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    When I post something & don't get 2 upvotes minimum
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    I legitimately forgot he existed. Thanks for ruining my year!
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    when it was added despite not winning the poll
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    She got superbowl because Britney & Adele declined, she got Coachella because Beyonce declined...
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    I'm kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air So there I'm kinda older than I was when I reveled without a care So there
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    I can't believe Zelda is gonna forcefully rip my follicles out in 3 days
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    I mean, an actually slaying legend with tons more commercial and critical success had to cancel which is the only reason she's up there I wouldn't use that in her favor personally. Superbowl is again irrelevant since even Katy has done it (and no Katycat is bragging about that, so learn from them), every single one of Gaga's major peers has had several duets with legendary performers already so just stick to the critical acclaim, album sales, singles sales, streaming numbers, and tour receipts like every other fanbase It's not our fault she's failing in most of those actually important areas.
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    She's truly having a really great year.
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    Finland’s same-sex couples can finally marry and adopt children, as the country’s marriage equality law comes into effect on Wednesday. The Northern European country’s parliament originally passed the legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in 2014, voting 101-90 in favor of the law. The fate of the legislation was finally confirmed last month, however, when lawmakers shot down a citizens’ petition calling for its repeal. The far-right populist Finns Party and the Christian Democrats backed the challenge to the marriage equality law, but the parliament voted 120-48 to uphold the law. Finnish Member of Parliament Emma Kari lambasted the appeal as “harassment in the form of government cooperation.” Finland is the last Nordic country to make marriage equality legal, after countries such as Sweden and Norway passed same-sex marriage laws in 2009. Denmark has had same-sex unions since 1989, the first country in the world to do so, but those partnerships did not grant full rights. The new Finnish law expands existing same-sex unions that give couples the right to take each others surname and makes them eligible to adopt children, erasing the previous legal distinctions between same-sex partnerships and heterosexual marriages. Finland has allowed same-sex unions since 2002, but with restricted rights. This week marks a triumph for Finnish marriage equality supporters, who have long been attempting to make same-sex marriage legal in the nation. There were at least three failed bills attempting to legalize same-sex marriage before the successful vote in 2014. Same-sex marriage is legal in an increasing number of European nations. Ireland voted in favor of legalization in 2015, while Slovenia allowed same-sex marriages as of last week. Several European governments have opposed granting full rights to same-sex couples, however, and some prominent far-right parties are also against legalization. France’s populist National Front party, which is leading polls though expected to lose in a second-round runoff vote in May, has pledged to replace same-sex marriage with civil unions. Source
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    I want your love and I want your revenge you and me could write a bad romance
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    I'm sorry, but it's a kii that Nicki came for Remy's sales and now Remy is effortlessly slaying both of Nicki new singles And i like Nicki, but Remy clearly won thiis
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    peluca de mierda voló Yours Truly is really THAT album isn't it
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    Mom: what do you wanna go as for halloween Taylor? Me: I wanna go as @Sylk! Mom; say no more
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    I love being petty with @Taylor and @Jae btw its one of my favorite activities
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    Mom: what do you wanna go as for halloween sylk? Me: I wanna go as @Taylor!! Mom: say no more
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    We're so happy even when we're smiling out of fear. Let's go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah.
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    Before we get into the next song, here's some #cool #fun DIL stats! DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE Album Average: 6.97 Track Ranking & Averages 1. Crazy in Love Average: 9.43 Highest: 10 (Hannah., LanaxGaga, christyalmeth, Anna-wa, Russian Roulette, Nightmare, Urbanov, #1, Redporus, Berek) Lowest: 5 (GLORY) 2. Naughty Girl Average: 8.76 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart, Beyoncé Knowles, Radio, Urbanov, SANDCASTLES, Luca) Lowest: 5 (Tinashe) 3. Be With You Average: 8.60 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart, Urbanov, Beyoncé Knowles, SANDCASTLES, Coca-Cola) Lowest: 6 (HOEANNE) 4. Me, Myself and I Average: 8.53 Highest: 10 (Anna-wa, Lord Stoneheart, Maraj, SANDCASTLES, GLORY, King X) Lowest: 5 (fab, Berek) 5. Speechless Average: 8.46 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart, SANDCASTLES, Russian Roulette, Skyline, Urbanov, Tinashe, Beyoncé Knowles) Lowest: 5 (Radio) 6. Baby Boy Average: 8.44 Highest: 10 (Berek, Warrior, Russian Roulette, Beyoncé Knowles, King X) Lowest: 7 (GLORY, Radio, Tinashe) 7. Yes Average: 8.29 Highest: 10 (Urbanov, Coca-Cola, Lord Stoneheart, Anna-wa, Beyoncé Knowles) Lowest: 4 (HOEANNE) 8. Dangerously in Love 2 Average: 7.80 Highest: 10 (SANDCASTLES, #1, Maraj) Lowest: 5.5 (Radio) 9. Signs Average: 7.00 Highest: 10 (Lord Stoneheart) Lowest: 1 (Skyline, Anna-wa) 10. What's It Gonna Be Average: 6.86 Highest: 8 (the great helper22) Lowest: 6 (fab, Russian Roulette, Maraj, Quicksand) 11. The Closer I Get to You Average: 6.13 Highest: 9 (Sylk, Anna-wa) Lowest: 0 (SANDCASTLES) 12. That's How You Like It Average: 4.92 Highest: 7 (Beyoncé Knowles, Anna-wa, Sylk) Lowest: 2 (Lord Stoneheart, Skyline, Vilppu) 13. Gift from Virgo Average: 4.63 Highest: 7 (Coca-Cola) Lowest: 1 (Skyline) 14. Hip Hop Star Average: 4.00 Highest: 7 (Urbanov) Lowest: 0 (Radio) 15. Daddy Average: 2.71 Highest: 6.5 (Anna-wa) Lowest: 0 (Tinashe) Enjoy that useless info! Next song is coming tomorrow
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    I miss Tay and i really want a new album, but the 1989 era literally ended only 10 months ago
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    Ariana Grande was born on June 26 though?
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    Finished my last 5 graduate school interviews today. Now I just have to wait
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    Slashers in ruins Their elaborate plan to get me lynched flopped for filth
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    Oh wow. Thanks for implying I'm homophobic, @Earth Ripper! It's more about his adoration of Gaston and me figuring out the difference between obsession and genuine admiration as a kid, but slay with your essay I guess!
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    It's interesting that the self-proclaimed "Queen of Rap" didn't respond to Remy's diss track.
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    how can i not have a set of this adorable idiot goddess
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    This article was posted before Gaga was announced as her replacement, so don't y'all take this and start shit.
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    i cant believe its already march
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