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    UPDATING THE TAG LIST** Please let me know if you'd like to stay in the taglist by quoting or upvoting this. Also please let know on name changes thanks xx
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    tea! today roseanne tomorrow the white house
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    she's not supporting him, it's about this: some of y'all are so quick to jump on everything.
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    So in the end the spaceship came back but took away her car?
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    The activist of our generation "I don't know I wasn't there dahling"
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    I want to see Adele cover Chun-Li
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    I think she just wants to convince him to pardon this old woman she's sympathetic to who got an overlong sentence for some drug charge. Seems cool in my book.
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    It’s been pouring rain where I live for the past few days and it’s reminded me of what is the queen’s most underrated ballad imo. The mood is perfect. The vibe is great. Her vocals are amazing. That synth boom before the bridge followed by THAT stereo ASMR experience. Discuss, fellow gays
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    i keep on upvoting an it keeps saying zero i hope im not accidentally down voting people
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    Okay so Spaceship confirmed as a next video????????
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    Okay we all know this will flop and the music video is boring af, apart from that I'm happy another music video is out and she looks stunning in the last shot!
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    She is an absolutely amazing person.
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    I love this video, very cute! Wish it'd have had a feature, if they plan on making it a single though. If not this is great But, love the message and song
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    it's so gorgeous i love listening to it on rainy car rides this part is so nice: does anyone know if it's taken from something else? it's so poetic
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    Imagine doing this after sponsoring Hillary Clinton, what a sell out
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    Can we keep the thread titles a little bit more professional?
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    I just found out that one of the former Pussycat Dolls (a white girl) is Trump's Native American Ambassador. The fact that his cabinet is a joke just hit a new fucking level.