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    I wish for all flops to get along!!!!!
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    Piers Morgan reported my tweet and now I can't tweet for at least 12 hours.
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    Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse is the album that introduced to me to Mariah's artistry... it has a bit of everything: her signature ballads that are among her best (You're Mine (Eternal), The Art of Letting Go, Camouflage, Cry.) RnB/Hip Hop infused bops (#Beautiful, Thirsty, Dedicated) and disco-esque bangers (You Don't Know What Do, Meteorite) that are a breath of fresh air in Mariah's discography. You'll love this album since you love those songs you mentioned. Then get into THE opus Butterfly. We should have listening parties to introduce Mystique to the good sis @Sylk @Mamacita @Chris Morlock @LittleDudeNT5 @Juinae @Hylia @Urbanov I wish this was on Spotify or the iTunes Store
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    tonight my ex (who i'm still very much in love) with was at my work with his (homophobic) dad who hates me and he said hi and i was just the whole night. now i'm having strong urges once again to text him, because his hair grew out and he still looks so cute, and that ass is still so thicc
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    A pic of me hanging around with my squad this weekend
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    Can Ellie please stop mucking about and release her fucking album already Lawd heifer you’ve had enough time
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    Did you like when I put my lips there? Cause I like when you're kissing me everywhere Do you mind if we go back in one mo' gen
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    "she said everything I ever wanted to say" said sylk to TMZ
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    I'm getting so fed up with people obsessing over Caution's debut week number. Before I get into my essay, keep this mind, MIAMTEC debuted with only slightly higher numbers, and when you factor in all of the bullshit that's happened to her since that album, the fact that she debuted only a few thousand copies under that number is not that bad in my opinion. I think it'll end up matching MIAMTEC's sales in the US, barring one of the singles taking off, and the international numbers will be the saving grace. That album will move another 100,000 across the globe, it'll be enough for her label to consider the album a wash at the very least. And even if it didn't, it really shouldn't matter, because she isn't 20 years old anymore -- she's done everything that she ever wanted to do in the music industry, reached heights and seen stars that today's being singers will only dream of seeing. She's one of the best selling artists of all time, she has a catalogue worth hundreds of millions of dollars and studded with hits, we should be grateful that she still has passion for this shit at a time when the business is so passionless. At the very least, she has the fucking Christmas song that will ensure that she always remains rich enough to do this because she wants to do it, and not because has to do it. So shut the hell up and enjoy the music -- it's her best album in ten years to be honest.
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    We like black, white Big, striped, famous Super-sized ribbons Don't care what you put inside them Wrap it all in ribbons It's the lifestyle that I like I'll give you yours, you give me mine But don't forget to wrap them up In pretty, pretty ribbons
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    Seems to be removed from the original channel, but it's still there elsewhere.
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    the tea has been split! It for sure will match MIAM or slightly surpass it since she's going on tour and it's xmas time. The fact of the matter is that albums no longer sell anymore unless your overratedele or someone. The big ticket item is touring, that's why all the favs announce the tour prior to their album release. So i don't think her label is even chasing after sales or hits anymore! And it's not as if she has anything to prove anyways! I completely agree! You got me into Björk and something I admire about her is that for her it really isn't about success, she has never had a #1, she has never won a grammy but she makes incredible music and for that she is respected and hailed as one of the greats. Sales ain't everything. However, I do think why people consistently expect that from Mariah is because well the standards for her have been pretty high. Not just in sales but also vocals, music etc. That's why so many artists get away with terrible vocals/lip sync/terrible music but if MC just breathes in another direction she gets dragged. Mayhaps I will revive #SylkASKS this conversation is interesting
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    I’ve been so over caring about charts and numbers for so many years, I just don’t get the appeal. Sometimes incredible music sells well, and sometimes shit music sells well. Your opinion should be based on your own thoughts, not whether or not critics or other people enjoyed the album or if it sold a ton of copies.
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    There's been so much good music recently, I've been so happy
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    OOP some kii’s tonight praise God
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    @Sylk @lambs ok Caution is my first Mariah album and it's literally such a bop I'm obsessed.mp3 with most of the songs especially A No No, GTFO, With You, One Mo' Gen what should I listen to next
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    I went to the Sydney show two days ago and it was incredible! We originally had nosebleeds seats, but when we scanned our tickets this lady pulled my friends and I over to the side and gave us a free upgrade to the first row of elevated seating which meant we were so, so much closer. My friends and I have loved her since the Fearless days and she did not disappoint. Some of the best production I've ever seen on tour. I didn't even care that it poured for 90% of the show, because it was so much fun.
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    Mariah: Releases Caution Me: Listens to Glitter
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    yes it is wth are they doing
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    Is anybody seeing her on tour in Europe? Im going to Vienna, Warsaw and Munich
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    just rewatched it and yes talent yes choreo. her best televised performance for SURE.
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    I wasn't too keen on MIAMTEC at first but it's such a bop. I just wish Money, One More Try and Heavenly were not on it, those three songs are just uninteresting and feel like filler. Caution is easily much more rounded and consistent. I can listen to each track on it over and over without getting bored. Where as with MIAMTEC #Beautiful in particular gets boring over time. I don't understand the dirt people give "You're Mine (Eternal)", anyone who hates on that skinny song needs to have several seats in hell.
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    comw with the tix are kinda cheat tbh, 43 eur, standing
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    MIAMTEC, Emancipation of Mimi, Memoirs (me and @Sylk stan the fuck outta it ) and Butterfly definitely!!!
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    mariah’s listening party? Consider me perched (and festive)
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    Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald was amazing The wands in the ground scene, the fucking visuals, the fucking music I need the final three movies asap
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    mte And people are so determined to rub it in your face if an album bombs, it just takes away from the enjoyment of the music. I've never understood why some people take it so seriously, it's not like they're making any money off of it, flop or hit, we're still poor as fuck
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    Updated: Butterfly Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse Daydream Emotions Mariah Carey Rainbow E=MC^2 The Emancipation of Mimi Glitter Caution Charmbracelet Music Box Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
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    @TomTom @Chris Morlock Is Kesha's Praying performance on Jimmy Fallon removed for you guys? I can't find it on YouTube anymore
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    whew I finally found out where your set comes from! Awoo and Love Game are like PEAK k-pop!
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    or just leak the whole vault
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    Directed by Tim Burton = wig
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    Just bought tickets for Troye in Vienna in march omg
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    im still quite new but for me its been Me I Am Mariah (my first full Mariah album) Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel Caution Daydream Mariah Carey Emancipation of Mimi and its sister album E=MC2 Emotions Charmbracelet Rainbow listen to both of her Christmas albums Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas II You whenever you find yourself in a #Festive mood. im not missing an album am i? @Sylk
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    Updated: 1. Daydream 2. Butterfly 3. The Elusive Chanteuse 4. Emotions 5. The Emancipation of Mimi 6. Charmbracelet 7. Caution 8. Mariah Carey 9. E=MC² 10. Glitter 11. Memoirs 12. Rainbow 13. Music Box
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    A bunch of recent Mariah interviews have popped up into my YouTube recommended and she is so well put together, well spoken, and stunning in all of them. She may have a new stan in me.
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    Went to the concert on Friday. Charli and Taylor we're fucking awesome My favourite concert I've been to so far The mashups were everything She's such a sweetie too I screamed for basically the whole show
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    She sang 22 in Sydney I was there, really amazing production!!!!! The lighted wristbands are everything
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