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    Fuck your tolerance and fuck your views. You do nothing but stir shit up and bring hate into a community that has already suffered enough from those outside of it. Do not quote me again, do not mention me again, do not think of me again.
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    Reading through this thread gave me a fucking rash. I cannot believe we still have to debate whether or not gay couples are capable of raising children, especially with members of our own goddamn community. If you think otherwise — grow up, rethink your life choices, educate yourself and stop spreading ignorance. That is all. Have a great day!
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    You are so fucking insufferable and so fucking ignorant it's not even funny. CHILDREN NEED LOVE YOU DENSE FUCK. It MAKES NO DIFFERENCE whether that be heterosexual parents, homosexual parents, or single parents! Also POINT ME to LGBT parents who have murdered their children or left their newborns in the fucking TRASH. I'll be waiting for an awful long time because IT RARELY if EVER happens. LGBT+ parents need to PLAN to raise a child and WANT to make a child a part of their family. They are WANTED AND LOVED. That's all that fucking matters! Unfortunately for you the research ALL shows that children of LGBT parents are often happier and healthier than kids with heterosexual parents. You pathetically argued in a thread about a gay 10 year old BEING MURDERED BY HIS STEP FATHER that it proves that it's not safe for children of LGBT parents to say that they are children of LGBT parents. Well you're fucking contributing to these degrading attitudes when you're calling them "test tube babies" and "not natural" aren't you? You ARE. And it's pretty fucking disgusting if you're an LGBT person! You're also fucking ignorant if you think animals who are perceived as gay don't raise children ... these two gay penguins in a zoo hatched and raised a baby after it was abandoned by it's heterosexual parents. Kinda sounds like the real world ironically! Seriously you are so infuriating, I just don't understand why ANYONE would deny a CHILD two loving parents. Especially if you identify as gay yourself! You're REALLY not that bright are you? Seriously SHUT YOUR MOUTH about issues you have clearly no understanding of. PS, just to piss you off, I needed to post photos of well known of loving LGBT parents.
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    TROIAN changes Twitter layout to promote 'She Wants Revenge' Full mockup cuz Twitter is gross:
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    I believe Kelly would write a similar statement since she's said a lot about her own bad blood with Dr. Luke (outside of anything to do with Kesha). I honestly hope Katy comes out and clarifies some shit. Ain't she supposed to be "woke" lately? Why can't she let people know her experience? Even if nothing unseemly happened. Let's include Katy in this narrative
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    Newsflash, straight people are the ones having gay children who are actually subjected to homophobic bullying. Are you that dense?
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    ASIA - CHINA BY2 phone into MELODY FM for their first interview since signing to SONY MUSIC! Singaporean pop duo By2 are beginning to make waves outside of the Chinese speaking world with their new Sony Music record deal! In introducing the duo to western markets, By2 feature on Kylie Jenner’s brand new single “Higher Heights”, which is expected to be a breakthrough hit for the duo. Miko and Yumi are not forgetting their Asian routes, however. Promoting the single across their home market, the girls called into Melody FM China for a chat about the release and their upcoming English project [Interview in Mandarin Chinese] By2, congratulations on signing with Sony Music! How does it feel to be making the jump to the west? Miko: Thank you! This is such an exciting time for us, you know, to be bringing our music across the world. Right now we’re living fulltime in Los Angeles, which has always been a dream for me and Yumi, so we are feeling incredibly lucky. To be making the jump from the Chinese world to the English-speaking world is a very nerve-wracking prospect for us, though. In getting this record deal, we’re not only reaching out to the English world, but the entire world, really. There is a lot that is at stake, because you only get one chance to make a first impression. Yumi: Yeah, first impressions really matter. I don’t think anyone is expecting us to release a single and suddenly go straight to number one in America, so what we are trying to do is gradually introduce us as singers to the public over there. Our feature with Kylie Jenner, Higher Heights, that is out today, is a way of doing this for us. Not only are we getting some massive learning experience by working with Kylie Jenner, but we are also introducing ourselves to the west. This feature is such a big deal in our jump! What has working with Kylie Jenner on Higher Heights been like? Miko: It’s been such an amazing experience! Since we’re new to the west, we haven’t really known what to expect because releasing music is so different over there than it is here in China. Her team have been so good in being open about the collaboration and how it is not only good for Kylie’s brand, but our brand, too. This feels like a very equal release between us. Obviously this is Kylie’s song and we are just featured artists, yet it’s still felt like a big moment for us, too. Which it definitely is! Yumi: I’ve really enjoyed being in the studio writing and recording for this track. We actually got to have some time with Pharrell Williams and Joe Zarrillo, who are both producing this track, which is the type of experience that we just can’t be more grateful for. To be working with such big names so soon into our career in the west is very, very humbling. Everyone has been really friendly and really inviting, which is so nice. What is it like living in Los Angeles surrounded by so many superstars? Yumi: It’s very surreal! We’ve always had a home here in L.A., but of course because we’ve been releasing and promoting music in China, we haven’t been able to properly live out here fulltime. Los Angeles is definitely the city where dreams come true; when you are walking down Hollywood boulevard and appreciating the beautiful sunset, you realise how amazing a place L.A. truly is. And yes, there are famous people everywhere! It’s quite funny, because you run into so many people who are in the industry, whether you know them or not. Miko: We’re definitely in the right place to be breaking out in America. Opportunity is really ripe in L.A., so long as you’re open to working hard and putting in the hours. Nobody makes it big without putting in blood, sweat and tears! A lot is expected of us at the label, so there is a lot that is riding on our shoulders to work hard and prove that we’ve got what it takes. By2, thank you for your time and good luck in America. Higher Heights by Kylie Jenner featuring By2 is available now, China!
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    Children get bullied for a plethora of reasons though. Should we not have children with learning disabilities, diabetes, birth defects etc... just because they could be bullied?
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    Ugh Delirium is a good pop record the gays did it dirty
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    SO. MUCH. SLAYAGE. IN. ONE. POST. Also all those families are SO CUTE. Have you seen Neil Patrick Harris and his husband’s Halloween costumes every year? They’re the best. I live for them
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    You have good taste! Just not regarding Backstabber, that is where we disagree
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    I feel like Kelly would definitely do that. I think Katy should do whatever makes her comfortable, first and foremost (I want to clarify). I just think it would be interesting and helpful to hear her side of the story. Especailly since she is his biggest former collaborator and it is Katy specifically who Luke is naming that he lost $$$ from.
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    MADONNA - BEAUTIFUL CREATURE SINGLE RELEASE Written by: Madonna Ciccone and William Orbit Produced by: Madonna Ciccone and William Orbit Recorded: May 15-18, Platinum Sounds Studios, New York Released: June 29, 2018 Length: 4:02 After several false starts and a lengthy time away from the spotlight, Madonna has returned with the official lead single from her upcoming 15th studio album. Her previous singles "Shot in the Dark", "Queen", and "Sweeter Than Revenge" have been officially confirmed as non-album singles meaning they are not related to Madonna's upcoming project. The song marks a return to form for Madonna, moving away from the confusing sound of the aforementioned songs as well as here wildly derided 14th studio album Comatose. She is now moving back to her conventional pop sound, but is redressing it with her unapologetic attitude. To confirm her return to her iconic sound, she's enlisted the help of one of her most iconic collaborators, William Orbit. The two haven't worked on music together since 2012's MDNA but even then it was only in a limited capacity. Orbit has been confirmed as Madonna's primary collaborator for the upcoming album which will be their first complete project together since 1998's Ray of Light. This song was recorded in private sessions at New York's Platinum Sounds Studios, her first time recording at the studio and the first time she's recorded in New York since MDNA. The song's lyrics are inspired by the sights Madonna saw on the streets of New York when she arrived in 1981. The story told in the song is of a woman who works as a prostitute to fuel a drug addiction. Throughout the song, it is made clear that the woman is miserable but she is so dependent on the relief the drugs give her, she continues selling herself for the drugs. By the end of the song, she's found dead in a gutter of a suicide by slashing her wrists while high. Madonna talked about the lyric's inspiration: "New York at that time was a very seedy and dangerous place. I remember clearly passing by an alleyway with police surrounding this woman on the street who was dead. It was a clear prostitute and it was clear she didn't die of any sort of natural causes. That image has stuck with me since then because that could have been me had things turned out differently. I was broke when I got to New York and I considered doing things I didn't want to for money. I was lucky enough to get the chance to earn money by doing the things I set out to do but that wasn't the same for others. I called the song 'Beautiful Creature' because the woman I passed was truly beautiful. She was stunningly beautiful. Seeing her there though she almost didn't look human to me. So the best I knew was that she was this creature of beauty that had been broken and beaten by the world." LYRICS AUDIO
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    So a parent should throw away a baby if it has Downs Syndrome or any medical complications cuz we don’t want it to be bullied So a Muslim parent in the USA shouldn’t have a kid because other kids might bully them for being a “terrorist” or “towel head” Asian parents in America I guess better not either because kids might bully them for their eyes Little people shouldn’t have kids either because it’s a very high probability their kids will also be little people and be made fun of All these straight parents must be incredibly selfish You are LITERALLY defending the bullies. You’re saying that if you bring a child into this world that would cause them to be ridiculed, you’re a selfish person. False. Gay or straight, you should unconditionally love your child, no matter how different they may be from “the norm.” How fucking selfish OF YOU to think someone can’t have a kid because of bullies, when the problem isn’t the child for being different, but the parents of the bully for allowing them to have this way of thinking. You disgust me.
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    Wooo at group A representing the most successful pop girls of their generations, no fats and no fads allowed.
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    I think it's more about the word "since". They basically confirm too that Kesha's lawsuit is not the reason they didn't want to work with him again after they initially stopped working with him in 2006/2007, which implies that there are reasons that led to them not wanting to work with him ever again that have nothing to do with Kesha. If you combine that with P!nk's comments about him being a bad person, that he deserves everything that happened to him, etc. you get the idea that their time together had a long-lasting negative impact on her. It's Dr. Luke's lawsuit, not Kesha's! Kesha's lawsuit is over. But Dr. Luke filed an additional defamation lawsuit against Kesha that is still ongoing.
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    To even think P!nk actually had to clarify, even though they stopped working together more than a decade ago
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    When I randomly see a LuranusLur post I feel like I've found a golden egg.
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    When people say Madonna can't sing, it pisses me off. You don't want to be singing the same songs for close to 30 years, it gets super boring.
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    I I I I I I I I Shure, sis Nicki was a until she sold out to pop and EDM and got a couple of hits - then faded back into insignificance save for ha Sir Mix-a-Lot rip-off. She's more famous for her arse and tits than ha actual hits