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    I just got back from a mini-vacay let me live.
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    Ugh Delirium is a good pop record the gays did it dirty
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    When I randomly see a LuranusLur post I feel like I've found a golden egg.
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    I got tired with this shit. I'm giving to Lachlan 12 hours to choose, otherwise one random player will pick 2 songs instead of him. He will not be able to pick Lachlan's song tho. Countdown is ON.
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    Not @Lachlan trying to take my unreliable crown, who the fuck does he think he is? SMH
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    What about Out Alive?
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    probably gonna wait 2 weeks sometimes the admins arent really here
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    So Tomorrow is my last exam and I'm sweating right now
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    When people say Madonna can't sing, it pisses me off. You don't want to be singing the same songs for close to 30 years, it gets super boring.
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    Cut to the Feeling is such a gay bop
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    Omg Carmen.mp3 lost! It means that @Modern Woman is again the HOH and I have to wait for him to send me the two songs! See you in a week hoes!
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    He will still here doing his thing even if he loses, don't worry He's our mascot
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    This thread is going to have 150+ pages at this rate.
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    Stream the best song on True Blue and the best song of the 80s you cunts.
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    What happened to queen bitch Slavic girl and her 2001 flip-phone?
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    8 pages and we still on the first round
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    Hahaha, you two are crazy if you think we will wait one week, when it is at least two weeks.
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    You will see soon! Probably in 1 week
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    Bring back 'The Holy Trinity'
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    32 years of pop history
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    Emotional Right Round Invisible Kiss N Tell Invisible Last Goodbye Love Into The Light Supernatural
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    Beyoncé once again proved me yesterday that she’s the best performer I’ve ever seen in my life. Wow, she really is THAT bitch and I don’t give a damn y’all calling her overrated Go and see her live where she slays every note of a song and every step of a choreo for 2.5 hours.
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    @Lachlan sis, send me your nominations We are in this round for 4 days
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    This is so cute, I never put it together The glow-up in self-confidence
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    We have to reschedule. I can't make it tonight cos my road trip was postponed cos I slept and I def won't be able to host this while on the road. What time are best for yall for tomorrow? Between 6-10 PM EST
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    Where the fuck is she? Just give us something bitch, a photo from the photoshoot, a preview on IG, anything I can't fuckin wait anymore, I need the first single before the summer ends
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    @Modern Woman took his bitchy taste to another level and evicted Choke To Die @EvilRegal sweetie I'm so sorry, you are the first one leaving, come back at the 2 final songs to vote again @Lachlan you are the next HOH, PM me the 2 songs
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    01. Carmen - Hunty Bear 02. Diet Mountain Dew - Freaky Prince 03. Diet Mountain Dew - Ghostface 04. Carmen - Sailor Mars 05. Diet Mountain Dew - Imperfect 06. Carmen - Regine Filange 07. Carmen - Hylia 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13.
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    01. Carmen - Hunty Bear 02. Diet Mountain Dew - Freaky Prince 03. Diet Mountain Dew - Ghostface 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. @Modern Woman I know you heart is big enough to forgive me.
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    ... why are these old ass threads being bumped I-
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    BJ - 0 (9th place) Oops!... I Did It Again - 50
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    @Kaulitz. Can you add me?
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    i wanted to win but does deserve it. the butterflies my drag king friend and i watched a spoiler video on the last day of school and THE WHOLE VIDEO WAS CORRECT SFUD .GUKRG K FKAS FK with the half dead butterflies, the three way lip sync everything
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    whats up with that lowercase trend we dont need another hopeless fountain kingdom
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    I tell you what's really pandering to hetrosexuals: the idea of a gay parent being abnormal Anyway, if a gay couple want to become parents, they should have every opportunity to do so. If they want to pursue that goal through IVF, and if they have the money and means to do so, then more power to them. You might view that as some expression of egotism, but honestly, who the fuck cares what you think? It's not your money, not your sperm or egg, and not your responsibility to raise that child. If they want to pursue that role through adoption, again, that is their right, and if they have the money and means to do it, then why not? And if you don't want to be a parent, that's even better for you. Thankfully, all this self hatred shit, the idea that you can't be a parent, or that you shouldn't, because you're gay, is the minority.
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    If single parent households are allowed to exist, I don't see any reason to why a same sex two parent households can't.
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    And so the same sex couples in the world who are dying to have children should be denied? Ask any kid who has two same sex parents, do you think they’ll love them any less or wish they weren’t with them if they are a loving, happy family? And also, I believe that we will as a gay population will never truly blend in. There will always be division on acceptance, that has never changed for any prejudice for thousands and thousands of years. Seeing two same sex parents will turn heads for decades to come: but why should that matter? There are so many broken homes on the planet, abandoned or orphaned kids, abusive parents, starving families, and you want to worry about kids playing football or picking up girls while having two moms? Different priorities are in order.
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    The internalized homophobia in this thread is astounding.