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    The one literally ONLY good thing about waking up this early for school is that I get to see a pretty sunrise.
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    And I smelled her burning flesh, her rotting bones, her decay. I ran and I ran, I'm still running away
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    sorry for being inactive lately, i was caught up in the lie of the century, church of pop
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    the new chainsmoker single is SO CRINGEY it sounds like an twenty one pilots reject you have to listen to it
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    I bought 5 Mariah albums for not even 1 €. I love my life
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    Whitney Houston's One Wish: The Holiday Album released in 2003, which has sales of 546,000 in the US, has finally been certified gold. This is Houston's 10th RIAA certified album and her certified sales now stand at 58.5 million.
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    The meltdowns when Kendrick loses the main grammys and award it to Bruno
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    Most of you know me as Lollipop, some of you know me as Driven, others know me as plain old Josh. I had a good run on here, i kinda gotta let go and let someone take my place.
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    'Let me tell you something about Janis Ian. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It's so embarrassing. I don't even... Whatever
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    @Marlon If I had the money, let me tell you how it’d be, I’d take over the country, everyone would bow to me, Sit up in my palace, and baby you would be my queen, We’d run this ship together, just you wait and see… We’ll be royalty
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    “I’m sorry Joanne...this bitch in red showed up”
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    @Tasso @Habits Can we put a post limit minimum on my Kylie font pack because I’m getting PMs from random nobodies with 0 posts and 0 rep
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    Our local news network did a story on a local band, claiming they went #1 in the UK they went #14 and no one has ever heard of them before
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    One of my biggest dreams came true and I can't wait to share this in the next month
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    Why do people do these five things? -Try Me -Truly and Really Try Me -Think About Trying it with me -Actually Attempt to Try Me -To sit and think they would succeed Trying Me 🙄🙄🙄.
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    Bye, I took too many classes this semester Expecting me to do 2 page papers every week, hell no
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    I only have spanish tomorrow 4 hours school day
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    Me watching Camila exceed everyone's expectations