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    @Aidan. when someone mentions Kylie Jenner
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    Yo I'm fucking living for The Fame lately. Been listening to it every day on my drive to work
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    And they cancelled Natalia over a scripted mess I have to laugh
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    I thought the stans in the pop community were bad They're 3000x worse in the gaming community lord jesus Literal "stop the drama and play the fucking game" teas Like idk how they enjoy anything with all the bitching they do
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    Thanks so much @Divine, my experience here was great while it lasted! Thanks so much for bringing this game back You're an icon! I loved the bonds I made on here, you know who you are legends And if I had to lose to someone, I'm glad that it was to @Cosmic See y'all!
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    Straight boys dictate the charts and don't give a fuck about whether someone's a piece of shit on a personal level.
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    Omg I just learned that Madonna is the ONLY artist to have 16th consecutive top-five singles in US. LEGEND
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    It's time for the nomination ceremony! @Sweetener thank you for being online and READY! Cosmic can't relate but I digress. Sweetener has nominated...
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    Hello everyone, it's time for the double eviction! We must first get rid of either @Kuba or @Cosmic first. We will then crown the new HOH, name the nominees, have the veto, and then we will vote, followed by another eviction. Who's ready? Let's get this show on the road! By a vote of 7-4... The double eviction HOH will be crowned next!
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    i love how they support these problematic artists but god forbid someone wears a dress or a costume from another culture
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    The winner of the HOH is...
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    Outranking your faves since the stone ages.
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    Every monster admired and loved him so much and I hope he knew that It is so sad to see an icon from an era that gave us so much happiness go so suddenly. Thinking of his family and friends. He's found peace now.
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    Ok ladies and gents, I somehow managed to get my interview via Skype with @Luca so this all pre-recorded! *beaches noises with The Light Is Coming playing in the background* This bitch is really on vacation... Oh hello Luca! Since you decided to jump on a plane straight to your vacation, let's just do the interview right here on Skype. First of all, how are you feeling? To be honest, I am kinda sad that it is over for me this fast as I was really anticipated for a new season and to see people vote me out so fast didn't feel good. Oh well! Ok so you did a exposé a day ago, do you feel dumb for doing it or did you feel like it needed to be said? It had to be said, but I think I did it in a wrong way which caused the backfire. They will soon see the light and see that whatever I've been saying and preaching and praying is the TRUTH. Were you apart of any alliances? Since you exposed other people's gameplays I wonder who you were with. Other than the ugly one I exposed, I was in a cute alliance with @Royale & 2 other people who I won't mention. That's literally it, I heard that I was in a supposed ally with @Sylk, but that really never happened nor do I know why people would say this. You had a weird fall out with @Beaux, explain what happened there? Give me ALL the TEA. He's a pressed bitch who takes this shit seriously and he damn well knows it, watch him quote it and say I'm a liar and a two-faced rat lmao he's a pathetic ass BITCH who is scared to lose & afraid to admit his loss. He's probably the biggest snake I've ever encountered during this game as well. Is there someone in the house who you can't stand, tell me who and why! I know you're milking me out Barbie BITCH. You know I'm fighting @Beaux & @Urbanov, apart from them I disliked @Simón., but I do think he's a strong player and deserves the highest position he can get as well, I guess or personalities during the game always bring fights bc I get jealous of him not fuming over the things I would, for example. But other than that, I can pretty much get along with everyone nicely, especially when I get to kill with my babe @Ghostface x 🙈💞 Any last words? No. .....well in that case I will see you all tomorrow for a THREE part event with THREE interviews. Can you believe? I can. Have a good night everyone.
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    Don’t even try to argue The flop monster who? Flopped this way who? Floppane could never Imagine releasing a perfect album ( if only Drugs n jewels & fashion! were replaced with tea and red flame ) Applause is her best lead & G.U.Y is her best Mv yes the era was messy and could’ve been better if she actually did everything she promised us but even without that she still served us bops and she probably didn’t release act 2 so we don’t go permanently bald heres to hoping the new album is actually Artpop Act 2 and not a shitty jazz or country album
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    We don't have time to waste and I'm on my period so I'm really not here for waiting today so! Our new HOH is actually.... Get your asses online you raging hogs
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    Haven't heard Beyonce speaking in ages
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    That one's about his death. This is about Gaga's comments. The two threads are fine.
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    This is really devastating to hear. I remember in the early days of Born This Way, when he appeared in that Theirry Mugler video with the Scheiße remix. You can tell that he inspired Gaga a lot for her imagery during that time, and the fan community adored him. Used photographs of him in their graphics and sets. He was apart of the Born This Way hype. He was a beautiful looking man and I'm sure he was a kind soul. He will be remembered.
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    121. Like a Virgin 197. Vogue 282. Crazy for You 284. Take a Bow 420. Justify My Love 473. Like a Prayer 579. Papa Don't Preach
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