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    When you use so much Kleenex that right below your nose gets raw
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    I thought your New Year's resolution would last longer, but this happens when you are skipping therapy.
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    Now if you're gonna act like a bitch, then you're gonna die like a bitch
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    Just got a fully-funded offer from a PhD program. Shaking. Honestly never been this shook in my entire life.
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    I still don't like how You Belong With Me, I Knew You Were Trouble, I Don't Wanna Live Forever, ...Ready For It? and I Did Something Bad (even though not being a single) were snubbed from the #1 spot She could have 10 #1 hits by far
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    i just got asked to step into a local production of hairspray that’s in 2 weeks (im not sure why the person I’m replacing can’t do it anymore but it must be serious since the production has been rehearsing since September) my bitch ass that is unable to say no said yes and honestly i don’t know how I’m going to juggle this. im probably gonna pass away in the month of february!
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    I saw Bionic and Lotus on a 50% sale at a record bar. I bought two copies each.
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    A Star Is Born just passed 400m at the box office.
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    REPUBLIC RECORDS GRAMMYs PRESS ROOM Brendon Urie Billboard Magazine: Brendon! Congratulations on your win tonight. Are you happy with the Grammy you won? Brendon: I'm absolutely over the roof right now! One of the worst dressed won a Grammy, man, look at that! [Laughs] Rolling Stones Magazine: You were one of the most nominated artists tonight and you couldn't take home "Album of the Year". What are your thoughts about Christina Aguilera winning the Grammy? Brendon: I'm so happy for Christina, I know she's been fighting the fight to get her music out and do quality music too. When they called Christina's name instead of mine I had no issue, I always thought that if I had to lose this specific award it had to be with Christina, Maluma or Frank. They were my top contenders. So I'm glad one of them took that from me! [Laughs] and you know.. Christina won the GRAMMY so this means I basically won it too! [Laughs]. V Magazine: So what about- Brendon Urie: I have a lot of respect for all artists who are grateful for what they get and are happy for their peers when they win an award, that's all I'm going to say. Next question please. Kerrang! Magazine: Your GRAMMYs performance is definitely going to have a lot of people talking. Before the conversation begins, what was the idea behind it? Brendon Urie: The audience is not entertained if we as artists don't keep them intrigued, waiting to see what's next and on the edge of their seat and that's what I wanted to do with this performance. If people expected me to make another kind of performance I don't know what they were thinking, when this is a song that uses Religion as a topic in a very romantic way. My performance was meant to represent the beauty of the religious imagery, but if everyone wants to take it to the extreme that's on them, can't do anything about it right? [Laughs] but I enjoyed it and had a great time taking the stage with Madonna and Ariana, both incredible artists that I highly admire. I do wanna say though, if people were offended by it, I send my sincere apology because that wasn't the whole deal with this performance. Complex Magazine: Maluma won "Best New Artist" this year, an award you won last year. How do you feel about this? Brendon Urie: I'm so happy for him! I celebrated his win with him backstage, he was really proud of this and so was I. He's an incredible artist and he deserved it. Honestly, all of the artists nominated are so incredible I bet the Academy had a really hard time choosing who should've won [laughs]. Fader: Which performances were your favourites this year? Brendon Urie: Every single one of them! I was so entertained this year with the performances that occurred on stage. But my favourite was definitely between Lorde's "Hereditary" or Maluma's "Criminal", even though every single one of them was top notch. Did you see Kelly and Frank? My God! Time Magazine: Before we end this, this year you came out as Pansexual and revealed to the world that you were dating model Nyle DiMarco. What we wanted to ask is, where is Nyle? And did you ran into Lorde at the GRAMMYs this year? I think the fans wanna know what's happening! Brendon Urie: [Laughs & looks to manager] Thank you very much for your questions guys. See you! Maluma Entertainment Weekly: Maluma, congratulations on your two GRAMMY wins this year! How do you feel to have joined the elite group of artists who have a GRAMMY now? Maluma: Yes! You have no idea how much I cried when I won these GRAMMYs.. I didn't expect to win any, now two... It's just so amazing and I honestly can't believe it still. Variety: You were up against the most successful artists this year for that same category, one of them being Frank Ocean and there has been a rumour that the two of you aren't very fond of each other. Is that true? Maluma: I was very honoured to share the category with these incredible artists, Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry and Frank Ocean. I know that people may have believed that, but that was never true! I can't say that we were friends before because I didn't met him until a month ago and we are really good friends now, actually. So I guess those rumours are over [laughs] there's no rivalry or bad blood of any kind between us and I'm very happy for his success. Frank's a really amazing artist and he deserves every bit of success that he's getting right now. Billboard Magazine: You really ended the show with a show-stopping performance that left everyone with their minds blown, me being one of them [laughs] could you give us a run through it and what was the story behind it? Maluma: Sure! And thank you for that, you're so nice [laughs]. The idea of the performance was to recreate the music video on stage but in a different scenario, if you saw the music video you would understand the performance! I wanted this to be an incredible performance with a lot of stuff that people would remember in the next years. This was my very first time performing my music on the GRAMMYs so I had to go all the way! And I loved every second of this performance, I'm glad to know that everyone felt the same way. Alternative Press: What performances of the show did you love the most? Maluma: Oh God, that's a really hard question. I was really entertained with every single performance that happened today. Everyone had an incredible moment on stage! I was very happy to see Madonna joining both Ariana and Brendon, that performance was so incredible. I also loved Kylie, Lana and Britney. Rolling Stone: Rumour has it that you're working on your new album. Is that true and can we expect another GRAMMY win for you next year? Maluma: [Laughs] That would be incredible honestly. But I don't know, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I guess we'll see soon! Thank you so much guys for your time. Now I need to go home and celebrate with my wife and baby! Britney Spears New York Times: Britney, it seems that this is going to be your year. You've been named Billboard's "Woman of the Year", your brand new single "Flesh" is one of the biggest hits of the moment, you were just named Best Dressed at the GRAMMYs and there's now obviously your GRAMMY win for the "Flowin' (Are You Nasty?)" music video. How does it feel to be the it girl of the moment? Britney Spears: Amazing and I'm very humbled and grateful for every little bit of success that I've been getting this past few months. It has been a really tough two years but everything's paying off now and this GRAMMY is a testament to that! Out Magazine: When you won the GRAMMY for "Best Music Video", for your highly controversial "Flowin' (Are You Nasty?)" video that made waves in 2018 to the point that almost ended your career, it seemed that many people weren't happy with that decision. What were your thoughts when this moment happened? Britney Spears: Y'all will excuse what I'm going to say because, you know, I'm a classy woman but... They can all fuck off! It's very funny to see that they are still very bothered about something that happened almost a year ago. But it's fine, I still got the GRAMMY while they were on first row watching me getting it! Variety: Were you expecting a reaction like this? Britney Spears: Yeah I was, that's why I don't care. They can make all the noise they want, I'm still going to continue with my career and making music for my incredible fans. That's the only thing that matters to me. Billboard Magazine: Your performance for "Flesh" was impressive, with you even ripping out literal flesh from one of your dancers. What was the story behind all of this? Britney Spears: It was a reflection of my career. The performance goes way beyond what you saw, that's only the surface. My performance was meant to show, as I was saying, my career and how I felt during these years when I was being controlled by a music corporation that only wants profits. When I begun you would see me in a cage, with a mask and even a strait jacket, not being able to do anything for it. I was being imprisoned by my music corporation. I get out of the cage, but I wasn't the same. I was being controlled by such corporation and me ripping the flesh from my dancer was meant to be seen as they controlling me and only getting from my fans the profits they wanted no mater the cost. The performance ends with a blackout because that's how I felt, as if I was in a blackout not able to do nothing about it... After I got dropped, I could become more vocal about this stuff and the abuse from corporations like Sony Music Group. The woman you see now, is the artist that I've been wanting to be for a very long time! Entertainment Weekly: When can we expect "Devotion" to come out? Britney Spears: Very soon! I'm working on the songs for the album as of now. I wanted this album to be way more different than what "Hungry" was. But the album is available for pre-order right now! Thank you guys. Drinks on me at the bar! [Laughs] Let's celebrate this GRAMMY!
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    To clarify, ganguro is not racist. Meanwhile, Madonna did actual intentional blackface for a photoshoot with Steven Klein, back in 2006, when Hard Candy was going to be titled Black Madonna. Neither Gaga nor Madonna is perfect, so stop pretending.
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    We're going back to the 90s now to attempt to drag celebs we don't like? Lame
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    girl i don't know what i had for lunch yesterday, let alone remember the first song that i've ever heard
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    Little Monsters really take the cake when it comes to being deluded Imagine thinking that saying "I was going to be black on my cover, but I didn't do it" is bad when you stan someone who made this: I don't hate Gaga, but y'all really take it to the extremes sometimes just to try and make her look good when I mean... The receipts are just there girls! Don't claim someone else is racist when your fave is using black face to "be edgy". And as far as I know, Madonna apologised for using the N word.. Has Gaga ever said something about her use of Blackface?
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    You won't make Gaga look better shading others. When Madonna fucked it up with the N word, she apologized. She didn't wait 6 years to do something. I see some double standards by many members here, i don't care that much about some random FOTP members opinions. I know that Madonna isn't a racist.
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    Oh, Winnie, Winnie, thanks for reminding me of those indecent proposals you sent to various members here. Your insanity got much worse when your messages when left on read. R. Kelly emulator? You would know about that since you were inspired enough to record Do What U Want With My Rep. Hell booked you long time ago indeed. Wait for me, I definitely won't make it there.
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    THE 61st GRAMMY AWARDS BEST DRESSED Our best dressed of the night has to go to Britney Spears. The 'Flesh' singer looks right from head-to-toe - the dress fits her like a glove, the colour is gorgeous on her and she has accessorised perfectly. Great choice for The Grammys. Our runners up - first, Jessie J. Talk about living the fantasy! She's looks breathtaking in this Valentino gown. Is it a bit much for The Grammys? Maybe, but there's no denying she looks beautiful. And then we have Belinda (with Maluma). What a picture-perfect pairing! Sleek, simple and stunning. We have to give special mention to Belinda though - even though Maluma looks great! - there's something about her peered back look that just serves power and we're here for it. --- WORST DRESSED Sorry Shawn Mendes, but this just wasn't your night. While it's refreshing to see men stepping away from the boring black and white tux on the red carpet, this gold glittery blazer with matching bowtie looks like a Las Vegas nightmare. Seriously, he looks like he's about to ask me if I want to play Roulette. For the runners up, first we have Miss Kylie Jenner. The look itself is rather plain and not really befitting of the Grammys, but good Lord - anybody is going to look plain next to a giant surrealist clock!? We could have forgiven this look, but the Dali-inspired accessory took it straight to "really, girl?". And then we have Brendon Urie. Again, it's different and that in itself is refreshing, but there's something about this leather daddy meets He-Man outfit that looks very budget sex shop. Maybe it was best to leave this one in the bedroom. --- That's all for our Grammys Red Carpet Report! Stay tuned for more news from Caliber Magazine - including an announcement about our first issue! Coming soon x
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    lol one of the few Madonna interviews I'm not into. She definitely spoke out of turn. Also, it bothers me how society ignores the plight of the black woman. To many, injustice happens to black men only. Black women get shit (from black men too) on 2 different fronts: being female and being black. A lot of the time we are all we got. With Madonna now being the mother to 3 little black girls, I would hope her awareness is more well rounded.
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    Speaking of trash >>> You really shouldn't come for Madonna while these disgusting pics exist.
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    That's not an excuse for the comments at all and she has no right to generalize an entire race for one man
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    It certainly wasn't her place to speak on the overall subject of black culture, but it was coming from a place of frustration towards the injustices black people (specifically black men) have faced in the US and how she perceives that to have shaped their worldview. She over-spoke but I wouldn't call it blind racism by any means.