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    So I put together this list of free magazines in case some of y'all don't know that some of these exist and or are available.
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    I'd rather want it to be her Breathe On Me, oh my god.
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    be alright is ariana's best song. like, it's such a healing song... we're gonna be alright
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    So white artists collabing with black artists is cultural appropriation now? wtf Twitter
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    Gaga doesn't even sing the full version of Perfect Illusion on tour and it's only 3 minutes she legit sings 45 seconds of the song
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    This thread has been so active today I love having convos with y'all @Sylk @Vilppu & @Skyline
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    i got my second vinyl just now but they gave me an extra empty vinyl case
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    I have decided on my next villain! This will be the best one...I can feel it!
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    "Turn Sylk way down, bring Billie all the way up!" Um which one ya'll was named in a Mariah song again?? ...thought so. Also while we on the topic, Forever is the best song on Daydream and that's just the tea on that Vilepee, Vilpoo sis thanks for expanding my vocabulary
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    Vilsis i never said Supernatural was the best but it is still better than Boringney And what you talking about fourth-best Dedicated, Make It Look Good, Faded, #Beautiful, YDKWTD etc etc all say hi #tbt to when we named this Rainbow's End to piss you off lol #goodtimes Heavenlysus (No Moses Tired/ Can't Stop Praying Now) sweetie I'm so sorry i'm SO sorry that a goat ass bitch like this would even say that omg
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    And one of her most underrated, it's a shame tbh.
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    Dedicated #Beautiful Make It Look Good Money (random signs) Cry. You Don't Know What to Do Meteorite Faded Camouflage You're Mine (Eternal) Heavenly One More Try Thirsty Supernatural Don't @ me.
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    A legendary song from a legendary album.
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    Those words on the back of the Rainbow booklet are actually cute and have a nice message. It's just a shame that the album itself lacks this message.
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    Money (#$%^@$%poopemoji) is the worst song on Me. I Am Godriah... The eLORDsive CHANTeuse sis wyd Welcome back! <3 Well I guess your fotp posts can relate to that then
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    I love how the disc says Executive Producer: Kesha
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    Stealing the tag list from that Holy Trinity thread in case yall start wondering "who tf is this irrelevant bottom and why has he tagged me". Don't hate me xx
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    Love both of you so I don't mind being inspired by y'all! How are you though?
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    Ikr! Even though we tend to disagree and call each other goats 24/7, we're a cute little family <3
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    Well because they don't have the range & their artistry is tragic compared to Mariah's!
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    Noted! Yeah I actually know about GG because of that 'Run Devil Run' controversy but I never heard any of their singles, I don't know what's their best/most well-known work.
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    Kii get those people called haters mad! But we don't respond and we only give them positivity
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    Btw when I'll be done with The Velvet I'll most likely listen to some other K-Pop acts you recommended me so hold on! Well as long as we both stan for Red Velvet I won't allow you to rot in Beymosity for too long
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    I feel like he's joined a cult ngl But get it Monsignor
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    Ice Cream Cake, definitely top 10 k-pop releases ever for me. The other statement will be our disagreement for the day, I suppose. xox The greatest song of all time? Eye will!
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    Because this tweet is from 2012 and Gaga knows it.
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    Strong queens (But what is she referencing when she says "right now?")
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    @Vilppu i know you comfy in ya new home beymosity but visit us more often pls <3
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    Oh wow, I actually thought that The Red were their first release ever. What's your personal favorite release? Well, we love The Roof, it's cute - one of her cutest songs but I think that it's SO overrated by the Lambily it's unreal
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    My main problem is that the song is kind of extra and the lyrics aren't that great. However "I can't forget the semen on your face as you were leaving" is an iconic line though.
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    Well I'm open to all of your options as long as it isn't Bringin' On The Heartbreak
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    Again, this is all tea. When did we last agree so much? AYNAF and the two upbeat album tracks are the only songs which aren't entirely devoid of any life or emotion. I'm still mad Everything Fades Away and Do You Think of Me? were neglected like that, though they probably just realised they were too good for that album and ran away. Yea the vocals on it are divine, while it has some of her most challenging performances, it's also full of raw passion, literally no one else does that.
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    Drag Generic Box! I don't use this album at all bar the singles & I've Been Thinking About You tbh, wbu?
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    Thank you! Btw Emotions turned 26 yesterday we LOVE a legendary song that inspired a new generation of vocalists!
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    Kii I was talking about Thank God It's Forgotten but Dreamlover is forgettable too. A highlight on Lunch Box, but forgettable nonetheless. @Sylk being on #TeamPoorQuality confirmed
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    A list of Moo sings worse than Thank God Skip Button Exists: ... Yeah, that's it.
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    Still better than Thank God It's Forgotten Memoirs stan getting brave?
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    Is this my browser or Upvote/Downvote button is shitty, doesn't show the Downvote option, and is just generally wrong?
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    Not sure if I would call Crybaby a diamond, maybe Platinum at best. But Petals is a flawless song, yes. Heartbreaker is cute and it's certainly better than the second single which I'm not going to name since no one remembers it anyway.
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    Gaming and singing. iconic bitch right here.
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    I just bought some distressed white extreme super skinny jeans from asos and i'm living I LOVE their jeans and I can't wait to have these in my life for all the times I don't go out
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    @Ceremonials @Parker @Mystique Make sure to give Camila a big vote.
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    I won't @ you because so many of my other faves have released new music these past few months that I haven't listened to it that much either.
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