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    Welp. Finally happened. Repairing a phone, testing the camera and I see a dick pic. Was a nice dick tho
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    BjΓΆrk πŸ‘©πŸ» |\πŸ‘πŸΌ / \_ ━━━━━┓ οΌΌοΌΌ Mountain ┃ 🍼 ┓┓┓┓┓┃ 🍴 ┓┓┓┓┓┃ γ€€ πŸš— ┓┓┓┓┓┃
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    Is it just me or do some songs only sound good when it’s raining outside?
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    @Rachel Green come back to the site.
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    My friends taking a Women in Pop Music class and Lady Gaga is the cover of the textbook
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    hey y'all so i won't be active as much till late september/early october since i'm about to go back to school , be busy and shit i'll still be tweeting on FOTP twitter and reporting and Britney news tho
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    A rose is still a rose And baby girl, you're still a flower He can leave and then take you Break you and then make you But darling, you hold the power Aretha Franklin, 1942-1018
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    How did y'all get over your first break up sisters? I've been listening to Adele's entire discography and I think I'm close to my Britney meltdown
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    I- It even says 1nd, yas Queen get that firstnd most watched female collab video! How did she fall for this?
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    Its only 85 degrees yet i feel like we are bordering 100
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    it’s true because you’re a literal force not a person
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    @Kali is the greatest person ever btw yes
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    Why doesn’t Aaliyah have music on Apple Music who is holding out on us
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    Have you ever listen to Madonna's music so much, each day, that you decided to take a break for some days?
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    @Luca finally waking up. Hold me, you wonderful Beautiful moonlight Hold on till this is over Maybe 'til sunrise Hold me, you wonderful Beautiful moonlight Hold on till this is over Wait until sunrise R.E.M.mp3 phase was interesting to him last night.
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    well its meant to be some sort of story FHHADJ cos luke is basically her DJ 7AM, DWTD, IAP, for obvious reasons RDR bcos DWTD Backstabber wouldve been Kesha's debut single THS wouldve been a single between Blow and WRWWR TOY and Supernatural were foreshadowed to be singles MGL for obvious reasons the two TFL tracks (and i think YAR) were from LIPSHA (i think) Rainbow she wrote in rehab Lover was the first song we got after rehab True Colors was the first official release we got after rehab Praying is her bitchslap LTLG is her letting go of the past to focus on the futured and BT cos we NEVER would be getting new official releaded music that kesha actually likes if kesha hadnt gone public
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    i changed some things god i wish Elizabeth My Dear was longer also i did a thing on my phone so i just copied it on my itunes
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    That's the game plan. Can't get dragged if I drag myself first.
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    I once contributed to half of the Meghan Trainor posts for the week. Let's not get into the details of the fact the section had only two posts for that week.
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    thats @light741 right now LOL
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    ive slightly updated my discog https://imgur.com/a/IPZJ1OM
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    You'll need to have 1,000 different Spotify accounts for that
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    You'd think it'd be all songs he didn't write or produce
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    Look at us generous queens having two separate conversations in two artist sections to support both.
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    Are you referring to the songs? I don't get it.
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    you can with Girls and Right Round
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    Best Mistake still has yet to be topped as a singing/rap collaboration from Ariana, sorry not sorry. My Everything is still THAT girl ugh.
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    All that rampage didn't classify you as pussy, but I like this sensitive side... Is that what you wanted? Thrill? I got what you wanted, thrill Is that what you wanted? Thrill? I got what you, thrill Is that what you wanted? Thrill? I got what you wanted, thrill Is that what you wanted? Thrill? I got what you
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    Mess and I was looking for a "T" in the post trying to analyze what he means.
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    i’ll never forgive you for ditching me bye
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    My top 5 in no particular order: Boots Hymn Woman Rainbow Learn to Let Go
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    Hopefully Mariah will has recorded natural vocals for this new album. No one is here for the faking anymore.
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    Ah sis cry me a river. Do you need a tissue ?
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    You were involved. I checked Q U E E N S notifications and you were responsible for page after page of her upvotes. You cannot hide your actions and the notifications are there to be seen. Keep playing innocent, its cute.