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    No matter who you vote for, please go vote - exercise your rights and your mind.
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    Go vote! Write-in Jony FOTP and help make America gay again
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    If you're over 18 and in the U.S., don't be an asshole, go vote today.
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    I swear you cannot have an educated debate with a Trump supporter without them yelling at you or mentioning the "EMAILS!"
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    You can now go to your user menu > Edit Profile to add an "I voted" sticker to your posts!
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    Voted for my first time, what a rush
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    *Twenty One Pilots voice* Wish we could turn back time... To the good old days... When we didn't have to worry about a Trump presidency BUT NOW WE'RE STRESSED OUT.
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    Me arriving at the polls with my female, black, Mexican, Muslim, LGBTQ+, handicapped, low income, and veteran sisters
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    Donald Trump is almost as delusional as some of the members of this forum
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    So after some reflection I realized that FOTP wasn't my problem. It was my poor time management skills and impossible workload. I snapped and dropped out of all my classes and am taking a leave of absence. I need some time to take care of myself and learn how to manage time better b4 starting classes again.. and I didn't realize how much you guys gave me life so I'm back
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    Okay ladies, now let's get in formation. One day left, we can do this y'all! <3
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    And here we see @Sylk reusing his own jokes within a span of 5 minutes
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    And this is footage from Popfection's Headquarters! @Sylk at work!
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    just spotted @Hylia at a meeting of her fan club!
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    can you believe @Taylor met Queen B?
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    #tbt to the time @Hannah. met @Sylk
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    The world is watching us today. We're making history, regardless of however fucked up the result may be. Although hopefully that result leads us to further make history by electing our first female President, that would be nice.
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    just spotted @Liam at a meeting of his fan club!
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    Can you believe @WinnieThePooh met @LuranusLur
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    Don't be obtuse. If you're over 18, go vote! Help us save this country.
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    By tomorrow Wendy could be the next US President! (via secret ballot) #ImWigHer #HowYouDoin?
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    Good luck tomorrow & stay safe American friends
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    Talent could win tonight,c'mon Hillary