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    Not Social Blade crashing because of all the people watching James Charles’ subscriber count. They’ve had over 20 years worth of watch time cause of it from today alone
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    She looks super tanned there’s a progress already
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    This is old but I wanted to address this. I think Tati waited this long for several reasons, but the big reason why she didn't expose him until now is because of the fact that she's 37. She was a mentor to James – a mother figure – and I think she was trying to help him grow and change behind-the-scenes. She, like a lot of people, were probably giving him the excuse that he was young. She met him when he was like 16, so I bet she was just trying to do her best in helping him out, giving him advice, etc. This is evident in all the events she talked about in the video that hadn't been made public before. I don't think she exposed him because he didn't support her vitamins, it was a multitude of scandals just in the past 2 weeks showcased James' faults. 1. Charging wayyy to much for tickets for his tour, knowing full well that his fanbase is mostly teenagers. He's obsessed with fame and money at this point and makes excuses for how much he was charging people. 2. Some guy (Gabe Gomez? I think his name was?) came out and exposed James for pressuring him to date James even though he had told James on multiple occasions that he was uncomfortable and unsure if he was bisexual. James tried turning the tables only for Gomez to come back with receipts. 3. James ended up being bought out by a different (and shitty, tbh) vitamin company and did an ad for it on his instragram story (and very obviously had gotten ad revenue for it). Tati shows in her video that she has gone to lengths to support and promote James' material and business ventures and has never received that in return. His main reason for not promoting Halo Beauty (her vitamin company) was because his base was mostly young people and he didn't think it was appropriate to promote vitamins to them. So, it's pretty hypocritical that he would promote her competitor's shitty vitamins, but not hers? She said she was going to let it slide and talk it out in person, only to realize that James was DMing drama channels to skew the narrative in his direction, his mother was commenting on instragram posts against Tati, and was also being criticized by another Youtuber, Gabriel Zamora, who wouldn't keep his loud mouth out of the issue. So, she exposed him after this not necessarily because he didn't promote her vitamins, but because the narrative was negative against her and she had to set the record straight with the tea. This all happened within the past two weeks. James is a mess and it was just timely to call him out for good.
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    Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s boyfriend Jim Hutton discussed Mercury’s death in a past Evening Standard interview. Interest in Mercury’s personal life has increased since the release of the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ biopic last year. What was it like watching Freddie die? ‘Indescribable.’ Jim writes about the star’s deteriorating health, ending sexual relations, watching him suffer, Freddie’s last words (‘pee pee’) and how, as they lowered him back onto his bed, there was a deafening crack. ‘It sounded like one of his bones breaking … he screamed out in pain and went into a convulsion. When he died, I went into my bedroom, phoned my mother and cracked up. She couldn’t understand a word, I was crying so much.’ The funeral, Jim says, was a haze. ‘I kept saying, ‘He’s not really dead’.’ It was also the first time Mary, with whom Freddie had once lived for six years, snubbed Jim. ‘She said she didn’t want me in the first car.’ Afterwards he went home. ‘I picked up every video and CD of Freddie, played them for five hours a day for a week and cried.’ https://www.alternativenation.net/freddie-mercury-boyfriend-reveals-screamed-died/
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    @Bleachella All I gotta say is WOW. This all looks so good! I'm so excited to see what you've got coming for us!!
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    He's such a leech. It's so obvious that because he got out of the last scandal he was going to hook onto the two biggest beauty youtubers out there (James and Jeffree), which is why he started coming for Tati and "defending" James. Thought he was taking the winning side, but Tati's a real adult with actual receipts He tried, and he's losing subscribers because he couldn't keep his dumb mouth shut.
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    Gabriel Zamora is literally so fucking irrelevant. Like...NOBODY is checking for him. He should have sat there and ate his food, because he’s a relatively small YouTuber who has somehow been directly involved in the two biggest beauty guru scandals of the last year and actually got out of the first one relatively unscathed. Honestly just a desperate hanger-on and shit-stirrer.
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    So I've been replaying some NES games and I thought maybe we could use a thread here about retro games in general. Discuss any favorites of yours, your collection, special games you own, hardest games you've beaten, whatever. @LittleDudeNT5 @Jake @rose @Dan @Hylia
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    lemme give you my thoughts Yours Truly My Everything Dangerous Woman Sweetener Thank U Next
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    I can't event imagine how heartbreaking it must have been. This was not a normal death and he was not a normal person, its possibly the greatest fall.
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    The homophobia jumped out (except for Put Your Hearts Up because that song is straight trash)
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    The gender swap filter on sc made me look like Barbra Streisand in young
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    New Profile Picture *Featured video changed to Palm Beach (Audio) @Ronlop
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    Frank on Capital Birmingham
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    Don't want to clown myself again, so I'm not making a thread Apparently the guy who posted this works for the company who came up with The Voice. It's in Amsterdam @Luca investigate!
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    They should be grateful it's the song that brought her to international stardom
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    The only line I can think of is "don't stop the party" from DWUW, but it's not it I don't want to cheat and Google it
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    Actually, I think those are the only ones I played, and that’s because I’ve had them on various systems since then, like the GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. The earliest system I remember having was the Dreamcast, which I played Sonic Adventure on, but they ported that to the GameCube so I ended up just playing it on there instead.
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    I'll let you know for sure! Do you have any other favourite N64 games?
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    I just found out Hillary Duff performed at George Bush’s second inauguration sis is cancelled & i shall never listen to her again. imagine respecting a dumb man who caused unnecessary wars
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    ok u may go back to ur regularly scheduled programming i love u all also, @Alesus when we tallied the upvotes for the playlists you and duality were tied so ron and i just went with duality, but i've realized that having and updating a playlist myself would literally just be more work and stress, so Conquest is now officially also a playlist! Others, don't worry, we'll be adding more playlists very shortly. sorry for the confusion!
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    I haven't dedicated that much time to the first Zelda, but I like it. I've actually played more of Zelda II, just because I'm more used to the sidescrolling style.
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    Stream Don’t Worry Bout Me for clear skin xx
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    They are lol. And what's wrong with Looking for Mercy?
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    In what universe is James anywhere near Zara's league? LMAOOO even if her straight boyfriend was curious James would have zero chance.
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    Can't she fucking release Bad Idea and Bloodline?
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    conservatives declaring porn a moral issue...sounds like another smoke screen
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    The way she described it sounds pretty much like RED 2.0 - lots of new and old collaborators, very sad songs, upbeat songs, longest album yet, she wants to release quite a few songs before the album, etc. so I’m expecting an amazing album with lots of variety and I’m here for it... cause the whole “let’s be ultra-cohesive” thing was hurting her artistry All of this also makes ME! seem like WANEGOD 2.0 although WANEGOD > ME! I mean I was really worried for the album at first but she hasn’t described any album like this since Red, so it gives me hope. Promo singles better serve Red too since we went from WANEGOD (basic ass pop) as the lead to State Of Grace, Red, Begin Again, and IKYWT
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    It deserve all the stanning it gets
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    Madead made SEVERAL points with Blow. 5th wave feminists shaking
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    She's gonna end up being one of the highest paid women in music again this year, idk a better career either
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    The 3 1/2 songs we've heard aren't much better though. and there's still Bitch, I'm Loca and Looking for Mercy.
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    Thank U Next Bloodline Needy Ghostin In My Head Thank U Next
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    Yours Truly Honeymoon Avenue Baby I Right There Tattooed Heart Daydreamin’ The Way Almost Is Never Enough My Everything Intro Problem One Last Time Why Try Break Free Be My Baby Break Your Heart Right Back Love Me Harder Just A Little Bit of Your Heart My Everything Only 1 Cadillac Song Dangerous Woman Moonlight Dangerous Woman Be Alright Into You Side to Side Greedy Leave Me Lonely Everyday Sometimes Touch It Knew Better / Forever Boy Thinking Bout You Sweetener raindrops the light is coming R.E.M. God is a woman sweetener everytime breathin no tears left to cry better off goodnight n go Thank U Next imagine needy NASA fake smile make up ghostin 7 rings thank u next break up with your girlfriend