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    Legend Winnie wins yet again!
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    Imagine having memorable hits in the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Oh wait, Mariah doesn’t have to imagine, that’s just her reality. A queen
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    Skdjdjd SCREECHING @Beauty Queen But congrats, you should’ve told sis to recreate All Night Long
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    Okay it took me some time but the “pete davidson” hit me so hard AND I KNOW THAT YOURE MY SOULMATE AND ALL THAT
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    watch him edit the post into the contrary in a couple of months
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    Groundbreaking singer, artist, fashion designer, make up designer, actress, diplomat, Doctor Rihanna Fenty should be addressed with her now official title “Her Excellence” Excellency is an honorific style given to certain high-level officers of a sovereign state, officials of an international organization, or members of an aristocracy. Once entitled to the title "Excellency", the holder usually retains the right to that courtesy throughout his or her lifetime. Thanks.
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    Nothing wrong with enjoying a good double cheeseburger with no onions for breakfast. She enjoys a cheese burger, and Madonna enjoys the IV she uses to get nutrients since she can’t swallow manually anymore.
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    1. Girls Like You (+1) *new peak* 2. In My Feelings (-1) 3. Killshot *new* 4. Lucid Dreams (+1) 5. Better Now (-1) 6. I Like It (-3) 7. I Love It (-1) 8. FEFE (-1) 9. SICKO MODE (-1) 10. Youngblood (+1) *new peak* 17. God is a woman (-1) 18. Back to You (+1) *new peak* 36. I'm a Mess (+7) *new peak* Read more
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    CALMEDIA UPDATE JESSIE J VS. MARIAH CAREY INCLUDES TRENDS UPDATE ALSO PLS UPDATE YOUR PLAYLISTS. THANKS @obsessed @Harry Styles @Joel @Hector @Edu @Jon. @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Eglė @Ronlop @Harry_CAL @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Cosmic @fuck @Kuba @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Michael. @Love So Soft @Alesus
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    I'm not necessarily offended by anything but there is nothing private about their relationship and I'm sick of seeing it.
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    A story to tell to their grandkids at Christmas dinner!
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    Bardi Gang can’t even celebrate without bringing up Onika aww she’s just that relevant ig
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    This is why scorpios and cancers are a mess together
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    I'm still surprised Maroon 5 can pull #1's - their last five years of songs have been so bland and generic.
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    First concert of the liberation tour's almost sold out 74 tickets left,Hollywood u better stan&buy all them tickets
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    Didn't realize she's been at Caesar's for TWO DECADES That's a long ass residency
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    Omg remember when you said she never goes to Dubai, now she’s there with new boy. @Vice
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    Madonna invented gay shrieking
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    Head Above Water is one of her most basic ballads ever Let Me Go sounds like a masterpiece!
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    Damn 5 octaves, and a voice respected and commended by the likes of Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Luciano Pavorotti, and Stevie Wonder. No OTHER VOCALIST, ever could come close
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    You’re the one fuming that I enjoy HCTC though
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    Not you calling me out like this I would watch it tbh
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    I know that's why I'm scared We will see, I hope you're right because I have a very bad feeling
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    Rich sex is a grower btw
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    I'm actually screaming aksndjkasd that lyric.... whew she might've snapped.
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    This Is Me, but HCTC is amazing too.
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    I was wondering: what does it mean register to vote? in US you should register to vote when you reach a certain age or every x years or what?
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    To me it got boring after 2 minutes I loved two things: - her vocals - the girls at 3:10 But the song
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    We been knew Madonna is a strong bad bitch. She revealed it herself years ago with her iconique quote. Nile Rodgers knows that and that's why he stans Madonna, and always will.
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    Everything I Know Is Wrong - Poppy
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    No he's Sean, they asked Mike who is because he attended the protest
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    Just finished reading the last deposition I was missing @Onika say hi
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    I have finally made myself to sit down and read The Lady With the Camellias. I watched theatre play couple of years ago and was truly impressed. Book really well captures tragic love of the protagonists and lavish life of French aristocracy and moral decadence of the time.
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    The clocks coming in like madonnas hospital bills.
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