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    What did I say? Kesha likes to play with our emotions! And tbh, even if she doesn't win anything, we still get to see her perform, she's back in the public eye to a MASSIVE tv audience and might have one of the best performances of the night.
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    New Billboard updates were posted today with Havana at (you guessed it)
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    Hip hop originates from The Bronx, which at the time (1970s) was a ghetto.
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    Gaga stays on your mind more than her own stans think of her.
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    Tagging this as a rumor because this doesn’t mean 100% it’ll become a future single in the US. The same thing happened with End Game though when it was sent to radio in France or something and then later became the next single. HITZOUND (from the Netherlands) listed it as an upcoming single among songs from other artists. http://www.hitzound.com/single-releases-34/
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    Gold in NZ, Platinum in Canada and Australia now Now the US need to follow
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    Excuse you, I love One Sweet Day
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    Yes they better get that platinum certified hit!
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    Because this generation doesn't tolerate toxic behavior. Is that so bad?
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    I can't bear to watch this SAMEEE What's your favorite scene in the movie?
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    We will get it in 100 years and you can't do anything about, I'm sorry
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    On another note, I love this part of this performance, the way she sort of inhales/breaks before going up to her falsetto on "cause bab-ay hey"
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    Kesha was active on Twitter today, she liked a few dozen tweets in reply to her Woman music video. COULD THIS BE THE RETURN? https://twitter.com/KeshaRose/likes
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    looking good and feeling fine I see
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    All in all, Brinty and havok shouldn‘t have been allowed to participate!
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    17. Loving Me For Me 7.70 Lowest score 3 by @Brinty *pretends-to-be-shocked-gif* Highest score 10 by @Violet, @ParentalAdvisory and @Maryanne
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    Celebrity kids should just all go to the same school so no one can bully each other for having weird names
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    I like when Mariah belts “Lost along the way” about half way in, i usually skip to that part and end the song. It’s one of her more bland songs. Especially when it’s put on an album like Daydream, which is full of bawps.
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    *Tinashe is replaced by the OP image*
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    We are comparing them to Camila, who is also a famous and rich celebrity, not to us but k. A fanbase can only take you so far, look at Tinashe, Miley, Britney, Xtina, Katy, the fad, etc. But whatever, we will soon see.
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    Hope his new wife tells him - Don't.mp3
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    Ik u like dick, but maybe it’s time to get off Gaga’s?
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    Wait i love you much @Brinty but first you attempt to dismiss Mother janet, the ver reason Britney's career was able to take off, then you go and give Beautiful, the ANTHEM of the depressed and the LGBTQ community a FIVE? No, unacceptable.
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    09. Walk Away 8.73 Lowest score 6 by @Brinty Highest score 11 by @Violet @ParentalAdvisoryand @havok 08. Beautiful 8.83 Lowest score 5 by @Brinty Highest score 10 by @Violet @havok and @*Starlight*
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    It's okay, they all are already coming crying now!
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    Go back to the GagAsylum, sis. No one is gonna believe your delusional claims here. The receipts are everywhere. She declined much faster than any of her peers and has not managed to bounce back, instead every album of hers ended up flopping harder than the one before. All that only 10 years into her career. Her health has already started to deteriorate since BTW. She quite honestly doesn’t have it in her to continue with her career for much longer. She’s over and done and will probably be a b-level icon like Cindy Lauper in the future. Aside from that, she’s not even that good a singer or and a terrible dancer. She is mediocre through and through and her gimmicks have worn out. Just accept that she’s not a big pop force anymore and get back into the real world, sis.
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    What happened to your 170x250 avis though?
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    I love my opening act named @Luca he's gonna play all his amazing remixes!! Can't wait to see everyone on my "Once A Month Visit To FOTP Tour"!!!! <3
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    Included music video views and Spotify streams! Should this be pinned btw? As an overview?
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