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    Me suddenly logging back onto FOTP:
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    *AHS Asylum starts* Me: Dominique-nique-nique S’en allait tous simplement Routier pauvre et chantant
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    Drink me up Champagne Rosé It's my game Please fill my cup Champagne Rosé It's my name
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    This version is so lush
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    I wonder if it's "I'm going vegan for 30 days!"
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    I just heard a car playing Remember Us This Way on the street STAN ASIB
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    Me 2 tbh. It could be better for sure, but her parts are catchy af, in chorus. And I really like how her voice sounds.
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    Oh hell yeah this is IT. My girls are back and the era is just about to begin.
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    The Cardi collab her stans have been terrified of. We stray further from ray of light everyday.
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    Ally’s debut album “ALLY” 1. Shallow (feat. Jackson Maine) 2. Why Did You Do That? 3. Look what I Found 4. Heal Me 5. Is That Alright? 6. I’ll Never Love Again 7. Before I Cry 8. Hair Body Face 9. Always Remember Us This Way 10. Shallow (feat. Jackson Mane) [DJWS Remix] 11. Why Did You Do That? (feat. Zedd) [Remix] Singles: 1. Shallow (feat. Jackson Maine) 2. Why Did You Do That? 3. Hair Body Face 4. Look What I Found Due to the popularity of Shallow and the public loving Ally and Jackson’s new marriage, they did an EP together after her debut album. Ally & Jackson Maine “Far From The Shallow - EP” 1. Shallow 2. Music to My Eyes 3. I Don’t Know What Love Is 4. Diggin’ My Grave 5. Always Remember Us This Way 6. I’ll Never Love Again 7. The Cure (Ally Solo) As Shallow was already a single, they released a remix for I’ll Never Love Again for hype and then The Cure.
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    omg he better call someone cos its not supposed to change face just to help absorb the mdne cum
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    Venom's opening week was a fad the fanboys will realize the critics had the right of it and won't watch it again ASIB meanwhile has longevity people will watch it once watch it twice take their friends and family the third time the music is also gonna keep its promotion going the reign just won't let up and the hype will continue over to Oscar night !! She won as usual
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    1. Heal Me 2. Second Time Around 3. Look What I Found 4. Always Remember Us This Way 5. Hair Body Face 6. Nothing On (But The Radio) 7. What Did You Do That? 8. Before I Cry 9. Is That Alright? 10. Before I Cry 11. Reloaded (feat. Darkchild) 12. The Cure 13. Look What I've Found 15. Shallow