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    @Hylia @Aidan. @Sylk @Dr. Slay @Dookie Quill @Kali @Skyline @Saiga @TattooedHeart
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    Without you, we wouldn’t even have threads about Rihanna on here anymore. Thanks for keeping fotp interested in her!
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    Just spent $400 on textbooks, fml
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    Republicans at the State of the Union address stand up/sit down for Trump more than Catholics on Sunday mass.
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    There's only two types of people in the world, the ones that entertain and the ones that obersve - Psalms 6:13
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    Ummmmm lol so I finally got my licence a few weeks ago and my dad made me let him show me how to change a tyre and he was like "find where you can put the jack" and I was just like what the fuck is a jack and he goes "if you don't wanna learn fuck off and go braid your hair or something" so I stormed off and I'm now watching Real Housewives đź’…
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    IT DESERVED BETTER SINGLES, MORE SINGLES , BETTER PROMO Supernatural, All That Matters, Out Alive, Last Goodbye , Love Into The Light, Warrior. They all deserved justice
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    Still her best album. If only the pig hadn't produced most of it
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    I took my brother to the orthodontist today, and all the TVs were playing Lady Gaga's GRAMMYs Performance and everyone stopped doing what they were doing for a second to watch
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    that never stopped her to become the second best selling female artist tho your fave is proof enough that you don't need to be a legendary vocalist to achieve that
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    I do not have VIP anymore can't buy it anymore because I don't have a creditcard anymore
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    Lady Gaga was the highlight of the Grammys. That performance and those looks.
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    Logan Paul 'more popular' than Zoella with children, the human race is doomed
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    It is very underrated too bad she had such a rough time with it
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    I have never been this tired in my entire life
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    I'm conflicted. It's kinda sad but at the same time he was a pedophile so...