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    Got invited to join the honors society at my school because of my high GPA I feel like I'm on top of the world right now
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    [demo site for now; i hate it bc i lost my other site so i made this one in legit 6 minutes to post this article; more than likely wont use again ever]
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    I'm sorry but Mine, Yonce, Haunted and XO are also masterpieces
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    We stan THE BEST song* indeed!
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    lol po dat. Everyone makes a visit to Flopsville at least once in their prime career and this is just his time to flop and his is happening in the streaming era. Oh well Take that. Take that.
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    Not J lo slaying me with her singles.
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    Hopped on the remix and effortlessly slayed other bitches. When will other faves?
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    I just saw someone insinuate that Madonna is basic. Someone bring me my inhaler.
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    screaming at you only needing to sell 9,000 albums to debut on the top 5 of Billboard X6 top 5 debut on lock
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    If it hits #1 it will be the 8th song of Anti to do so
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    An icon we love "pahrty time" "suhn rise" "drop top" "hhot girlz" "by the pool" "tahp lessss" How she thought at 2:04 it's her line, realized it's not and smiled, we don't deserve her tbh I miss this side of her so much, there's no other like her 2009/2011 self
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    We'll never get to hear them anyway Neither X6 or this damn EP
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    Why do the back of Samsungs and Androids in general, look so ugly
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    Not ya'll fighting over scraps.
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    Thank you for not including Kylie in this narrative
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    I Taste Like A Cherry averaged a score of 7.0 Next... Sunday Morning Comment 0 (worst) - 10 (best) *If you want to be added or removed from this list, just let me know!
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    That's good too, Why am I only discovering this now
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    I didn't either. I miss her I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH BTW
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    Yes we are all thirsty af. But how trashy would it look to drop a song right now amongst all the stupid hate she’s getting from the tour cancellation?
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    @Dan i just remembered her cuz in ATRL were saying Kelly Clarckson was the most soulful pop girl so i had to show them whos the real kween but i got ignored smh, of course the OP dragged those who said Xtina & Bey, aand of course the OP praised Amy, still no words on Joss, smh
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    Y’all got these whole collections and my dusty ass only has Aphrodite and the Aphrodite tour
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    The fact she is ignoring Shoot From The Hip & Familia so far Also it's Young Blood not Young Love
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    I know, I just couldn’t help it it was too funny x) I stan Katnis and Peeta and I think I’m in love with him tbh. Harry Potter tho >
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    Oh my gosh! I love your avi! Jane Zhang is a queen!
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    PSA: THIS is howyo Bae shouldbe commenting on ur pics!! ACCEPT NO LESS LADIES!! Let them know! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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    Ikr it has some of the best songs she has ever recorded like I’m Your Doll or In Time - they are literally masterpieces not even mentioning visuals cause she delivered again that’s why I’m perched for LP2!!! Give it a listen now!!!
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    One of the saddest movies ever she was fantastic in it and she won a cannes award for best actress and she wrote the FULL soundtrack when will your fave
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    I'd like to read that thesis then, I don't know why a college class of high degree would hand you a Madonna tour in order to analyze vocally based on mere technique while leaving all regards aside, sounds like an uncanny and unreliable method of learning about the arts, what was the paper discussing? Good for you, I don't feel threatened by your degree - you're completely misinterpreting the kind of argument I'm heading for. Gaga is more of a natural musician and is more skilled at writing songs in their natural and basic form - if both were to just use an instrumental and their voice to write a song Gaga would probably come up with a more definite structure and more singer/songwriter type of vibe, while Madonna would probably have a few melodic ideas and concepts about sounds - she relies on the talent of others to make hers efficient and there's nothing wrong with that, most Pop stars today follow that blueprint including Gaga for the vast majority of her music, what matters is the finished product, with the mastered production, and that's where Madonna undeniably trumps Gaga as her albums are more influential, as well as more critically and commercially successful. Production a is first and foremost in modern music - that's why acts like Björk are so acclaimed. Side note - cackle at you using Scheisse as some sort of melodical brilliance, it's one of the most unimaginative ones so far. So now artistic excellence is about who has the catchiest tunes? Into The Groove is catchier to me than any Gaga song, go prove it's not. All of the examples you've listed were pure garbage to my ears, though. Several piano mistakes, although she barely played anything beside like 2 notes repetitively, unnecessary adlibs that sound too throaty or nasally and flat, auto tune on that Alan Carr performance. She didn't re-arrange shit smh, it's just a stripped down version of the same song, the key was just adjusted to her live vocal range as opposed to the studio one lol, nothing even slightly drastic. You're acting like she's Bey, if you're really the music major you claim you are, you'd note that all of Gaga's songs don't rely on subtlety and are straight-forward vocal style, lack dynamics or volume change and are not chalelling vocally, she's singing simple ass melodies for god's sakes, what are you babbling about, she'd look like a total moron trying to pull off the worst Crazy In Love performance of Bey. But that's exactly it, Gaga is a more naturally gifted lady but creative talent is exactly where she falls short in comparison to Madge, it takes a creative talent to curate and write an album like Ray of Light, Erotica, Like a Prayer - you know, albums that are regarded today as essential and of all time best, something Gaga doesn't have. It takes a creative force to execute your vision well as a performer, another dimension where Gaga just can't even begin to compare to Madonna. You clearly don't know anything about Madonna and what she brings to the table as an artist and why she's so acclaimed. The Blond Ambition tour that you called a snoozefest literally birthed your fave's entire artistic ideology, statements like that just exposes your pseudo interests, no Gaga tour can compare to Madonna's worst. Try prove otherwise to me, I'll completely expose you for the gimmick worshipping stan that you are, try me.
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    Our extensive geographical education in our prestigious American high schools teaches us these things, wasn’t sure if anyone could relate
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    Bitch you are vile You and your damn mayonaise on fucking chips. Dont u DARE come for Southern delicacies
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    little MONSTER What is Frankenstein? A MONSTER. CONFIRMED
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    Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams
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    Anybody can sing?. Maybe, but good singing?. Based on your comment, if you are focusing on the technical aspect of things. Then not everybody is a good singer. Madonna may not create all her outfits or the stage as you said. But she does have a lot of output in her work. She has a great talent to elaborate entire conceptual performances around her songs on stage. In a way that others being mentioned here(Britney, jlo for example) have never done. And in terms of being a songwriter. Madonna may not be the greatest of all time, but she does have talent for making music. Most of the girls(Gaga included) work with other people to make their music. It is not like they are creating entire albums all by themselves. That doesn't mean they aren't talented.
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    Excuse me but what did she do this year to deserve these nominations?
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    Water, maybe, but there was absolutely no tea in that post
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    its true to an extent but then there are people like Little Richard, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Lauryn Hill... all dark skinned artists. how about the content of your music and how you sing determines success. Michael may have been lighter but he was successful because he wasnt singing about things people couldnt relate too. not everyone relates to getting bitches and hoes, killing niggas, and getting pussy and bands. all the successful artists regardless of color are UNIVERSAL. oprah remains best paid person in hollywood. or richest idk. lebron james remains the second best paid athlete. that is personally why i dont like ghetto/hoodrat music. cause its all stupid, vapid, and just plain bad now. i dont relate to it at all and anyone who is similar to me who do listen to it only do it because being "hood" and ghetto is popular. no one like me knows anything about the "hood" life. pop music is UNIVERSAL. hardly anyone can say they never got their heart broken, or that they dont like going to the club, or that they dont like sex.
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    But will it be as memorable as the pop girls? He waited too long between eras (like Xtina). and his music will age terribly because of his obsession to work with Timbaland. He does have some classics though, but I think anything he's released after 2006 will be left for dust. Being in NSYNC helps too. Unfortunately, he's the first big pop male of this century to get the axe. It's been happening to rappers (Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem), but now it's his turn. He honestly can't keep up with Justin, Bruno, and Ed who will eclipse his career by the next decade Those three are arguably bigger than he ever was and they're critic darlings. I think we can ALL agree pop stars should just leave the country image alone. Pretty much all of these country-pop eras have been underwhelming.
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    I guess all the reviewers are bias as well then ??
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    actually Kylie answered this question herself
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    We have to find him and make him listen to Mariah Carey for a whole day To be more specific, play him Glitter in repeat
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