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    Not you promoting the woman you hate
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    I thought monsters didn't care about critics few days ago?
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    This is genuinely the weakest argument fanbases of every kind come up with. Guess what, you made a BG thread about our impact as Madonna fans, I mean you can extend it into infinity Don't think you guys are one-upping us when the best you got is not arguments but jokes about Madonna's wrinkles..
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    Had to go to the ER this morning, thankfully it's just Bell's Palsy, nothing serious, but I'm probably going to be a little quieter than normal the next few days. I'm on a lot of meds and beat as hell rn. Love you guys
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    I woke up at about 5 AM today because my dad was having surgery today, and so my parents and I got everything packed for the hospital and headed up there, and before long they took him back to begin the pre-op process. My grandpa arrived at the hospital right afterward, followed by my grandma (they're divorced), so it was my mom and I sitting with the how of them in the waiting area and things were going pretty great, and everyone was getting along. I got up to use the bathroom, but when I came back my mom had tears in her eyes, which I assumed were just related to her being worried about my dad. I asked her what was wrong, and she replied "I'm just pissed off at how people are judging other people like this", with my grandma firing back "well some people just have opinions that everyone doesn't agree with". Clearly, something happened during my trip to the bathroom. I asked my mom if she wanted to get up and walk with me for a minute so I could find out what happened, so we walked off into a hallway, and she began telling me what happened, which took me for a complete spin. A cousin of mine, who happens to be a lesbian, hot brought up in a conversation and my grandpa said "it's not related to my religion, but I just don't believe in the gay lifestyle" followed by my grandma actually saying how she doesn't "understand" the gay lifestyle either. My mom had gotten mad over them talking like that due to her support of the LGBT community, and that's about when I had come out of the bathroom. I started crying because, well, both of my grandparents had just blatantly made homophobic remarks, something I never thought would never happen. These are the same grandparents I've known and loved my whole life. My mom and I sat back down, and my grandpa came up to me and said "I didn't know you felt so strongly about this, but I just don't approve of the lifestyle and I hope you can forgive me for that" (he doesn't, or didn't know I was gay at that moment). After he walked away, my mom went over to where my grandparents were sitting and basically dragged my grandpa over his hypocrisy, claiming to be a good Christian but casting judgement himself, then she came and sat back with me when she was finished. After we talked for a bit, my mom straight up asked me if I was gay. Naturally, I came out with it and said yes, and she told me she's had a feeling I was for years now and that it's not a problem with either her or my dad, and that they both love me no matter what. Shortly afterward, my dad came out of recovery and they had him in a room so we all went to find it, with my grandpa speaking like 5 words to my dad before leaving, afraid my mom would probably drag him again. My mom explained the whole thing to my dad, and as my mom and I were leaving the hospital for the night, he told me he was proud of me. That, and the moment with my mom, are moments I'll never forget. Unfortunately, my grandpa talking to me the way he did will also be a moment I never forget. tl;dr: In the midst of my dad having surgery, my grandpa told me to my face he didn't approve of the "gay lifestyle" and my grandma said she "didn't understand it", leaving me an emotional wreck pretty much. My dad's surgery was successful, and what matters now is that he's recovering and my parents 100% support me.
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    Jesus, and people accuse me and @Jjang of writing essays for three sentence posts It's possible to read it in that "I'm just me, don't compare me to her" way, but she still tried to separate herself from Madonna by saying she writes all her songs and works hours and hours in the studio The implication of Madonna not doing that is 100% clear, otherwise she would never even have thought to bring that up right after the "She's the biggest pop star of all time. But I blah blah blah" comment. It's that implication that's terribly offensive and, surprise, it's the one you neglected to mention here
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    he's being so overdramatic The price is half off ONLY for one day and it's only as a gift for people who want to subscribe to Amazon Prime... but yet he said absolutely nothing when Rihanna had Samsung buy 1m copies of her album and then give it away to her fans for free, lmao he can sit his pressed ass down somewhere
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    not me accidentally typing in "xtincta" on spotify to listen to her music
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    Current Houseguest Fan Rankings: The latest eviction really changed up the rankings, so check them out! 1. @WinnieThePooh 2. @Hyun. 3. @Hylia 4. @Daenerys 5. @Skyline 6. @Diamond Heart 7. @Maraj 8. @blankdreams. 9. @Rico 10. @TattooedHeart 11. @Rachel Berry 12. @Juinae 13. @Cady Heron 14. @Jony 15. @GLORY 16. @JENNA GAGA 17. @SANDCASTLES 18. @Saiga 19. @Dr. Slay 20. @Lobo 21. @PhCh 22. @Scathach 23. @Sylk 24. @Taylor 95. @LadyGootGoot
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    Besides, Katy's critical reception has been rising with every single album So has her tour gross And she managed to get the best selling single of her career in her last era Meanwhile Gaga is just declining, declining, declining in literally every dimension. Even her jazz album didn't get overall critical praise for being a thrown together unnecessary mess And even if this album gets better reviews than ARTPOP or BTW her peak from 2009 will still deligitimize these threads 'cause she is nowhere near being the example of a pop artist who is at the top of most levels
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    Because none of her albums are worthy of being over 60 so far It's not Katy's fault that critics don't treat Gaga equally fairly The only thing she's got going for her is that slapped on "I'm a real artist! I'm a musician!" shtick she's been pulling since day one. It automatically creates the impression that you need to take her work seriously which will lead to a very different pop review than for a Katy album who has the image of being a goofball who can't really sing @Jjang can you find that study again that showed how artists like Gaga are automatically rated higher in terms of quality because they have the reputation of being avant-garde?
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    "rat attacks joanne" would've been a more appropriate title
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    When an interviewer doesn't ask you about anything, because you're not a celebrity and you don't do interviews
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    hey girl, hey girl, we could make it easy if we lift each other
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    i am so proud to be a gay! Like i wouldn't want to be anyone else I wanna scream it at the top of my lungs from the roof I AM GAY!!!! really away from my family members ofco
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    Avril was always such a disgusting, rodent-looking, rotting-teeth piece of shit pressed 24/7
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    Apparently if you have an Amazone Prime account or something you can get Joanne for $3.99 on October 21st Snatch those few extra sales I guess! Maybe she'll pass 100k now
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    I'm just enjoying my tea over the fact that Monsters dragged Rihanna for giving ANTI away for free. On Tidal. And it didn't even count for the sales, it was just a give away. And now their fave sells the album for the minimum price to count. What a good day
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    This Is Acting (Deluxe Edition) is out now hunties
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    i like being sick sometimes bc my voice gets all raspy and sexy
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    This fake bitch is maybe jealous becase she will NEVER write songs like Vogue, Like A Prayer, Live To Tell, etc, etc I'm so glad that people still ask her about Madonna in every interview Greatest tribute act EVER
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    Gaga said “I don’t know why people compare me to David Bowie, because there will never be another David Bowie and I don’t think anyone is comparable to him. “Maybe because I stole his lightning bolt for my first video, but it was an homage to my greatest inspiration. I don’t know, it makes me uncomfortable, I should say – I just want to be me.” “I did my very best to put together something that I hoped would be the showstopper of the night. All I wanted was for when the Grammys were over, for people to talk of nothing but David Bowie, and I think I achieved that.” “It did hurt. But what are you going to do? I can’t… it’s his father, you know. Whatever he was feeling in that moment I have compassion and love for him. But yes, of course it hurt. I still have to trust and believe in myself as a Bowie fan. I’m not his family, and the thing is, that’s his father. His father is not David Bowie, his father is David Jones. “I’m sure that was difficult to watch and of course, I called many people on David’s team before I even begun doing that project and it’s unfortunate, what can I say? But God bless of him, you know?”
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    I'm so glad Gaga has added this slice of happiness to her discography. It's one of my favourites from Joanne. COME TO MAMAAAAAA, TELL ME WHO HURT YAAAAAAA WHY DO WE GOTTA TELL OTHER HOW TO LIVE, THE ONLY PRISONS TO EXIST ARE THE ONES WE PUT EACH OTHER IN Appreciate it girls!
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    Y'all keep saying how Joanne is shit and how Gaga is lying and stuff, yet you still spend time in making threads in BG (look it up every thread here is about the Goddess ). Gaga ha impact, making the haters go mad. Slay Goddess! Oh, and Joanne is iconic
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    Why is that exactly? TD has plenty of pop rock songs, it has the more electronic ones like Circle the Drain and E.T. (parallelling JW and DIC), it has the ballads (Not Like the Movies is totally on par with the Joanne ones), from a songwriting perspective all those songs are on the exact same radio friendly average level If you, right now, listened to the albums of the chick in my avatar, Angel Olsen (80+ on Metacritic) you should realize that both Katy and Gaga belong in the exact same category: average, guilty pleasure pop Except Katy doesn't have to run away from her earlier flops and just keeps steadily evolving her craft without trying to deceive anyone pouring a fake ass country-ish (but not even really) vibe on songs that are just as average and underwritten as her last album And no, this isn't me being a music elitist but I can't stand pop elitists who think Gaga vastly outshines other chicks because she, unfairly, plays the "artist" / "real singer" card
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    26 reviews vs 9 reviews don't celebrate yet, boo!
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    He has the audacity to call someone desperate?
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    Janet Jackson is a legend omg Unbreakable is such an amazing album where dem Janet stans at?
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    Hannah upvoting the camera's posts always makes me cackle iconic
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    She's so terrified of not getting that #1 album debut kiiii
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    I'm so sorry about what your grandparents told you, homophobia comes from ignorance, they might not understand it now, but I'm sure they will come around. Not just for you but for your cousin as well. But I'm very happy that your parents fully support you. Also glad to hear that your Dad's surgery went well! Just remember that the most beautiful thing to come out of this was your parent's full support! Sending you love xo
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    Okay I just actually watched the video and damn she seems MAD Gaga sis I still kinda love you but you're making it so hard to do that No one cares how many instruments you play or the process behind it when the quality of your music has drastically deteriorated and so have your performing skills Where is the bitch who performed Paparazzi at the VMAs? Or put on the fucking Monster Ball? Until you regain back the stage presence and musical talent you (seemed to) had back then you have no right to say shit about Madonna I'm starting to believe that she really wasn't the driving force behind the artist she came onto the scene as, her team probably was, and now that she ditched them she's literally nothing and so fucking bitter, you can tell
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    Omg seriously why are you still in here, I thought you didn't fucking CARE bitch If you don't care about the content of this discussion but you do care about annoying other people with your misplaced sense of superiority and transcendent intelligence (don't forget you came in here claiming you knew what Gaga meant, and we all didn't, which is what I responded to you for) then that just makes you even more of a pathetic loser than if you were too invested in the internet and wanted to use a BG thread for an actual argumented conversation, what do you think, you look like the better person in this convo? You don't. Go back to downvoting my harmless posts about Gaga, you person who does not get affected and is not too invested in this place.
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    She said, on stage to an audience of rich people, that she "loves Hollywood now!" just a year ago doing her I'm a jazz diva now act I remember that vidivly 'cause a lot of fans saw it as a betrayal, basically the follow-up of her buying a damn car collection and a mansion in the most white ass celebrity spot you could possibly live, a place she said she hated too And now after all that, she's trying to sound like just an authentic musician again who can't possibly be compared with other pop stars who are just making "empty", "irrelevant" albums about "twerking in the club" (something she said in this same interview), that just pisses me off WHERE'S YOUR LEMONADE THEN BITCH WHERE'S YOUR RAY OF LIGHT WHERE'S YOUR LIKE A PRAYER WHERE'S YOUR BLACKSTAR DON'T WHINE ABOUT BEING AUTHENTIC WHEN YOU'RE MAKING RADIO FRIENDLY BORES
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    ok? Madonna and Gaga are two completely different artists. There are things that Gaga does better, but there are things that Madonna does better. Madonna and Gaga are amicable towards each other. It's the fans who really care to drag out a stale feud She's not saying Madonna doesn't write her own music, she's just listing qualities that she has. They write different types of music.
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    Tired of Joanne, Gaga new era plz
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    I don't know but at least she's never made an album that underwhelming
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    The most important thing is that your both parent support you and you live with them so that's the thing that matters most. I'm happy about it Hylia <3 consider yourself lucky because my dad wasn't that fair with my sexuality.
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    I'm more upset that she lied about most of these.
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