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    James Charles watching his subs count dropping like
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    The way he’s being annihilated. I live!
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    I’m a bit late to this thread but I just wanted to say that James has always been a disgusting human being that, like Tati said, has not grown or learned from his past mistakes as he’s shown to continue making them. In regards to the recent drama, I find it really disgusting that he prays on young men and manipulates them into having sex. Whether it be catfishing or just being a overall predator that uses his power to threaten a person, it’s so beyond disgusting. It’s hard not to have noticed how he sexually harassed straight boys online, especially one of the Dolan Twins. The way he talked to and about them under pictures or tweets made ME uncomfortable, no telling how it made them. The sad part is so many homophobic straight people genuinely believe all gay men behave this way and James just gave them all the more reason to continue these beliefs. Its kind of upsetting that NOW is when people decided to take his ass to the curb for the trash collectors to dispose of him once and for all despite his MANY other racist scandals, but better late than never ig?
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    "It doesn't matter, I'm a celebrity" is almost identical to a quote from the Trump Access Hollywood tape. I honestly felt sick when Tati revealed that part...like I always knew James was annoying and predatory, but that quote is straight up evil on another level.
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    He's basically confirmed that he goes after straight men (which is why he has a terrible love life) and with his ego it's not even a stretch to see him behaving in ways like that. He also didn't deny it in his "apology" video cause there's no disputing to truth He probably just thinks that because he's into straight men and thinks he can turn them. Like I said, his ego is huge and thinks he's hot shit and that his bussy is so good the straights will eventually go for it. He's also had some experience with "straight" men (aka, DL men, not straight men).
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    Shane's mo was basically shock comedy. He said some gross things. I don't feel like defending him or Jeffree since their past problems always irritate people, and I get it. I will just say that they've actually grown as people and have proven themselves to be decent human beings in the past couple years. In contrast, James has had probably just as many scandals as them in a smaller amount of time and has done zero growing. If anything, Tati is better hanging out with the likes of them than James or most other Beauty Guru out there. (not to mention they're more successful & have had better reputations in the past few years) But, in general, Tati is a SAINT compared to the three of them
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    In what universe is James anywhere near Zara's league? LMAOOO even if her straight boyfriend was curious James would have zero chance.
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    Timebomb is way too slept on
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    Beat the pussy up, call PETA
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    Stream Don’t Worry Bout Me for clear skin xx
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    James Charles and Constance Wu completely overshadowed Kim and Kanye's new baby. They DID that.
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    I live for this 20 minutes gif!
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    If I was Tati, I would have been sickened, too. I always knew he kind of chased straight men, and as someone who likes more masculine guys/have fallen for a straight guy or two myself, I thought James was just a heightened version of that. I didn't realize until now that it was actually predatory. This is all coming off a week of scandal about a bi-curious guy who came out saying James was pressuring and manipulating him. Tati just gave us more examples.
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    To think YouTube sent him to the MET Gala Didn't even follow the theme
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    Why would I lie about that? All of my insider knowledge I've posted on here about celebs has ended up being true. I was the first person saying it on here two weeks ago and then it ended up everywhere, from his former classmates no less. I even got the sport right.
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    I think wbk but now we have someone who knew him personally for years calling him out on the behavior. Before it was just drama talk. I just meant the behavior he's being called out for recently/in Tati's video. I have no doubt he did what you say (or similar things). He's even talked about doing something similarly skeevey on his channel before.
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    I just about passed out at work when I saw this video posted. My girl Tati went off and we needed it expose him.
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    After learning about it this lowkey smells.. He been problematic for years and u just now had enough now that it inconvenient to tou? Plus she collabs with Jeffree who is problematic on his own.... I..
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    James Charles is getting exposed for catfishing straight guys for nudes and other really toxic stuff. Apparently he's been extremely predatory and has outed people as gay to ruin their reputation.
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    Am I the only person who has no clue who this guy is?
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    I still need to fully play the original Zelda. Iirc, they did release a special edition of it for the Switch, so I may check that out.
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    Ok this song would not work for her as a cover but the sound throughout the song bar the intro is the direction I think of
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    It's a love story for the new age For the six page, we're on a quick, sick rampage Winin' and dinin', drinkin' and drivin', excessive buyin' Overdose and dyin' on our drugs and our love and our dreams and our rage Blurrin' the lines between real and the fake God can only, I need somebody to hold me He will do very well, I can tell, I can tell Keep me safe in his bell, tower, hotel
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    She already stated a billion times that recording and making music is her form of therapy and finding peace. Just because she says she wants to release it doesn't mean Scooter is behind this. I think it's not a crime to release something that you worked on and really want to share with everyone.
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    MULTIPLE racist jokes. Literally saying the n word... When Jeffree Star was under fire for racist shit, he made a redemption documentary.
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    Can't she fucking release Bad Idea and Bloodline?
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    Does everything need to be a studio release Post it on your Soundcloud rn girlie
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    i hope she moves around a bit more this time. not seeing her in the dance rehersal is not a good sign tho.
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    You can literally see him buying followers
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    Vote New Last.fm images
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    Float, i guess. How random of Youtube tho, a bit weird too.
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    I hope his ass won't ruin Coachella again.
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    We don't have receipts but we all can believe that he could easily catfishing. "No straight person is 100% straight" i wonder why he said that.
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    No, there's more. He catfished straight boys on his high school's soccer team to get nudes out of them and I 100% know this tea to be true from people who know him and will swear on my life. Not in Tati's video, but it happened and it is the right word. He did it.
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    Finally the gp is canceling him. He's been trash for forever people have just been ignoring it. I don't support cancel culture but I'm fine when it's karma.
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    I just watched the video, and omg. Talking about d*cks and sex in front of his parents? While eating? Thinking straight people will go with him because he's a "celebrity"? What a fuckin psycho.
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    OMG not Taylor being in the eyeball of Ketis Witness eye omg omg
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    Why doesn't she ever do songs that the fans have been asking for....Who wants to see Makes me wanna pray live It's just another excuse for her to belt some notes while not singing the song and doing nothing
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    Can the US gov like seriously stop making every single thing a national emergency/crisis.
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    I'm getting so sick of this season now! Nobody's getting placements based on their actual performance in this show anymore, but just whether they look good for ratings or not. EVERY girl (which was almost every girl in the season's lineup) on the stage said either Silky or Yvie should go home, and yet Yvie was protected and safe cause she's cooky while Nina had to lipsync, and got sent home despite Silky both doing worse in the challenge as well as having a messy lipsync in which she messed up more than a few words and failed her stunts. And let's not forget last week, where Shuga did decently and was a member of the WINNING team (and still says now that she has no idea why she went home) got put in the lipsync instead of bad-pad Silky or mismatched Yvie because RuPaul didn't wanna risk losing ratings when someone with a big personality would inevitably go home. And let's also not forget several weeks ago when Scarlet went home after an amazing lipsync performance and a decent track record, to a queen who had a forgettable performance and whose main trait was being the drama-starter.