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    Mam: sean stop playing games for hours me: whats the difference with u watching netflix for hours pressing next episode Mam: Mam: Mam: who owns this house
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    No one: @Sylk: “This artist Hylia likes is SHIT! Their album title is DUMB! They’s LOCAL!”
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    one for the history books! truly one of the most lifechanging moments of her career
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    FUCK ME you stole the words out of my mouth
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    Lmfao changed my name from @formation to @Beyoncé sksksk because I'm totally original like that
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    Not really a pic but some POWERFUL gifs are coming ur way! As for my eternal bias Jungkook...
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    Not yet, but probably late this year or early next year Her tours usually start 6-7 months after the album release (1989: Oct 27th album release and May 5th tour opening, Reputation: Nov 10th album release vs. May 8th). So, assuming the album comes July/August she’ll probably start anywhere from January to March. If it was up to me I’d say start as early as November and go to Oceania first, and really anywhere that it’s warmer, if she does a more global tour this time. But she will likely start in NA or Asia so the usual schedule seems most likely.
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    Big MAGAchine, we don’t miss her! I definitely hope this era is more mature. I get she had to release that kind of album to get her feelings out of her system and move on, and actually I think it’s a good thing. But it will be great if she can focus on more mature, non-drama based topics this time. Delicate/Getaway Car is a good example of that, and something along the lines of Handmade Heaven would be nice (though probably not for a lead single )
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    I think the vocals are from a song, but the music is some random melody just for this video This hyped me so much tho. Come thru concept
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    I'm feeling it tbh and she looks fucking amazing
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    CV DKDKSPWJSNA I'M DYING The visuals look promising and the snippet has that Mirwais touch. Ugh.
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    You vote when there is a tie!
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    Sorry for the spamming but new Twice teaser came out and they're big so
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    I definitely agree. A Bad Idea single release wouldn't mind though
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    Makes sense, to be honest I don't know much about the technicalities of touring and scheduling so. It's nice to learn how it works though Hopefully they agree on more dates this time. I understand not wanting to do 100 dates but 80 sounds about right, which would give her 20-ish dates to go to other countries she doesn't usually go. The tour will definitely be the highlight of her era as usual, she better not fuck it up for international fans by being lazy again.
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    Probably I mean Speak Now Tour is literally her most global tour and it happened during her second most local era (her Debut being the most local) so I... don't know what's stopping her now that she's a massive force. Greed and laziness, I assume, but she used to do 100+ dates and I heard her stage wasn't actually expensive to move last time. However, Republic is already rolling out promo across the globe (Germany, PH, Japan, etc.) so if they have any say in it, she'll probably do more countries this time around if she actually cares about this album. Someone has to force her to get off of her geographical incompetent ass!
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    I hope she's taking a break, I feel like all of this overexposure will cause a huge crash and burn for her health, mental health, and career overall. That seems unrelated to the topic but all of these achievements and accomplishments every other day just shows how much her name is out there. She needs a break.
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    Honestly we should do another one with another artist we all enjoy it’s so useful
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    We have a MEGA account that includes basically everything Kesha has ever done I definitely watched parts of it when it came out, but I can‘t remember anything from MCBL tbh
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