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    me: I hate Ariana, she is the stupidest singer in the business right now. I'm unstanning. literally anyone else: I hate her too. me:
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    Take it with a grain of salt, but one member on Madonna Infinity wrote the following: "The album is complete, mixing was done while she was in Malawi. The single has been done for quite some time. The lack of hinting or teasing is deliberate."
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    That 1-2-3-4 punch that is Chun Li, LLC, Good Form and Nip Tuck
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    tbh Revival title track is terribly underrated
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    I used to think one day we'd tell the story of fags how me and @Hylia met and the wigs flew instantly and fotpers would say, "They're the lucky ones." I used to know my place was the spot next to @Aidan. Now I'm searching the thread for an empty upvote, 'cause lately I don't even know what page you're on. Oh, a simple complication, shady communications lead to fall-out. So many things that I wish @Taylor knew so many notifications I can't break through. Now I'm standing alone in a crowded pm and @Dookie Quilland I are not speaking And I'm dying to know is it killing @Dr. Slay like it's killing me, yeah? I don't know what to say, since the twist of fags when it all broke down, And the story of @Kali and me looks a lot like a tragedy now.
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    Billboard finally has the tea about women in the music industry (in their article praising Nicki's Queen): You can’t really call this a comeback, though. Nicki Minaj has been and will continue to be omnipresent, yet in an age where someone new enters the space and social media opts to “cancel” the predecessor (almost always involving two women), an album like Queen is necessary. This isn’t a project to annihilate the competition since the island is now well-occupied. Queen exists to exemplify Nicki’s proven longevity, which is enough of a rarity to finally declare her as well-deserved rap royalty.
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    You’re in the middle of Queen 👸🏾right now, thinking 🤔 I see why she called this shit Queen 👀 this bitch really is the fucking QUEEN 👅😩💅🏼
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    Imagine being this untouchable
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    die slow die slow tell her that jealousy is a disease, die slow
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    @beauty tips for gays @Beauty Tips for Girls I love the both of you so much I can only wish to be as iconic as you legends please buy artpop on iTunes U Goddesses , my inspirations
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    Nicki really did it Queen delivered bops
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    Same time as the Queen one
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    will oomf be attending our listening party next Friday?
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    So baby, come light me up and baby I'll let you on it A little bit dangerous, but baby, that's how I want it A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body 'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you
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    I will never forgive you for releasing froot
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    I am happy and starting to see the truth now, it's all about being yourself and not someone else.
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    I just took her name and made that bitch a LLC Stuff a couple stacks up in then bitch get on your feet
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    I hope. This guy didn't reveal anything new really. We know new music will be released in following months, before December because of Xmas. Madonna didn't teas and hint a lot in general this time when it comes to music. Especially now, when she spends time with her family.
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    Some phags can't accept that Voguing is a thing cause of Madonna.
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    Mess sorry you pM me your nominations then sis
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    Never u derstood people dockig a Youtuber’s hustle because they just sinply don’t understand social media’s impact
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    Is he planning on releasing something soon?
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    I could see there being a limit on how much you carry; a special outfit might increase that limit. Just the fact, though, that they talk about having to transport carcasses, I'm mentally preparing myself for the worst. I'm confident in saying that it'll look even better when it actually releases. And that, honestly, worries me. I loved the segment in Mexico; it was really refreshing. It won't ruin my enjoyment of the game, but I'll play through it wishing Mexico was in it!
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    I'm hoping Fernando will be a new version too and not just the MM one tacked onto the album (even tho that one is flawless already)
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    Just wait for the impending masterpiece that will be Cher's cover
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    Exactly. I feel like the creativity drained by the end of the sixth season. By the seventh it felt like they were running out of ideas, et al. I wish they could've done more in the latter years.
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    Same. I love some of the latter seasons but, in comparison, they don't quite compare to the first four seasons. I mean, mermaids, leprechauns, fairy tales, et al? It was cute, but it wasn't edgy like the original seasons were. I feel like the Hallow should've been bigger and more dangerous than it was. Yes, it was evil, but not to the degree I would think it would have been had the series kept on a bit more of a darker path.
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    Yes!!! I'm so excited, especially for new hunting opportunities too, it'll be so fun. I feel like they won't make you have to carry around every carcass though, that just seems unreasonable. Unless you get a lot more per hunting-item. It looks so gorgeous, I hope it looks like this when we really play it and is not a Watch Dogs situation. But, I have trust in Rockstar On the leaked map there was no sign of it
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    I used to negate that to certain degree when younger ( because I also like those seasons and I still do ), but eventually, I think you are right. Seasons 1 and 4 are perfect combinations of dark-light elements. Later on, especially in seasons 5 and 8, it felt too cheery, but that also has its perks ( for example Piper-Rose hilarious relations ). Season 6 was really there to bring back darker tone, but they didn't succeed to do that fully, because they chose non-human demons to be destroyed in pre-intro segment.
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    For me, as much as I love the latter seasons, I do believe taking the series in a "lighter" direction was a mistake.
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    Whew, I thought that this thread was opened now when I saw it while in forum index. This is good show. They made mistakes later on, but it remains iconic.
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    Fanmade conceputal designs. I'm loving them!
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    CBS Entertainment is releasing Charmed on Blu-ray, beginning October 30, 2018, in a remastered 16:9 format.
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    2 nicki related threads are popular now , her section is way more active than bionka and Kylie Jenner’s sections and she has a big following here @Onika sis please just give her a perma section we have suffered enough of this homophobia for a long ass time
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    Medicina has now a Vertical Video in Viva Latino!'s playlist in Spotify! <3 https://open.spotify.com/episode/6SiOa2xTW0aLSHqWsvVQH0?context=spotify%3Auser%3Aspotify%3Aplaylist%3A37i9dQZF1DX10zKzsJ2jva&amp;si=pbl2SUVRQhyfqB-CwE_b2Q
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    Wow! This game is going to be gorgeous! There are a ton of captivating sights. I love that alligators are in this game; that was one of the only real things missing from the first, as it relates to hunting. Speaking of hunting, it seems like it's going to be more tedious this go 'round. I think we'll have to carry each individual animal carcass somewhere to actually use/sell it. Also, has there been any word on whether or not we'll travel to Mexico in this game?
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    top 1 ariana pics 1.
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    FOTP is acting weird for me bc I wasn't even typing and then I noticed it says when I logged in 21 hours ago when I used to hide that I-
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    Idk if it's true but wig at Rebel Heart coming for certification.