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    PERFORMANCE SLOTS How to try and get your artist a slot. First, you need to decide which category of performance slot you want: • HIGH (opening or closing slot – 2 available) • MEDIUM (during the main show – 5 available) • LOW (during the pre-show – 2 available) You can only apply for one category at a time. You will need to write a short paragraph (no more than 200 words) that you will PM to me explaining why you think your artists deserves the spot that they are trying to secure. A list of potential performers will then be compiled for each category (HIGH, MED and LOW). These will be ranked lists – if your artist sits at the top of the list, they have the best chance at securing a performance slot in that category. Over the next couple of weeks, I will gradually reveal performers (starting at the top of list, locking in artists). For example, if you apply for a HIGH profile slot and your artist is sitting at the top of the list when I lock in that category, they will get one of those slots. Every time a performer is revealed, I will also show you how the current rankings are looking. You are able to improve your position on the listing through your promotion. Climbing the charts will help, as will scheduling new releases close to the ceremony, however the best way to help your position on the rankings is by generating hype. If the public is intrigued and interested in your artist and what they are doing, then MTV are going to want them on their screens. Remember, there are a lot of ways to generate hype in this game. Creativity, mystery, controversy – it’s up to you. The first slot to be revealed with be one of the HIGH profile slots, followed by two MEDIUM profile slots and one LOW profile slot. Then the other HIGH profile slow will be revealed, followed by two more MEDIUM slots and the other LOW profile slot. Then the last MEDIUM slot will be revealed. If you apply for a slot in one of the three categories but then either miss out or change your mind, you are allowed to withdraw and then apply for another slot. However, you will join the ranking at the back of the line, meaning those who applied before you will have an advantage. Make sure you really think about what you think you have a chance at getting. PLEASE NOTE: HIGH profile slots will be very likely be given to established and successful artists – it is not recommended that new players apply for this category. MEDIUM profile slots are the most open category and while there are 5 slots, these will likely be highly contested slots. LOW profile slots are much suited for up-and-coming artists and they will even be given an advantage over more established artists. The first slot (a HIGH profile slot) will be revealed in just a few days, so make sure you get round to applying this week! Hope this makes sense to you all - if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Good luck! ---
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    @Tapestry would be so happy for Meryl tonight
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    Me and @Vertigo-go when Z LALA doesn't release new music soon
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    These all sound like great ideas, which means she won't do any of them
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    Omg the all Wendy Williams answers @Gilly @Sylk
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    I never really set out any rules or info so here they are. Just updated in the OP
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    Brenda is the best thing ever in Scary Movie
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    Sent in my VMA performance slot thingy @ryjapo BTW: YOU ARE SLAYING AS HOST!!
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    Why are Lucky Charm's the god of midnight snacks
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    it's not great :/ it's overproduced, kinda vanilla and it hinges on the whole "goddess of love! kumbaya! love my twink gays!" conceit too much but the standouts are some of her best!
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    more: http://gagaimages.co/thumbnails.php?album=642
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    At least 16 people have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery of Kim Kardashian West in Paris in October, officials say. Authorities said at the time that the American reality TV star was robbed at gunpoint by at least two men dressed as police officers. The men entered Kardashian West's luxury apartment before tying her up and locking her in the bathroom. They escaped with an estimated €10m (£8.7m; $10.5m) in jewellery. French police said that traces of DNA left at the scene led to the arrests. The men were detained in early morning raids in the Paris region. The 36-year-old mother-of-two, who is married to the rapper Kanye West, said she feared she was going to be killed at the time. The star was left badly shaken but unhurt. BBC
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    GLASS ANIMALS VISIT RADIO 104.5 PHILADELPHIA // US For their third stop on their United States radio tour, Glass Animals were requested to stop by for an interview at Radio 104.5 Philadelphia. This comes after the band had an interview in Poughkeepsie, New York yesterday, and another in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday. This stop is only the third out of many in the indie rock band's voyage throughout the United States in their endeavor to promote their brand new single, "Giddy." After the band was interviewed, they performed "Giddy" live. Below, you can check out both the interview and the live performance. COLOR CODE ON THE RADIO TOUR AND FREE TIME "This is only our third stop, and we've already had so much fun! When we first arrived in the U.S. on Saturday, we had an interview in Providence, which we toured around a bit. The zoo and the mall were the places we enjoyed the most. On our little trek around the city, we actually ran into some fans! They were really sweet, and asked us if we'd come to Providence on our next tour. While I couldn't make any promises, I did tell them I'd try to make something happen. And yesterday, we were in Poughkeepsie, New York. After our interview, we headed down to New York City. We went to Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Times Square, all the must-sees. And now we're here in Philadelphia. We'll probably check out the Franklin Institute and the Liberty Bell if we get a chance. All in all, we've had a ton of fun so far, and we're very excited to be heading off to our next destinations soon." ON OTHER MUSIC RELEASED RECENTLY "Oh my gosh, where do we begin? Well, there was Ali Ali's single, 'Vanity.' It was fantastic! We all bought the pre-order, and we are thrilled with our purchase. It's an amazing song, make sure you listen to it. Then there's Mariah's 'Arcane,' which is yet another flawless album from her. While this isn't brand new, the music video for Charli XCX's 'Rainstorm' was released yesterday, and we thoroughly enjoyed that. And although these haven't been released yet, we're super excited for the new Christina Aguilera single, as well as Ariana's brand new remix of Kaleidoscope featuring Brendon Urie. We've said it once and we'll say it again. This is a very exciting time for music." ON UPCOMING RELEASES "Well, as we said yesterday, we're likely going with an EP before we release the album. We just signed with a new label. We don't want to be rushing into anything. We don't even have enough songs to release a solid EP yet, so we have to do some planning. "Nothing about the EP has been determined yet. The tracklist, cover art, everything. It's all undecided. That also means we don't know for certain if the seemingly highly anticipated collaboration will be released as part of this project, or just as a standalone single. It'll all come together in due time." The band then performed "Giddy," and left shortly afterwards. If you haven't already, be sure to stream "Giddy" on CALTube or download it on iTunes. Follow Glass Animals on Twitter (@GlassAnimalsCAL)! We'll be covering the entire North American Glass Animals radio tour, so check back here if you want updates on it or other Glass Animals info.
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    Well unserve cause she has to rehearse for the halftime show
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    fff sorry if the cover looks horrid but I had to do this in a rush
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    Not Into the Bible getting one of the lowest scores
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    If Live to Tell and La Isla Bonita don't get 5s i'm seriously blocking you
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    What so? People are claiming her SB was the best, thanks to the VISUALS, while her dancing was mediocre and she was lipping that's why I said what I said - not everyone needs visuals to cover up the lack of talent And Madonna's weak ass vocals are on Katy's levels, and that is not a compliment the only extraordinary thing about Madonna's performing abilities are her visuals
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    she did not sing live at the Super Bowl and her dancing was mediocre
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    The most shocking thing here is the implication that any sane woman would still touch Chris Brown
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    John Hughes is an iconic movie director and writer. Sixteen Candles was his debut as a director. It was critically acclaimed, while I think that it is a solid movie. The main issue is movie's plot. There is no plot. At least I felt that way. We just see a bunch of teens hanging out in school, at party, at home... Typical teen problems and situations. Molly Ringwald plays her eternal role: an "unattractive" girl that gets a hot boy in the end. The things in this movie are so shallow. Samantha (Molly Ringwald) is in love with Jake Ryan who is popular, hot and has a girlfriend. One day, she did a sex quiz on a paper and that paper accidentally ends up in the hands of Jake instead of her best friend Randy. In that quiz, she revealed that "she is a virgin and is saving herself for Jake". There is also a geeky freshman Ted who likes Samantha, but she doesn't like him. In school Jake asks Ted about Samantha and later Ted tells that to Samantha. Samantha is excited and she accepts everything without any doubt. Like hot guys fell in love with her all the time. Later, at a party in Jake's house, Jake tells that Ted that he is tired of partying and shallow girls. He wants a serious girl now. Apparently, he "became" smarter, wiser and serious. Oh and at the same time he asks geeky freshman to take his drunk girlfriend Caroline home with his car. Ted doesn't even know how to drive. Next day, Caroline wakes up in Ted's arms in the car. They talk and share a kiss. Suddenly, a popular and shallow girl likes a geek. Nothing happened during the night, but she doesn't ask herself "Was I raped?" or whatever. She acted like this was just an another ordinary day. In the end of the movie, Jake appears in front of Samantha and later they share a kiss. This was their first true contact. The whole movie seemed pointless with many random characters.
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    We have the same tastes It's entirely coincidental! Capitol should hire all the finest lawyers and make this a Katy song.
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    that was an article lol! OH MY GOD IT ALL MAKES SENSE Sivanial88's probably a closeted bottom though :/
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    same tbfh and go solo again like what's the point of a band, those girls were with her anyway well, i'm not guilty that my fave is super talented and might snatch a grammy with only one nomination, while some are trying for a decade and still nothing
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    You need some new ears it seems.
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    Finally, someone who understands the TRUTH
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    Agreed : LDLHA & Shoo bee doo Disagreed : ITG
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    Irreplaceable - 330 (+) Upgrade U - 315 (-)
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    5. @H.O.N.E.Y - 201 4. @Nightmare - 205
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    can you tag me too? thank you much
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