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    KESHA, peace be upon her divinity is fucking amazing Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Plus: TWO TOURS and... A FUCKING CRUZ Bitch cancelled my show and I will never ever forgive her ever And bitch 8 Remixes 8 of 'em Two robbed Grammy's A few more facts: OH BITCH JESUS HHH. CHRIST Hey @Dan OH AND THE COVER ART VI- - NYL AND MERCH Like you'd think Kesha churned out 4 eras already, but hell no A BONUS TRACK SOUNDTRACK TOO MORE AND MORE GOLD 7 MUSIC VIDEOS FROM THIS ERA TOTAL AND FINALLY THIS MASTERPIECE Kesha is honestly so good to her fans. When have you seen a pop star pack this much and more into an era? This era was just fantastic and Kesha is sure to be a legend with this level of consistency. So let's remember not to be Greedy.m4a, because Kesha really delivered everything since August 2017 after such huge spans of silence. OUR BITCH IS THE BITCH. I know I have my complaints, but Kesha is truely exceptional and deserves so much respect and support. Cheers to Ke-dollar-sign-ha for being good to us, herself and the music industry! GOODNIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS!
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    Welp. Finally happened. Repairing a phone, testing the camera and I see a dick pic. Was a nice dick tho
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    Björk 👩🏻 |\👐🏼 / \_ ━━━━━┓ \\ Mountain ┃ 🍼 ┓┓┓┓┓┃ 🍴 ┓┓┓┓┓┃   🚗 ┓┓┓┓┓┃
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    Is it just me or do some songs only sound good when it’s raining outside?
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    Poor Disinfestation... Let's see what a non-event era managed to accomplish though: - Almost 5 million copies sold worldwide, debuted at #1 in many countries. - Five top 20 singles in the US, of which one was a #1. - A tour that grossed over 200 million dollars, and it isn't even finished yet. Not everyone has that in 2017/2018.
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    @Rachel Green come back to the site.
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    Be Someone (Music Video)
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    My friends taking a Women in Pop Music class and Lady Gaga is the cover of the textbook
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    Kylie Minogue ---> 5SoS Madonna ---> David Bowie Mariah Carey ---> Jay Z Beyonce ---> Maluma Britney Spears ---> Ricky Martin Christina Aguilera ---> Sam Smith Katy Perry ---> Calvin Harris Lady Gaga ---> Tony Bennett Rihanna ---> Jason Derülo Taylor Swift ---> Justin Timberlake Ariana Grande ---> Liam Payne Kesha ---> Charlie Puth Lana Del Rey ---> Josef Salvat
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    Pioneers: Michael Jackson Prince David Bowie Elton John? George Michael? Veterans: Usher Justin Timberlake Pharrell Williams Established: Bruno Mars Drake Ed Sheeran Justin Bieber Lady Gaga Newcomers: Sam Smith Shawn Mendes The Weeknd Spotlight: Troye Sivan Zayn Charlie Puth
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    hey y'all so i won't be active as much till late september/early october since i'm about to go back to school , be busy and shit i'll still be tweeting on FOTP twitter and reporting and Britney news tho
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    A rose is still a rose And baby girl, you're still a flower He can leave and then take you Break you and then make you But darling, you hold the power Aretha Franklin, 1942-1018
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    How did y'all get over your first break up sisters? I've been listening to Adele's entire discography and I think I'm close to my Britney meltdown
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    I- It even says 1nd, yas Queen get that firstnd most watched female collab video! How did she fall for this?
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    I just noticed that the label for Body Talks is Interscope, what is stopping Kesha from collabing with Gaga then? I read they were going to do a song together
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    Speaking of non-event where is Liberation?
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    With which male artist would you replace each female FOTP fave? Who will make it to the pioneers, who to the veterans etc. Replace them and explain why, you can use bands too. Also, do not troll phags. Kylie Minogue ---> Madonna ---> Mariah Carey ---> Beyonce ---> Britney Spears ---> Christina Aguilera ---> Katy Perry ---> Lady Gaga ---> Rihanna ---> Taylor Swift ---> Ariana Grande ---> Kesha ---> Lana Del Rey --->
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    Its only 85 degrees yet i feel like we are bordering 100
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    Troye Sivan Zayn Panic! at the Disco RuPaul ( ) Coldplay marilyn manson we got a good thread going
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    my weave will fly into orbit if she does this right
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    1. He Can Only Hold Her because its bad - Chris 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    It would be eliminated anyway @Jae send me your noms btw
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    This era was spectacular honestly, I’m obsessed with body talk and I can’t wait to see what’s next but idk how she’ll top Praying
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    I always thought you were close to unstanning But no lies detected
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    I fucking forgot she had a vinyl and cruise tour Such an iconic era, it gave me chills, oooooooh
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    @Alan @alexander @basedkatyperry @Benji @Bill Kaulitz @California boy @Carlos @Cloud @ChooseyLover @Dr. Slay @fun. @GlenCoco @Goot @Hillary Clinton @Jake. @Jeff @Justas @#JusticeForSober @Katyperryfan97 @Lion's Den @marykateforpie @Maryanne @Newton @AGNTEA @NoCareInTheWorld @Peter Cat @Honey~ @Rachel Berry @Devil Pray @BEYONCÉ @Physical @Reflection @RihannaRTT @ROAR @Teenage Wet Dream @Quinn @WalkingOnCharts @WorkDude @One Of A Katycat @KP4 IS COMING @Katy My Sass Queen @JustHereForX @King Perry @Cunt @Chris Pratt @Goldie @Semeria @Robert. @DominicBMareaux @TaylorNation™ @1997 @Shiver @Salvatore @WorkDude @Kali @blankdreams @Devonne @Freaky Prince @Régine Filange @Yzma @California boy @Kuba @Kali
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    I dont use the girl, and i stan Ari all day, but Xtina at Ari's age in every way was bigger. Since sales were the benchmark, BTB sold decently, scored several top 20 charting singles and had a long worldwide tour from 2006-2008 and her presence in the music industry was much bigger. At that point, it was either her, Britney or Beyonce.
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    God is a woman deserved better y’all are so misogynistic omg I hope everyone who voted against it gets disowned by their mothers since she didn’t spend hours in a hospital in pure pain and agony squeezing you out of her hooch just for you to disrespect women in such a way. Hope you all CHOKE.
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    It’s such a beautiful song that I connected with from the very first listen. Her and Tommy really make magic together. I low key wish it was a bit longer though with a proper bridge. Other than that though it’s one of her best. We need more vulnerable Ariana because whew shit is this song IT.
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    it’s true because you’re a literal force not a person
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    @Kali is the greatest person ever btw yes
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    Not to mention Delicate has been playing everywhere all summer. It’s far from a non-event era.
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    Because I feel that the "reputation" era was 90% frontloaded more than anything. Especially with "LWYMMD", the other singles tanked and the only one that caught the GPs attention was "Delicate" but that wasn't big either way. This era does feel like a non-event.
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    I haven’t asked about where was Xtina when album came out
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    Girl you can't go 5 seconds without bringing up something negative about Mariah and we're pressed and distressed?
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    Why do you sound more hostile than Solange in an elevator?
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