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    Gaga at the Born This Way album shoot.
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    Cause La Isla Bonita is alone better than entire MJ’s discography
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    im hungry but is late af, i need to get some sleep and i dont wanna go to work tomorrow
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    Ok so I said that out of all people who submit their votes until Sunday, I'll randomly select someone whose votes will count twice 9 people managed to get their votes in before Sunday night: @Beauty Queen @Merryem @Moonflower @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous @Freaky Prince @Holly @Urbanov @Ghostface @P.E.T.E.R. And the winner is...
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    Since they unblocked most of her videos some months ago, she's finally getting more and more views each day. Yesterday she ended MJ's most viewed video (They Don't Care About Us) with La Isla Bonita, which is getting 720.000 views per day. If you count the second video, it gets 800.000. https://kworb.net/youtube/classics.html Why the Queen has a more popular song than the King if he was waaaay better? And all of that without VEVO and with a 30.000.000 views video. Speaking of Queen, she ended Bohemian Rhapsody too, she's 1 position higher than them. Why?
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    TO ALL PLAYERS Just want to announce that I'll be taking a week break on July 29th till August 5th. If it fucks up your promotional plan, talk to me and we'll sort this out. @obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
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    KWORB UPDATE 17/7/18 http://kworbcal.byethost4.com/ What is updated? iTunes US, iTunes WW, Albums WW and Radio @Little Ms. Hated Kylie Jenner is banned from China. @obsessed @Harry Styles @Joanne @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Flippy @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Oriane @Cosmic @marsblyr @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Party Monster@Surrealism @Alesus @Fanta Thailand
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    Oh I forgot, +500.000 more views than Carey's most viewed video. And it's not even December yet.
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    omg ban this liberal pig out of my country mao zedong stays winning 🇨🇳🇨🇳💦
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    Push Up On Me is an under appreciated BOP.
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    Two days ago I was on a date with this charming brit (went pretty good) and yesterday we were on a pint too. He texted me today that he doesn’t see us being more than friends and when I asked him why he feels that way he said I am too attractive for him
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    me waiting for @Divine announce big brother
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    This performance alone has more views than any Madge song besides Bitch I Need Cameos and God Up
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    Don’t be afraid to catch Feels
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    Reminds me of Katy and Russel. And probably will end up like Katy and Russel too.
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    SING! CHINA [PAID] Today, rising pop singer Kylie Jenner took to the stage of Asia’s popular “Sing! China” television show to perform her brand new single ‘Him’. With minimal success so far on Encore and in general, it was the first time most viewers heard the song so all of their reactions were really surprised by the quality song. Since Kylie’s appearance was announced earlier this morning on her Twitter, fans were lined up in the streets ready to watch this competition show guest performance. All of the judges of it greeted her before and then later complemented the boundary pushing performance. Customer designed by Donatella Versace herself, Kylie wore a golden crop top, silver jean shorts, dancing boots and her hair in a ponytail with a backwards baseball cap on. Her massive dancing group all wore dark grey hoodies and sweatpants in a very rebellious style. They were all Asian men casted by the show to properly fit the Asian-based show. The performance began with a very wild and colorful visual interlude of Kylie. It was created by a local artist and made use of very Anime cartoon type graphics. To go along with it, a Marshmello produced introduction beat that was heavily EDM played. Then suddenly Kylie rose up as the stage filled with smoke and her dancers did a dramatic shaking movement entrance choreography. She whispered into her microphone, “I have such a bad craving for capital H-I-M” before screaming “Set me free”. Once the smoke all faded away, the wild strobe lighting panels then began to flicker at the beat started. At first, all of the backup dancers stuck to the stage outskirts as Kylie sung the opening falsetto section. Then suddenly as the first verse began, all of the dancers jumped in and joined Kylie. Unlike her previous performance and music video, the choreography started off somewhat slow with only sudden, robotic movements at the start. Then as the refrain kicked in, they slowly speed up the dancing to suit more of a traditional nature in it. During the final line of the refrain the camera crookedly zoomed in on Kylie as she flipped it off, causing a short edited delay to “bleep” her out. Once the pre chorus began, the stage began to gain a number of laser lights as Kylie kicked up the choreography to a kpop style, intense dance routine. For the counting lines she showed off the numbers with her fingers before holding the “night” note for an extended period of time. Then the stage erupted with sparks and played a huge fancy lyric video on the back screen as Kylie dance and sung wildly to the first chorus. All of her backup dancers performed a number of acrobatic stunts and did their moves rapidly in a shocking, break-dancer way. As the chorus finished up, the song suddenly stopped as the back screen projected a second interlude video and played it while Kylie marched with her dancers to the runways. This film played heavy bass beat with the script “I’m just yearning for freedom” as clips of Chinese communist suppression played. Clearly making a statement against the People’s Republic government, much of this part was censored on some channels but it went unnoticed by others due to it all be a live performance. Once it ended, the song faded back into ‘Him’ as Kylie then began to sing the second verse of the song. Again, the choreography remained slower joining this part of the song. That was done to build up chorus anticipation and to focus the camera on Kylie as she sang the track perfectly. Than as she transitioned to the refrain, Kylie got up on the shoulders of her tallest dancer and waves her hand in the air while belting. Getting back down on the floor for tr pre chorus, Jenner ran to the end of the stage, away from her dancers, as the focus zoomed in on her. Quickly she put on a pin that had been left there that read “Equality” with a pride flag on it. Then she spirited back to join the crew of dancers to perform the heavy hitting chorus. During it, the stage filled up with rainbow confetti to go along with the theme o championing LGBT rights like she did in the music video for ‘Him’. When transitioning to the bridge, suddenly the stage was only filled with Kylie. As it filled with raining sparks, she belted the notes almost perfectly. The singer also picked up a guitar and rocked the riffs alongside Marshmello’s beat. In the background, yet again another interlude played but this it went along with her performing. It showed pictures of all sorts of historical moments in Asian history where people have been oppressed by their government. After the bridge, the song suddenly paused in order for Kylie to give a speech. She exclaimed, “no matter who you are I want each and everyone of you to know with me your free. Now get the heck up on your feet and let’s dance”. Immediately, her dancers slowly began to rise up from beneath the stage. With smoke pouring in, the lights began to widely flicker as Kylie sat on top of a protesting giant fist that slowly ascended to the top of the stage. Singing the pre chorus of ‘Him’, she waved her hand in the air and pointed at some of her fans. Once reaching the top, Kylie untied her knotted crop top to reveal her breasts covered with white tape over her nipple. On them she had written “Freedom”, in clear correlation to the Free The Nipple campaign. She then quickly tied it back before any pixelation in order to sing the chorus of the song while flames ignited all over the stage. Once the performance had come to an end, Kylie bowed before quickly exciting the show.
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    Hey legends! welcome to my come-back megarate this one is inspired by @fab's Taylor singles megarate Singles: Baby one more time Sometimes Crazy Born to make you happy From the bottom of my broken heart Oops! i did it again Lucky Stronger Don't let me be the last to know Slave 4 U Overprotected I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman I Love Rock N Roll Anticipating Boys That's Where You Take Me Overprotected Darkchild Remix Me Against The Music Ft. Madonna Toxic Everytime Outrageous My Prerogative Do Somethin' Someday Gimme More Piece Of Me Break the ice Radar Womanizer Circus If U Seek Amy Radar 3 Hold It Against Me Till The World Ends S&M Remix Ft Britney I Wanna Go Criminal Scream & Shout Ft Britney Ooh La La Work Bitch Perfume Pretty Girls Ft Iggy Azalea Tom's Diner Make Me ft G eazy Slumber Party ft Tinashe Happy Voting Sluts! & Yes the songs i put even tho some might have not been on the album they're still included in the era. PM Friendly List: Deadline On The 27th Results Show On The 30th
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    I’m so happy she’s letting the paps get candids of her again. Wearing a snake backpack on national snake day SHE LOOKS AMAZING and I stan
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    ASIA - CHINA CCTV: BY2 respond to SCATHING Chinese netizen hate regarding the Kylie Jenner collaboration Following Kylie Jenner's extremely controversial performance on Sing! China, Chinese netizens have taken to Weibo to let out their anger on Singaporean superstars By2, who recently collaborated with Jenner on the single "Higher Heights". Netizens have accused By2 of being "anti-China" and "lacking patriotism" by having collaborated with Jenner, who humiliated the People's Republic government live on television. At the same time, Miko and Yumi's furious stans rush to defend the girls against the online hate. Nevertheless, By2 speak out to CCTV and Chinese-language press to respond to the criticism themselves, with mounting pressure having been put on them to criticise Kylie. Yumi: It is so important that we, as proud Singaporean citizens of Chinese descent, speak out against the controversial actions of our collaborator Kylie Jenner following her performance on Sing!. We initially worked with Kylie Jenner as not only a collaborator, but as a friend, on the track “Higher Heights” that we are incredibly proud of and worked very hard on as we do all our projects. Miko and I collaborated with Kylie on the grounds of mutual respect and friendship, but we are surprised by her actions on Sing!. Therefore, Miko and I must apologise for the anti-People’s Republic sentiment on Sing!. We did not know that our friend Kylie was planning on pulling such a stunt on Chinese television, nor would we have ever supported this move should we have known about it. It had previously been agreed that our single with Kylie, Higher Heights, would no longer be receiving a promotional push either here in the U.S. or overseas, which is upstanding. Me and Yumi are so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities that we have had in China and we will be returning to perform on Sing! with our upcoming single, Break My Heart. We are very upset by accusations of us being “anti-China” online, as this is simply not true. These accusations are painful for us to read due to the special bond that we have with our Chinese fans that have supported us throughout our career on the Chinese music scene. We are so lucky to have our fans who are supporting us against this controversy. Miko: However, we hope that the the message of acceptance for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that Kylie included in her performance will be heard by the government back home. Although we do not want to politicise our music career, me and Yumi share the belief of equality for all. Yumi: We are working so hard here in Los Angeles to prove that there is enough room in the market for Asian artists in the U.S., and the support from our fans back home has been a blessing. Please keep sending in your Weibo messages of love and support for me and my sister because what our fans back home think is very important to us. We cannot wait to hear what you all think of Break My Heart - we think you will love it! Thank you for listening to us, and we are very excited to be coming back to China soon.
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    Actually And a great piece on the De Beers advertising scheme that transformed the industry... https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/385376/ TLDR: Diamonds are intrinsically worthless and are the product of one of the best marketing schemes in modern history, which turned a pretty ordinary product that isn’t even rare to begin with, into the most desired gemstone in just a couple of decades through monopolization and clever aggressive advertising campaigns, creating billions of dollars where there previously were none. So in this analogy, the Illuminati would be De Beers and Rihanna would be a diamond. The more you know
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    When @Moonflower tags me in his status updates
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    I just killed some zombies on game I’m playing and I thought of you. Bc you kill me with your beauty.
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    how do you think I FELT
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    Girl, I'm trying to eat my dinner right now, my HARD WORK paid for my Chipotle and you're trying to make me vomit. I'm pressing charges.
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    @Barbie tagging you tonight
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    I'm kinda torn between LG6 being another half-assed era and it being another TFM/BTW era (in terms of sound/visuals) She knows what her fans want and knows that Joanne was a letdown for most of the fans. Plus, the tour cancellation disappointed many. So, I feel like she's going back to her older sound/image. She is working with electronic producers on this album and teamed up again with her TFM/BTW days stylist. Also, I feel like she was disappointed that she didn't get a Grammy this year and is pissed and wants to come back BIG Kii, will the GP care tho? I was rooting for the sis, but after she abandoned Liberation 36 hours after its release...