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    I'm sorry my totally serious post didn't accurately describe the result of good vaginal health
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    Live Feed Update With the nominations set in stone, the house has erupted in arguments. @Hyun. is in the bedroom shouting at the camera's that the shows gorgeous and flaw free host, Justice Chen, is rigging in order to keep @Hylia around. @Saiga enters the bedroom where Hyun is and says that he was nominated because of last season. Hyun asks what he did and Saiga says he probably voted him out. Hyun denies such accusations and they continue to bicker about season two. This is when Hylia enters and goes off on Saiga about being pressed and obsessed with the events of season two. Meanwhile, in the same bedroom, @Sylk continues to have a Wendy Williams-Esque meltdown over the eviction of his lover @nevermind in the corner of the room. He continues to blow snot into @Skyline's clean clothes. @Taylor sees this and runs to tell Skyline about this. Skyline storms into the bedroom and begins to fight Sylk. Sylk comes up with excuses, which then turns sexual but Skyline continues to drag Sylk's musty wig through the gravel. Meanwhile, @Rachel Berry, @LadyGootGoot, @blankdreams., @Diamond Heart, and @Rico all meet in the lounge room to discuss their plan moving forward. Rachel says that Hyun has to go now and it's the perfect opportunity to get rid of him, especially since he won't have a vote in jury if evicted now. Blankdreams says that Hyun needs to stay because no one is safe with Hylia sitting next to them on the block. They continue to bicker about the nominations when Goot mutters that he will win. Everyone laughs because it's so far fetched. Diamond Heart brings up their plan to nominate @TattooedHeart and @Daenerys with @Maraj as a replacement. Rachel quickly shuts down wanting to nominate TattooedHeart. The bickering continues. Meanwhile, @WinnieThePooh wallows in his honey in the storage room. He hasn't left the room in days. No one is checking for him nor is anyone concerned.
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    Congratulations, you have all made it to the jury phase of the game! Or have you? All but two of you will be able to vote for who wins this season of FOTP Big Brother! Now, like I have said many times this season, if y'all did not rid the house of all of the witches before jury begins, they would be able to takeover the house and name THREE completely anonymous nominees. Well, jury has begun and the witches have returned to have some fun. They have named their three nominees already and they will be known as Nominee #1, 2, and 3. If one of them wins veto or one of the witches saves them with a veto, they will be replaced with Nominee #4. You will all vote in this eviction, but choose carefully! You may just be voting for yourself! Good luck to our three nominees! The veto will be soon!
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    Perching my perfectly pampered prolapsed pink pussy
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    dddd this had me choking because in reality she's as thin as Gwen's career
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    What a thought-provoking thread!
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    My name is My sign is My number is
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    Why was I expecting this thread to be about So Legit and Two Steps Behind Me
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    Live Feed Update @Hyun. is shook. When he was first nominated as a replacement nominee, he thought he was going home. He didn't even bother asking people to save him. Now he is making his rounds and campaigning to stay in the house. @blankdreams. said he was for sure voting to keep him, along with @Diamond Heart. @Juinae even started to show signs of considering swaying his vote in favor of Hyun. @Hylia seems completely unbothered by Hyun's tactics though and is still bitter at @Saiga being a pressed soul. Hylia and @Rachel Berry promise each other that they'll have to get rid of Saiga sooner rather than later now just because he has become such a nuisance. @Skyline has started to figure out that many of his things have gone missing. @Taylor tells him that it's probably @Sylk messing with all of his things. Skyline confronts Sylk about it but Sylk just denies everything. Instead of their usual argument breaking out, Skyline leaves Sylk in the kitchen, goes to the bedroom, takes Sylk's clothes, and goes to the bathroom. Skyline then begins to wipe his ass with Sylk's clean clothes. @Rachel Berry has decided that he needs to tell @TattooedHeart, @Daenerys, and @Maraj that @blankdreams., @Diamond Heart, @LadyGootGoot, and @Rico plan on targeting them next. They all decide to start a plan to strike them first. They also want to pull @WinnieThePooh in as an extra number and @Hylia should also become their new alliance member. Hyun hears this and quickly runs back to tell the others. They all now want Hylia gone in order to get rid of their extra vote. The eviction is coming up and the witches full takeover will follow. The house is continuing to build up with tension.
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    you're not a fan favorite. everyone would riot if you won.
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    ok, so ive had the Joanne snippets on REPEAT these last couple of days and I have to say.... i'm fucking back on board with yall re-added my godga award back where it belongs idgaf if this shit flops, it sounds AMAZING. Like, PI was probably one of the worst songs on the album my least fav snippets were AYO and grigio girls when they first came out but i love them now my least fav snippet now is come to mama but even that sounds kinda cute Im so fucking perched to think that we are getting this in just a couple of days like it can literally leak ANY MINUTE so flop or not, we will WIN because yet once AGAIN, Gaga will deliver another MASTERPIECE to add to her immaculate collection of work. Im fucking ready sis hear my sinners prayer and release this fucking GOLD MINE V
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    I won't be active on FOTP for a while in order to focus on my school. So yeah... Anyone from graphics team please take over the set requests while I'm away would be appreciated Will miss ya all!
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    Hello everyone! So after looking at the poll it seems the best time for everyone will be Sundays at EST 3pm/ London 8pm! The first results show will be this Sunday October 16th so please try to make it! Remember there are 50 bonus points up for grabs and the 2 winners of the game get free VIP's! If you haven't yet submitted your answers please try to do so by Saturday morning, good luck!
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    *Joanne release day* FOTP: Create>Battlegrounds:
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    Trump voters are legit campaigning on Twitter to get the 19th amendment repealed so that he'll win... Pfft, you all wish. Obama would never let it get repealed, especially not to get Trump of all people into office.
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    Truly a controversial eviction! Who will it be that leaves next? @Hylia or @Hyun.? Well it is time to find out! By a vote of 9-4... An announcement in regards to nominations is next!
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    Titties are love, titties are life
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    I hate Hillary but y'all are fucking crazy if you think a pedophilic rapist is a better option. Good damn bye.
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    fucking disgusting vile creature someone get rid of it please
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    this legend i tried it back in 2004 failed broke my leg and cried literal slayed by the queen
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    Serving gaycat too Lord coming for the hennies!
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    Who, I mean WHO can do something like this! Entrance of life!!! Perfected choreo, moves, costumes, HER BODY!!! In her 40s I am OBSESSED with this performance
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    So with the Joanne snippets leaking we kind of know what the direction of the album is going to be like. But do you think she should've went with the disco/funk route instead? (Also where is the funk on Joanne that she was talking about during radio interviews? ) I'm pretty sure that this was the original direction of LG5, especially considering that she was working with Nile Rodgers and was about to work with Giorgo Moroder So what do you think sistren? Inspired by @Anita Dick's BG thread.
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    keep sticking the knife in
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    oh wow Oniks the new Top 20 bar my wig FLEW @Onika
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    First of all, again? Second of all, I was being general and quick omg what would that LM have cared that I liked a few performances, songs and outfits post-2010? The point of me bringing up I didn't like recent Madonna was that... you know what, not even gonna repeat it. So? What does that mean? That was what I was talking about with H.O.N.E.Y. (who agreed, alongside me, that we disagreed but also respected each other's opinions) and you butted in and then I repeated some more of my thoughts, repeating all the way through that that was just the way I saw things. Who cares that I see it that way? Do you really care that much about my personal take on the last two years of Madonna's career? Esp. when I say it's just my opinion? Who's the pressed one, really? The one who's been slandering me for a few opinions or the one who only started sharing those opinions because he was pushed? That is questioning my status as a fan though.. literally It doesn't matter that you didn't mean it, you said, twice, that you thought it was hard to accept that I was a fan because, according to you (paraphrasing now) I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about when I mentioned things about her career That + you saying I lost all my credibility because I liked some recent things Madonna did (which you didn't like apparently) and saying you always (crucial to annihilating this point you made lol) knew I was a recent Madonna hater who delighted in acting superior because he didn't like post-2010's Madonna exactly shows your arrogant and wannabe superior behavior that you're ironically accusing me of like you're not the pro at Talk about pulling things out of a context. I said that in relation to my original point: that I was tired of Madonna fans falling into the trap of LMs: bringing up her recent work to disqualify reasonable comments about Gaga as if all Madonna stans believe her recent work is brilliant You didn't claim that RH was an amazing album, but you did make various claims about it shitting on ARTPOP as an album and being obviously superior Thereby giving even more ammo to LMs who can ignore quality criticism of Gaga by just toying around with easily played Madonna stans who believe RH is an album worth fighting about, like she doesn't have a ton of albums that are a lot better played to compare her to Gaga in terms of quality (which was literally the closing remark of my first RH-related post here). So yeah, that is what I was talking about, asshole, and the fact that you don't even get it is proof of you not even caring about what I was originally saying in here and why I mentioned RH at all lmfao that's the example of me bringing you down or something? Genius. That is what the whole discussion was about. I wrote I didn't like RH because I thought it was basic in general ànd because it was subpar to her other work and you jumped on me to say that I had bs reasons for not liking it. That's how this all began, silly That comment was also about you preferring a wild theory about Madonna being systematically boycotted by critics (well, you backtracked on that after being confronted with RH reviews) and the industry over a simple theory of people just not liking the music enough to buy it (which tied into our discussion about me not liking the album). I don't know what that's supposed to mean. I didn't bring anyone in here deliberately or whatever. I know you started quoting me for my reasons for not liking RH and what I think of the reception of the album (both of which you think is absolute bs), but I've clarified over and over again that it was just my opinion and that I'm not pretending my opinion is a fact (something, even after those many repetitions, you still deny) and that I didn't want to talk about RH until deliberately pressured by H.O.N.E.Y. and you Which automatically cancels out all of your "you want to bring Madonna and her fans down"; "you jumped on the hate bandwagon"; "you're obsessed with hating that album" comments Just face it, kid. I had no bad intentions, I started a conversation with another member (H.O.N.E.Y.) on good terms, I know my opinion is just an opinion (but I do have arguments for it, and if I'm asked about them, I will share them), and I'm not someone who jumped on the Madonna hate bandwagon You liked me in the early pages of this thread because I was dragging Gaga. That was my goal. I'm not gonna apologize for hating RH as the only album in Madonna's discography and having my reasons for it, and my ideas about how it was received. Fuck that.
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    yes because no one knows more about The White House and Presidency than a first Lady Foreign Policy than a Secretary of State Domestic Policy than a State Senator and State First Lady
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    I doubt that Trump supporters will even care He has always been a disgusting human being so that's nothing new
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    Well this level of perfection is not for u sis U can try to do this from your other fave
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    She looks like she is ready to drop that album in next 2 weeks
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    The Queen of Rock Is Coming. We Are Not Ready. Slaylor Swift Is Back.
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    Sup losers. It is I, Justice Chen, and I come with an announcement. Either @Hylia or @Hyun. will be evicted tomorrow. Poor them. They will be the last person evicted before jury begins. So congrats to everyone (other than Hylia or Hyun) for making jury! Now, as I have stated earlier, once jury begins, the witches will have control of the house for an entire eviction. This means that tomorrow's HOH and nominations are powered by the witches. Not only that, but the THREE nominees will be 100% anonymous. You will not know who is nominated nor will you know who you are voting for. Good luck tomorrow, houseguests. The witches are back and they aren't playing around anymore!
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    The second to last there is Ariana Grande.
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    @Big Brother Live Feeds Is that you in your avi? <3
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    bitch you just upvoted yourself
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    I've made like 3 and giving you actual things to talk about! When will @blankdreams. @Irrelevants
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    Same actually. My dad is having surgery the day before it's out so it'll be a little plus for the period that he starts recovering
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    In other news, Hung Up just recently reached 100M views! Despite being deleted (at the time it was one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, I might add) and reuploaded cause #WarnerBros so congrats to the good sis!
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    the combination of this phrase and gif brought me all the way back to October 2015, oh wow the Billboard WOTY-gate days