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    As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.
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    You’re the biggest Xtina hater on this board - very little activity in her section (close to zero) - always coming out for other artists and trying to bring Xtina for a comparison - trying to present Xtina as a second coming of Jesus when literally everyone (even her fans) accepted she’s a flop nowadays you clearly know what you’re doing by making threads like this
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    Agugaga in BGs when Ariana drops one spot on the charts.
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    Didn’t you recently just say that physical CDds are old dusty attic Compact Discs, that streaming is the future, and those physical sales don’t matter anymore?
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    Ready to bump this thread when her next album smashes
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    Different demographics, different type of consumers, different times. You're melting so many topics together and making dumb conclusions as a result. Well, you know what actually, I'd argue that streaming is more impressive and is a more honest testimony of the GP's likings to you because unlike physical / digital copies you can't return a stream, if you bought the album then you bought it - you might as well give it one listen and hate it and never listen to it again. With Ari's streams it's evident that the GP loves her music and repeats it 3 billion times per album and counting. While Christina on the other hand established herself as an unreliable release artist and that's why for the past 10+ years she released nothing but commercial catastrophes.
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    Yes @Agugaga why are you avoiding the topic: is streaming the future and CDs are dusty sitting in the attic, or do physical sales count? Last I recall you were bragging about how Xtina “successfully transitioned to streaming” while Britney remain dead in the digital age, that Xtina has more monthly streamers than britney (not true anymore btw ), no one cares about old CD sales... and now you’re saying streaming isn’t important and physical sales matter...
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    Yet Britney is a veteran and you call her millions and millions from her first 2 CD’s “dusty old records forgotten in an attic.” @Agugaga So what is the truth?
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    Yeah an album with 3 billion streams is pretty cute I'll take it
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    I love how he blatantly avoids the members calling him out on his hypocrisy cuz he has no way out of his bullshit.
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    Girl just shut the fuck up https://www.statista.com/chart/10185/music-consumption-in-the-us/ since 2016 streaming is the most popular way of music consumption with hitting 75% this year when compared to physical or digital sales in US which is the biggest music market
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    idk. on the other hand -usually- December releases tank hard and/or go unnoticed most of the time.
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    this bitch is SCALPED
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    The Poopfection team when they have to do nothing but still enjoy a VIP
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    your fav can't do either of those sweaty, so where do we go from here
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    This thread is dumb.
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    So you admit defeat. That's what I thought. Also, we know you're not intelligent enough to read that many full sentences.
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    Last I checked, I don't speak for @Mariah's 18 #1's now do I? I myself NEVER said Cardi, Selena, Demi, etc. have bigger hits than X, now did I? Because I wouldn't agree with that statement. So stop making me defend statements I didn't make or agree with. What a stupid way to sidetrack the question at hand. So, that begs the question, AGAIN: If millions of physical sales determine a successful artist more than streaming, then why are Britney's first 2 CD's considered "dusty old attic CD's that don't matter"? Explain yourself, King Hypocrite.
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    He only says that if we’re talking about xtinct because apparently that fat bitch is an exception
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    I literally always love how off topic your posts are to his topics
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    Britney has almost triple xtinas
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    And you think Christina Aguilera's SELF-TITLED is making a difference in the digital/streaming world? Your fave's ONLY somewhat influential album in today's world is Stripped. A one-hit album wonder. Cuz we know any other singles from her studio albums ain't remembered. To quote you exactly (since you're scurrying out of your lies): "I can see veterans boasting about it cuz they already sold millions and millions and on top of that they are getting streams like its icing on the cake. But to boast about it without ever actually selling?" Now you're making up bullshit just to save face. Britney outsold your fave's entire career with two albums, but you'll never accept that because you always have some bullshit ridiculous excuse. Also, news flash, but welcome to (almost) 2019. Newcomers now CANNOT sell physically what our faves did 20 years ago. CD's are a thing of the past. Nearly everyone streams music. I know you're some 40-something year old who can't accept change, but it's not Ari's fault streaming has dominated physical sales. Just admit an artist is doing successful without giving us your bullshit and bringing your dried-up flop fave into everything. THANK U, NEXT BITCH
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    LIES - BOMT / Oops are streamed more than any tracks on Stripped... and more vevo views, more references, and more iconic in general.
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    what legacy you mean her 1 shitty song that's still """Remembered""" or her forgettable number 1s the bitch has no hits , no legacy or anything she's not even remotely iconic fucking cardi b & iggy azalea have a more iconic legacy than xtinct and have more memorable hits
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    I think my mother has started stanning Taylor Swift.
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    While I was a date last night, I looked up and KESHA had come into this local pizza place in Nashville! How wild!
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    Listening to Anti in full and it's still that bitch
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    She is playing right considering she just announced her tour and her gigs went for sale.... Probably her album will be released around March right before her tour or between US leg and Europe July/August (but I think would be too late...) Probably will come out near time when TY,N starts to fade away
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    Bomt and oops have more certified videos on youtube lmao and streams and spotify
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    Wow old thread But since I’m here: The Fame - Disco Heaven Fame Monster - Dance in the Dark Born this Way -The Edge of Glory ARTPOP - Goddess of Love (Or Aphrodite Lady) Cheek 2 Cheek - Let’s Face the Music and Dance Joanne - honestly keep it the same
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    Yes but Agu's fave is a global queen who's dominating streaming. Only 31 copies of Accelerate were sold and it's about time Agu admits that he bought 30 of those. Xtuna is over and the world knows it, she has no legacy and most people only know her for shouting and growling on The Voice. about ha.
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    You're an Xtina fan you can't talk about album sales. Britney stans can cos the good sis has 2 diamond certified albums. What does xtina have? She has a certified x2 diamond fat ass.
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    Given the whole Pete situation and how Marmite the album was i can understand why she has said Thank You Next to Sweetener.
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    I mean... At least Kylie didn't profit off stealing other peoples songs and actually sang the vocals on her albums. However Kylie is a bit more of a 80s legend now and i don't think outside the stan world there's much interest in new music from her. Make what you want of it, but as far as respect goes Kylie has mine as a Pop Princess, JNo doesn't
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    Pillsbury Doughboy strikes again. I love a good read , only things dusty are copies of Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You).
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    Kylie Minogue has by far the best discography, she's a better artist and more legendary. They have the same amount of sales so their success if pretty equal. Kylie has CGYOOMH which is bigger and more well known than any JLo song tho. JLo is more popular as a public figure.
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    Stan that masterpiece
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    The Fame > Just Dance The Fame Monster > Monster Born This Way > Bloody Mary Keep 'Artpop' and 'Joanne' the same.
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    The fact her fans believe that her winning an Oscar is gonna eliminate the fact that her actual music career (you know her studio albums and actual singles) is an abysmal state.
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    Kylie could be so much more successful in the states if she and her team marketed her better here. When she came here on the Aphrodite Tour and her US Tour, she sold her shows, granted they were in smaller theater venues. Kylie has good, even great music. It is a damn shame that so many people around here don't realize that. J.Lo was once upon a time a hit to most general audiences in the States and was fucking huge with Latin American audiences. Now, she still has those Latin American crowds under her and some of her US and European crowds are still with her. But her main selling point crowd wise is her Latin crowds. J.Lo, like Kylie just doesn't market herself well so it makes it difficult to find a ton of success away from your core audience. The reason artists like Madonna, Beyonce, and Britney found success outside of the states is because they made great records backed by fantastic promotion and pushed for worldwide ticket sales. Did they sell out in other countries instantly? No! (though Madonna and Beyonce sold fast in their first outside US trips.) But they didn't just give up on it. They kept coming back and it got people's attention. Kylie and J.Lo just need to buckle down and keep hitting different markets hard with album releases and tours. If they do that, then they have all of the potential in the world to be true world wide pop stars.
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    Kylie. shes near legendary status in my opinion