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    HI SISTERS apologies for my inactivity, I was pretty busy becoming the first CAL player (I think) to meet their artist lskjjfk So yes wig! I met the queen of the Moonkids herself, at her show last night in London. The meet and greet experience was absolutely fantastic. She was so nice and friendly and enthusiastic to me and made me feel so comfortable with her even though I was super fucking nervous going into things. We talked a little bit about me being from Ireland, my favourite song of hers, which is 'Tokyo Narita', and we even got really personal, cried together, and she told me a story which she said she had never told anybody before, I was so fucking shook. I really felt so bonded and connected with her, it was amazing. But, I'm sure you're wondering if I told her about CAL, and well, of course I fucking did. I brought an envelope full of some of my CAL work, including COTM, the 'Saintly' fragrance, and even the ultra classified H2 album cover and tracklist. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring it directly into the meet and greet with her, but I left it on the gifts table alongside a personal letter I wrote her. I told her about the game during our conversation and she seemed super interested and maybe the slightest bit confused, but I think she's weird enough to be into it. I was talking about the 'fake promotion' I do for my 'fake albums' and she responded with "Well, do you have any fake success?", and I told her about LWS going #1 recently (kii) and we had a huge high five about it. She seemed really excited about the game and not creeped out in the slightest which is almost worrying slkjfdksl. I'm not sure if she's gotten her hands on the package with my CAL stuff yet, but I hope she's even more interested when she does!
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    "I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia, why would I be scared of a FAGGOT?" - Nicki Minaj
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    Best selling female artist of all time? Check! Most influential and iconic female vocalist in history? Check! Most weeks at number in America, longest number one in Brazil, and 15 number ones in the shortest amount of time? Check! Top 5 selling female artist in virtually every territory? Check! Most acclaimed female vocalist of all time? Check! Advocate for gay rights, as well as a spokesperson for biracial people all over the world. And doesn’t support the fur industry? Check! Why does Mariah just continue to dominate the other girls in virtually every aspect of their careers, at any given point in time?
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    Thought it was going well with this one guy who was really hot but found out he just wanted to make a porn with me hahahahaha Good night
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    Madonna at any point in her career: chasing trends and breaking her vocal chords apart to produce coma inducing yelling. Mariah at 30 years into her career: Staying true to herself and about to have a massive comeback. Looking beautiful, and having all her kids love her.
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    As a cancer who has been with a scorpio I can confirm this.
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    We were so used to giving and we finally got to receive
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    My Apple interview is in 12 minutes, I'm SO nervous Why am I like this
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    Legend Winnie wins yet again!
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    maluma at the iheartradio music festival | united states
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    Imagine having memorable hits in the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Oh wait, Mariah doesn’t have to imagine, that’s just her reality. A queen
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    What is the point of posts/threads like this Do you need assurance every other day? Unless you are delusional, we all know Madonna will always be the most iconic female pop singer of all time
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    I think we all could have lived without knowing this fact
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    Skdjdjd SCREECHING @Beauty Queen But congrats, you should’ve told sis to recreate All Night Long
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    It's really a Maroon 5 #1, not a Cardi B #1. She just features on the track. It would have gone #1 even if Nelly Furtado was the feature.
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    Cardis payola is so obvious i know for a FACT nobody was listening to Girls Like You.
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    Okay it took me some time but the “pete davidson” hit me so hard AND I KNOW THAT YOURE MY SOULMATE AND ALL THAT
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    GTFO #1 on ikoons worldwide the day it came out i thought she was local ???
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    She sounds so bad. "Ray of Light has been noted for its introspective, spiritual nature, with Madonna's vocals also being praised." A queen that has everything ; iconic albums, iconic tours, iconic singles, iconic moments, iconic films, iconic appearances, iconic career iconic iconic etc Mariah can't relate teehe
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    watch him edit the post into the contrary in a couple of months
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    Yes a legend now lets go stream GTFO!
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    Groundbreaking singer, artist, fashion designer, make up designer, actress, diplomat, Doctor Rihanna Fenty should be addressed with her now official title “Her Excellence” Excellency is an honorific style given to certain high-level officers of a sovereign state, officials of an international organization, or members of an aristocracy. Once entitled to the title "Excellency", the holder usually retains the right to that courtesy throughout his or her lifetime. Thanks.
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    MARIAH CAREY VS JESSIE J FEUD UNCOVERED Earlier today, controversy blasted at Maluma's Encore Radio Show. Mariah Carey, Maluma and Jessie J were embroiled in a huge feud. This cause Twitter outrage on who is in the right and who is in the wrong. But now, it seems like the story is, even more, juicier than before. We've received solidified sources from Jessie J's team that turns out, the call that was made to Mariah was none other than Jessie's best friend, Ashley Bales. She is a close friend from high school and is half Asian (which makes her automatically a Mariah stan). She was a huge fan of Mariah Carey herself and has been wanting to speak to Mariah in person. She kept bugging Jessie J to give up Mariah's number, but since Jessie J was a good friend of Mariah (up until the recent incident at Maluma's Encore Radio Show), she didn't disclose Mariah's personal number to her. ASHLEY BALES, JESSIE J'S NOW EX-CLOSE FRIEND With further investigation, it has been proved that Mariah did indeed call Jessie in May this year to notify her about the removal of the track. However, Jessie J was not the one who answered the call. Ashley Bales, a close friend of Jessie J from high school, admitted to Jessie and her team that she was indeed the one who picked up the phone but chose to not tell Jessie out of fear that she would disappoint her, as Ashley acted like she was Jessie. Here's the full story:- It was revealed that Jessie J was actually showering in her beautiful Salvation-inspired bathtub at home, while belting out the words of 'Won't Love Again' when Mariah called Jessie to let her know that her collaboration wouldn't make it on Arcane: The Re-Inarcanation. However, Jessie J's phone was outside and so, she didn't hear the phone ring. Since Ashley was a huge fan of Mariah, she saw the opportunity to pretend as Jessie J and answer the call on her behalf. She pretended the whole scenario didn't happen and didn't let Jessie J know. With Mariah thinking that she has told Jessie J in person through the call while letting her know that she won't be able to call her for the next few months, she went on with her way of promoting and just spending time with her family. Now with the truth untold being unfolded in our eyes, we have also received sources that Jessie J has since kicked Ashley Bales out and is changing the locks and keys, numbers and more cause she doesn't want anything to do with Ashley anymore cause she felt betrayed.
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    Billboard gives Cardi another #1 then Cardi has another Billboard #1. It's that simple.
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    How come “What Lovers Do”, and “Wait” dodn’t get this success, then?
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    Mariah just can’t lose, to think the senile madontasauruses thought I actually switched sides. I will never listen to that old bitch.
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    Also can we talk about how skinny she got.... oh MA’AM. And this hair whewww
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    Nothing wrong with enjoying a good double cheeseburger with no onions for breakfast. She enjoys a cheese burger, and Madonna enjoys the IV she uses to get nutrients since she can’t swallow manually anymore.
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    This is one of my favorite Winnie personas yet
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    This will surely summon @light741
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    @HninSi Shouldn't you be upset cause Japan's Madonna retired? https://qz.com/quartzy/1384143/namie-amuro-japans-madonna-will-retire-after-a-final-show-this-weekend/ You can't escape her.
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    The same people who made her the best selling female artist of all time and the same critics who made her the most critically acclaimed female ever.
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    oh wow yes she is but idk why im looking for a shade here since it's winnie
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    <3 baby <3 i just realized there is No jbalvin stan award we need one how are u sis @Hector missed u a lot