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    Hope y’all are having fun in this lil crackhead conspiracy echo chamber y’all got goin on! Meanwhile my fave made music history today and truly won! Just keep seethin’ and seethin’ and seethin’ and seethin', it only makes her more powerful!
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    Using someone's death to promote something? Gaga's impact is never ending I guess
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    She's not using him. She's literally dedicating her post to him. Y'all are doing too much.
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    With all due respect to Queen Rihanna, Ariana is the undisputed queen of streaming now.
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    Hello and welcome to the megarate for the critically acclaimed and record breaking fifth studio album by Miss Ariana Grande! Here we will rate and rank each song off the album and see what members of the FOTP community believe to be a bop and what is a flop! Many songs are beloved so we are sure in for a mess filled rate so send in your rates after reading the rest of the OP! - Rate every song on a scale of 1-10 - You can only give ONE song an 11 and ONE song a 0 - Rates must be sent through PM's - Comments not required but are welcomed 1. @Divine 2. @Chris Morlock 3. @Régine Filange 4. @Freaky Prince 5. @Simón. 6. @Littleswiftie 7. @Moon Queen 8. @BJORK 9. @rosekesha 10. @Mandy Candy 11. @Jake 12. @Luca 13. @Madonna 14. @Urbanov 15. @Daenerys 16. @Ace. 17. @Violet 18. @Jose 19. @Ghostface 20. @Manel 21. @Sweetener 22. @Law 23. @Lord Stoneheart 24. @DW 25. @Yoncé. 26. @hector ....
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    Jessica Simpson hands down. The worst diction I have ever heard. Is this even English?
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    Maybe they should just give him enough to fix his teeth, since his parents decided to sink their money into sending him to that idiot factory.
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    Tea! Rihanna made the transition to the streaming era seem so easy while other girls failed so miserably, it's crazy to think about
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    It's not chart manipulation whatsoever. The predictions are done by someone who doesn't have FULL data. He just has what's public. And Billboard values free streams and paid streams differently. Simon, while a great predictor overall and someone who should be appreciated by stans more than he is, does not have access to that distinction; all he has is the total number and he uses a generic guessing formula which is often correct but does have exceptions. It's maybe surprising but it shows that Ariana's premium fanbase is higher than the average streaming artist. That's the reason for the difference. However, it should also be noted that the records where its like "first in history" aren't untrue, but realistically that history only exists for like... 3 years since streaming became a big thing. It's why it's ok for stans to say "pure sales don't matter" because we're in the streaming era, but it should also be acknowledged that the streaming era excuse works both ways. The Streaming Era gives hit songs MUCH more longevity than before; previously your sale would only count on one week, whereas now your streams count every week you listen to it (and are therefore also boosted on album release weeks). Not to say it's not impressive, but that's something that should be acknowledged when we talk about current artists having singles with higher longevity (such as TU:N going up to 3 and having like 15+ weeks in the top 10?). It's a different era and comparisons to the physical or digital eras aren't really fair. So yeah not chart manipulation, just a change in the times that shouldn't be compared to previous eras. Ariana is currently the biggest female streaming artist, and the only likely foreseeable competition for that in future is Rihanna, let's be honest.
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    I mean we cant call it chart manipulation everytime someone breaks a record
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    Just ignore them, y'all! They are bitter Mariah fans and @DespunkThoseFawkingBawls is a racist troll who is literally trying everything in his power to finally get a "hit thread".
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    The only shady thing she's done this era is be a dick to that Kris Wu guy back in November for charting well and then having Scooter contact Billboard to invalidate his sales cause his fans used VPN to buy his album; I think that was unfair and uncalled for and nobody would be saying a word if people used VPN to buy Ariana's record etc But otherwise she's just been playing fairly, doing her business, etc
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    Beyoncé released If I Were a Boy and Single Ladies together (with videos). They hit #3 and #1. Rihanna released Only Girl first and What’s My Name? immediately after to the point the second single hit #1 before the first one actually did (with videos). Your attempts are weak as FUCK. Ariana is smashing and that’s fact, no matter how you slice it.
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    Just shut yo old, annoying, bitter ass up already. The more attempts you drag, the more I worry for your sanity because someone certainly should not be this delusional
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    The only reason most people 'connect' colours with albums is because of the album cover.
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    With Urban taking the throne in around 2016, it's had a non-stop foot on the neck of the music industry (deservedly so, there's been some AMAZING rap/trap/r&b that's come out of this era) until recently, and if anything, well, this week. This week's Hot 100 top 10 includes about 7 pop songs, 4 of which occupy the top 4 of the chart, with Ariana's historic 1-2-3 punch of 7 Rings, Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored, and Thank U, Next, and Halsey's Without Me. We haven't seen this much pop in the top 10 since 2015 or so I'd say, and with Ariana's current reign in the music industry, Gaga's ASIB blowout, other pop gals like Dua, Halsey, and Normani gaining power, and a significant amount of main pop girls having upcoming and highly anticipated releases, I'd definitely say pop is making a large resurgence. What do you think?
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    This case is getting thrown out, he has nothing. He went out knowing what kind of connotations that hat had and took part in some hateful mob with his fellow classmates. He made himself look bad, not the Washington Post. He's about to have a harsh life lesson that his family's status doesn't mean shit.
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    True, but Rihanna’s numbers are still impressive considering she debuted almost 15 years ago
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    If you had asked me a year ago, three months ago, or hell even a week ago if I thought she was a legend in the making, I would've said not yet, give her time, and that she is simply the main pop girl currently. However, by tying the record set by The Beatles 55 years ago (albeit they occupied the top 5 rather than just the top 3), and being the first solo artist, male or female, in the entire history of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart to occupy the top 3 positions simultaneously, there's no denying her power in the music industry. To put it into perspective, and not discrediting anyone or getting brave as most of these people carry a catalog of records and multitudes of #1's, but no other current force in the music industry like Drake, Post, Adele, Taylor, or Rihanna or legends like Mariah, Celine, Whitney, MJ, Madonna, or Cher have ever done this. Again, don't come for me, I was just stating a fact to make a point, most artists here have more #1's than Ariana, legends are legends for a reason, and I wasn't making an attempt to compare quality. I honestly think she's had a historic moment in the music industry that provides a good argument towards the answer being yes, she is a legend in the making, this moment marking that.
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    God forbid something happens, at least this era is a record breaking smash!
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    Y'all don't even give ha that time of day by posting on these threads. You replying just feeds into it. Just ignore the threads and move on! Let these threads go with no replies.
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    Long run of one week on the Bubbling Under
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    To early to tell, but right now she is on the right path
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    Not "Magic" = MADONNA FORTIN (?) Jk I don't know what to expect anymore. #Magic and #Mirwais have been her most used hashtags during the recording process, what's going on in her camp? If this is true, then she's coming in the midst of the most charged months in terms of content: Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones' Finale. The whole media would be focused on this, with space for nothing else, except maybe for The Lion King's OST with Beyonce on it, which is also coming in June/July. I'm curious in how she and her team are going to deal with all this.
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    I just rewatched Titanic for the first time since 2012 and all I can say is that it's way too much to handle
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    y'all honestly should get a job or sumn
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    If these two replies were written on Twitter, stans will FUME. OT: Another day, another slay!
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    Still sold more albums and in almost every department is more successful. Beyoncé has a steady flow of success, that’s why her peak is not that significant like Katy’s, Gaga’s or even Britney’s. That was a cute attempt, anyway.
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    Ariana haters are mad of her success!
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    Don't call everything you don't understand as an act of "manipulation", it's what you call audience's DEMAND. And currently, it's Ariana's music they are consuming. The Billboard Hot 100 chart has it's own formula, and it changes every time, and it's COMPLICATED. It ranges from different criterias like: streaming services, YouTube views, plus pure sales. Another complication is the variation of music stores and streaming platforms, there's iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer, etc. And then there's another complication of difference between free streams and paid streams (most probably from premium accounts) Clearly every platforms has its different demography, and every demography has different taste. Ariana just put out an entire album, and of course different demography will have their own different demands that will top their specific charts. About the earlier predictions, I advise you to not assume it's accuracy to be 100% real. It's called a PREDICTION for a reason. No one knows the exact Hot 100 formula, and it changes every time, and as time goes by, his formula's percentage of inaccuracy will be only going up. Or maybe you can go the delusional stans' way and accuse Ariana and Scooter of paying Billboard.
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    Nah you ain't seeing things, Or hallucinating, I brings that levity, Take me for a ride. Light in the sky let's fly high, Boy I got you caught up inside of my haze, And you're gonna be gone for days I'm like that ooo weee, You're fiendin to blaze up, And taste me, Got flavor like ice cream, 'Cause I'm that chick you like. A BOP!!!
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    I ordered the clear vinyl for Grammy winning album, Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves, and I forgot to put my apartment number in the address line and I didn't realize it until after the package shipped it's like i'm the universe and you be N A S A
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    Eh arguably mostly pop and R&B with some urban sprinkled over, I said emerging, not taking over. Of course the sound is gonna stick for a while, considering a lot of urban-poppier crossovers were popular in 2015-16 when urban music started taking over.
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    If the party is full of synesthesia wannabes then I probably wouldn't be very fun!
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    TUN is probably going to spend close to 20 weeks in the top 10, if not more, and hit 1B on Spotify easily. It also spent 8 weeks at #1 on the UWC and went #1 in most large countries. The mental gymnastics *some* people go through to discredit it just because it peaked in its first 10 weeks and didn’t take a year to go #1
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    How many months ago was this thread? Agu's next thread : Ariana PLUNGES to the top 20 SIX MONTHS AFTER THE RELEASE OF HER SINGLE SHE'S OVER!!
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    But it was only going to be a "Quick hit" with the following singles being flops. Seems Agu is actually quite a useful counter predictor...
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    Thank U, Next - the soon x5 Platinum single that stayed in the top 10 for 4+ months
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    she's truly the biggest american force at the moment incredible. are her worldwide numbers also this huge?
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    I've been waiting for this since Yours Truly