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    I also recorded a potato quality thing of me singing the melody over the instrumental in true hector style: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0PV2IoGgvBN
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    She really is not playing this era
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    NETWORTHS ARE UPDATED Check out how much money your artist has. http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/NetWorths2.htm @Chapman. @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Royalty @Music Meister @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Wild Flower @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism
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    Might not be chart material but after a good 20 listens... she’s on to something special. The features elevate the song and give it a raspy breathlessness that catapult it beyond the mainstream. She did it. She’s here to stay.
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    CHARLIE PUTH | LEAD SINGLE Writers: Charlie Puth, Ariana Grande Producer: Charlie Puth Length: 4 mins, 5 seconds Genre: Synth-Pop Label: Smash Record, Sony Music Lyrics: Audio Original Audio
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    Thank you for this lmao. These bitches are gonna hurt themselves with all of the reaching they're doing.
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    This era is off to an interesting start, and Accelerate isn't the club banger smash that we all expected. It's a new sound, not a bad sound, but it's another departure for X and we know she likes her reinventions. She is trying a whole new marketing campaign and basically starting from scratch in this ever changing market of music. The one thing we need to keep in mind is her motivation and drive. It seems to be coming back, based on the article in Billboard and even Paper Mag. You can tell she's refreshed, and that will make or break any era despite how good the music is with any artist. Accelerate has created the buzz, much like Dirrty did, where it's polarizing people and they aren't sure what to do with it. That's not necessarily a bad thing. She's got everyone's attention and her new team is gonna make it work. A lot of this is her team relaunching her and rebranding her, and I feel she's ready to listen to what they have to say. Hang on Fighters, we are just getting warmed up!
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    back when Genie was hot, I was OBSESSED with that song. idk if any of yall used to do this, but I would wait for it to come on the radio so I could record it on cassette tape and once I finally got it recorded I would repeat it over and over for hours when I saved up enough money I finally bought Debutina which was the first cd I ever bought I was 7 years old
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    casual listeners won't try to like that song 20 times lol
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    FROM THE HEART @Ronlop This playlist would focus on songwriting on a lyrical basis. As there are currently numerous Encore songs that feature popular songs that are smashing at this moment, this playlist would feature songs that are crafted excellently in terms of lyrical content. Songs from artists such as Emma Roberts, Strawberry Blonde, Lana Del Rey, and Lorde would appear for example on the playlist due to their reception as excellent singer-songwriters, etc. However, the playlist is completely open to new artists as well depending on the content. Rather than highlight what is popular, the songs would highlight outstanding quality in songwriting. It’d feature new releases and previous releases, deep cuts, and singles that demonstrate artists’ abilities to write songs that are not only commercial appealing but highlight excellence in songwriting in pop music. It'd be curated by Emma (me) although I'd create polls to get second opinions from the players as well. It'd be a truly interactive playlist.
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    thank you i try very hard
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    Battlegrounds is full of Accelerate threads
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    #BuyAccelerateOniTunes #StreamAccelerateOnSpotify #PreOrderLiberationOniTunes
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    But... it’s not a philosophical debate. It’s not something that can be debated, it’s called SLAVERY because the people were enslaved. Meaning against their will. It’s not like there’s a yes, no, or maybe answer. There’s only one. Is it something in the water that they’re drinking that’s making famous people crazy and/or stupid?
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    What do yall think? Maybe it's a stretch but seems kinda weird to me honestly Both use glitter-cum backgrounds only showing their mouth Both have the use of milk used in the same video Both have them covered in some weird gooey liquid as they spread it on themselves
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    #1 Argentina #1 Azerbaijan #1 Chile #1 Dominican Republic #2 Belarus #2 Brazil #2 Ecuador #2 Guatemala #2 Lebanon #2 Peru #2 Slovenia #3 Brazil #3 Costa Rica #3 Spain #4 Mexico #4 Vietnam #6 Philippines #7 Philippines #8 Greece #8 Poland #9 Chile #9 Ecuador #9 Romania #10 Colombia The only markets where she cracked the top 10, tragic This equates to like what? 247 copies? A slayage
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    Shawn at #3 on US iTunes. #6 on World Wide iTunes. #6 on Albums pre-order. It feels good not to be flopping anymore!
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    It’s finally summer y’all 75° and sunny taking my ass to the beach right now
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    if same sex relations are truly a sin then i hope satan has a nice big dick for me when i go to hell
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    Imagine thinking you can cultural appropriate a fucking VIDEO GAME CHARACTER. Quit trying to be fake woke and do your research with your dumb asses.
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    (Worldwide) Zara Larsson releases music video for “All Night” After successfully debuting her first single ever “All Night”, Zara larsson hasn’t slow down: she only released “All Night” a week ago, but the Swedish singer already had her debut performance on the SMOE awards, did several radio interviews and released her song on CAlTube and Encore. Her first single has also been getting a lot of spins on the radio, that’s why Zara Larsson has been heard so much on the radio. After teasing the music video on Twitter, the singer confirmed on the SMOE awards that the music video will be released TODAY. Information: Song: “All Night” Singer: Zara Larsson Video length: 03:35 Director: Hannah Lux Davis Music video description: The video starts with Zara sitting in an entire blue. Quickly the camera zooms in on Zara’s head and follows her walking around the room, singing the first verse of the song. Her eyes are not showing any emotions, she is just walking through the room, while the camera is still zoomed in on her head. Her lips are lipsyncing tot he song. After the first verse and the first bridge have ended, Zara winks and it looks like the camera goes inside her head. For the chorus, the screen turns white and you can see Zara three times: mint green colored, greyscale colored and pink/purple colored. She is singing and dancing to the chorus of the song. The whole chorus this scene is being shown on the screen. For the second verse and bridge, Zara is shown in some kind of warehouse setting. She is alone and wearing a black suit, and she is dancing and lip synching to the verse and the bridge. The dancing is a structured and studied choreography, that shows Zara’s ability to dance. The second chorus is also played here and this also the setting where Zara says: “Didn’t your mother tell you: Bad Boys Get Nothing!” For the last two choruses, Zara is being shown multiple times again, only this time you can see her in her whole and she is once again dancing to the song. She continues to dance like this, until the song ends playing. The last scene that is being shown is a black screen, with the words: “Directed by Hannah Lux Davis”.
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    Of course she can't remember what happened 1666 years ago
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    Week 3 | Official Charts Maluma ganó a lo grande Maluma smashed the charts this week with his debut album "Maniac" which debuted at #1 selling 1.083m copies worldwide, making it the biggest debut album for a male artist breaking Maxence's record with "Night Air" which sold 778k first week. The key for the success of this album was in fact its streaming figures which reached 218.3m streams in a week [437k SPS], more than any album in CAL history so far. "Maniac" is officially the biggest debut album and most streamed album in a week on Encore. "Maniac" debuted at #1 not only worldwide but also in United States with 262,720 copies and South America with 3,695 copies. It debuted at #3 in UK with 20,400 copies, #2 in Australia with 14,880 copies, #2 in Europe with 22,300 copies and #4 in Asia with 21,600 copies. In total: 345,595 pure sales this week worldwide not including the 300,160 pre-orders. [645,755 pure sales worldwide in total]. 11 tracks off his album charted in the Top 20 Most Streamed songs on Encore this week due to being exclusive on Encore for 3 days. #1 single "Fuego" at first place with over 40m streams,"Cougar (Feat Britney Spears)" with 28m streams, "Maniac (Like That)" with 25m streams, "Criminal" with 24.7m streams,"Goddess" with 18m streams, "Honey" with 17m streams, "Bounce" with 13m streams, "High (On The Hills)" and "Gasoline" with 10m streams and "No Limits (Feat. Nicki Minaj)" and "The Less I Know The Better" both with a little over 9m streams. Maluma also garnered a massive boost in Encore followers, currently standing on 1.8m followers making him the most followed artist on the platform. The hit single "Fuego" sold close to 599k copies this week, making it chart at the #1 spot for three non-consecutive weeks. All the tracks off "Maniac" charted inside the Top 80 on CAL Hot 100 this week. "Boy" by Camila Cabello climbs up to #4 with 462k copies sold worldwide [50k SPS]. Lindsay Lohan's new hit "Red Room" climbs up to #11 with 383k copies sold worldwide [33k SPS]. Harry Styles' "Heatwave" climbs up to #24 after debuting at #69 last week and brand new artist, Tinashe, roars up to the Top 40 with her Streaming hit "Anything" which debuts at #31 this week. Kworb CAL is now updated! iTunes USA, Singles WW, Albums WW, Radio & Overalls are now updated ( go here: http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/OverallsS8.htm) Net Worths, Twitter Followers and Campaigns will be updated! It's still not updated. Artist Section is not updated. It is updated every two/three weeks. http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/ Please write down how much you earned this week. 1 Single Copy= $1 1 Album Copy= $5 Please write it this way: Post your earnings! Do not post articles for the new week until I say so!
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    The minute I heard "Reflection," I was hooked. My standom started during the Stripped era. I came out around that time and was super depressed and wanted to kill myself, and that album saved my life. Ever since then, she's been my #1 through thick and thin.
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    Omg, the Liberation is real She ripped off the Lotus wig Kimono girl vibes This is too perfect, keep it coming kween
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    agaga said there's a lot of demand for new xtina material but i've yet to find this so-called demand
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    Can they please stop releasing these?
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    Just dropping in to tell everyone to cool it down. No need to be throwing around insults at each other.
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    Will people finally stop overrating his trash music [4]
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    Lotus sounds like the album of the century in comparison