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    During his fotp ban, @Sylk kept messaging me on Snapchat about why JLo is a thief. Thank you for allowing him to come back so he has a whole site to vent to.
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    No i never said that, RihannaRTT is my friend!
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    Finally home from work! Christmas Eve customers may have tried to wage battle, but Hylia WON the war!
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    Jessie J, Mariah Carey, and the Bastardization of Feminism. by Rose Noseward The cover of Mariah Carey and Jessie J's V Magazine issue is certainly one that draws the eye. Emblazoned on the cover is Carey in the front with Cornish behind her, grabbing Carey's bare breast and covering her other one with her arm. It's a pose that we've never seen Carey in before. She's never presented herself as a sexual or provocative being, so for her breasts to be not only bare on a cover of a high profile magazine, but to have them being grabbed by another woman is out of character for the star. It's a bold move, one that in the future will pay off for her, as she's looking to expand her image to a more sexual being. For Cornish, it's certainly put her on the map for a whole new audience, unintentionally (or not) propelling herself to new heights of star power, exposing herself to not only Carey's fanbase, but the public who is sure to purchase and read about the magazine. With Carey's huge following and the sexual nature of the cover, if all goes well, it's sure to push talks of sexual liberation to the forefront of international media and prove Carey and Cornish to be trailblazers for the movement of female sexual liberation. The question then arises, if this, in theory, seems like a fantastic business move for the both of them, why did it backfire so harshly? In the era of the internet, we've seen quite a few women be torn down for unapologetically expressing themselves as sexual beings through their art. To name a few, Rihanna at the Oscar Gala, Britney Spears for, well, everything, Madonna with Erotica, and many more. Mariah Carey, nor Jessie J, are one such artist. For the former, a relatively tame career of churning out hits and awards has left her with little to no real controversy, nothing of the sort that would have impacted, say, Janet Jackson at the 2005 Super Bowl. Carey's meteoric rise to stardom has been, for the most part, without any significant hiccup. Sure, you can claim Clean Slate, her lowest performing album in the last decade, was a low point, but even then, over 5 million copies of the album were sold, spawning the #1 single Shadows. For Jessie J, real name Jessica Ellen Cornish, there hasn't yet been a career to have any hiccups in. The singer released tracks Salvation, Won't Love Again (featuring Carey herself), and Catch Me to little fanfare from the public. And, after a few months of silence, she seems to have appeared again. So for these two stars to champion themselves as the leaders of the "Fifth Wave of Feminism" is highly troubling. While the issue starts off innocently enough (the entirety of it being a one on one conversation between Carey and Cornish), the entire tone of the interview is awkward, unbalanced, and difficult to read. Throughout the article, it's clear that the two women are not operating on equal levels, and that even Cornish herself doesn't see herself as an equal to Mariah. It seems Cornish takes on the role of the interviewer, a behind the scenes, unnamed factor in the article, while Carey takes on the role of the star of the show, responding to all the questions Cornish asks like the icon she is. Perhaps the two worst offenders of the interview are Cornish stating, "I released 'Catch Me' under my own independent release, Mariah.", with Carey quickly responding "Good for you Jessie!", and quickly moving on to another topic at hand, and another moment, where Cornish's attempts to gain the star's approval through raising her hand and proclaiming herself as a lamb (the name of Carey's fanbase), winking and only garnering a "That's so sweet of you!" from Carey before Cornish moves on quickly to the topic of Carey's 20th studio album. The interview rarely ever mentions the topic at hand, only mentioning it twice before moving on to the endeavors of Carey's own career, and occasionally mentioning Cornish's upcoming EP. This directly undermines the entirety of what they were trying to do. Rather than seeming like two women who are secure in themselves, the dynamic between them more plays off as someone trying to impress their biggest idol, and that idol basking in their praise and doing little to interact with the fan. The whole thing is hugely one-sided, which isn't something that should be praised as a hallmark of feminism. Which is even more problematic, given Cornish's attempt to hail the two as the forefront of the movement of the Fifth Wave of Feminism. There's a few issues with this. Firstly, The Fourth Wave only begun as early as 2012. And there's still so much to be done with The Fourth Wave. Focusing mainly on social justice, equality for all, and intersectionalism, The Fourth Wave most definitely includes sexual liberation under the umbrella of issues, it's not something foreign to modern feminism. For Cornish to proclaim the two as the leaders of this so called "Fifth Wave" is an act of erasure towards the hard work that millions of women have put into building and solidifying the Fourth Wave of Feminism. And perhaps the issue that I take most offense to, especially in this issue, is that both Cornish and Carey talk about issues they've never faced. As I mentioned earlier, up until now at least, the two's career have never faced the same harsh brutality towards women that many other of their peers have in the past faced, and are still suffering from today. This could've been an amazing issue, pushing the issues of marginalized groups of women to the forefront, highlighting the deep rooted transphobia, racism, sexism, classism, etc, in our society today that undermine women's efforts to succeed on the daily. But instead, they made it about themselves. Both Carey and Cornish failed to realize that the issue at hand was so much bigger than themselves. And, what could've been a beautiful take on sexual liberation and female empowerment, instead became the ramblings of a desperate fan and the drab responses of a bored superstar.
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    We're really going to be blessed with music of Tayor, Gaga, Madonna, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ariana and Selena next year 2014 is coming back Also, some of my favourite songs of 2018 since the year almost ended: *Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry (#1) *Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman *Ariana Grande - Breathin' *Ariana Grande - Everytime *Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran & Future - End Game *Taylor Swift - Delicate (#2) *Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho *Panic At The Disco - High Hopes *Rita Ora - Let You Love Me
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    Idk but Madonna invented it
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    Rusually don't do these but if im trapped at home for christmas might as well unlike everyone else im just gonna drop the completed list in the op! including EPs in this list b/c there have been some fantastic EPs released this year, which would be a shame to ignore! lmk your thoughts 13. liberation - christina aguilera yes, it has made every other year end and it's made mine as well! album was off to an extremely rocky start with the release of accelerate (which has grown on me immensely btw) and fall in line was....underwhelming and screamy to say the least. but the album came out and to my surprise had great replay value! voice of the generation has shown her singing chops and as usual, her ballads are the go to. trinity: maria, unless it's with you, twice 12. nina cried power - hozier hozier has made his long-awaited return with his criminally short EP, nina cried power. if it was longer it would've for sure made the top 10 because this ep served straight QUALITY. the title track is one of his strongest works, his voice makes me feel things! his brand of pop has been sorely missed in music and im glad he had such a strong return with this EP. trinity: nina cried power, NFWMB, moment's silence 11. astroworld - travis scott travis has been an inescapable presence in rap this year and WHEW this album DELIVERED. noah fence to miss minaj or miss cardi but neither of their albums came close to the quality mr. scott came through with on this album! a solid mix of absolute bangers and more chill vibes, there's a song for everyone on this album! also came through with SOTY, sicko mode. no song this year has gone as hard as sicko mode and that's just how it is! astroworld blocking queef from #1 was such a highlight of this year ugh his MIND trinity: sicko mode, butterfly effect, coffee bean 10. no shame - lily allen almost forgot this album existed until i read other year ends and after revisiting it since its release, yes this album is quality. i love lily's tongue in cheek songs and she has a good ear for catchy hooks, sheezus may have been panned but it was still extremely enjoyable! no shame sees a much more vulnerable side of the singer but her ear for catchy melodies is as reliable as ever. trigger bang is SUCH a strong lead and the feature from giggs elevates the song to another level. she shows us some of her most intimate lyricism on this album! trinity: trigger bang, apples, everything to feel something 9. golden hour - kacey musgraves the biggest country album of the year tbh, and deservedly so. this AOTY nominated album shows how effective a great voice, relatable lyrics, and great melodies can do. musgraves easily combines country with some modern electronic influences and the result is pretty much impeccable. really happy this album has been so widely acknowledged because its a gorgeous piece of work and this album REEKS of timelessness. this year's melodrama tbh! (though it doesnt come close to melodrama in quality) trinity: space cowboy, slow burn, butterflies 8. head over heels - chromeo i gotta say i slept hard on this album but after catching an absolutely PHENOMENAL set at outsidelands i was compelled to listen and wow this album is flawless from start to finish. it's such fucking fun, simple, feel good music. must've been is SOTY for me tbh. this album can make anyone dance, and while none of the album tracks matches up to mustve been in pure quality, every track still has standout moments. all in all, this album is funky babey!! trinity: must've been, one track mind, dont sleep 7. pray for the wicked - PATD whew, i can already feel the lashings from all the pretentious members on this forum who regard anything pop punk as trash! pray for the wicked is PATD's strongest work since TWTLTRTD, and im glad he went for a much poppier route on this album. each song is infectiously catchy and the lyricism is honestly the same punky, stupidly angsty trashiness that we all love to hate and hate to love. this album is great to listen to for basically any high energy situation and high hopes turned out to be the SMASH i knew it would be so there's the GP validation! brendon urie's attitude brings the entire album together and some may say he sold out, but if selling out sounds this good then idc! trinity: high hopes, say amen (it's saturday night), roaring 20s 6. sweetener - ariana grande yes, i switched like a BITCH on this album. preceding its release, i was vocal about being underwhelmed by lead NTLTC, and then the absolutely horrid TLIC killed all hype for me. but she came back with a vengeance on god is a woman and at the release of the album, i was sort of ~meh~ on it. then i realized i was expecting another pop album when ari clearly wanted to do R&B and found myself returning to the album rather frequently. the first album remains weak, but the 2nd half is ALL killer no filler and ari's lyricism and personal touch to the work has made it honestly something spectacular. get well soon is one of my favorite songs of all time now! i love it sm. trinity: get well soon, god is a woman, goodnight n go (and nothing for everytime bye!) 5. dirty computer - janelle monae i really can't imagine how anyone couldn't have this album in their top 5. no offence but this album shits on the archandroid and electric lady on every level. this album sounds so fully realized, so diverse, so experimental yet fundamentally simple, a concept album without the pretentiousness! i really do love the prince influences on this album and as the case for many albums on this list, seeing it live at outsidelands made me realize truly how much of a masterpiece this album is. janelle has such an unflinching way of executing her concepts and she's definitely a current visionary in the pop realm. she has an amazing attitude, digestible political commentary (complex doesnt equate to good...sometimes simplicity is the most effective!), all packaged into an amazingly sonically diverse and cohesive album. mad props to ms. monae! trinity: screwed, django jane, make me feel 4. a brief inquiry into online relationships - the 1975 yes, the 2018 critics darling is also a masterpiece! this album has received some flack from other members for being pretentious or overrated, and i completely agree! this album is absolutely pretentious and probably overrated, but at the same time, it's such a strong, intense body of work that deserves the recognition it's been receiving. i truly believe it's one of the only ALBUM experiences released this year, a-la melodrama. every listen deserves a start to finish. similar to dirty computer, it has songs that flow easily from one to another, sonic experimentation that lends to some incredible moments (how to draw/petricolor was such a fucking moment) and overall it has a perfect blend of satirical humor and sharp lyricism that it's just fun to listen to. bangers and ballads, political commentary, electronica...the 1975 did snap yes! trinity: tootimetootimetootime, how to draw/petricolor, i always want to die (sometimes) 3. turn off the lights, vol. 1 - kim petras whew another pick that will be slammed by the members of this forum! this EP has delivered the BEST pop music of 2018, and that's that on that. every song serves catchy, infectious, dancefloor QUALITY and ms. petras (despite the rocky year she had with troye dropping her and her work with dr. luke) has shown to be a compelling voice to listen to in pop music. yes, this EP was dr. luke produced and largely sees no artistic growth from her previous singles, but i'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt since she herself has not yet shown to be trash. this EP is honestly just pop perfection and that's all i can really say on it. it was the probably one of the best music moments of october and even after halloween, i still return to the tracks often b/c they're so fucking catchy it's unreal trinity: close your eyes, tell me it's a nightmare, in the next life 2. high as hope - florence and the machine her best album, period. yes florence has been previously known for her maximalist production (which is still amazing), but florence's best asset has always been her voice and she truly let her voice be the shining star on this album and it shows. her lyricism is sooo soft and beautiful and lush i adore it. such an incredibly beautiful album...sky full of song is her best work imo. it's criminal she didn't perform it live during her set but i digress. i truly think this album is her magnum opus and i don't see how she can top it, every song takes u somewhere and evokes such a strong feeling of nostalgia and melancholy. props to florence, the album is timeless and p4k can choke for their review. trinity: sky full of song, the end of love, no choir, and hunger too since picking 3 is too hard 1. a star is born OST - lady gaga & bradley cooper is anyone surprised? my fave lady gaga has delivered an incredible soundtrack which easily shot its way to my #1 most listened to album this year. ive been DYING to hear shallow since the trailer release and it didnt dissappoint, shallow remains my most listened to track of the year. bradley shows some great vocal chops too although everyone knows that gaga is the real star on the soundtrack and it truly showcases some of her best work ever. her vocals are top notch, and she delivered what her fans have always wanted - some powerhouse, no nonsense BALLADS. the ballads on this album had me shook from start to finish and i havent stopped stanning to this moment! i am one of those people where i do think my fave releases the best music which is why she's my fave and that held true for this album as well! trinity: shallow, ARUTW, is that alright, look what i found, i dont know what love is, ill never love again (idc they're all top tier) honorable mentions (these albums were all great but either weren't memorable enough for me or didnt have high enough replay value to crack the top 13!)
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    ya'll can say whatever you want, but this is literally insane she has a guaranteed hit and a phat cheque right in her BAG every year that's an incredible feat to achieve
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    24 HOUR VIEWS Maluma - Criminal | 86,516,721 @hector Frank Ocean - Seven Months Pure | 39,876,435 @Harry_CAL
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    CHRISTMAS EVE UPDATE https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/itunes-singles https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/itunes-albums @Jon. Mariah will be experiencing 6 updates (including this one) of negative updates if nothing is done. This can be reduced to 3. @Ronlop Jessica will be experiencing 4 negative updates ( including this one) if nothing is done. This can be reduced to 2.
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    Merry Christmas, Ariana is back at #1 on iTunes 💋
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    FYC UPDATE 12/24/2018 @Chapman @Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @Robert. @RebelHeart15 @Jon. @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Lucky17 @Royalty @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella  @8Bit Heart @Frontline @Surrealism @Alesus
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    And most of them are from her trying to get a #1 with a feature on someone else's song!
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    Every song released by the queen of pop Lady Gaga
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    imo, Sweetener shouldve been an EP