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    Damn, she's really proving that this pedophile supporting thing is more than just pure chance. One is a fluke, two could've been a coincidence, but three? Utterly despicable.
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    She is the gift that keeps on giving, just to the wrong kind of people.
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    Mariah Carey is gonna hit #1 eventually
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    Damn... This was the year of Nicki taking Ls. She's really out here filling up a Pokedex of child rapists. Her stans are always so quiet in these threads. 🤔
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    These motion censor clips are so fucking creepy and... eerie I love it I missed feeling disturbed from her work
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    It's nice seeing you try to discredit her success in 2018, or the years before. But she just keeps on winning. It's really sad you decide to drag down a successful woman in this climate where it's hard for them to even get a top 5 hit, but I'm not suprised. Listen to sweetener, maybe you could escape that bitterness you've been having since the second you made an account on this forum!
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    Imagine what a child would think if their mother supported their pedophile uncle.
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    When your boyfriend sends you this
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    Even with these videos I literally have no idea what concept she will be serving us on the 28th. It'll be so different and I feel like it's sort of like the vision she had for ARTPOP so it'll mean a lot to her
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    Lol, lemme break it down to you so you can understand: Ariana is placed where she is because she debuted on late April, all the songs / artists above her had a four month advantage of sales / streaming and radio audience so placing "no tears left to cry" at #20 is actually a good position. "sweetener" was released in August 17th, so Billboard only had #s from Mid August, September, October and November, three months and a half and Ariana is placed at #38 with an album that was released practically at the end of the year and still made it to the End of the Year list. Is it so difficult to apply some logic on your posts, sis? And where's Xtina? Didn't the sis release an album, some songs this year too?
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    #20 on the YEAR-END chart is anything but lukewarm, especially for a pop girl this year.
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    Probably because you were around three years of age at the time.
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    I mean...he was really cute you know....really cute. And he was....really big.
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