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    Kylie's career hasn't depended on numbers for quite a while. She has a loyal fanbase and I'd argue she's loved by the non-US gp in a way that enables her to stay relevant and recognized despite the perennial problem that almost all music markets have with older women. We can't expect queenly pop stars to win every era or hold them to a comeback standard every time they try again, but she still has an audience, and just as important, she still has something worthwhile to offer. So long as those two things are intact, she can't be cancelled. Same story with Madonna, Mariah, etc.
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    Her 30-some Top 10s in the UK and many #1s elsewhere say otherwise
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    I mean Madonna’s singles from Rebel Heart did poor too, but she still has a loyal stanbase so.. The same for Kylie
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    you all need to get that fact straight that everytime an old Pop gurl releases a new album/era it wont be a confessions on a dancefloor or Believe kind of ww smash like Cher and Madonna did with end 40s mid 50s. we all know our older legendary girls have trouble with their ww charting when they reach their mid 40s and also streaming is leteral killing every chance for the older acts now which is lowkey annyoing X6 will outsell all our favs tho
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    I feel like for her new music anymore? What is happening?
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    On another note, I love this part of this performance, the way she sort of inhales/breaks before going up to her falsetto on "cause bab-ay hey"
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    Honestly, the whole Emancipation photoshoot is BOMB, but I almost prefer every photo instead of the actual cover photo. It just doesn't look like her I prefer the deluxe edition ^ I do know that! And I think she should get over it! I know it sounds "too produced" (or w/e) and she probably wrote it when she was like 17. But it's still a BOP. Not only that, but it has the best video of the debut era. Weird dancing and all!
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    i am listening to Rainbow!
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    So because Kylie’s lead from her 14th album isn’t some monster hit, she’s over? Y’all need some Imodium for this bullshit you’re spewing.
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    Oh but to answer the question - No she doesnt IMO Part of the reason I stan her so much is because I love all parts of her career in some way
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    Kylie DOES NOT hate Impossible Princess. There have been many times where IP songs have made a return - Fever2002, Homecoming, Anti Tour - She admits there were many mistakes but she learned many things doing an album like IP. Without IP she would not have had the massive comeback and the albums that came later on However it is true that it almost ended her career and she considered leaving music Thank God she did not I think maybe 1 or 2 IP songs will be included on the tour
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    Some of you guys have awful taste... X and Impossible princess are two of her best albums
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    Guys, I low-key begin to stan Mariah. I was listening to Fantasy today and I'm loving it. I will give her other albums a try before I stan moo completely.
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    Praying was doing relatively good on Spotify at first, I hope Woman follows it because it's looking like GOD won't. I can't believe but it looks like we are in a better era in 2017-2018 compared to 2012-2013, dr. luke can choke, my girl is back to slay
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    Kesha's new songs are charting strange compared to her older songs longevity hits
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    Nnn, she's so indignant.
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    UPDATE: Good Old Days is charting as long as Crazy Kids now!
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    Actually I agree. She won't release a half assed album after all these years.
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    Full interview inside the spoiler Pasted from here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Golden-Deluxe-Kylie-Minogue/dp/B0793GSDBL
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    I like the towering text on Emotions, it sort of emphasizes the height of her emotions that the album encompasses! Daydream text placement is a bit awkward, I would axe that, along with the actual shot I think, idk why but ther shadows make her face look bloated or something? I love E=MC2's title so I agree on that! Omg wait it has her name?? I never noticed I thought it was the album title I guess wouldn't it be hard to fit the whole title there? So the name works better I guess, I wouldn't have minded if the cover was a close up like this taste! do you know she hates the song?
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    Yes Taylor would have done it 3 times too but WANEGOD and LWYMMD debuted early in the 70s because the airplay tracking week is different than sales/streaming Mine would have debuted at #1 as well but her team rush released it after it leaked in the middle of the week omg she’s so frustrating
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    Omg Mariah the only artist to do it 3 times shes a queen
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    i am listening to Warrior!
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    Dancing is underwhelming tho perched for the next single
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    Kylie is Indie, now. She's just using BMG to get distribution. She will never be as big as she was during Fever - so you can all relax.
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    and i lost all my doubts about this album this all sounds perfect theres more https://www.deejay.de/Kylie_Minogue_Golden_4050538360714_Vinyl__302570
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    It made way for songs like Stop Me From Falling and One Last Kiss. It alsomeant I had enough distance to write an autobiographical song, like A LifetimeTo Repair, with a certain amount of humour. The countdown in that song:'Six-five-four-three, too many times...'. I don't know if that will be asingle, but I can just imagine a girl with framed pictures of past boyfriends,and kind of going 'Oh god, when am I going to get this right?'” “Shelby ’68, for example, was written in London but it was done withNashville in mind. It's about my Dad's car, and my brother recorded Dad drivingit! I don't think I'd have written a number of the songs, including Shelby ’68and Radio On without having had that Nashville experience.” And, whether consciously or otherwise, there's a timbre and trill to Kylie'svocals on Radio On that is distinctly Parton-esque. “My delivery is quitedifferent on this album,” she says. “A lot of things are 'sung' less. The firsttime I did that was with Where The Wild Roses Grow. On the day I met Nick Cave,when I recorded my vocals, he said 'Just sing it less. Talk it through, tellthe story.' This album wasn't quite to that extreme, but a lot of the songswere done in fewer takes, to just capture the moment and keep imperfectionsthat add to the song. I remember on my last album, a lot of producers weretrying to take out literally every vibrato they heard. And that's not naturalto my voice. I mean, I can make myself sound like a robot, but it's nice tosound like a human!” Working within the Country genre also gave Kylie permission to write in theNashville vernacular. “Because we were going there, I wasn't afraid to havelines like ‘When he’s fallen off the wagon we’d still dance to our favouriteslow song', ‘Ten sheets to the wind, I was all confused’, ‘I’ll take the rideif it’s your rodeo’. “I had this line that I wanted to use: 'We're not young, we're not old,we're golden' because I'm asked so often about being my age in this industry. Golden,reflects all of this. I liked the idea of everyone being golden, shining intheir own way. The sun shines in daylight, the moon shines in darkness.Wherever we are in life, we are still golden.” One of the album's shiniest moments is Raining Glitter, an exuberant bangerwhich ventures closest to Kylie's traditional dance-pop comfort zone. “EgWhite, who is one of the producers and writers and a great character, wastalking about disco one day. I said 'I love disco, but you know the brief.' Weneeded to be going down the Country lane, so to speak. But we managed to bringthem both together. When I wrote it, I was thinking about the Jacksons videofor Can You Feel It where they're sprinkling glitter over everyone. And I thinkthere's a Donna Summer record that's got that feel to it. I think that's myjob: I basically leave a trail of glitter after every show I do anyway.” Her incredibly loyal fans – to whom one Golden song, Sincerely Yours, isintended as “a love letter” – will, she believes, have no problem with herlatest stylistic shift. “My audience have been with me on the journey, so Ishouldn't be afraid that they won't come with me on this part. I've had funwith it, and I'm sure they will too.” My passion for music has never gone away, but it's got bigger and stronger.”And if there's an overriding theme to the record, it is one of acceptance.“We’re all human and it’s OK to make mistakes, get it wrong, to want to run, towant to belong, to love, to dream. To be ourselves.” “I was able to both lose and find myself whilst making this album.”
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    the 1-2-3-4- punsh she gave us with Fever-Body Language-X-Aprodithe legend
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    tbh the X hate is strange too for me
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    This (second option) popped up in the recent Digimon game and I couldn't resist
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    It is one of her better works. Her early stuff are
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    Me.. a mess? WE BEEN KNEW. Duh I been gave that up kii, hopefully someone will leave around the time I MIGHT come back.
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    What happened to your 170x250 avis though?
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    Shut up, you love me and that's facts.
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    I love my opening act named @Luca he's gonna play all his amazing remixes!! Can't wait to see everyone on my "Once A Month Visit To FOTP Tour"!!!! <3
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    ZENDAYA INTERVIEWED BY CLEVVER MUSIC Zendaya returned to the United States for more promotion after visiting other countries resulted in a significant boost in sales. Yesterday, she gave an interview at KISS FM in Pittsburgh where she mainly talked about her Billboard Music Awards nomination for Top New Artist. The standard interview she gave today for Clevver Music was based around the singer's interests, such as what tracks are filling her playlists and what she enjoys doing during her free time. However, her music was still mentioned and she gave good insight on what's to come. TELEVISION Time to watch some of my favorite shows rarely comes around, but when I do want to watch something I immediately turn to Netflix. It's the best way to catch up on whatever your friends are watching and you're behind on, and the original shows they provide are great as well. A personal favorite for me is Orange Is The New Black. I don't know if you heard, but the new season is coming out soon. Can't wait for that. FASHION My look is very important to me not because of what other people think about what I'm wearing, but because I just like dressing up. On the red carpet I wear what I wear solely because I like what I picked out. I don't care about critiques about what I put on to an event on whatever. When it comes to who I like up to fashion-wise, there are a lot of people. I think anybody that walks to the beat of their own drum when it comes to dressing up are the people I look up to the most. LISTENING TO MUSIC The music on my phone consists of many genres, so if you want a straight answer on what genre I prefer you're out of luck. But lately I've been into anything from the past. I also enjoy whatever is charting, because no matter what anybody says about top fourty music, it is charting for a reason. Because it's good! Popular doesn't mean bad obviously, so a lot of my music comes from what's charting. Also, letting you in on a little secret of mine, some of my own music may be in its own playlist. HER MUSIC My music right now is a reflection of how I feel about life, which is happiness. Everything is falling into place for me right now, so my music will be showing that as long as that may last. I don't know, I just like my music to be true to me. If it doesn't feel right at the time, it will be saved for another day but definitely not released. So that's what you can expect for now, songs similar to Rise Up. Songs with a positive message. Not always upbeat, but positive. BBMA NOMINATION Unbelievable news! I was already excited to attend the Billboard Music Awards, but this is the icing on the cake. I might not win, but at least I can say that I was nominated for something. Being recognized is a compliment in itself, so no matter the outcome I'm happy. The people I'm nominated against are deserving also, so losing doesn't really matter to me for that reason. They all are talented and work hard at what they do, so it wouldn't be a disappointment at all.
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    LEAD SINGLE from 'Starlet' RELEASED June 11th 2016 GENRE Synthpop, Dance, Electro-R&B WRITTEN BY Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson PRODUCED BY Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga LENGTH 3:20 © Cadmium Records; Warner Music Group Lady Gaga recently spoke of ‘Burn The Floor’ during an interview with Beats One’s Zane Lowe: “I’m so excited to put out this song and I hope my fans are excited. I worked on ‘Burn The Floor’ with Mark Ronson, incredible guy, and it was actually one of the last songs we recorded. We had been working on all these songs, recording and polishing them up and got so focused on working hard to finish them, so we decided to just remove ourselves from that process, go back to square one and jam. We ended up making this whole new song that was just fun and full of energy. I loved it so much that I just wanted it to be on the album because I wanted the fans to enjoy the song in the same way I did. Then when we were deciding what should be the first single, I just looked at the tracks on the album and instantly was like – “It’s got to be ‘Burn The Floor”. It’s just the perfect way to start this new era, bursting out the gates.” LYRICS INSTRUMENTAL/SOUND @Alesus LADY GAGA 'BURN THE FLOOR' RELEASE
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    PHOEBE TONKIN Cliffhanger - 442,122 2,210,610 USD
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