Listen up sluts. I have a confession. My stanning for the legendary Princess of Pop, Miss Britney Jean haself has (unfortunately) fluctuated on and off throughout the years. One of the consequences of that tragic mistake is that little 10 year old SockBitch had somehow endure life without the immaculate gift from heaven that is ITZ. Yes, I have loved the FUCK out of Me Against the Music and Toxic for 13 years now, but I literally could not name another song off the album until now, and it's all thanks do you dear FOTP. All this ITZ worship surrounding Glory (peace be upon it) has made me go back and listen through it for the first time and needless to say, this was me by the end: "I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?" I figured a good old fashioned track-by-track review was in order, so without further ado, "all my people in the crowd, grab a partner, take it down." 1. Me Against the Music (feat. Our Lady Queen of the Universe Madonna) As I said before, I love this song so much. The iconic pre-chorus. The mess music video with that flawless walkography. Madonna's awkward "plz take me seriously" phase from the early '00s. It's all so good. Too good. I need a live reunion ladies. 5/5 2. (I Got That) Boom Boom [feat. Ying Yang Twins] The fact that Brit collaborated with YYT is so fucking hilarious to me. This song doesn't really do much for me on its own, but I feel like it does a great job laying the foundation for the rest of the album. If MATM is the explosive opening, this is where the dust settles a bit and you get your first glimpse of the musical journey ahead. Cute instrumentation with he dulcimer and timpani. A fun bop, but it belongs at the pre-game, not the club. 4/5 3. Showdown This song is really where the cooing whisper of her vocals really got to me. Like damn honey, I see you. It's also so classic Britney in that there are like 10 million different things happening at once that should be a total mess and yet it all somehow flows so smoothly. My biggest complaint is that it doesn't really go anywhere new after like the first 35 seconds, but it's still a perfectly enjoyable album cut that manages to not feel too much like filler. 3/5 4. Breathe on Me Flop stan that I am, her Billboard Medley was actually the first time I heard this angelic masterpiece. I don't know how I managed this long. I always like etherealney, and I feel like this fits in well with like Heaven on Earth and Perfect Lover. Her moaning on the verses *almost* made me question my flaming homosexuality. 5/5 5. Early Mornin' Where the fuck did this masterpiece come from and where did it go? So sultry. Such a good groove. Great for slow drives or nasty dancing. The yawning giggles alone > careers. My new "why the fuck did I stay up until 1:30 am watching Glory reaction videos" anthem. 5/5 6. Toxic Find me a human being that doesn't like this song and I'll show you a goddam Liar. There aren't even words to describe this iconic smash hit, other than to say without hyperbole that I'm fairly certain it honestly is my favorite Britney song. It just has everything she does best condensed into such a tight and cohesive bop. Flawless. Life-changing. Miraculous. 5/5 7. Outrageous Move over Rihanna, we got the original #NoPhucks queen in the house. So much fun. I always love DGAFney. I do have to confess I definitely prefer the Junkie XL Dancehall mix from My Prerogative, but both versions are great. The album has that nice 8-bit snake charmer outro that sets the mood for the next masterpiece on the album. 4/5 8. Touch of God's Hand Guys. I. AM. SHOOK. Like BOM, I hadn't heard this song before the Billboard awards, and I kinda just tuned it out then. But. Holy fuck. The mysterious opening. The slow build. That bassline. Her flawless cooing. The slow realization that she's 100% talking about finger banging herself cuz she's an independent woman that don't need to man. and then those fucking flawless late 90s/early 00s drums kick in with the richly layered vocals in the pre-chorus at :45 and you ARISE FROM THE TOMB AND ARE BORN AGAIN . This song is truly flawless and magical and mystical and empowering and iconic and needs to be added to her next album and dropped as a single, Radar-style. 5/5 9. The Hook Up The prequel to Slumber Party. It's placement after TOMH is a bit of a jarring transition, but it's a fun, twerk-worthy transition into the final act of the album. 4/5 10. Shadow Tbh, ballads are never my favorite from Brit (we'll talk more about that in a bit), but I actually really like this! Getting minor Perfume vibes from it as well. Melodramatic in all the right ways, quality production, strong bridge, and such a great anthemic chorus. 4/5 11. Brave New Hoe YAS. YAS. YAAAAAAAAASSS. Weird Britney strikes again. The rapping. The almost unintelligible vocoders. The weird nursery rhyme melody. It's just SO MUCH fun. I have to say I'm a little distracted by the fact that it sounds just like Beautiful Stranger, and that the meter of the verses is IDENTICAL to Pitfall's Fireball. But comparisons to two complete bops aside, this song is amazing. 5/5 12. Everytime Alright. The party had to end some time, and I'm just gonna be real, I CANNOT get into this song for the life of me. Maybe it's because I hate piano ballads? Maybe it's because I think the harp is the most annoying instrument in an orchestra? Maybe it's because her falsetto tone has always rubbed me the wrong way? Idk. Look, I know this song came out of a really important and vulnerable time, and the lyrics are amazing. But I HATE this song and I don't think that'll ever change. 2/5 Conclusions This album truly is the masterpiece y'all have been proclaiming it to be and I'm so mad at myself for not seeing the light earlier It made me appreciate her so much more, but I also really look at her whole discography differently now. Seeing the DNA of this laced through her best work (Blackout & Glory) and completely absent from her worst (Circus & BJ) really helps me understand her artistic voice and where her true happy spot is. Thank you for your unending stanning. Without it, I honestly might have continued on in life, ignorant of this holy testament. As the great Plato once said, "A life without In the Zone is not worth living."
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    Chrysanthemum by Shakira Japanese Deluxe Cover: Release Date: September 3rd, 2016 Genre: Latin pop, RnB, Electropop, Dancehall, Pop Producers: Fernando Garibay, Shakira, Greg Kurstin, StarGate Writers: Shakira, Rick Rubin, Nicki Minaj, Christina Milian, Ryan Tedder, Lorde, Celine Dion Backing Vocalist: Shakira, Diana Vickers, Jennifer Lawrence CD Covers: Album Background: “I can't believe that it is finally out my loves” comments Shakira on her new album release. Over two years since she's put out her last record have gone by and the time is finally here! Shakira has shared that the sensation of this album being released is unbelievably great. She's already commented the it is some of her most honest work she's done in a while. “When my label forced me to switch to English music to gain more sales they wanted to transfer to more commercial and bubblegum music” Shakira as told the media. Titled Chrysanthemum, Shakira's newly released album is her latest her since self titled smash hit which spawned successful singles like Dare (La La La), Can't Remember To Forget You ft Rihanna, and Empire. Following her last album the singer took a small break to focus on Disney’s Zootopia as she plays a character in the movie and also released a highly successful single titled Try Everything which is featured in the movie. As she regroups her music career Shakira is now prepares to push herself out of the box when it comes to her English based music. Genre-wise the singer explored a very mixing sound with her new record. The singer blended her typical Latin pop sound into her RnB style from tracks like Hips Don't Lie with several types of dance music. The singer has tied her sound into more modern electro pop takes on dancehall to present a change in her sound. The music is however, very different from current industry standards as she brings the hypnotic sound by Selena Gomez and Lorde into more energetic songs which leaves fans dancing like wild. The album was produced by long term friend of Shakira’s Fernando Garibay who's worked on several hits of her. Garibay has worked on songs such as Lady Gaga’s Dance in the Dark, Whitney Houston’s Nothin’ but Love, Natalia Kill’s Cold, Kylie Minogue's Your Body, and even a few songs for Sugababes. Shakira also was an executive producer I her album which she's admitted in interviews to have slowed down the process while allowing the album to be her best yet. Greg Kurstin was also recruited and produced much of the album to give a more acoustic and mid tempo feeling to it that Shakia wanted. The final person working as a producer is StarGate who's produced several hits with the likes of Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. While Shakira didn't bring aboard a huge list of popular producers her close and intamimafe team allowed the songs to carry a stronger depth and personal feeling to them. In the production Shakira along wit Diana Vickers and Jennifer Lawrence recorded backing vocal parts to make the songs sound more smooth and strength the vocals. When writing the album Shakira also stuck to a small team consisting of Rick Rubin, Nicki Minaj, Christina Milian, Ryan Tedder, Lorde, Celine Dion and of course herself. Together they wrote the very well perfected and minimalistic songs on Chrysanthemum. Hitmaker and songwriter Lorde for example worked with Shakira in creating her lead single Utopia. In the end, Chrysanthemum is unlike no other Shakira album ever. Tracklist: 1)Intro 2)Au Natural 3)Innocent 4)Utopia 5)Wonderland 6)Lost In My Bedroom 7)On My Way 8)Blindfold 9)Educe (Interlude) 10)Aphelion (feat. Nicki Minaj) 11)Confessions 12)Savor 13)Outro Japanese Deluxe: 14)Utopia The Chainsmokers Remix Track by Track Descriptions: 1)Intro Producer: Greg Kurstin, Shakira Writer: Shakira The very first track off Chrysanthemum is the intro. While Shakira sings a short verse completely written by her, the self produced beat with Greg Kurstin moves along. The instrumental is an orchestral piece in a mid-tempo ballad like rhythm. A bass guitar is also mixed in to give it a more dancehall vibe as it carries a repetitive riff. Vocally the singer is very quiet but her voice grows towards the end, leading into the second track: Au Natural. 2)Au Natural Producer: Shakira Writer: Shakira; Ryan Tedder Following the intro, Au Natural is Shakira’s more down to earth ballad. With influence from traditional songs by stars like Mariah Carey, this first full track off Chrysanthemum is produced completely by the star and written with only a bit of help from Ryan Tedder. Because of that the singer has named it her most honest song yet as the flowing lyrics match perfectly with her perfect raw vocals. Lyrically she talks about living a very natural and bare life as she talks about living in the woods. The star also discusses the topic of youth in the lyrics which she has stated is a reoccurring theme to the record in previous interviews. The instrumental is a upbeat guitar beat recorded by the singer herself. It carries a very natural sound in it which contributes to the overall nature of the song. (To CAL Players: The song sounds like Send My Love To Your New Lover by Adele). 3)Innocent Writers: Shakira, Rick Rubin Producers: StarGate, Shakira A dark nature of music is something we've very rarely seen in Shakira’s discography. However her new song Innocent, which is the third track off Chrysanthemum, explores a dark pop side of the singer. Shakira alongside Rick Rubin wrote this hypnotizing song to the beat she made with StarGate. Lyrically she talks about a sexual nature of her as well as about being cheated on by her ex manager and lover. Antonio, the man she talks about, was her previous lover who signed her to his label while dating and later dropped her after she had been married to another man and then failed to score a #1 debut with her album. “Why'd they believe your innocent” is one of the recurring lines in the track that is surely memorable to fans as she sings it, and the rest of the song, in an aggressive raspy voice. Overall, Innocent is a very unusual yet well done track for Shakira. 4)Utopia Producer: Fernando Garibay Writers: Lorde, Shakira Backing Vocalist: Shakira, Jennifer Lawrence The lyrics of the new song speak about being content with life despite your situations. She criticizes the popularized songs that talk about the bad parts of society and rather shares about all the good things in her life she as her children and success. In the track she uses simple vocal techniques to give a very strong feel to the song which leave fans exhilarated. Backing vocals also include Jennifer Lawrence who gives a soft echo-ish sound making the song very large feeling. The instrumental to the song carries a great amount of simplicity as its a simple snap beat with a bit of synths. Shakira went for this style to keep the song not mediocre and be able to fare well on the end of the summer radio which currently has other similar hits like Lorde’s Summer of ‘82 and Emma Robert’s Golden Girls. It is completely produced by Fernando Garibay who layers in a very minuscule amount of disco influence so listeners can recognize that it is his work. 5)Wonderland Producers: StarGate, Shakira Writers: Shakira, Rick Rubin While having time off after her tour Shakira has had a wide amount of social freedom when outside of the public eye. One of the more mediocre tracks of the record is Wonderland, an euphoric electropop song about doing drugs and feeling misplaced when using them. Being a women who never smoked and did even drink much, Shakira’s experiences with drugs while taking a career break are a bit unexpected. The very diva-ish dark pop style to the beat keeps the song going while she uses very edited vocals to give her an unusual sound to her voice; a drunk and insane feeling to it which adds to the style of the song. Wonderland, unlike the rest of the album, is one that not every fan will love but the level of artistry she's put into it to give the feeling it's supposed to have is very respectable. Overall the cohesive work on it is something we can't wait to see performed live. 6)Lost In My Bedroom Producer: Fernando Garibay, StarGate Writer: Shakira One of Shakira’s most recognizable hits to date is her late Rihanna collaboration Can't Remember to Forget You. After three years from her collaborative hits release she releases the so called sequel to it, Lost In My Bedroom. Written completely by Shakira, with the production complete by Fernando Garibay and StarGate the songs harmonizing beat flows perfectly. With resemblance to songs by arises like Alessia Cara, Troye Sivan, and Coldplay the light alternative take on the dance pop genre is clearly displayed on this song. Similar to the style of her hit lead single Utopia, Lost In the Bedroom contains a mid tempo instrumental with more powerful vocals to give it a sensational feeling. 7)On My Way Producer: StarGate Writer: Shakira, Christina Milian, Celine Dion As Shakira moves into the more electronically inspired part of her album she has a new take on the song On My Way. Lyrically the singer talks about a struggling relationship that she doesn't know if it will last. She goes into detail with the song as she talks about the man's soft skin and curly hair and how much she will miss that if they break up. The instrumental of the song is a most soft combinations of snaps, claps and space like percussion a with gives it a moderate moving pace. The song keeps her vocals to a minimum as she focuses more on making the song a very general her well written soft dance track. The track as originally planned for Christina Milian and Celine Dion’s XXXO collaborative mixtape however the song was scrapped and refurbished for Shakira’s usage. 8)Blindfold Writer: Shakira, Rick Rubin Producer: Fernando Garibay, StarGate With Blindfold comes a more unusual take on Shakira's music. The dancehall take on her Latin pop/RnB style carries enfasis on her experimental style in the record. The lyrics, which are written by Rick Rubin Shakira, carry a more sexual style to them which gives the song some influences from early Rihanna albums like Talk that Talk, Rated R and Good Girl Gone Bad. The beat is a simplistic one consisting of tropical percussion and a slow melody line that allows the vocals to take over the song. This song is certainly one that will be picked up by clubs and is a possible future single because of that nature. 9)Educe (Interlude) Producer: Fernando Garibay Writer: Shakira As the record transitions from a more natural sound to its tracks to a more commercial dance pop sound, which can clearly be seen in songs like Lost in the Bedroom, the ninth track is Educe. Being an interlude the song is much is shorter than others on the record however it helps the album transition properly and coherently. Produced by Fernando Garibay, the track contains a light disco beat blended with a more modern sound similar to the one used in Lady Gaga’s cover of I Want Your Love. The track is completely written by Shakira who sings the well polished track. Due to creative reasons it is not separated into choruses and verses and is organized much like the intro track. 10)Aphelion (feat. Nicki Minaj) Writers: Shakira & Onika Maraj Producer: Fernando Garibay Following her Educe Interlude the singer takes the album into the more throwback style songs on the later half. Aphelion is a classic Britney Spears or Usher style turn of the millennium hit. The beat is a simple 90s inspired instrumental containing various instruments that have been heavily edited to give they sound they do. Both Nicki and Shakira use very commercial edited voices to give the song a greater chance at radio support. Lyrically the singer talks about being in a sexual relationship while living in the city. Altogether the song is the perfect future hit for the star and is surly going to be released as a single some time during this era. 11)Confessions Writers: Shakira Producers: StarGate A club banger in deed, Shakira’s track Confessions is surely one that is a major highlight off the record. Completely self written the singers Broadway inspired lyrics uses the technique of sounding like a conversation, one many artists have successfully used in their debut records. The StarGate produced beat mixes hip hop and RnB into an electronic sound which combines with her sassy vocals. Overall the track carries a memorable sound that is sure to be a future hit single off the record. 12)Savor Writers: Ryan Tedder, Shakira Producer: Greg Kurstin Being the final full track off Chrysanthemum, Savor is a soft yet powerful ballad. Made have compared it to being her Beyonce “Halo” moment in the record due to the chill beat while she projects her voice very powerfully. Talking about being abandon by a man Shakira doesn't hide her emotions as she sings powerfully. Fans have speculated who it is about and many wonder if she's currently divorcing her husband or if this is about some past relationship that she wanted to get off her lungs however the majority agree it is not about a real life experience. Written by Ryan and Shakira while produced by Greg, Savor is her most heart touching soon off the record. 13)Outro Writers: Shakira Producers: Greg Kurstin, Shakira Following their work together on the Intro, Greg and Shakira wrap up the album with the closer track. The tracks very soft a Capella nature contains soft oo’s and ah’s by the singer in the background of the show lyrics. It opens up with a chorus, which is actually just several parts by Shakira, singing in Latin before she starts the short verse of the track. The simplicity of the song is meant to put a proper closing to this album. Her voice is very soft yet powerful during the track to accompany the overall feeling of it. Japanese Deluxe: 14)Utopia The Chainsmokers Remix On the special Japanese deluxe edition, limited to the country, fans get a special remix of her hit lead single Utopia. The singers hit has been turned into a new exciting electronic song by the Chainsmokers who've created amazing music with artists such as Halsey. The new version also features a guest male vocalist by the group which adds to the song. [To CAL Players: Sounds like Closer by Halsey and the Chainsmokers] Following the album release this remix was sent to radio stations worldwide to boost the single in this charting weeks. Release Details: Utopia The Chainsmokers Remix has been sent to worldwide radio stations. Educe (Interlude) has been uploaded to Shakira’s YouTube as a lyric video. The Target edition includes an extended version of the Outro as well as a bonus track, which is a cover of Gwen Stefani’s Used To Love You. The album is discounted to $4.99 on Amazon and Walmart's websites.
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    #2. State of Grace 9.59 Comments: It's a great album opener with a nice blend of pop, rock, and country. I used to hate this song but it's now my second favorite. - @Hannah. Despite being pretty low-key for a rock-influenced track, it's actually one the album's boldest musical statements. It's energetic although it never really explodes, it's anthemic although it doesn't have an instantly recognisable chorus, its hook doesn't catch the listener's attention instantly and yet becomes much more rewarding in a longer run. As opposed to the first lines of lyrics ("I'm walking fast through the traffic lights / Busy streets and busy lives"), it's a track which doesn't reveal all of its greatness on first listen. Instead, it slowly but surely shows its advantages on repeated "meetings" being not only a perfect opener to the incredibly varied and unpredictable world of Red but also a perfect song on its own. - @Vilppu The best opener in all of musical history. - @blankdreams. It's perfect the ethereal guitars and breathy vocals ugh slay me. - @Kali Highest Rate: 11 @Snow @Taylor @Hannah. @Kali Lowest Rate: 6 @The Black Parade That means... #1. All Too Well 10.35 Comments: Even more iconic. Even more perfect. Even more of an anthem. One of the best heartbreak songs that has ever graced my ear drums. One of Taylor's best songs, period. - @Hannah. Forget Enchanted, this is Taylor at her highest high. Being one of her most complex and sophisticated tracks in every possible aspects, it tells a story of a doomed relationship. It starts rather innocently when Swift describes the past moments, the moments when she felt true love and joy with her former boyfriend. However, as the track progresses, the mood changes - it's the break-up (and her absolute lyrical peak with the "And you call me up again just to break me like a promise / So casually cruel in the name of being honest" lines) where you can almost feel the pain the lyrical I was experiencing. The production and instruments follow the lyrical and emotional content: at first All Too Well seems like a warm, pretty country ballad but when it reaches its climax, it becomes an expressive, insanely hard-hitting and thrilling rock composition. It takes a certain talent to write a track like this, however, it also takes a certain talent to pull it off convincingly. It's another area where Tay does not disappoint though. She might not be an exceptional vocalist but the emotions she provides here are truly commendable. All in all, a magnum opus and (sadly) one of her last brilliant creative moments before she collapsed in on herself (1939). - @Vilppu Nothing deserves the 12 more than this, I mean... the emotion, the melody. THE ABSOLUTE SNUB FOR THIS NOT BEING A SINGLE. THE ICONIC HAIRFLIPS. - @blankdreams. Overrated within the fanbase. It has good lyrics but it's not that special. - @Snow A masterpiece. - @Kali Highest Rate: 12 @Avril Lavigne @Lord Stoneheart @fab @Anna-wa @Taylor @Hannah. @Vilppu @blankdreams. @Hyperballad @Kali @Juinae Lowest Rate: 1 @PhCh You tried it. Scalp em ladies.
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    Here are the results just for summary: #19. Girl At Home - 2.91 #18. Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran) - 5.59 #17. Starlight - 5.76 #16. The Lucky One - 5.85 #15. I Almost Do - 6.18 #14. Stay Stay Stay - 6.35 #13. The Moment I Knew - 7 #12. Come Back... Be Here - 7.09 #11. 22 - 7.18 #10. Treacherous - 7.47 #9. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - 7.5 #8. Sad Beautiful Tragic - 7.56 #7. The Last Time - 7.88 #6. Holy Ground - 8.41 #5. I Knew You Were Trouble - 8.53 #4. Red - 8.56 #3. Begin Again - 9.06 #2. State of Grace - 9.59 #1. All Too Well - 10.35 Average score for this Legendary Album: 7.31 And I also calculated the average score that we each gave to the album as a whole: @The Black Parade - 7.47 @Avril Lavigne - 7.97 @Lord Stoneheart - 7.16 @Snow - 6.11 @fab - 6.42 @Anna-wa - 8.53 @Chris Pratt - 7.47 @Taylor - 7.84 @Hannah. -7 @RandomosiTAY - 7.21 @Vilppu - 6.11 @blankdreams. @6.11 @PhCh - 6.63 @Hyperballad - 9.26 @Sylk - 7.84 @Kali - 6.71 @Juinae - 8.37 Once again thank you for participating! It means a lot to me.
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    Honestly I love Marina but it's her own fault God knows I love ha to death but she's so pretentious and won't do promo or anything to advance her career. If she did promo and put herself out there more she would be more successful. Also the Marina and Lana comparisons are so old They're like in completely different leagues genre wise
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    I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to participate in my very first megarate as the host. It was so fun to read all your rates and the comments that came along with them. I know this results show had a rocky start but I am so overjoyed that it picked up and talent won! Thank you all for everything! And most importantly thank you for getting Taylord those posts that she much needed. I hope to do this again one day. You're all very special to me for this. With all my heart, Juinae xoxo
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    The decline in sales of music has been a concern as of late, with Beyonce being at the forefront of the contentious debate. Of the issue, she has famously quipped on Beats One radio alongside UMG CEO, Lucian Grainge, "I just don't get it - why won't people pay for music? We pay for the stupidest things, and yet music is something you consume on a day-to-day basis, yet you aren't willing to pay a cent for it? When did illegally downloading become okay? It's theft. Simple as that - it's theft. If a song leaks online and you download it, you're no better than the leaker. If someone illegally uploads a song online and you download it for free, you're no better than they are. I see it passing across this moral line - and it appalls me, how people are so okay with crossing that line. The money goes to (i) the incomes of the producers, sound engineers, backing vocalists, the production sound mixers... (ii) the rental of the studio, spread over the duration of MONTHS, sometimes nearly a year, (iii) equipment. Damn, technology is so damn expensive. And costly technology translates into higher costs, (iv) Distribution fees, (v) Fees to register the song and all the administrative things, and there a whole lot more. I can't go on." Evidently, it's been an issue people have been paying attention to. Mariah Carey voiced out, "I urge everyone to buy each track or record legally & not illegally. Bcoz we've put in a ton of effort BTS just to release it", while Kelly Clarkson "loved Beyonce’s interview with New York Times that she did. I’m kind of in the same place as her. I don’t think I have all the answers, but with research and discussion with others, we can find out how to turn this situation around." But why has it been an issue? Let us take a closer look at the numbers. This quarter of sales have been dismal, with the top 5 tracks of the last week closing out with disappointing numbers: Comparatively, here are last quarter's numbers: The top 5 songs this quarter have sold 9,204,300 sales, while the top 5 last quarter have sold 22,869,357 copies. That is a 59.7% percentage drop in ONE QUARTER. Yet people continue to wonder why this has been a concern of musicians, Beyonce and others alike. We managed to get a hold of Beyonce and spoke to her about the contentious issue, wanting more of her thoughts. "I'm actually going to file an appeal to the courts tomorrow," she candidly tells us over the telephone. "I mean what I say, it isn't a marketing ploy or something. I also hear that a private company is onto something and wants to revolutionize change from within. I'm all for that, but we'll have to see what these stakeholders bring to the table. If it isn't in line with the interest of the industry - the best, vested interests - then I am not interested, and it doesn't deserve rallying support around. But if it means change - positive change- I am all for it." Beyonce is well aware that the decline has been drastic, but an almost 60% decline in one quarter is an astounding figure, even to her, who has been in the forefront of pushing change. "That's a huge number. It's insane, sales are declining so quickly." And so she would know. The singer's own The American Dream, released last December, debuted with 3.1 million copies on the charts - and her newest, Sea of Flowers, started with 914,000. Both reached the peak of the charts at #1 - but Sea marks a 70.7% decline for Beyonce. Almost 60% decline for the industry in a quarter, 70.7% for Beyonce in a year. If the decline in sales continues, Beyonce worries that artists will be discouraged from conventional physical releases and move completely to streaming, where music is no longer regarded as a paid commodity. "It's eroding the value of music, day by day, streaming channel after streaming channel." Though the singer is a fan of the platform CALTube, she has not yet uploaded full album streams onto the platform and plans not to with her new album. "I believe music is worth paying for." Whether or not the rest of the consumer world feels so, only time will tell.
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    #19. Girl At Home 2.91 Comments: This should come as no surprise to most of the members here as everyone seems to share an almost unanimous hate for this song. Some hoped for it to be the first song to ever score a flat zero in a megarate but some desperate souls actually like this song. - @Juinae The only thing preventing me from giving this song a zero is because there's a two song limit. The song should have stayed at home along with the girl. - @Hannah. Is Girl At Home even worthy of a score? - @RandomosiTAY As I said, expecting this to be the first ever song on FOTP Megarates that has an average of 0! - @blankdreams. Taylor should be embarrassed that this song even existed in her discography. - @Snow It's catchy but I don't usually like songs about standing on one's own soapbox could have been executed better without the self-righteous moralistic angle. - @Kali Highest Rate: 8 (@Anna-wa @Hyperballad) Lowest Rate: 0 (@Snow @RandomosiTAY @blankdreams. @Kali @Juinae) Fun Fact: This is the only song on the album to score below a 5. Officially certifying it as FOTP trash.
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    @Sylk I have a bone to pick with you http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/output/0222672001472937559/15669451.mp3
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    Omg I was in a record store today and look what they fucking had hanging up on the wall it's signed by ha my fave britney album
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    I love how the News section is becoming softcore HOW
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    Stemming from the fact that each of her albums have debuted higher than the last, she is far from over She hasn't even peaked yet
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    "I got a lot of inspiration from Selena Gomez. I loved her record" "My album is called Glory it's out now, go get it, old school way" get those physical sales Brinny
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    Finally relistening to Red It's been a while since the last time I found God
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    I wish Taylor would work on another country album with tracks like State Of Grace, Red, All Too Well, Begin Again, etc. Red >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1989
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    I Almost Do is pretty fillerish honestly and I never cared much about it It gets overshadowed by the good sis Treacherous each and every time so also the placement on the album is pretty weird Here's a song about having fun with friends Then DEPRESSION Then partying about never getting back together Ok Taylor
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    #17. Starlight 5.76 Comments: How can you all hate this beautifully innocent track? Shame on you. - @Juinae I hate the way she says "tune" in this song and because of this, I never listen and gave it a bad score. - @Hannah. Like a bit better than a 0 but not quite the standard for the lord herself. - @blankdreams. Everyone needs to stop giving this track so much shit @blankdreams. it's so cute and fun and catchy. - @Kali Highest Rate: 11 @Chris Pratt Lowest Rate: 0 @Avril Lavigne @fab
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    Tune in tomorrow for the first week of The Quest. Teaser of what's yet to come:
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    If we're gonna be technical, Lemonade wins based on the production's quality alone: it's a lot more diverse, well executed, and intricate (one of my favorite things about it is how the samples are marvellously worked in almost unnoticeably), and the songwriting is of a higher standard too since minimum reliance on typical pop structures But obviously people will enjoy different things. Personally I think Glory is just another basic throwaway pop album that you can only enjoy if you don't expect anything but easy listening, and Anti a pop album that's trying to be something more but failing; all her pre-album promo singles were 100x better And the best song on it is just a track stolen from someone else but new vocals on it, so eh. Lemonade > Anti > Glory pour moi
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    look at me being right on time for the deserved winner wow i think we've come to terms that plenty of talent lost today, but at least the trash left right where they should! I'd also like to announce that I'm becoming a ful-time Ed Godran stan and making my Taylor stan job parttime because this forum needs to let itself in on some talent! and finallythanks @Juinae for doing dis even though you stan the shitty one <3
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    #14. Stay Stay Stay 6.35 Comments: Filler Filler Filler would be a better name for this tbh. It's not bad but it definitely isn't amazing either. - @Hannah. Would've given this a 0 if I had a third one! - @blankdreams. Stay stay stay the fuck away from this album. - @Snow It's cute. The instrumental probably would have been better suited for a commercial for IAMS dog treats or something. - @Kali Highest Rate: 11 @The Black Parade Lowest Rate: 0 @Snow @fab @Taylor
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    #16. The Lucky One 5.85 Comments: Meh. Not a fan but also not a hater either. - @Hannah. I will NEVER forgive some of you for shitting on one of the best tracks on this album. This is such a great story telling song and y'all shit on it like it's Stupid Ho or something. - @Juinae Choices of 0s has never been this easy. - @blankdreams. The sardonic deconstruction of fame. She knows exactly what this life is all about, and the cost of being at the top. I love the melody throughout as well and that it's not a "oh poor me" but "I choose this life until I no longer desire so." - @Kali Highest Rate: 10 @Juinae Lowest Rate: 0 @blankdreams. You betta sleep with one eye open. Since more of y'all seem to be here should I start this up again?
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    Lowest Rate: 0 @The Black Parade @Avril Lavigne @Vilppu choke on this bouquet!
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    I love this song so much omg for some reason it makes me feel so nostalgic about the past I know it's not a songwriting masterpiece but it's still a great song & easily one of my faves from this album @blankdreams. queen tbh
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    Here's to a new era of positivity and love #PerfectIllusion
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    It's that new style with that fresh type of flow Wrist icicle ride NICK SANDELL'S BICYCLE TILL IT BREAKS AND I HAVE TO GLUE IT BACK WITH HIS CUM
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    She never really got a chance to appeal to the GP and that's one of the reasons why the Lana comparison is so odd. Lana received an incredibly push from Interscope when she debuted, Marina didn't have much until her second album, but she still kinda blew it.
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    Every 5ish months Lena Dumbham does something that makes people get pissed then goes away poor iT she's only known for molesting her sister and trying to sleep with her everyone forgot tho and she's still in hollywood, mess white feminism protects her, but she acts the same way she thinks straight men stereotypically act lmao she is the worst and i want her to be cancelled so badly GIRLS is unfunny and has no POC, she lied saying she knows no black people she tries too hard to be controversial, but it's never funny She is Chelsea Handler's dollar general 50 cent toy bin equaliavent