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    not bad for a girl who's apparently irrelevant outside the us
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    BOOKLET + ALBUM COVER/TRACKLIST AUDIO Btw, thanks to @Cosmic for helping me with the cover "Ariana Grande: Festive Edition" can be merged with "Ariana Grande" in charts (iTunes + Final) @Virgin Mary
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    WEEK 3 IS NOW OVER The charts are mostly done, I just need to get home, format them and update the site.
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    Hello Fighters! Welcome to the Christina Aguilera Section on Flop of the Pops! In this thread are links to highlights of this section! Ranging from useful to popular topics, this thread will act as a guide to this section! With over 374,000 Posts, this section is the perfect place to stay updated on Christina Aguilera! From Flashback Threads to Section Games, there is never a dull moment in this section! If you would like to join the Official FOTP Fighters Tag List, ask me! I hope you enjoy your time in the Christina Aguilera Section! Randomosity Talk with other Fighters about anything and everything Xtina related in this thread! What Song Are You Listening To? Share with other Fighters what Xtina song you are currently listening to in this thread! Gallery Share your favorite pictures and gifs of Xtina with other Fighters in this thread! Liberation Discussion Thread Discuss all information pertinent to Christina Aguilera's eighth studio album, Liberation, in this thread! The Xperience Residency Discussion Thread Discuss all information pertinent to Christina Aguilera's first concert residency, The Xperience, in this thread! 2019 Events Thread Track all of the important events in Christina Aguilera's career that happen this year in this thread! Official FOTP Christina Aguilera Emotes Official & Important Links Official Website | Official Store Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | FOTP Xtina Twitter Spotify | Apple Music | Vevo | YouTube The Official List of FOTP Fighters @Freaky Prince - Candyman @Khems - Fighter @Kirjava - Bird of Prey @Iris - Prima Donna @Dita - Queen of Burlesque @Urbi - Nasty Naughty Boy @StrippedX - Oreo Cookie @greeneyedfighter - Genie in a Bottle @Bionikal - Little Dreamer @Chris Pratt - Christmas Time @Habits - Monday Morning @Driven - So Emotional @Anna-wa - Can't Hold Us Down @GLORY - You Lost Me @BackToBasics - Infatuation @#Music - Beautiful @Philip - Woohoo Destroyer @Monster - Tough Lover @NOVAAYEARZ - Telepathizer @Muse - Stronger Than Ever, Bitch @Chloefighter - The Voice Within @Aleco - Desnudate @Alyssa - Fighter @EvilRegal - Cease Fire @Imperfect - You Lost Me @Kim Jongin - Cruz
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    he's a pig so this isn't surprising at all. also this isn't the least bit funny. Ya'll should put your stan war aside for a second and look at this from a different perspective. A woman was groped inappropriately then falsely sued for taking action so she defended herself and won fair and square.
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    I have to confess, I only read the first paragraph of the OP Anyway, I’m surprised that she’s not doing at least somewhat better on streaming platforms, but for some reason, her current status doesn’t at all surprise me. Part of it has something to do with the fact that she seems to be only putting in a fifth of the effort that she did with the last record. In terms of promotion, I mean. On her last album, she completely owned that cycle, but she seems to be barely here on this one? Maybe she’s going for a more low key era, maybe it’s on purpose? Or maybe she thought she’d have more hype this era, more anticipation? Maybe she watched Adele sell 10 million albums around the world in two weeks on barely anything but word of mouth and thought that she could do it too? Anything beyond that is far too subjective to speculate on.
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    I see @Monster posting a lot in this section again, will we finally have more than 3 regular posters now?
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    Yeah But, maybe it's just because the creation of the album as a whole was just a bad experience. However, she did only really play the hits on her tour from Animal/Cannibal, and Warrior only has 1 hit (which we know she doesn't like), so maybe on the next leg she will play some deeper cuts from Warrior, because she used to really love Love Into The Light
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    A song! One of my favorites on EMC2.
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    Mariah's All I Want for Christmas is You just reached #5 in the UK a week ahead of her Christmas tour there, so it will likely reach #1 (it was also the most streamed in the UK last week) in the coming weeks. Side note: She also reached top #20 in the US, a region where Madonna hasn't seen a top #20 in 5 years Madonna and her hands on the other hand (the mutated one that Madonna possesses) hasn't had a top 5 in the UK for 8 years.
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    MY WIG AND HEART FLEW, My beautiful boyfriend planned to visit me after school in our parking lot to 'prompose' for him to be my prom date and I can't. I should be so lucky, if you confide in me, 2 take me on a night like this, because im looking for an angel, and you're the one. Prom?
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    I'd like for you to think that but I'm here to tell you that you're dreaming and you can keep dreaming
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    tea though It really honestly is just depressing at this point.
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    Anyone have the full performance? It was taken down.
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    her worst music video no offense but cute for kids
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    Literally though Like WHY did I have to be a fucking middle schooler when pop was the dominant genre.
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    They've already started preparing. It's like the second coming of the Super Bowl. I'm not ready.
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    Poor Havana. I see Post Malone is remixing Rockstar too, so idk if she'll ever reach number one sadly.
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    Oh baby, baby, baby.... ISTAYIN LOOVEEE oh-oh-oh... I staaaayyyy....
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    Yeah I just read “before 2017”
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    It's really interesting that one of their biggest perspectives of America is that its unsafe because of all of the mass shootings. I think this is something the US needs to pay attention to. Also I liked what the guy with the red jacket/yellow backpack had to say. (he was cute too ) "For whatever reason, he isn't very articulate, and he just talks without thinking" Spot on.
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    I wouldn't set foot in the Middle East if I were her.
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    SHE TOOK AWAY "OMG" FROM THE FINAL TRACKLIST. THAT WITCH. (Also pre-order "Camila" on iTunes now)
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    The bitch jumps on conversations she was never a part of/vocal about all the time.. she forces herself into the conversation.. like back in the day, the whole vma drama with nicki minaj, you remember? when nicki minaj was talking about how women of color are not credited/appreciated enough and how there's a certain bias in the industry towards them... then comes this fake ass bitch, when there was no mention of her ass, talking about 'feminism' when she is nominated for a video/track that attacks a woman!!!!!!!!!111! like wtf is this bitch on? she also loves drama and loves to trash people, then calls it a "career".. then cries wolf as a part of her professional victim act, but not for one second has she ever asked herself if those ppl she trashes wanted to be in her stupid victimhood narrative... just like her bestie, lena dunham, she is using 'feminism' as an armor for her shady actions.... she deserves every ounce of hate she gets.. I'm sick of her.
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    Tsunami is the true pearl of this album
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    I was gunna say she'd be dumb not to, but then again she can release whenever and it'll be successful
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    The magic behind the OP @Monster @Javi @Hunty Bear @future users who stumble upon this thread and will only care about it No idea why this site looks so ancient but it did its job so am content. Taglist: @Royale Done. You will, I'm doing Asian for myself and Western for the audience xx. At least one of the songs I'm including has a Chinese version and one even has a Taiwanese woman breathing on it, you cannot touch me. Thanks for the reminder, I'll promote the only decent piece of writing I've ever done But nah, I'm not doing worst of and if I were, I'd put End Game instead.
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    I have officially listened to Look What You Made Me Do 100 times. It's my first song in my iTunes library to ever reach this milestone. I never spam listen to music so this is quite the accomplishment.
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    Yours Truly: Honeymoon Avenue My Everything: Why Try Dangerous Woman: KB/FB
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    yours truly: kbfb my everything: kbfb dangerous woman: kbfb it's been a while
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