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    that moment when you casually find a song that you've been desperately looking for more than a year
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    poor mariah is DEVASTATED after her NYE debacle
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    reaction pics are my fav things in the world i honestly love them so much omg
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    Me and @Vertigo-go when Z LALA doesn't release new music soon
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    To confirm, yes I am single. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u
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    Well I finally came out (kind of cause I just updated my profile pic on whatsapp with a picture ) to the rest of my family after I told my mom on my birthday, and everyone was like yaasss and celebrating , but surprise.mp3 I believed everyone was like celebrating and stuff but an aunt gave me the surprise I couldn't believed at first she said I shouldn't make it public and I shouldn't be gay and I was like it's 2016 21 century, but I literally don't care so she stayed like and everyone against her and I don't like to make anyone feel bad in any way but she deserves it because she is a b**ch
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    back to iconic times when gaga was possessed by satan and not by the ghost of her dead aunt. miss this so much
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    I'm glad Demi Lovato won 7 Golden Globes for this masterpiece:
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    I can post status updates now wooo
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    I'm such an insecure, jealous bitch. Ugh it's so bad ?
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    Poor @Sylk thinking telling people he's spamming Mariah pics will get them to go to chat
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    ikr. Watching her videos used to be so shocking. It's honestly sad to see when any fave just lets their talent go
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    Like A Virgin, 1984 True Blue, 1986 Like A Prayer, 1989 Erotica, 1992 Bedtime Stories, 1994 Ray Of Light, 1998 Music, 2000 American Life, 2003 Confessions on a Dance Floor, 2005 Hard Candy, 2008 Celebration, 2009 MDNA, 2012 Rebel Heart, 2015
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    Omg the all Wendy Williams answers @Gilly @Sylk
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    I just watched Amy Whinehouse's documentary movie Such an iconic legend