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    Not shocked at the ignorance here. Most of you are old enough to remember despite having the mind of a 5 yrold
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    first of all, this lamb sounds like a legend !! next i think they made some points
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    Lambs love to say that Mariah is more relevant than Madonna and that Madonna's a "fad of the past" and Mariah isn't yet Rebel Heart went top 3 in almost all countries and sold 1 million+ WW (despite the album leaking in full 3 months in advance) whereas Caution will struggle to reach even top 10 in most countries and will struggle to sell a 10th of that in its lifetime. Mariah's WW first week sales for her new STUDIO album will be <10k edit: her WW sales have been revised down to <7,200 that's less than the number's Madonna did WW with her last release at age 59 the RHT live album that only hard core fans bought Hm I thought Mariah was more popular because of her constant viral skinny memes and the use of her image for nihilist gay memes? That's what I've been told. And Madonna a 'fad' of the past, that's why her albums chart on iTunes despite the lack of 'fan campaigns' She'll be fine tho, she has her holiday song which is insanely popular, even if its popularity doesn't reflect on her new work and back catalogue.
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    I can't think of any Spice Girl songs other than Want a bee.
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    Yes she could never reach the genius of JLo’s titles
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    Dead at people underestimating the legacy spice girls have
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    Tea, funny how the quiet and lowkey most irrelevant one Posh, turned out to become the only relevant and successful person post breakup. Also “one eye looks one way, and the other eye looks the other”
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    Madonna, very uncreative short titles that are just names of a singles. But the bland and basic titles blend well with the multiple repeated sounds, and formulas regarding the musical composition and lyrics. She really is a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” kinda centenarian, but it’s been broke since 1996. It’s just she can’t see it without her reading glasses, which she refuses to wear. Despite her kids suggestions.
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    Happy blackfriday! Did you buy anything today?
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    What the Whendy Whalliams is going on, Dahhling, isn't this a thread for Battlegrounds. Advertising your own Twitter, MESS But TEA.jpg! isjighssgjnjkjkgjksdsksk You do realise i'm going to have this theory in my mind for the rest of my life. One Mo' Gen will never be the same again.
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    The taste! One Mo' Gen is so sexy ugh Ofcourse her most acclaimed next to Caution, Butterfly is the IT girl Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse is cute too Or maybe if you are in a bopier mood then E=MC2 (Caution's older sister)
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    Is that a stalagmite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (insert my avi here)
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    i don't like songs from Caution individually, only Giving Me Life and the title track. but as a whole it kinda snaps she did that
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    Kesha – All That Matters (The Greatest Songs Collection) 1. All That Matters 2. Take it Off 3. The Harold Song 4. We R Who We R 5. Die Young 6. Praying 7. Animal (Billboard Remix) 8. You’re Love Is My Drug 9. Learn to Let Go 10. Timber 11. Woman 12. TiK ToK 13. C’Mon 14. Here Comes the Change 15. Last Goodbye 16. True Colors 17. Boots 18. Dirty Love 19. Love into the Light 20. New Song/Previously Unreleased Track (Such as SOTHOMC, MMISpace, etc...)
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    I thought it was her song queen tho screamed because I thought it'd be on her new album
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    Listening to it the first time and it’s so good. I didn’t expected to be snatched like that
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    It's not even december yet, how iconic i wonder how it gets bigger on itunes every year, like don't most people have it already anyway???
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    I see yet another thread has been ruined by someone trying to be edgy and politically incorrect just because
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