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    One of my fav moments is Rita Ora deleting her tweet when it didn't get 100k RT's
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    Just witnessed a car crash when I’m about to do my first driving lesson in one hour, nothing more encouraging
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    Madonna's self titled debut is amazing
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    Rihanna will win, Monsters will have to rely on old statistics from ASIB era as receipts of success once her solo sales come up
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    @Agugaga stops responding when there’re too many receipts and drags. Besides, there’s not much of ha weave left to drag anyway
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    I'm really disappointed there aren't any @Agugaga excuses yet to laugh at.
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    The most annoying rats here are the members who quote/talk with you rarely, but when it's time for a downvote they run to do it first, before anyone else. If you have a problem just say it ho.
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    twitter removing retweets + likes from being seen is quite the interesting move
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    I agree Shoo Bee Doo is rather controversial
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    Starting my first driving lesson tomorrow, can't wait to bring my mario kart skills to the real world
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    Break Up with Your Sugar Daddy also moving up! It's finally coming! A grower, not a shower.
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    Y’all are boasting about “7 rings” returning to #1, but what’s going on with the newest single? Break Up is already plunging down the charts. It’s just not as catchy as the first 2 singles and comes off as very filler to me. There are better options on the album. Anyone else agree?
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    This guy we're driving behind has two stickers on the back of his car, one reading "Savage Milfhunter" and the other "I Like Boobies" (with a smiley face) and yet he has still somehow managed to get a woman in the passenger's seat...
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    On a diet and I turned off ad-block for this website and the very first ad is takeaway x
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    More like Break Up with These Ariana Threads, WE're Bored
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    I like how 'below average for current Ariana standards' will still be unrealistically high for Xtina to achieve
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    *Narrator voice* In reality, the track is poised to gain 4 positions on the Hot 100 next week.
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    When will your faves ever release an entire single and video about being a cat lady? Her mind...
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    Absolutely not. Their voices won't mesh well and I also don't think their personalities work well together.
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    No that would be awful. I'd rather have Rihanna x Ariana, Rihanna x Mariah or Rihanna x Beyonce.
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    They're the two artists I just have never seen as collabing just because.. i don't think it'll be as good as people expect.
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    Shakira getting those coins before she has to go to jail a true queen
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    Radio’s gonna be constantly playing songs in high demand
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    Why does my left hand always become numb when I'm laying in my bed on my phone All I'm doing is either watching YouTube or browsing my socials.
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    You go gurl, have you been sucking on the tea bags in order to get all those extra juicy nutrients?
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    Release the trailer version for a #1 repeak
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    If Lana ever thought of being a communist that would be her anthem
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    Absolutely no filler and sonically diverse, while remaining a cohesive rock album.
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    Bloodpop screenshotted and instagrammed her tweet... this collab is really coming Telephone pt 3
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    At the bare minimum we can all agree that he was one creepy ass man and his fascination with children is alarming. I don’t buy into this Peter Pan I didn’t have a childhood! Syndrome, tons of people missed their childhood, rarely do people react that way. His extremeness in that regard is far from natural. Objectively, the documentary doesn’t prove anything. But it’s a very long, informative project that struck a very believable chord. That being said, I question the motives of the participants as well - time will tell.
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