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    "Blind for love" When FB comments say "Trump was dating a black woman in 1999, check mate libtards!" Terry Richardson is married to a woman Millions (billions?) of mysoginists are married to a woman. My father's married to my mum. Your fathers are married to your mothers. There is no difference.
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    The roles of a producer vary. They may gather musical ideas for the project, collaborate with the artists to select cover tunes or original songs by the artist/group, work with artists and help them to improve their songs, lyrics or arrangements. A producer may also: Select session musicians to play rhythm section accompaniment parts or solos Co-write.[3] Propose changes to the song arrangements, and Coach the singers and musicians in the studio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Record_producer
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    ISIS claiming that they are responsible for Las Vegas attack
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    So we all know Britney has overshadowed X in the 90s and the 2000s, and apparently it's the same with this generation. These teens thought Genie in a Bottle was by Britney meanwhile almost all of them knew that BOMT and Oops were Brit. They didn't even know Dirrty And I thought being kids' favorite brand's spokersperson would help her
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    This is officially the biggest mass shooting in US history. My heart is so broken. I am destroyed. I don’t even want to know how our “leader” will respond.
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    I'm still waiting for the day when Britney stans will stop being so pressed and stressed
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    No it's fine, sorry if that sounded rude. I just thought it was hilarious. Jess doesn't deserve this slander!
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    My parents are huge fans, so naturally I know and enjoy some of his music. This is devastating.
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    here for an EP since the album was fairly short!
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    Becuase FOTP cant help but include those too whenever it comes to sales
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    This is seriously so heart breaking like who tf does shit like this? Ugh.. praying for the families who lost someone to this tragedy.
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    Who would be, they wish they did something this major This is honestly something strange, when you feel embarassed for ISIS, because seriously The reach is Battlegrounds-worthy
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    I just found this image. (Sorry for the poo quality and size, but it wouldn't load the image in HQ) The first one she did as Debutina in collab with Fetish. Then in 2004 she had the Xpose line (had 4 scents released all at once). In 2006 she did another collab, this time with LR Health & Beauty Sytems. And in 2007 she launched her own brand. It includes 11 scents if you include Inspire which was almost immediately discontinued cuz it flopped.
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    this is so disturbing it must be so traumatising for the people who have to go through this
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    I briefly read about a shooting this morning but thought this would be just another "small" shooting like the US has every day two hours later I check the news again and see 20 people dead and 100 injured? I'm shocked
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    Yes but the biggest k was when academy awards exposed her for stealing credits and refused to give her nomination for listen (other 3 writers were nominated) Imagine those meltdowns
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    Mariah: At least one Billboard Hot 100 #1 every year of the 90s, two diamond albums in the 90s, media and pop culture presence in the 90s Celine: A soundtrack artist
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    Ok this is not a bitching thread I promise. But there is something about AP I did to address and ask. I'm a little monster. As much as I love Gaga and the whole concept of AP, I really don't like the sound. Not only am I not a fan of EDM, but I feel this. EDM doesn't age well at all (like AP didn't) It gets too "Loud" and rather annoying The whole trend of it is outdated It gets old after a while and I start to get a headache. Now, back to ARTPOP the album itself. Is it just me or does a lot of the background EDM instrumentals on AP sound similar? I wish Gaga went for a more contemporary disco or Electronica type of sound with it. With the exception of 6-7 songs, I would have to say AP's sound gets kinda old. Oh and if ARTPOP was more Electonica or Disco do you think it would sell better. And age better?
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    This cover, had it been sung by a more talented singer would be MASSIVE if released this or last year!
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    Why are you so obsessed with her? No, but in all seriousness the sound of people biting and eating pickles disgust me.
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    really now well then buy 500 pieces of paper and write 500 signatures
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    That's scary in any given city, the prospect of self-check-in. That's VERY scary in a city like Las Vegas - where that extra layer is scrutiny should be in place. And not just like, with things like this - but that could give way to criminals hiding out in these places, among other things.
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    I have, a few times. Usually around the front desk. Not in every hotel mind you, but they're there - now I suspect they'll be in every hotel.
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    Aren't hotels also public venues since crusty, forgotten stars from the 60s perform there? I mean not all, and I don't know what kind of hotel this one is, but still.
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    I'm heading to bed now. I'm sure more updates will be coming, so if anyone else would like to keep this thread updated, feel free.
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    She used to switch up the bottle shapes (Red Sin was the prettiest variation imo), but with Unforgettable she returned to the same old and kept it with very small variations. Now she finally switched it up again, but instead she just made it even more basic. Trust, me, it's the liquid that's coloured.
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    Nope, plenty of perfumes are slightly tinted (Gaga even made hers black), and so are hers. In the promo shots, Definition is definitely () a light pink tint and the bottle is clear. Most her other pefumes are slightly tinted too, the only ones where it's the bottle that appears to be coloured are Unforgettable and Glam X. I'm not sure about By Night, but probably dark pink liquid and black-tinted bottle. (Shameless self-promo of this image I edited from a previous unfinished line-up )
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    Didn't know any of those albums were considered masterpieces tbh
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    Certain madonna stans live in the past. Mariah was not even the one to start shit first with Madonna, and has praised madonna many times since then. Yet these madonna stans won't let go, and they drag other fanbases saying they live in the past. Oh the irony. Prepare for that user's respond telling lies, like saying Mariah has no classic outside anglosphere.
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    So, to sum up tonight: WINNER (5 MONTHS VIP): @Diamond 2nd Place (1 MONTH VIP): @Tasso 3. (1 MONTH VIP): @Cosmic Love 4. @Parker 5. @Jae Fan Favorite: @Hyun. (1 MONTH VIP) @Hyun. have you decided who to gift your VIP to? I will PM Onika and your VIPs will be activated soon! But don't go nowhere yet! in just a moment you will all see the first glimpse into the future of TAG... That's right, the first teaser of TAG 8 is coming your way in just a moment!
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    A Snake and Methney stan talking about singing? The joke tells itself.
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    You can't call ARTPOP her best and then mention her true magnum opus in the same sentence
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    Love the whole album but Clumsy and Private show the end