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    Benefit event which will take place in Los Angeles honoring Sony Music artists and fundraising money to support the artists of the future. "Sony Music Of Excellence" will be arranged entirely by current CEO, Angela Buffalo, also to show the world what Sony Music has to offer and fix the reputation it got over the years. The show will be headlined and hosted by Harry Styles and will air on CBS on May 1, 2018. (12 PM EST) Only Sony Music artists will be allowed and will receive the awards. Message from Angela: "I'm very honored and excited to organize Sony Music's own awards show. We will not only be rewarding our artists for their commitment, loyalty and hard work but also fundraising money to continue support the next generation of the music industry. We will hopefully show the world what Sony Music really has to offer." @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @Harry Styles @Hector @RebelHeart15 @tigerlily13 @Joanne @Michael. @Oriane @Party Monster @Royalty @Music Meister @Eglė WINNERS __________________ Sony's Best Song Award Halsey- Violins Sony's Best Album Award- Halsey- Children Of The Moon Sony Best Album Artwork Award- Halsey- Children Of The Moon Sony's Best Music Video- Camila Cabello- BOY Sony's Best Male Artist- Harry Styles Sony's Best Female Artist- Halsey
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    I didn't realize 143 was a way of saying "I love you." 5001\1_143 = soon, I love you
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    REPOST METACRITIC | SEASON 8 Maluma- Maniac @Hector Listen to it on http://popworld.byethost7.com/playlist/60/2 ALL PLAYERS To read the full albums, click on the 3 dots next to the album tracks. It is linked to the album release article. All you need to do is send me a 300+ words review (or more if you wish) + a score from 0/100 in a private message. All of the reviews that will be sent to me will count. The amount of reviews each album will receive will probably be different from time to time but that just proves an album/EP being a player-favorite or not. Your reviews will be anonymous. I will not reveal who wrote what! Please do not vote according to who your friends are but rather on the quality of the album/EP. I don't need to say this, I trust you all enough to know you're going to be fair! And please do not share your scores on rabbit Every player that sends me a review will earn $1m to one of his artist's bank accounts! Please take your time to do this. I know it's kind of annoying and time-consuming but we all deserve some kind of feedback And it'll really make things more enjoyable. @Chapman. @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Royalty @Music Meister @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Wild Flower @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism
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    I'm not mad at this, I just want Gaga and Garibay to collaborate again and create pop perfection.
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    we been knew and we been on the right side of history
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    I would love more Diplo cos they are so great together and he is great versatile producer and it would make sense since she already work with Starrah and Billboard but she probably referenced some astrology bullshit so
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    Queen, why do you care about her god damn lips so much?
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    Who is angry here sweetheart, please tell me? I simply asked a question. not "Xtina can sing!!!!!11111" again and i'm the angry one lol how about you stop deflecting Embarrassing Caviar is still being consumed unlike xtinct
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    Thinking Bout You slander? In this GAY lounge? NOT ON MY WATCH
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    The whole situation was ridiculous. The parents acting as if they knew better than a whole hospital of professionals and forming a witch hunt after hard working staff. Sickening. The child was brain dead and the only reason to keep him alive was for the parents benefit. Selfish and disgusting. I'm glad this boy can stop being used as a martyr
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    Poo Bear has worked with Usher (parts of the Confessions album), Justin Bieber (a number of tracks in Purpose), Sam Smith (Burning), David Guetta (2U), Alesso and more.
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    On this day 10 years ago, Katy debuted her first single "I Kissed A Girl." Since then, she's been an unstoppable force. Four successful albums, 9 #1's, Superbowl with the highest ratings, the list goes on (and on, and on!) Lets celebrate KatyCats!
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    And that's that on THAT! I like some of their music together, but when he is the main producer it just... doesn't go anywhere. She needs to work with an entirely new team of producers imo, either for this upcoming era or the next
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    i broke both heels running in here thinking this was about the album
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    But... you're literally the only person who keeps comparing Ariana to Mariah & mentions how she's milking the Manchester incident in a way only your eyes can see.
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    Charmbracelet has like 5 good songs though well now that you're back we'll make listening parties ig!
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    I found it really cringey. Which I expected, but still. It confirmed some unfortunate things I’d previously noticed about the way she interacts with people and the way she expects them to interact with her, so yeah, it definitely had a negative impact on my view of her as a person. The part where she sobs while playing the song about the dead aunt she never knew to her grandmother, and her grandmother just sits through it uncomfortable and bemused and basically has to tell Gaga to get over it...yeesh.
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    I like Gaga and think she is a dope performer and she has some classic hits but I’m not a superfan or anything. I stumbled upon her documentary on Netflix and as someone who doesn’t really know much about her after her peak in 2010-2012, I thought it would be great to catch up to her current career. I watched it with my parents who aren’t superfans but they know who she is and know some of her songs. The cringe through out the documentary was strong. All of the crying scenes felt like a bore and a pity party after a while. The scene where she walks into a store and destroys one of the shelfs and acts rude to staff kind of sealed the deal about her being entitled and rude. The way she casually talks and brags about being on drugs also didn’t sit well. After watching the whole thing, if my parents were neutral before it they walked away feeling negative about her. I know that she is a great performer and one of the biggest talents in the music industry. But for god’s sake, that documentary is really cringeworthy and painful to watch from beginning to end. It doesn’t have a coherent theme and Gaga can’t form a single coherent thought whenever she talks as if she’s high 24/7. I’m just thinking, out of all the possibilities they had to make this documentary great this is all they could come up with? I was looking forward to get some insight about her as a person, as a musician and how her career has developed through the years but none of that was shown in the documentary. It’s like all the editing that was done, was done in such a way that it paints her and her music in a negative light. Am I the only one who feel like this? Be kind with me Gaga fans, these are just my opinions and you don’t have to agree with them.
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    North and South Korea made peace before xtina released her album
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    She should hire Solveig, Diplo and similar people, but for remixes. She seriously need to work with less people. Starrah, Billboard and Mirwais are enough. Mirwais could deliver more artsy stuff, while Billboard could make more accessible songs and both of them could work together on a few songs. I hope Madonna will stay away from songs like Bitch I'm Madonna. It was pointless. The lyrics were embarrassing. Yes, it was a song that got attention and has a lot of YT views, but if she wants to make that just to be on the charts, then... The truth is that old Madonna wouldn't have made songs like that. People were making trash, while Madonna was avoiding it and delivering quality and showing she got taste. Now, she is willing to make trash and still talk about artistic integrity, being daring and blaming ageism for some of her trash songs. She could say FU to fans again and claim she wants to make the music she wants and she will, like she did in most cases and some fans would support her bitchy attitude, but she needs to face reality and realize that she isn't a perfectionist like she used to be. She is willing to make music for charts, pointless or basic songs, but doesn't want negative opinion about them. Anyway, the only brilliant thing Diplo did was VVV. UB was good too, but it needed a little bit of tweaking. LFL and BN were solid songs that could have been made by anyone. BIM and AB were trash.
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    She is looking exactly like the next Hot AC queen she became this era with Praying and Good Old Days tbh
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    LANA DEL REY INTERVIEWED BY JAPANESE NEWSPAPER ASAHI SHIMBUN She’s proven herself to be one of the most formidable forces in pop music today. With dozens of hit singles and albums, Grammy Awards and millions of adoring fans across the globe, there is only one Lana Del Rey. The star has elevated herself to the top of the music leagues with her latest release Midnight which broke records upon release, selling over two million copies during it’s first week of release in November of last year - more than any album since Beyonce’s Black Ambition. Now certified diamond for sales surpassing ten million copies and given the prestigious accolade of Album Of The Year by the Grammys, Lana is set to take to the road to tour the album - including her biggest visit to Japan yet. “It’s really exciting,” she tells Asahi Shimbun in an exclusive interview. “I love Japan and all of my fans there, so playing there on this tour for this album is going to be a huge experience for me on a personal level. Midnight has already been such a crazy ride for me, and it just feels like this tour is going to be even bigger than the last one.” Lana’s last tour, in support of her hit album Silver, saw the megastar touring in Asia for the very first time, demonstrating her capability as one of the few Western artists able to sell out arenas in this part of the world. The Asian leg was sold out, and culminated in a triumphant performance in Tokyo at the Nippon Budokan arena to a packed out crowd of around 15,000 fans. “That show - I still think about it,” she says. “A lot of people at the label weren’t entirely sure if we’d be able to pull off such big shows at Asia, so coming over and finishing off the leg in Tokyo… I was so proud. And I was so happy to share that moment with the fans. The energy was incredible.” Her visit to Japan this time will see Lana taking the bold move of playing to an even bigger audience, potentially doubling the crowd that she played to last time. She will headline the Saitama Super Arena on 27th June, with sources suggesting that over 30,000 tickets have been made available for the concert, making it by far her biggest performance in Asia yet. “I can’t wait,” she says of the show. “The prospect of having that many people to entertain is something that makes me a little nervous. But I know my fans and I know the atmosphere that we get at the shows, so I feel like it’s going to be magical.” The landmark show is sure to be a smash, with Midnight’s huge success already been well documented. Is that blockbuster level of success something that scares Lana Del Rey? “I do my best to keep my head above the noise and just focus on the music, the videos, the show,” she says, humbly. “I’m only human, I love that kind of gratification that I feel from people loving the music and buying the record, but I have to remember why I do all of this in the first place, and it’s simply because I love writing songs and making records.” Midnight, with hits like the title track, Down For It and Rosa, saw the singer taking a sharp change in direction from Silver, with music that incorporated throwback rock elements stylistically, with a personal and introspective approach lyrically. Midnight features modern and polished production, with a heavy concept involving mystery and erotic themes. Where is she planning to take her music next? She laughs. “Honestly - I don’t know yet. I haven’t really thought that far ahead. I’m always writing songs, so things are bubbling for sure, but whatever the next record is - it hasn’t started to bloom. Yet.” Lana Del Rey’s album Midnight and single Rosa are out now. She plays the Saitama Super Arena on 27th June followed by other dates across Asia - tickets are out now.
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    I had Grade 10 but changed it
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    Same tbh. She may have done and said some inappropriate things but she’s not THAT bad. There are worse people out there that are being given a pass.
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    OMG! There's her hands and everything...
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    One year later and I still love this album such underrated piece of work
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    Praying's longevity basically counted for two singles since Woman was released six months later as a single. Three month gaps are more like the standard. Even the gap between Die Young and C'Mon was just three and a half months, although Die Young was a smash hit. Good Old Days just reached the Top 10 on HAC after almost 200 days, which still keeps her name out there, so that there is not really an essential need for another single. RCA is a very thrifty label in general. They usually stop caring and investing if they are not sure that it will pay off, which was the case after Woman flopped. Everybody knows that there are no real hits on Rainbow waiting to be released. The success of another single would rather be luck than predictable because the wild mix of genres on the album doesn't go well with any current trends (Kesha admitted this herself in an interview yesterday). We know that Kesha is already working on new music. She probably has so many ideas that she wants to implement after not being able to release music for years and I guess she quickly wants to fulfill her six album contract, so over-extended eras are certainly not in her interest. It's a possibility that RCA wants to serve a properly managed and promoted era as soon as possible with a maybe a bit more mainstream-friendly sound, after seeing how successful Kesha still can be with so little promotion and budget. They probably see this as a more lucrative option than still caring about Rainbow.
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    I just looked up, but I can't find the link I got for LOVE
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    This was amazing news to wake up to. My queen is officially out! I know she's been wanting to make a statement for a while, but was coy about it because of religious family. But she's alluded to it in her music for a long time, and it was getting more and more blatant so I had a feeling this was coming up. Also, whether people knew or not doesn't matter. This is Janelle's life, not a Gillian Flynn book, and it doesn't have to be shocking. This is about her taking a weight off her shoulder, and whether it's stating the obvious is completely inconsequential.
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    I see what your point is. A lot of artists would die to crack 300k so maybe in general those numbers are not a total failure, but when you are an A-List entertainer, it's understandable why people would think those numbers are bad.
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    i cant wait to see 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 on "One Sweet Day"
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    No look at Shawns tweets the art was inspired by a fan
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    McDonalds is for everybody and common Quantity vs Caviar Quality Br They had three cute hits and Crazy is not one of them Why Britney fans are so angry? • Great Brit lasted longer • Marvellous she has more #1s • Incredible she sold more records • Astonishing how productive Britney is and all Difference between Britney and Christina - one can sing ( Just check last “performance” If someone is a singer and can sing only Happy Birthday properly without CD player doesn’t mean is better Boo