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    Officially done with the school year Graduation is getting closer day by day!
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    my favourite cult x
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    OMG White Americans when you season your food with more than just salt:
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    So... I'm back. This time for real.
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    Watch full video here: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/dL3W/t-mobile-the-game-featuring-kesha-macklemore# Imagine her wearing this at a red carpet
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    It's that time of the year when I just can't help but sob about how Gaga was extremely stupid for cancelling Venus for DWUW, only to have the music video for it scrapped + get a real bad publicity and completely ruin the 2nd single slot. Venus would've gotten the video and be a unproblematic gay smash anthem it so rightfully deserved.
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    we love a fully priced, solo smash single!
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    I'm glad three vocalists could slay so much on the same night. Queens.
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    My girl SLAYED that stage!
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    I love this look even though she looks like she gained few pounds but that’s totally fine
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhkp5KLkoFE I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S IN THE AUDIENCE LOOKING SO GODLY
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    This look is E-VE-RY-THING! Amazing! But WHY do they air this now, two weeks before the tour starts? Should‘ve aired this months ago!
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    She probably thought the seasonings were drugs. We know white americans aren't familiar with flavour. No, but for real, I would've slapped the shit out of that matrix glitch looking bitch.
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    (Radio 2, Antwerp, Belgium, Europe) Zara Larsson goes to Radio 2 – talks last Europen tour stop, her time in Europe & more This is the last official tour date of the European leg of Lana del Rey’s “Midnight” tour and this will take place in the Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium. The tour will continue tot he UK for 3 more dates. Support acts Khalid and Zara Larsson will continue to perform the opening acts for the tour. Zara Larsson visited the biggest Belgium radio station Radio 2 for an interview. “Hi Zara, how are you doing? Do you enjoy being in Belgium?” “Hey! Yes, I love this country. I have actually been in Belgium one time before, in Brussels, and I think this is a wonderful country, with a very rich history and very beautiful people. I should be coming here more though. And to answer your first question, I am doing fine, haha.” “How do you feel about leaving Europe?” “It has two sides. One side, I wish I could go to more countries in Europe to see and explore, but I am also very excited to go the UK, where I have never been before. After that, I am going back to the USA. We have many things planned, so it’s not like I’m going to be sitting still after this tour, but…you know, I wish we could have been here for longer.” “You are opening for Lana del Rey and you said in previous interviews that you really like her. Do you think you two will stay in touch?” “I can’t look into the future ofcourse. I hope we will stay in touch. I really like being in her prescence and I like how there is absolutely nothing weird between us. You know, when you meet new people, it’s always the question if you like them, even when they are a big superstar. But Lana has been very relatable, very down to earth and just a very nice person. I love her!” “And what about Khalid?” “I think we are going to stay in touch for sure. We really have a great connection and I would be very sad if we never spoke again. I feel like I’ve made a friend in him during this tour and I would be very sad if that ended. But ofcourse you have to deal with tour schedules, recording session and stuff. Thank God we have apps like Facetime and iMessage to keep in touch, haha.” “You’ve made quite some friends in this industry already, just as Katy Perry and Charlie Puth. A lot of people seem to like you. Are you scared that this is going to end one day?” “Scared…no, I’m not scared about that. All I have been in this industry is myself and people seem to like me for that. But I am also raised to speak my mind and, more importantly, tos peak the truth. If people are not going to like that, then sorry, but I can’t be bothered. But I haven’t made any enemies yet, so that’s great to hear.” “Thank you so much for your time, Zara. Now it’s time to listen to Zara’s debut single, “All Night”, here on Radio 2.” Catch Zara’s performance tonight in Sportpaleis, Antwerp!
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    It’s literally from Billboard themselves
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    Then why did you sign up for the Snake Taglist if you don’t want to be tagged? I’m perfectly happy to remove you from mine if you don’t want to be included anymore, hun. Also, this is @fuck‘s version of the taglist, so you’ll have to ask them to remove you
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