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    During his fotp ban, @Sylk kept messaging me on Snapchat about why JLo is a thief. Thank you for allowing him to come back so he has a whole site to vent to.
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    Jessie J, Mariah Carey, and the Bastardization of Feminism. by Rose Noseward The cover of Mariah Carey and Jessie J's V Magazine issue is certainly one that draws the eye. Emblazoned on the cover is Carey in the front with Cornish behind her, grabbing Carey's bare breast and covering her other one with her arm. It's a pose that we've never seen Carey in before. She's never presented herself as a sexual or provocative being, so for her breasts to be not only bare on a cover of a high profile magazine, but to have them being grabbed by another woman is out of character for the star. It's a bold move, one that in the future will pay off for her, as she's looking to expand her image to a more sexual being. For Cornish, it's certainly put her on the map for a whole new audience, unintentionally (or not) propelling herself to new heights of star power, exposing herself to not only Carey's fanbase, but the public who is sure to purchase and read about the magazine. With Carey's huge following and the sexual nature of the cover, if all goes well, it's sure to push talks of sexual liberation to the forefront of international media and prove Carey and Cornish to be trailblazers for the movement of female sexual liberation. The question then arises, if this, in theory, seems like a fantastic business move for the both of them, why did it backfire so harshly? In the era of the internet, we've seen quite a few women be torn down for unapologetically expressing themselves as sexual beings through their art. To name a few, Rihanna at the Oscar Gala, Britney Spears for, well, everything, Madonna with Erotica, and many more. Mariah Carey, nor Jessie J, are one such artist. For the former, a relatively tame career of churning out hits and awards has left her with little to no real controversy, nothing of the sort that would have impacted, say, Janet Jackson at the 2005 Super Bowl. Carey's meteoric rise to stardom has been, for the most part, without any significant hiccup. Sure, you can claim Clean Slate, her lowest performing album in the last decade, was a low point, but even then, over 5 million copies of the album were sold, spawning the #1 single Shadows. For Jessie J, real name Jessica Ellen Cornish, there hasn't yet been a career to have any hiccups in. The singer released tracks Salvation, Won't Love Again (featuring Carey herself), and Catch Me to little fanfare from the public. And, after a few months of silence, she seems to have appeared again. So for these two stars to champion themselves as the leaders of the "Fifth Wave of Feminism" is highly troubling. While the issue starts off innocently enough (the entirety of it being a one on one conversation between Carey and Cornish), the entire tone of the interview is awkward, unbalanced, and difficult to read. Throughout the article, it's clear that the two women are not operating on equal levels, and that even Cornish herself doesn't see herself as an equal to Mariah. It seems Cornish takes on the role of the interviewer, a behind the scenes, unnamed factor in the article, while Carey takes on the role of the star of the show, responding to all the questions Cornish asks like the icon she is. Perhaps the two worst offenders of the interview are Cornish stating, "I released 'Catch Me' under my own independent release, Mariah.", with Carey quickly responding "Good for you Jessie!", and quickly moving on to another topic at hand, and another moment, where Cornish's attempts to gain the star's approval through raising her hand and proclaiming herself as a lamb (the name of Carey's fanbase), winking and only garnering a "That's so sweet of you!" from Carey before Cornish moves on quickly to the topic of Carey's 20th studio album. The interview rarely ever mentions the topic at hand, only mentioning it twice before moving on to the endeavors of Carey's own career, and occasionally mentioning Cornish's upcoming EP. This directly undermines the entirety of what they were trying to do. Rather than seeming like two women who are secure in themselves, the dynamic between them more plays off as someone trying to impress their biggest idol, and that idol basking in their praise and doing little to interact with the fan. The whole thing is hugely one-sided, which isn't something that should be praised as a hallmark of feminism. Which is even more problematic, given Cornish's attempt to hail the two as the forefront of the movement of the Fifth Wave of Feminism. There's a few issues with this. Firstly, The Fourth Wave only begun as early as 2012. And there's still so much to be done with The Fourth Wave. Focusing mainly on social justice, equality for all, and intersectionalism, The Fourth Wave most definitely includes sexual liberation under the umbrella of issues, it's not something foreign to modern feminism. For Cornish to proclaim the two as the leaders of this so called "Fifth Wave" is an act of erasure towards the hard work that millions of women have put into building and solidifying the Fourth Wave of Feminism. And perhaps the issue that I take most offense to, especially in this issue, is that both Cornish and Carey talk about issues they've never faced. As I mentioned earlier, up until now at least, the two's career have never faced the same harsh brutality towards women that many other of their peers have in the past faced, and are still suffering from today. This could've been an amazing issue, pushing the issues of marginalized groups of women to the forefront, highlighting the deep rooted transphobia, racism, sexism, classism, etc, in our society today that undermine women's efforts to succeed on the daily. But instead, they made it about themselves. Both Carey and Cornish failed to realize that the issue at hand was so much bigger than themselves. And, what could've been a beautiful take on sexual liberation and female empowerment, instead became the ramblings of a desperate fan and the drab responses of a bored superstar.
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    CHRISTMAS EVE UPDATE https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/itunes-singles https://calhub.wixsite.com/kworb/itunes-albums @Jon. Mariah will be experiencing 6 updates (including this one) of negative updates if nothing is done. This can be reduced to 3. @Ronlop Jessica will be experiencing 4 negative updates ( including this one) if nothing is done. This can be reduced to 2.
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    And most of them are from her trying to get a #1 with a feature on someone else's song!
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    FOR YOUR GRAMMYs® CONSIDERATION: merry xmas girls!
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    I have to serve drama for the cameras "Keeping Up With the C*m Buckets ratings have been going down" reported TMZ
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    She is pretty much one of the very few currently successful "pure pop" singers at the moment, though. POP is music that is melody and hook-driven. Songs that are catchy and not meant to be a portfolio of the capabilities of someone's vocals. Very different from RnB which is either more rhythm-driven or carried by very strong vocals. The focus in this genre is not always on catchy hooks and melodies. There is really two types of RnB music. One is more leaning towards soul and the other is leaning more towards hip hop and pop. Kylie, Gaga, Katy, Britney, Kesha, Madonna are mostly pop artists. Christina, Ariana and Rihanna are crossover artists. They shift between RnB/Soul and Pop or RnB/Hip Hop and Pop. Mariah is RnB/Soul but later in her carrier she moved more towards RnB/Hip Hop. Lana is alternative pop. Which is kind of like...what soul is to RnB. A slower, more moody and intimate kind of pop music.
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    I’ll give a top 3 from each album! Debut: Our Song, Should’ve Said No, Mary’s Song Fearless: Fearless, Love Story, White Horse (honorable mentions to Hey Stephen and Fifteen) Speak Now: Enchanted, Haunted, Long Live (honorable mentions to Innocent and Last Kiss) Red: State of Grace, All Too Well, Holy Ground (honorable mentions to Starlight and Begin Again) 1989: Style, Wildest Dreams, Clean Reputation: Delicate, LWYMMD, Getaway Car - this was hard because while I don’t use half the album anymore, the half that I do still use is very close together in terms of enjoyment. So... honorable mentions to RFI, KOMH sand DWOHT
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    Teenage Wet Dream's Top Albums of 2018 Honorable Mentions
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    My favorite character is Lady Lavander. Scenes where she throws plates of food at Ivy were funny. You have watched Allo Allo, right? What is next? The Vicar of Dibley? Absolutely Fabulous? Miranda?
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    Blame it on Beyonka for collaborating with Ed Sheeran and DJ Khaled and paying dust to Gaga
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    i think theres already a thread but i cant find it either
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    All I Want For Christmas Is You: 10,819,000 streams in one day Madonna (>200 songs) : 8,823,000 listeners in one month
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    Madonna at 35: Madonna at 38 AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO HER FIRST CHILD:
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    okay tea maybe dr puke can finally afford a can of soup for christmas thanks to you
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    Cool. Which one is it? I googled it and I see a few of her. You were getting the Cuphead Mermaid too, right? And that George Glass one early that was brilliant
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    It’s honestly so embarrassing and pathetic I can’t even...
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    i listened to kristmas today. Christmas Wrapping is not only THAT bop its also the mood for chirstmas this year
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    I get the point you're making hunty, but you still on this website doing what you're preaching against, soooo... And Christina and Britney are 2385723984724x more successful than you'll ever be as well. No one on this website is trying to be the next international pop star or anywhere on their level. What the fuck are you smoking? Again, you're being a hypocritical dumbass. Also, you don't know my age, nor do we know yours. Agu has been here forever, he's probably well over 30. Yet you attack others on an assumption of knowing their age, yet won't for Agu cuz he defends your fave. You're a fucking mess (and also probably secretly a 40-year old neckbeard living in his mom's basement) The more you post and try to prove your point, the less you look like the "grown ass adult" you claim to be. Yet here you still are. Some of us realize this site is purely for entertainment and don't actually give a fuck, then there's YOUR cringey ass taking everything seriously. Get a life, dude. Take some more emojis since you love them
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    Adele seems to do that with each album, although she needs to stop waiting so long in between. She fades away, then comes back in to the public eye for around 6 months around the albums release.
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    only statement in this thread i completely agree with! whatever problems people had with the production it’s the most authentic and original that she’s had, the singles were absolute quality it’s just the one or two awk songs towards the end that aged badly in message
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    The time has come laid ease and genitals to countdown the best and worst of Björk's "Vespertine". We are starting in 20 minutes so y'all better be here @Urbanov @BJORK @Liam @Sylk @Vulnicura. @Violet @Taylor @Andres
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    Well thank god that shoot yesterday wasn’t for 7R, let’s celebrate that!
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    "Stripped" wouldn't have gotten half the backlash had it been released today.
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    4. Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer Being one of the few political albums of the year, Dirty Computer is, in my opinion, 2018’s Born This Way! What makes Dirty Computer so unique is Janelle’s personal touch; she delves into her own experiences as a queer black woman to make an authentic body of work dedicated to the marginalised. Sonically, the album is so diverse that no other album this year comes close to it’s ambitiousness. From infectious labia lullaby Pynk to the autobiographical I Like That and vulnerable Don’t Judge Me, it’s undoubtedly deserving of the AOTY nomination and I’ll be rooting for it. I also won’t stand for @Hunty Bear’s slandering of the last two songs! Trinity - I Like That, Pynk, Crazy, Classic, Life, So Afraid
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    15. The Carters - Everything Is Love Despite being one of the biggest flops of the year, the most powerful couple in music proved their creativity with this album. This album is bold and I love the black influences in the production. What makes this album such an event is the catchy hooks sung by Beyoncé and her heavenly vocals as well as the evolved sounds noticeably different to Beyonce’s previous work. Trinity: Black Effect, Summer, Apeshit
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    i fucking hate republic, NO TEARS deserved to be submitted instead of giaw
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    Blank Space vs Out of the Woods vs Style vs Shake It Off vs Clean The best songs on this album !!!
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    hahahahaha no !!!! even no close baby !!! but nice try
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    little treat... any suggestions ?