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    Got invited to join the honors society at my school because of my high GPA I feel like I'm on top of the world right now
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    Was supposed to write two papers today but only wrote 3/4 of one I’m going to hate myself tomorrow when I have to finish both and then read 75 textbook pages Someone write my papers for me. I’ll do all of the reading and class work, you just do the writing. I’m so sick of writing.
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    32 hours left until I see Paramore and Bleachers. Fuckkkkk
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    This new Snapchat update is so horrible, ugh can't stand it
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    Oh great, I couldn't sleep last night because there was an earthquake
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    [demo site for now; i hate it bc i lost my other site so i made this one in legit 6 minutes to post this article; more than likely wont use again ever]
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    Final Results Show Welcome everyone, to the official results show of the Final of the FOTPVision Song Contest! This 7th season is finally coming to an end when we crown our winner at the end of tonight. Over the course of a few weeks, we have announced 14 songs, but who will take the crown? That is what your votes decided and all points will be revealed tonight! Recap @CHANEL #1 @Chris Morlock @fab @Habits @Kuba @Maria @Milk @Pennywise @petedagrk @RoleModel @Simón. @SWINΞ @Urbanov
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    Imagine making his bad music about politics. White people love to be victims over the most irrelevant things that they aren’t victims for How about it’s Karma for ruining Janet’s career, a real victim of this country’s sexism and how he basically hid in a corner while she suffered relentless backlash. How about it’s Karma for using Prince - who didn’t like him to begin with in some tacky tribute. And how about it’s Karma for working with stale ass timbaland who produces the same style for 20 years in a row. As a Madonna Stan your comment is fucking idiotic, but I don’t really expect much anyway Meanwhile, Justin B is thriving. Shawn Mendes is thriving. Ed is thriving. Literally every other white male singer.
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    TEXT VERSION: Zayn visits Z100
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    In December I read many threads saying Mariah has more monthly listeners than Madonna on Spotify and she is more popular there. It was clear that happened cause of her one christmas song since it was December and Spotify was promoting the SHIT out of it. I saw some Mariah fans making fun to Madonna for having only 6,000,000 back then WELL WELL WELL In February Madonna has +1,000,000 monthly listeners from December while Mariah has 8,000,000 (-15,00,000) and the number is keep getting reduced each day Soon she will go back to 3,500,000 - 4,000,000 listeners for the rest of the year, like its always happening The real question is why Madonna have 7,000,000 listeners while Spotify doesn't give a shit and rarely promotes her music (on popular playlists etc) and secondly, where is Mariah's Spotify huge popularity now, as some fans claimed she has? Thoughts?
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    I've honestly not been rushing to get this event ready
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    LANA DEL REY SELLS OVER 400K TICKETS IN 1 DAY Following a viral video and the announcement of an upcoming partnership with giant Coca-Cola, the seven times Grammy winner also announced her next worldwide tour almost exactly a year since her previous world tour in 2017 "Silver World Tour". In the first day update, the tour sold over 400k tickets and 6 dates are sold out with most of the others being already more than 50% filled. Live Nation in response to the massive first day ticket sales, told us today: "We knew the demand was going to be crazy but this is overwhelming. Lana Del Rey will officially hit the road on Mar 23 and you can surely expect more dates to be announced soon."
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    See this that white shit that makes no sense. His album is shit and everyone agrees. Dont make this about race when no one— literally no one likes that album. 🙄🙄🙄
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    I’m in this video. I’m the bitch saying “We Got some Pizza” 💀💀💀