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    Stop asking me to take my clothes off. No I don’t smoke weed. No I’m not a hoe. The only people allowed on this live chat are Rexhars and bad bitches. So if you’re a pervert, get the fuck off my live chat RIGHT NOW 😤😭🙏🙏😂💋
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    How can you not tell that the picture with the queen is photoshopped? When Madonna ACTUALLY met the queen:
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    Lana's concert was amazing. I can't explain the joy that i have inside, i watched another one of my favorite artists perform live. Life is amazing♡
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    Welcome to the section @Satori! Glad you appreciate some of Mariah's work already. What are your favorites songs from her, so far?
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    I wanted Trixie to win since before the season started and had full faith she would even during the season, no mater how much people exaggerate her track record as “bad” when she won challanges, turned looks, and was the most successful one outside of drag race out of them all this season. Although I know Ru was expecting the top 2 to be Ben and Shangela overall tbh and had normal rules been in place it would’ve been the case, and Shangela would’ve won probably. It’s over and done with now and I’m happy, and would’ve been happy regardless because we’ve got a massively successful LGBT+ show on tv. Trixie’s best drag truly was her best drag, although I’m sad the rumours of her wearing the beautiful wig from S01E07 of TT&KS as her crowning/lipsync look never turned out to be true sigh. Shangela’s final lipsync idea sounded great and I would’ve loved to have seen it tbh. My only bad points is young fans of the show (younger than 20 typically) are ruining the damn atmosphere and being ridiculous about it. Roll on season 10, I’ve seen the spoilers by accident so I’m already prepared for meltdowns
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    people are so extra about the katy kiss thing wtf ya'll acting like she opened her mouth and swallowed that boy calm down
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    Yeah Armenian genocide is the best example how gentle Turks were in the past. Or how they jail journalists if they criticize the government. I see there is no point is someone who is brainwashed by AKP-proganda which I won’t even go into detail.
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    I said hey Jimmy Gnecco I like the way your name echo
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    Being off topic has zero connection to intelligence, wow I guess simple facts are lost even on those with a superior free technical education
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    Yes I remember the first time I ever heard WYC years ago and was like
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    oh how lovely. i can listen to BTW for both Monster game and this!
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    @Pennywise this better not be in BG, cuz I'm ready to scalp some bitches
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    All albums except Joanne are discounted on itunes
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    This one's awesome as well
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    I think it’s the second. They just dislike Perry and even though us fans should always stay reflecting about the actions some of our faves make, others don’t even try to see the discussion from different perspectives aka delusional draggers
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    Which makes her so much more admirable and really contextualizes the songwriting. I remember when I was young my sister (an absolute savage but she means well) used to poke fun at some of Mariah’s song titles, BUT in literature we wouldn’t be surprised to find an author writing about something idealized or escapist if they were going through hard things in their life any more than we should be with Mariah. I’m thinking of Dreamlover for instance and the trope of being rescued—makes complete sense. It also makes her songs about persevering that much more meaningful. Through the Rain isn’t my favorite per se, but knowing it’s post-breakdown elevates it for me. Many pop girls would frame their comeback on an upbeat bop, but she came back with a humble ballad. Angel.
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    I knew the general arc of her career involved being with/managed by Tommy and the comeback post-Glitter but I had no idea her upbringing had been like that or that Tommy had been abusive . “Persevering” is a good way of putting it—bless her. I had no idea she’d been through so much. I love that she acknowledges her faith as helping her though. That’s all over her work and most people who are famous don’t own up to things like that but it’s clear with her that she was enduring actual hardships so if that’s what helped get her through it, I love that she acknowledges it.
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    Yes the backstories are the TEA! And I find the music to be better if you know where it comes from! Slowly but surely you'll know everything soon! taste!
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    Thanks for the welcome Two posts above from this has my faves from her first two; on Music Box I loved Now That I Know and Without You. Daydream am I stan cover to cover. It was such a perfect album like omg. Right now my trinity from that one though is I Am Free / When I Saw You / Looking In. Same with Butterfly; I love it all but my absolute favorites are Honey and Whenever You Call. From her later albums a few that come to mind are Never Too Far, Touch My Body, H.A.T.E.U., It’s A Wrap, WBT of course, The Art of Letting Go (one of my absolute favorites), and I get so much life from You Don’t Know What To Do it’s ridiculous.
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    Get on Your Knees >>> Side To Side
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    This girl was singing Rainbow at her school:
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    Katy is amazing as a judge honestly.
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    Hopefully, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth and some of the One Direction guys come out when they are ready
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    What’s going on with “A Star is Born” btw? Doesn’t it come out In like 2 months? I haven’t seen a trailer, haven’t seen promo or heard anything about it ? Shouldn’t the soundtrack be released soon?
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    omg he's such a daddy
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    Have you ever wrote a post longer than 2 words?
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    The actual fuck y'all can't stop bitching about how vocals aren't Madonna's domain as if that gave y'all a pass to criticize Mariah's voice. Kii It's like Britney laughing at Mariah for lipsynching like gtfo.
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    Of course she has never presented herself as a vocalist because she hasn't the vocal cords to do so. ? I know what Madonna is, let's just stop deflecting and go straight to the point i've been trying to explain for the past like 3 posts. We both know Mariah would destroy Madonna during a vocal battle therefore the desperate attempt from a madge stan to drag Mariah for her vocals is ironic.
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    It's not that deep sis. Relaaaaaaaax.
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    let's put Get Together at the bottom at least