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    Stop asking me to take my clothes off. No I don’t smoke weed. No I’m not a hoe. The only people allowed on this live chat are Rexhars and bad bitches. So if you’re a pervert, get the fuck off my live chat RIGHT NOW 😤😭🙏🙏😂💋
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    Me: “Only meaningful lyrics touch me.” Pharrell: “Get down beep beep Gotta get up outta your seat “ Me:
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    And on the 8th day God created POP
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    I just found the bop of the bops.
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    #MonsterReviews RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 - "A Jury of Their Queers" Well.. we've finally made it to the end of the season! After reading numerous reviews, post-season interviews from the queens, and fan reactions on social media, I've decided to review the finale episode and the season as a whole! To start off, I'd like to note that the order of the gifs is the order I'd have liked to seen the final placements starting with the Shangela as the Season 3 All Star, Trixie the Runner Up, and Bebe and Kennedy sharing 3rd and 4th. I'll explain my reasoning later in the review, but for now I'd like to touch upon the main challenge and final runway of the season! I love how they changed the format of the final challenge and made it a one-take sequence starting backstage and ending up on the main stage. It definitely was a nice way to wrap up the challenges this season. Kennedy's verse and look for the challenge were okay, but the standout moment for her was definitely the dancing. No surprise here, Shangela did the best this challenge. From the outfit to the choreography to the verse, it was overall beautifully done. Bebe's verse surprisingly didn't bother me, but that might just be because it's a major improvement from her Drag Up Your Life verse. I liked the wig she chose, but it seemed to get in her way a couple of times throughout the performance and the body suit was definitely the worst of them all. Wrapping up the verses, I think Trixie did a great job! The outfit and makeup she did wasn't usual Trixie, which I loved, and I thought her verse was cute! Onto the runway, Trixie was definitely best dressed in my opinion. Seeing her in black was so refreshing. I understand that pink is her color, but the look she presented on the runway was beyond gorgeous. Kennedy's rainbow dress was also very beautiful. I liked how she upgraded her final four rainbow dress from season seven to now. Shangela's dress was nice, I didn't love it, but I also didn't hate it. What I do hate is Bebe's final look. Girl what the fuck are you doing? You won season one and made it to the top four of All Stars 3 and you're wearing that? Disgraceful. If you watch her Whatcha Packin episode, she had a dress on the right I believe (?) that was leopard print, but was so much more beautiful that she should've wore on the runway, but oh well. Look a fool next to those three with a leopard on your head I guess. If they awarded wins for the episode, I definitely think Shangela and Trixie would've won. And now here's where we start going downhill. If I was production, I would've either (A) had Ru send home one girl, Kennedy, to make it a top three and film the crowning of each individual in the final three like All Stars 2, or (B) give out two winners for this final challenge (Shangela and Trixie) and have Ru recap the track records with the girls onstage to the jury as they will need this information before voting. I would've preferred them to follow the format of All Stars 2, as that just seems as the fair thing to do, but you know WOW and VH1. Anyways, moving onto jury deliberations! It really shocks me how they allowed them to vote without informing them of track records or anything. At least with other jury-oriented shows the jury is given more information to work off of rather than vote from their knowledge of their time there and that's it. Bebe's jury session went awful as it should've as Thorgy pointed out it was if she was lecturing them or something. Shangela's went better than I expected it to go, at the time of course. What gave me more hope was after Trixie's jury session as she literally told the girls she wants Shangela in the top with her. Kennedy must have some damn good friendships and persuasion techniques because it blows my mind almost every single queen voted for her. I really cannot believe Shangela only received one vote, and it was from Thorgy. Out of all the queens there, I'd expect Thorgy to vote for Shangela last, but it makes me happy to see that at least she was the only jury member who was level-headed when it was time to make the decision. I will say I'm disappointed in BenDeLa as she was so focused on keeping everything strictly stats based during her time there and decides to throw that out the window during the most important part of the season. Watching Shangela hold back tears on the main stage during the top two queen reveal was literally heart-breaking. I teared up a bit myself too, which is literally one of the only times, if not the only time I've done so watching television. She was my first favorite Ru girl ever, and to watch her grow and succeed over the years both in and out of season just to get shut out at this stage when she very clearly deserved to advance was very disheartening. But after that moment passed, it seems like the whole world knew what was going to happen. Trixie, who had the 3rd best track record (excluding DeLa), lip-syncing against Kennedy, whose been the Roxxxy Andrews of the season, was going to win regardless of who performed better in the lip-sync (which gave me Latrice vs. Kenya realness btw ). In my opinion, crowning Trixie in a top three with Shangela and Bebe would've been better than this riggory. Yes, she would've beaten queens with a better track record than her, but it would come off better than winning to a non-deserving runner up whose failed all season. I understand they most likely went into this season with Trixie winning in mind, but they should've had her win over actual competition. All in all, Trixie performed very well the second half of this season and deserved the crown given the circumstances, but I just wish they didn't add in twist after twist to ensure that she won because she could've done so without it. TLDR: loved the final challenge/runway, jury twist was executed poorly, poor decision made by the jury gave a pretty anticlimactic ending, but the winner deserved to win given the circumstances. It's been an... interesting season! See you all Thursday for the premiere of season ten!
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    hello lambs; how's it going
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    Lana's concert was amazing. I can't explain the joy that i have inside, i watched another one of my favorite artists perform live. Life is amazing♡
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    Welcome to the section @Satori! Glad you appreciate some of Mariah's work already. What are your favorites songs from her, so far?
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    did Ariana ever perform at some event while Mariah was in the audience? pls post vids if so
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    Nice taste! I love Whenever You Call and it's one of my favoriite Mariah songs ever, as well as Looking In. H.A.T.E.U. is one of the songs that made me become a fan, so I sure do appreciate it. Glad you like her newest stuff as well! MIAM is a very underrated record that deserved more praise! And what are your faves from Charmbracelet, if you have any? I think you listened to this album as well, right? Doing great here, wbu?
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    I wanted Trixie to win since before the season started and had full faith she would even during the season, no mater how much people exaggerate her track record as “bad” when she won challanges, turned looks, and was the most successful one outside of drag race out of them all this season. Although I know Ru was expecting the top 2 to be Ben and Shangela overall tbh and had normal rules been in place it would’ve been the case, and Shangela would’ve won probably. It’s over and done with now and I’m happy, and would’ve been happy regardless because we’ve got a massively successful LGBT+ show on tv. Trixie’s best drag truly was her best drag, although I’m sad the rumours of her wearing the beautiful wig from S01E07 of TT&KS as her crowning/lipsync look never turned out to be true sigh. Shangela’s final lipsync idea sounded great and I would’ve loved to have seen it tbh. My only bad points is young fans of the show (younger than 20 typically) are ruining the damn atmosphere and being ridiculous about it. Roll on season 10, I’ve seen the spoilers by accident so I’m already prepared for meltdowns
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    Yes! Funny you mention Dreamlover, one of the things Mariah dealt with earlier in career was the strong control she was under. They (Tommy) were so strict with her, that she wasn't allowed to remove her jacket during MTV Unplugged. And one of the many things she wasn't allowed to do was produce, they denied her of that on her debut however for Emotions she gained a little bit more control and co-produced the album but still under heavy supervision. Dreamlover was one of the first tracks that showed the urban influences that she loved, that was truly the beginning for her as an artist. Some of her most personal songs are Looking In, Outside, Petals, I Only Wanted etc that truly showcases her vulnerability. I know she has a bit of a diva reputation but once you know the girl behind the aura, she's so much more.
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    I can't get over how cute she is in my new avi
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    Everytime I feel the need I envision you caressing me and go back in time to relieve the splendor of you and I on a rooftop that rainy niiiiight
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    Gender is based on genitalia isn’t it like “ oh the baby has a penis “ means it’s a boy and “ oh the baby has a vagina “ means it’s a girl so technically and biologically there’s only two genders which doesn’t make it a social construct So like why make 50 genders and be so extra
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    people are so extra about the katy kiss thing wtf ya'll acting like she opened her mouth and swallowed that boy calm down
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    Who needs the sun when the rain's so full of life?
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    Welp - I've been slacking on this
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    This isn't for you, this is for US
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    I was searching La Isla GODnita on the YouTubes today and I’m shook at how it’s grown by nearly 50 million views in a year. Truly a classic If only she had one main YT/VEVO channel with widely available videos since 2009 like other older acts
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    Butterfly vs. So Lonely (feat. Twista)
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    Yes I remember the first time I ever heard WYC years ago and was like
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    That’s already so hard to answer! Best I can do is a top-5/6 for right now, in no order: The Art of Letting Go - The first time I heard this I had a feeling it was time to listen to more of her music. I love it so much. Honey - Whenever You Call - Impossibly gorgeous. Looking In - Make It Happen - I absolutely LIVE for her voice in this, and the genre-bending production. Touch My Body - basically the most perfect pop record of all time. It never gets old. I love that she brings the bops AND the ballads.
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    I am new, yes! Back when I first joined I was mostly active in the Taylor and Mariah Spotlight sections because everyone was funny and hilarious. FOTP got me onto Taylor and now it’s Mariah’s turn. I’d always had her on my radar and liked things here and there but I’m going through her whole discography now much more pointedly. I should have a long time ago tbh because I love it.
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    Lana's performance during Lollapalooza omg we ain't worth that goddess she is crowd singing along to White Mustang her choreo during HBTB let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain line Lana being HIGH as fuck during entire performance ugh
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    stan best song from POP2
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    are you a new prisoner lamb? i dont recall seeing you here before
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    Which makes her so much more admirable and really contextualizes the songwriting. I remember when I was young my sister (an absolute savage but she means well) used to poke fun at some of Mariah’s song titles, BUT in literature we wouldn’t be surprised to find an author writing about something idealized or escapist if they were going through hard things in their life any more than we should be with Mariah. I’m thinking of Dreamlover for instance and the trope of being rescued—makes complete sense. It also makes her songs about persevering that much more meaningful. Through the Rain isn’t my favorite per se, but knowing it’s post-breakdown elevates it for me. Many pop girls would frame their comeback on an upbeat bop, but she came back with a humble ballad. Angel.
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    This is so true about artists in general. And discerning how her music changed album to album makes knowing that background stuff very intriguing. Tea!
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    I posted the track times weeks ago but it went unnoticed The UK iTunes store (NOT Apple Music, OZ iTunes as some people don't seem to understand) gradually gets the times as tracks are pending release - as we've seen with SMFF, the track time went live on the Sunday prior to the March 9 release. Interestingly, the track time for Raining Glitter has gone live on that store today - I think it will be released on Friday NOT as the next single (as SMFF is about to enter UK radio rotation, the video/remix are still TBA and promo is still coming) but as another instant grat/promo track that can help promote the album prior to release. She may perform it on the UK Sport Relief show she is scheduled to be on soon.
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    Yes the backstories are the TEA! And I find the music to be better if you know where it comes from! Slowly but surely you'll know everything soon! taste!
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    when all you want to do is watch dragon ball z yet every site is crashing because of hype.
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    All this background info! We love an informed Oracle! I listened to debut, Emotions, and Music Box. I prefer the first two. They were both even better than I expected. I knew the singles from Debut but now I love Vanishing too. And on Emotions Can’t Let Go / Make It Happen / If It’s Over / You’re So Cold had me scalped. And yassss I’ve stanned Kylegend since Fever but I’d never listened to her older stuff either so I was soaking it all up on this trip. #blessed
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    Why would I ban an iconic member
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    she needs to re-release Change Your Mind (feat. Anitta/Insert_Relevant_Latin_Artist_Here) and put it on the B10 locals wouldn't notice
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    Mmmkay so the things you said about Mariah also apply to your fave. Mmmm interesting. That's all i wanted to know. And FYI she's not my fave.
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    Have you ever wrote a post longer than 2 words?
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    And what has Madonna to offer nowadays? I'd pretty much say they're in the same position then. Her music has been terrible since like MDNA, the fact a pop music legend like her released a song like BIM is just more tragic than any bad performance by Mariah. At least one will be forgotten and the other will forever be in her discography.