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    And I smelled her burning flesh, her rotting bones, her decay. I ran and I ran, I'm still running away
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    Kylie's career hasn't depended on numbers for quite a while. She has a loyal fanbase and I'd argue she's loved by the non-US gp in a way that enables her to stay relevant and recognized despite the perennial problem that almost all music markets have with older women. We can't expect queenly pop stars to win every era or hold them to a comeback standard every time they try again, but she still has an audience, and just as important, she still has something worthwhile to offer. So long as those two things are intact, she can't be cancelled. Same story with Madonna, Mariah, etc.
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    New Billboard updates were posted today with Havana at (you guessed it)
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    Hip hop originates from The Bronx, which at the time (1970s) was a ghetto.
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    Gaga stays on your mind more than her own stans think of her.
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    I'm not surprised. They literally shoved Havana down our throats for months straight. Million Reasons is shook.
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    Excuse you, I love One Sweet Day
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    Germany is right
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    Most of you know me as Lollipop, some of you know me as Driven, others know me as plain old Josh. I had a good run on here, i kinda gotta let go and let someone take my place.
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    'Let me tell you something about Janis Ian. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It's so embarrassing. I don't even... Whatever
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    Because this generation doesn't tolerate toxic behavior. Is that so bad?
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    I can't bear to watch this SAMEEE What's your favorite scene in the movie?
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    We will get it in 100 years and you can't do anything about, I'm sorry
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    On another note, I love this part of this performance, the way she sort of inhales/breaks before going up to her falsetto on "cause bab-ay hey"
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    All in all, Brinty and havok shouldn‘t have been allowed to participate!
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    17. Loving Me For Me 7.70 Lowest score 3 by @Brinty *pretends-to-be-shocked-gif* Highest score 10 by @Violet, @ParentalAdvisory and @Maryanne
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    Celebrity kids should just all go to the same school so no one can bully each other for having weird names
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    I’m a doctor and what are you, unemployed. Don’t ever come for me again
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    More talented performer is up for debate because Ariana is a better dancer but Mariah is a better vocalist. But catchier songs = better music? Not always true. And How do you even define catchier songs, because lbr Ariana’s singles positions don’t compare to Mariah’s... So yes you are being subjective.
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    fergies in jail, welcome back olaf
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    Rock Star Behavior is dead because Rock stars no longer are relevebt on the charts unless the produce some catchy commercial Jingle (See Imagine Dragons, Fun., and Portugal. the Man)
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    Hope his new wife tells him - Don't.mp3
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    Jay's verse is iconic but it's like 2 lines I think California Gurls is a good example though
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    So I was just thinking how there was a rumor about Shea stating AS4 was being shot this summer, and that got me thinking, how many queens are left that could be used for AS? They are going to run out of queens so fast if they decide to do an AS between every season and AS is supposed to be special aka not everyone gets a second chance, so VH1 and WOW better take a seat after this and get a couple more regular seasons in. ANYWAYS, what queens from RPDR do y'all think are eligible for AS that haven't gotten a chance yet? Here's my list below. Names in red mean I doubt they'd return, but I still listed them for the kiis. Ongina (Season 1) Really the only S1 RuGirl left to my knowledge that still does drag. I think she deserves AS for the exposure tbh. Delta Work (Season 3) This is a stretch. The only reason I can think she'd be cast is that she was in the whole Heathers-Boogers ordeal. Willam (Season 4) This won't ever happen, so I'm not sure why I listed her, but I'd love for her to return for AS! Ivy Winters (Season 5) Again, the only girl left from her season that deserves a shot at AS! Laganja Estranja (Season 6) This is one of those cases where her accomplishments after her season grant her the chance to compete for AS3. She's definitely shown improvement so it'd be interesting to see her come back. Darienne Lake (Season 6) Listing her only because of her placement on her season. Courtney Act (Season 6) Another girl who I think won't come back, but would be interesting to see again! Miss Fame (Season 7) Same as Willam and Courtney! Pearl (Season 7) THIS BETTER HAPPEN. I understand she'd probably be an early out for AS but she still needs to come back. Derrick Barry (Season 8) Only listing because of her placement on her season. Naomi Smalls (Season 8) Top 3 Queens should automatically have to return to AS. Kim Chi (Season 8) ^^^ Valentina (Season 9) Really the only other S9 Queen besides from the others I listed that deserves to come back. Trinity Taylor (Season 9) Without a doubt needs to return. Shea Coulee (Season 9) ^^^^ Peppermint (Season 9) Only listing bc of placement in season, or else she wouldn't be listed at all. If they really really realllllyyyyy wanted to stretch it, then they could include Mariah, Jiggly Caliente, Joslyn Fox, Trinity K. Bonet, Jasmine Masters, Robbie Turner, Acid Betty, etc. but that's just getting ridiculous.
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    I’m not a fan of Camilla (but I do think Havana is hella catchy), but I’ve seen posters around here talking about how the song missed its shot at #1. She still actually has a good chance to give it another try. We’ve now entered the holiday freeze cycle, so for the next month or so, the top of the charts will remain frozen. The 3-4 songs at the top of the charts now will fluctuate within the next few weeks as people receive iTunes gift cards and are likely to purchase older songs they are familiar with over newer songs. I’ll give some examples. Last year “Starboy” was released in September, and spent months stalled in the top 3, going back and forth from #2 and #3, then during Xmas the song was able to surge to #1 thanks to digital sales and people being very familiar with it (plus it was frozen near the top of the airplay charts). This is a prime example of how Xmas impacts older songs greatly. “Havana” will be one of those prime songs. It’s been out for a long while and is actually a safe bet. In fact I predict it could move up past “Rockstar.” “Perfect,” the original version will also be a hot seller as the Beyoncé version fades out of existence. But Camilla’s label might find a hot opportunity during Xmas week. If they give it a discount, it could sell 200-300k in digital sales which would send it to #1 for a week.
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    SLAY Get rid of the trap music and let pop music make a comeback
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    Ok since some of you are online now should I continue? and by some of you i mean only 3 @*Starlight*, @Havanna-wa, @Freaky Prince
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    omg yas ed fuck the life out of that gold digger
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    No like, why do you suddenly use these uglee 170x200 ones?
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    I love my opening act named @Luca he's gonna play all his amazing remixes!! Can't wait to see everyone on my "Once A Month Visit To FOTP Tour"!!!! <3