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    James Charles watching his subs count dropping like
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    Shane's mo was basically shock comedy. He said some gross things. I don't feel like defending him or Jeffree since their past problems always irritate people, and I get it. I will just say that they've actually grown as people and have proven themselves to be decent human beings in the past couple years. In contrast, James has had probably just as many scandals as them in a smaller amount of time and has done zero growing. If anything, Tati is better hanging out with the likes of them than James or most other Beauty Guru out there. (not to mention they're more successful & have had better reputations in the past few years) But, in general, Tati is a SAINT compared to the three of them
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    @Ronlop @Bleachella Encore takeover:
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    Beat the pussy up, call PETA
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    James Charles and Constance Wu completely overshadowed Kim and Kanye's new baby. They DID that.
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    I just about passed out at work when I saw this video posted. My girl Tati went off and we needed it expose him.
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    After learning about it this lowkey smells.. He been problematic for years and u just now had enough now that it inconvenient to tou? Plus she collabs with Jeffree who is problematic on his own.... I..
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    James Charles is getting exposed for catfishing straight guys for nudes and other really toxic stuff. Apparently he's been extremely predatory and has outed people as gay to ruin their reputation.
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    Am I the only person who has no clue who this guy is?
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    No, there's more. He catfished straight boys on his high school's soccer team to get nudes out of them and I 100% know this tea to be true from people who know him and will swear on my life. Not in Tati's video, but it happened and it is the right word. He did it.
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    When she was a performer
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    Love seeing problematic people I don't like suffer! Cardi next! Cardi next!
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    Finally the gp is canceling him. He's been trash for forever people have just been ignoring it. I don't support cancel culture but I'm fine when it's karma.
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    I just watched the video, and omg. Talking about d*cks and sex in front of his parents? While eating? Thinking straight people will go with him because he's a "celebrity"? What a fuckin psycho.
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    OMG not Taylor being in the eyeball of Ketis Witness eye omg omg
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    Why doesn't she ever do songs that the fans have been asking for....Who wants to see Makes me wanna pray live It's just another excuse for her to belt some notes while not singing the song and doing nothing